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Our Special Time
Mother and Son Incest. - By Taboo Mom

Taboo Mom in Salt Lake City Utah:  My lousy cheating husband left me when my son Rick was just 10 years old.  Although I dated occasionally, I never remarried or had a regular boyfriend.

Rick and I were always very close.  He started sleeping in my bed when his dad left.  I never thought of him in a sexual way until he was in his late teens.  I started waking up feeling Rick's erect penis pressed against my thigh or butt.  I told Rick that he was too old to sleep with me and he needed to sleep in his own room.  

I knew he was masturbating when I started finding crumpled up tissues in his bedroom wastebasket.  I started having fantasies, thinking about Rick masturbating in the next room while I used my vibrator.   I had a sex talk with him when he became serious with a girl in high school.  I answered his questions about women, pussy, oral sex and contraception.   Rick confessed that he thought about sex almost constantly and asked me how I was able to cope without sex all these years.  I think he was shocked when I told him that I thought he inherited his high sex drive from his mom.  I told him that I masturbated almost every night with a vibrator and that on the nights that I went out with his Aunt Tina, that we were going out to a night club and I usually ended up picking up a man and getting laid.  

Without giving it any thought,  I took his cock in my hands and started to masturbate him.  Rick closed his eyes and moaned.  I stroked him for several minutes before lowering my head and taking him into my mouth.  It only took a few thrusts for Rick's cock to erupt in my mouth.  I sucked and swallowed every drop.

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Rick then dropped a bomb when he asked me if it was weird for a guy to fantasize about having sex with his mother.  I told Rick that I thought it was a normal fantasy and something that would not be understood or accepted by society.  I told Rick that people have many fantasies when they were aroused, but that acting on your fantasies can leave you with regrets.

Rick went away to Boise State University to study economics after high school.  The first weekend that I had a chance, I drove up to Boise on the weekend and stayed at the Boise Inn.  Rick and I went shopping all day Saturday then out to dinner.  We ended up back at my room which was within walking distance to his dorm room.  Rick told me that he missed his privacy and rarely had the chance to masturbate with his roommate constantly in the dorm room playing video games.  Rick asked me if he could spend the night.

The room had a single queen sized bed.  Rick slept in his boxers and I slept in my bra and panties, I hadn't brought anything else.  After nodding off, I was awakened by the bed shaking.  I rolled over to see Rick playing with himself.  He was aware that I was awake but just kept stroking his cock. Without giving it any thought,  I took his cock in my hands and started to masturbate him.  Rick closed his eyes and moaned.  I stroked him for several minutes before lowering my head and taking him into my mouth.  It only took a few thrusts for Rick's cock to erupt in my mouth.  I sucked and swallowed every drop.  Rick never said anything or opened his eyes.  I rolled over and went to sleep.  The next morning we carried on like nothing ever happened.

Rick asked to stay with me the following night to which I agreed.  I went into the bathroom to undress and came out to find Rick laying in the middle of the bed completely naked and stroking his erect cock.  "Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked him.  Rick looked at me and said that he has thought about fucking me daily for as long as he can remember.  I stood at the foot of the bed and slid my hand under my panties and across my erect wet clit.  I told Rick that I was afraid that if we took this any further it would damage our close relationship.  I was afraid he would have regrets and avoid me in the future.

Rick got out of the bed and walked up to me and gently brushed my hair out of my face and kissed me on the forehead. He guided my hand down to his erect cock.  Then he reached around behind be and unhooked my bra and helped me out of it.  His mouth went right to my erect nipples, alternating back and forth, sucking each one gently and rolling his tongue over my erect nipples.  Rick sat down on the bed and kissed my stomach as his hands moved down and he began to slide my panties down to the floor.  His mouth moved lower as I stepped out of my soaked panties.  Rick pulled me down onto the bed and rolled me onto my back and returned his attention to my breasts.  He used his knees to spread my legs apart and begin to kiss his way down toward my pussy.   By the time his tongue reached my clit, any feeling of guilt or uncertainty about what we were doing was long gone.

My fingers entwined his hair as he began to lick my labia and hot pussy hole and suck on my clit.  Waves of pleasure rolled through my body causing my thighs and abdomen to jerk and spasm uncontrollably.  Rick probed my sopping pussy with his fingers while continuing to suck on my clit.  First one finger, then two.  He thrust his fingers deeply inside me and used his elbows to spread my legs further.  My juices flowed freely and I could smell the scent of my own pussy filling the room.  I looked down to see Rick's face covered with my juices.  Rick slid a third finger then a fourth inside me.

My pussy was stretched to its limit, but it felt wonderful.   Rick slowly pressed his hand deeper to fill my vagina then pressing against my cervix and womb.  I begin to cry out and moan in pleasure, he increased the speed and intensity with his fingers.  I was very close to cumming but not ready yet.  I wanted to feel my son's cock inside me.  "Please come up here and fuck me", I pleaded.  Rick moved up and placed my ankles on top of his shoulders.  He guided his hard thick cock across my pussy without using his hand.  He teased me with the head, allowing it to penetrate my labia and pussy a half inch.  I bucked up trying to get his cock inside me.  "Please fuck me baby." I was begging now.  Rick responded by thrusting his cock deep into my pussy in one quick move.  I could feel his cock filling me up completely.

Rick's strong biceps began to flex as he pounded my pussy like a machine.  With my ankles around his neck, his cock entered me at at an angle that had the head of his cock pounding against my g-spot.  My orgasm was so close.  Getting off was the only thing I cared about at the moment.   I lost all modesty and self control at this point.  Rick was my lover, my fit young stud.   I had never been fucked so hard.  "Fuck me, Oh God yes!  Fuck Mama's pussy baby".  "Cum inside me, fill my pussy baby",  I screamed.  My teeth clenched and my pussy clamped around Rick forcing his cock out and I began to have the most intense orgasm I ever had through intercourse.

As my orgasm peaked, Rick slid his cock back inside me and plunged deeply and he begin to ejaculate and he groaned like an animal.  His face was contorted and red, his eyes squinted tightly.  Rick thrust several more times and I felt his semen being ejected out of my full cunt and onto the bedspread and I came again.  Rick let my legs down and collapsed onto me and kissed me like his lover for the first time.   That encounter was over eight years ago.

Rick met a nice girl his Junior year in college, but he and I continued to have sex many more times and we still do.  Rick lives in Denver now.  When I go out there to visit him, we always make an excuse to go out without his wife and head straight to a motel and satisfy our incestuous desires.   We have avoided any serious discussion of our sexual relationship, but we have exchanged a few emails on the subject over the years.   We know our special relationship must remain a secret, but we have no guilt or plan of stopping.  When either one of us is ready to have sex we refer to it as wanting to spend some "special time"  together.  I am glad to have a place I can share my secret.  I know there are others out there who share the same experience or fantasy.

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