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 I taught my daughter how to give head. - By Darcy

I smiled and looked down at the pale, hairless young boy laying there sleeping naked between my teen-aged daughter and I - and I knew I ought to feel at least somewhat guilty, but I didn't. Not at all - after all, he'd wanted it to happen - and she had, too. Then I lit a cigarette and nibbled at his neck. He stirred a little bit, snored once and rolled over. Leigh Ann nuzzled him in her sleep and he smiled. They looked like they belonged together. I have to admit I was a little jealous.

Leigh Ann was gorgeous. She was also good-natured and helpful. She and I had always taken care of each other and watched out for each other. We made an awesome team. Her daddy was five years older than me. He'd run off just as soon as he'd heard about her; she'd never seen him even once. I told her he'd died in a car crash. She was smart as a whip and prettier than I ever dreamed of being.

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It was three weeks before my fifteenth birthday when I discovered I'd got myself knocked up. I hadn't wanted to keep the baby but my parents were strict God-fearing Christian people, and I'd really had no choice in the matter. But as soon as she'd been born, I'd been glad I'd kept her. Being a mother was the best thing I'd ever done. I loved taking care of my daughter and looking after her right after she was born. I'd always thought my parents were a tad too controlling - and it got a whole lot worse after Leigh Ann was born. Turns out my mother knew everything there was to know about being a Good Mother - and in her eyes, I knew absolutely nothing. I could never do anything to please her. So I took my daughter and left home. Hell, I blew outta there and left the whole damn town behind me.

After I'd cut out, I realized in a hurry I didn't know anything about setting up a budget or running a household. In fact, I didn't know much about anything. I lied about my age and managed to get a crap job at Mickey Dee's. Seems like I ran through what money I had like water. Leigh Ann was always needing something - milk, diapers, food, clothes, medicine - SOMEthing. Always. I was tired and cranky. Always. I wasn't yet sixteen years old. I had no real job skills and a baby daughter to raise. So I took advantage of the only thing that was offered to me - I had sloppy nasty sex with my fat fuck of a boss in return for a little extra overtime.

I only did that once, though - I realized I could get a much better deal somewhere else - almost anywhere else, in fact. Pretty soon, I was dating for dollars almost every night of the week. I honestly didn't mind having full-on sex - it was way better than working - but being a basically lazy girl, I quickly learned that most men would blow their loads a whole lot quicker when I pulled their cocks into my wet mouth or wrapped my hot lips around them and sucked them off. I didn't even mind swallowing their thick wads of cum. I repeat: I was lazy - and fucking for a living was easier and more fun than finding a job and getting up and going to work every day.  All I had to do was smile a lot, stay cute and keep my legs and mouth eternally open. Which wasn't hard for a girl like me. I loved pleasing men.  I've been able to support my daughter and myself without the help of a man and we manage to live comfortably. 

Leigh Ann had been born nineteen years ago. She'd always been an extremely sexually precocious child. It was just a little past her second birthday the first time I'd caught her masturbating, something I knew for a fact she still did practically on a daily basis. I knew her favorite way to cum was to lay back in the bathtub and spread her legs apart as she directed the shower's power spray directly to her exposed clit. I was envious of the fact that she'd always been more than comfortable with her body.

She'd turned into a real beauty - tall with long legs, big sleepy green eyes and shiny long blonde hair. She had real-woman curves, too - full, beautiful breasts and a nice round ass that sat high up. She also had a small waist and a flat belly. I'd been beating the neighborhood boys off with a stick ever since she'd turned thirteen and started growing breasts. She'd started her periods around that time, too. I knew I needed to help her make her life easier and more fun. And I knew how to do it. After all, a sweet-natured good-looking girl like her shouldn't have to slop through the mud like everyone else.

We all know there's a million right ways to give a great blow job - and there's at least as many wrong ways to do it. I wanted to teach Leigh Ann what I knew and give her the benefit of my many years of experience. I didn't want to hear them talking trash about my daughter not knowing what she was doing.

We started off by renting a big ole pile of trashy porn dvds one night. I wanted to make sure she knew how to do it right; I wasn't having people laugh at my daughter because she couldn't make a man cum. And let's cover all the bases at once - I decided this might be a good time to introduce her to the joys of marijuana, too. I didn't want her growing up and turning into a nasty, sloppy drunk. And she needed someone to teach her how to get stoned without giving in to the munchies and getting fat.

So the two of us sat there on the couch all night getting wasted and eating popcorn while we watched guys getting their cocks sucked and women getting all their holes filled. I was supplying running commentary about what was happening on the screen. Leigh Ann paid close attention. She wasn't freaked out in the least; she obviously was more level-headed than I'd expected. I was proud of that.

I was also proud of the fact that she and I had always been such close friends. She could talk to me about anything and everything - at anytime. I'd made sure she'd known that from the time she was a teeny tiny little girl. It was the sort of dream relationship I'd always wanted to have with my own mother but never even came close to having.

She told me all about it the first time she got tongue-kissed. And she told me about the first time she allowed a boy to feel and lick her nipples. And she told me how good it felt the first time she let a boy finger fuck her until she came. She also called me one night when she was twelve and told me she was at a party where there were no parents and everyone was drinking and making out and she said she wanted me to come and get her.

The next time I had a hot date Leigh Ann was right there, giggling and hiding in my small bedroom closet watching and listenting to us go at it. That night, I used every technique I could think of. The guy must have thought he'd died and had gone to heaven! I came really hard four times and knowing that Leigh Ann was watching gave me a realy thrill.

But of course, "watching" is nothing like "doing" - and my pretty little girl still had quite a lot to learn. I figured she'd let me know when she was ready to swallow her first hot, sticky load - and I was right. A week or so later, she came bouncing in from a date with a mischievious grin on her face. She'd been dating this boy for a month or so and said she especially liked him because of his incredible shyness. So far, she'd had to make all the moves; she'd even been the one to ask him out in the first place. They'd met when he stopped for an espresso at the coffeehouse where she worked after school and weekends. Tonight, with her hot little tongue in his mouth, she'd reached inside his pants and pulled his penis out and felt it get hard in her hand. She was giddy from the power she'd just discovered she owned.

His name was Charles Livingston Something-Or-Other, the fucking fourth, no less - and his parents were filthy fucking rich. They lived in one of the huge mansions over on definitely the right side of the tracks. His great-grandfather had built the house himself. Livingston didn't have to worry about working because he was busy studying for some fancy-dancy east coast prep school. He was a little on the soft and spacey side - definitely not the one I would have chosen to be the first to fuck her hot sweet little mouth - still, he was cute and a decent sort of guy - she could definitely have done a whole lot worse for herself. Besides, he obviously adored her.  Charles' snooty rich family would probably freak out if they knew he was dating a girl from the trailer park.

So she decided to invite Charles Livingston over for dinner. She even cooked - spinach salad and thick steaks with mushrooms. I bought several bottles of red wine so they could loosen up. Leigh Ann flirted with him outrageously as we ate, laughing and chatting away. Charles Livingston was obviously totally mesmerized. He couldn't take his eyes off her.

After dinner, I stayed in the kitchen to clean up and wash the dishes. Leigh Ann and Charles Livingston and one of the bottles of wine disappeared into Leigh Ann's bedroom.  I quickly downed a glass or two of wine and joined them. At first, I sat gingerly on the edge of the bed and just watched. There were tongues, arms, legs and hands everywhere. He slid his had under her skirt and I felt myself getting wet. Then I couldn't help myself anymore - I laid down on the bed and spooned him from behind. I gently kissed and licked his neck and then reached around him and unbuckled his belt. Leigh Ann unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off his shoulders. Then she kissed his lips softly and then trailed her mouth down his chest, licking and sucking as she went.

As I slowly kissed my way down the boy's back, I pulled my t-shirt over my head. I unfastened my bra and took it off. I slid out of my jeans. I hadn't bothered to put any panties on this morning. Charles Livingston groaned as I mashed my naked body up against him. Leigh Ann unzipped his jeans and the two of us helped him out of them. She rolled him over on his back and we went to work. I licked up and down  the inside of his thighs and kept my eye on Leigh Ann.

She held his balls lightly in her hand and softly blew her warm breath on them. Just like I'd taught her, she slowly sucked one of them into her mouth. I began licking the other one. Charles Livingston closed his eyes and began to breathe hard. My long fingernails dug into the soft, pale flesh of his ass. Leigh Ann's nails raked along his thighs and belly and I teased the boy's tightly puckered asshole with my index finger. His cock was standing at attention.

She began licking up one side while I snaked my tongue up the other side. Once or twice, our wet tongues met briefly at the top of his penis. Her tongue began circling the head of his dick, so I settled my attention (and my hot, wet mouth) on his balls. Then she began to slowly take more and more of his cock into her mouth as I continued to lick and suck his balls. It wasn't long before Charles Livingston's breathing became loud and erratic - and his hips began to jerk uncontrollably.

He grabbed handfulls of Leigh Ann's hair and held her head firmly in place as he forcefully fucked her face. His penis had grown to massive proportions; I was surprised at the size of it ! His long fat stiff rod was slamming in and out of my daughter's open mouth. The sight of it made me wet. I wasn't surprised to notice she was furiously masturbating. Charles Livingston moaned loudly once and shot his wad just as I fingered myself to a thundering orgasm. Leigh Ann finished right after me, and we all took a little snooze.

I was the first to wake up. As soon as I finished my cigarette, I was going to wake them both up for Round Two. My daughter still had a few things to learn.

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