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I'm Fucking My Boss's Wife
Mrs. Lewis is a horny cheating wife. - By Zack

I'm fucking my boss’s wife!  She is so fucking hot man.  She can’t seem to get enough of me. Technically she is not old enough to be my mom, but she is old enough to be my older sister. Mary is in her late thirties and is married to my boss.  His name is Pat and is somewhere in his fifties. Mary is his third wife and treats him like crap.  It’s pretty obvious to me that Pat must be her sugar daddy.  

Mary for one thing is totally hot babe.  She has brunette hair with sparkling green eyes. She also has huge tits that she made Pat pay five grand for.  She has a sweet ass and a slim waist and flirts openly with all the patrons.  I have no idea what she sees in Pat who is fat and bald. Mary is totally a woman way out of his league.

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I am only eighteen and in my senior year of high school.  I needed a job desperately because I wanted a new car to take my girlfriend out in. My girlfriend and I have been together for the last two years and things between us are great but I have always fantasized about fucking an older woman. I put in an application to work as a bus boy at the local bar and grill which was owned by Mr. and Mrs. Lewis.  Mary Lewis must have seen me when I dropped off my application because an hour later she called me and asked me how soon I could start.

I began working there the following day busing tables and washing dishes for minimum wage. Mrs. Lewis, I mean Mary, started hitting on me the very first week I worked there.  It started off with her ‘accidently’ brushing against me as we passed by each other in the small confines of the kitchen.  Seemed innocent enough right?  Soon she began ‘touching’ me inappropriately.  I was stunned at first, but after a while her touches began to turn me on. She would touch my arms, legs, thighs, back, shoulders, and eventually my ass and crotch.  She would corner me in the kitchen and press her incredible enhanced tits against me. God I would get an instant hard on and she knew it.

Mary told me that I was too good to be a bus boy and took me under her wing and started training me as a waiter. I was getting great hours and the tips were fantastic.  Pretty soon I would be able to buy my new car. I don’t think any of the other employees noticed the chemistry between Mary and me but if they did, they kept it to themselves.

Early in the summer, Mary’s fat assed husband Pat had a heart attack. They kept him in the hospital for several days for bypass surgery. Mary didn’t have much sympathy for the poor old fart as she was constantly calling him ‘Dickeydoo’ whenever she spoke of him. She said it was because his belly stuck out further than his dickey do.

The first time we fucked was so amazing. While Pat was laid up in the hospital, Mary asked me if I would mind coming over to her house to help her move some things.  I knew Mary was ready to fuck me. I finished my shift early and told my girlfriend that a friend needed my help and if I could take a rain check on our date tonight.  She said sure and said she would hang out with her girlfriends tonight instead.

I headed over to Mary’s house a few blocks from work.  I was so incredibly horny by the time I reached her doorstep. I was about to knock on the door when it flew open and she pulled me inside.  God, I wasn’t in the house two minutes before we were both completely naked and fucking on her sofa. She informed me that she hasn’t been properly fucked in years.

Mary was soaking wet as I plunged deep and hard into her.  She gripped and slapped my ass with both her manicured hands driving me even deeper inside her.  She kept screaming, “Fuck me Zack, oh please fuck me harder. Give my pussy a good pounding!”  I slammed my hard dick harder and harder into her.  It made her go wild.  She was an insatiable hot woman.

It didn’t take us long before both of us had a massive orgasm.  We had been teasing each other sexually for a while at work and the sexual tension had reached its peak.  After we caught our breath, she took me by the hand and led me upstairs to her king sized bed.  She pushed me onto the bed and slowly climbed on top of me and we began to kiss slowly, more passionately. I rolled her over onto her back, looking into her eyes, seeing her hunger for me; I told her that we had all evening.  I moved my hands down her massive tits and took each globe into my hands and began to tease and suck on her inch and a half erect pink nipples.  They were still small and pink, as she had not given birth to any children. Mary’s tits were extremely sensitive as I as licked and teased them.  The more attention I gave them, the wetter she became.  Within moments, again she came hard just from me playing with her amazing tits.

I slid down her luscious mature body and spread her thighs apart.  I could feel her trembling with excitement and anticipation of what I was about to do next to her.  She had a neatly trimmed dark brown patch of pubic hair covering her wet mound.  I teased her by blowing gently on her pussy lips. This drove Mary crazy with lust and she begged me to fuck her.  I parted her lips and slid my tongue up and down her slit.  Mary shuddered and moaned and wrapped her legs tightly around my head. I drove my tongue as far into her cunt I could and lapped up her sweet cunt juices until she bucked against my face and came again.  

She told me to stand at the edge of the bed.  I got up and stood where she directed me and she lay on her back and placed her head over the edge of the bed, gripped my cock and shoved it deep into her mouth.  She practically took the whole length down her throat.  I marveled at how talented she truly was.  Her hand reached behind me and gripped my ass and she pulled me deeper.  I could see the bulge of my cock moving in and out of throat.  That made me harder than ever.  I struggled not to blow my load right then and there. While she sucked my cock, her other hand was busy furiously rubbing her clit and finger fucking her cunt. I watched as she had four fingers thrust inside her.  They were completely covered in her creamy nectar.

I flipped her onto her tummy and pulled her up onto her hands and knees.  Again she begged me to fuck her.  She was one cock hungry slut.  I lined my hard cock up against her love hole and rammed into her hard.  She lunged forward almost collapsing onto the mattress below us from the force of my thrust.  Mary then began to rock back and forth fucking herself on my prick.  Fuck she had such a hot ass on her. She had just enough meat on her ass that it rippled perfectly with each thrust of my cock.  I grabbed her long hair and yanked her head back telling what a cock whore she was.  I slapped each ass cheek over and over until they turned a bright pink as she continued to fuck my dick.  

Mary was crazy and wild with raw lust. I could tell this woman was sexually starved. She could fuck for hours and never have to stop for a break.  As my dick continued to slam into her, I spit on her tight little asshole and rubbed it around with my thumb.  I quickly jammed my thumb into her ass.  Mary squealed and begged for more.  I added my second thumb, stretching her sweet tight asshole.  She rocked harder and harder against my thrusts.  

I pulled my slick dick dripping with her juices from her cunt and pressed my cock tip into her ass.  I gripped her hips with both hands and slowly pressed deeper into her ass until I was completely balls deep.  This was a dream come true for me since my girlfriend won’t let me near her ass.  I began to gain a steady rhythm and I began to feel my balls stirring.  I told her I was going to cum and asked her where she wanted it.  She begged for it deep in her bowels.  

My dick swelled up and shot its huge creamy load deep into her bowels while Mary had three fingers working her cunt.  Moments later she exploded into another mind blowing orgasm. We finally collapsed onto the bed, panting and sweating.  We rested for about an hour and fucked each other once more before I headed home.  I will never forget that first fuck with her.

Mary’s husband Pat is out of the hospital now, but he is not doing very well.  Mary and I have been getting together regularly now over the last six months.  I should be pretty obvious to Mr. Lewis what has been going on between his wife and me. Maybe he does know, but he doesn’t seem to care about anything.  Mary told me yesterday after our latest fuck fest that when Pat dies, she is going to promote me to Manager and make me her partner.  Sweet man, sweet.

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