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Steve Discovers The Joy Of Cocksucking
Exploring my bi fantasies while out of town. - By Steve

My wife and I got married when we were practically kids.  Susan was 19 and I was 20.  After being married for 10 years, the "flow" of our sex life looked more like a slow "drip".  At about this time I got a job that required some training out of state for four weeks.  About two weeks into my four week training period I was having a few beers in the hotel bar with some fellow co-workers and, after a while, I was left all alone and was about to go back to my room and await my morning hangover.  

That's when, for the first time in my life, I was hit on by another guy.  

Mario was staying at the hotel for business as well and he struck up a conversation with me.  I was well into my fifth beer by this time and was oblivious to the fact that this good looking, dark haired Italian guy was hitting on me.  When I mentioned the amazing view from my room (in the San Francisco Bay area) Mario lamented that the view from his room sucked.  I said, "Well, mine kicks ass."  He replied, "Well, I'd love to see it."  Still clueless to the fact that the guy was either gay or bi (my "gaydar" apparently doesn't work), I said, "Well, let's go."  

When we got to my room we went straight to the window and I opened the curtains and Mario said, "Damn!  That IS a nice view.  This one is even better."  I turned around to see him with his pants open and he was holding his very large dick in his hand and stroking it.  I was speechless to say the least.  This caught me by surprise and I said, "Whoa!  Dude!"  He said, "I'm sorry, was I wrong when I assumed you wanted to come up here to play?"  I said, " be honest, the thought hadn't even crossed my mind."  He said with a sly grin, as he continued to stroke his cock, "Well, is it crossing your mind now?"

Now, to be frank, at that point in my life the though of giving another guy a blow job HAD "crossed my mind" but it was nothing I had ever acted on.  I was definitely "into women" but, like many guys, was a bit "curious" as to what it would be like to suck another guys cock.  

I gave a drunken grin back and said, "Well, you've definitely got my attention."  Mario took his pants off all the way and continued to stroke his cock.  It was probably about the same size as mine, about 9" and cut.  He said, "Have you ever sucked cock before?"  I replied nervously, "Nope."  He said, as he sat down on the edge of the bed, "We'll, there's a first time for everything.  C'mere and just start slow and see if you like it."  

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I could tell by the increasingly large bulge in my pants that I probably WAS going to like it.  I walked over to him and got on my knees in front of him.  As I started to lick his cock head he removed his shirt and was now totally naked.  I was still fully clothed and, for the first time in my life, took the cock of another guy into my mouth.  "Oh yeah...that's good", he said.  "Just suck on the head for a minute.  Are you sure you've never sucked cock before?"  I assured him that I had not.  "Well, for a newbie, you're not bad.  Not bad at all."  I started to slowly bob on his shaft and could feel my cock pushing at my boxer-briefs trying to escape.  He had very smoothly shaved balls and so I took the liberty of licking them several times during my first cock sucking lesson.  

After several minutes of sucking Mario's cock and licking his balls, he stopped me and said, "Okay, I don't wanna cum just yet.  It's MY turn to suck YOUR cock."  I wasn't about to argue with the man.  I stood up and quickly removed my clothes and he marveled at my 9" rock hard cock.  "Nice.  I was hoping you'ld be hung."  He wasted no time at all as he dropped to his knees and took my cock in his mouth in one gulp.  He could nearly deep throat me which I had never had before.  My wife gave me plenty of head but she could never take as much of my cock as this Italian stud was sucking on now.  "Fuck!  That feels soooo good, man." I said as I sighed at his cock sucking skills.  "Clearly YOU'VE done this before."  He continued bobbing on my cock as he hummed his confirmation, "Ummm Hmmmm".  He was sucking my cock like one of the many whores I had seen in porn flicks throughout my adulthood, only this time, instead of watching a porn starlette sucking the cock of some guy on the television, I was watching another guy suck MY cock.  It was hot and after holding my load for as long as I could (only about 10 minutes with Mario's non-stop cock sucking) I shot a HUGE load as I grunted out, "FUCK!  OH MAN I'M CUMMING! FUCK!!!"  Mario, like some sort of paid professional street whore, swallowed every drop as it hit the back of his throat.  I had been in training for at least 12 hours a day and hadn't taken the time to jerk off in the shower more than once in the past two weeks and my balls were more than full of hot spunk.  Even if I've been jerking off a few times a week I can still shoot a huge load.  I'm what many people call a "shooter".  I've seen myself shoot a load at least 6 feet and now I was pumping an ENORMOUS load into Mario's throat and he didn't even bat an eye.  He just swallowed.  And swallowed.  And swallowed.  It was easily one of the biggest loads I had ever blown.  

When my cock had finished throbbing in his mouth, Mario pulled my cock out of his mouth and said, "God damn you can cum a lot.  That was SO fucking hot.  Now, are you ready to swallow MY load?"  I was indeed.  I got back on my knees and Mario was standing up with his lower legs resting against the bed for support.  He had his hands on his waist and, as I got positioned in front of him, he looked me in the eye and said, "Suck my cock, man.  Suck it good.  I want the first load of cum you swallow to be mine."  

The way he was talking to me was a real turn on.  I took his cock into my mouth and was bobbing away on it as I imagined how hot it would be to be videotaped by another person sucking this mans cock.  I decided right then and there that I would HAVE to do this again some time and videotape it so I could watch the action later as I jerked off.  As I moaned with a mouth full of hard cock I looked up at Mario to see him looking down at me and smiling.  I stopped for a second but took his cock in my right hand and stroked it as I asked, "Am I a good cocksucker?"  He said, "Oh're a GREAT cocksucker.  Tell me how much you want to swallow my load."  Fuck that kind of talk turned me on.  It made me feel like a dirty cum whore and I was LOVING IT.  The words that came out of my mouth almost surprised me.  I replied, "Oh God I want to feel your hard cock throbbing in my mouth.  I want you to pull out of my mouth when you cum and pump your load into my open mouth.  Tell me to swallow your load and make me your little bitch."  

Mario got a huge grin on his face and said, "Open wide you little whore" and he grabbed his cock at the base and started stroking it as he aimed his cock head towards my mouth.  I opened wide and held out my tongue like a thirsty cum whore in a porn flick.  He first two shots splattered on my face right above my upper lip and some of it dripped onto my tongue that was hanging out of my mouth.  He shot at least 6 or 7 more spurts of hot thick cum and they all landed directly on my tongue but I held my mouth wide open as his load pooled in my mouth.  If I was going to swallow another man's hot spunk, by God I was going to swallow it all.  He rested his cock head on my lower lip and sort of milked the rest of his load into my mouth and said, as he touched my chin and pushed it up as if he needed to help me close my mouth, "Swallow my load you little whore and tell me how much you love to swallow hot cum."  I did as I was told and was pleasantly surprised to discover that it wasn't salty as I had read in so many Penthouse Forum letters but actually rather sweet.  It actually tasted GOOD.  I licked my lips and smiled as I said, "Mmmm that really DID taste good.  I want some more."  I was only half joking when I told him I wanted more but he took me seriously.  "Give me about half an hour and I'll be back" he said, as he started to get dressed.  "When I get back I want you to be laying face up on the bed, eyes closed and mouth open.  Hang your head almost off the edge of the bed and I'll bring you another load."  

At this point I wasn't sure what he meant.  Was he insinuating that he was going to bring ANOTHER guy into my room for me to blow?  I was excited by the thought but wasn't sure I was up for it.  Besides, my jaw was kind of sore from sucking Mario's thick cock for so long.  Before I gave it any thought I handed Mario my room key and said, "I'll be here" as I patted the bed.  He replied, "Exactly 30 minutes from now."

I waited impatiently for the 30 minutes to go by.  I was nervous as hell and had decided that if Mario brough in another guy I'd just blow the guy and be done with it.  I was just too swayed by any potential peer pressure at this point to say, "Um...I don't think so."  At about 27 minutes, I was naked and laying on the bed face up with my head almost hanging over the edge of the foot of the bed looking at the door.  28. 29. 30.  Sure enough, I heard the key card being swiped into the electronic lock and Mario walked in by himself.  I was almost relieved yet, at the same time, almost disappointed.  He walked over to me and removed his clothes again and already had a raging hard on.  He had a small bottle with him and squirted some of its contents into the palm of his hand.  It was lube.  He stood directly over my head and started masturbating as spread his legs far enough so that he was nearly sitting on my face.  He continued stroking his cock as he said, "Suck on my balls you little whore and I'll feed you some more cum."  I cheerfully did as I was told.  I washed his balls as best I could with my tongue and could tell that he had gone to his room and had showered.  His balls actually smelled pretty good and I had no trouble closing my eyes and enjoying the taste of his shaved nuts in my mouth.  I swirled my tongue around and around each of his teticles and was getting more and more eager for another sweet, hot load from this stud.  He continued to stroke his cock as he leaned down, his balls still in my mouth, and took my hard cock into his mouth.  After just a few minutes of this 69 cockfest, Mario stood up and began to pump his cock faster and faster and let out a grunt as he pulled his balls out of my mouth and said, "Open wide cocksucker."  This time his cum only dripped out rather than shoot out like the first time but he dripped a LOT of hot, thick, tasty cum into my wide open mouth.  When the last drop fell from the tip of his cock he said, "Swallow my cum and lick my cock head clean you fucking cum slut."  Again, like the obedient cum slut that I had become, I obeyed.  "Thank you" was all I could muster after I gulped down his gooey load.  

Mario quickly got dressed and left and I never saw him again.  I never even got his last name.  However, it was FAR from being my last cock sucking experience.  My telephone conversation the next day with my wife had me thinking that it would just be the first of MANY cocksucking experiences for me.  Although I simply don't think of myself as "bi" because I have no desire to kiss another guy and never look at a guy and think "Nice ass", I DID enjoy being on my knees with a mouthfull of hard cock.  So, I dunno.  Bi, bi-curious, call me what you want, I just know that just LOOKING at my wife when she's fully clothed gets me hard.  At 5'7" and about 115 lbs. (she never tells me her exact weight) and long brown hair and a verrrrry nice pair C-cup tits, my wife is HOT by ANY man's standards.  The next night I talked to her on the phone for the first time since my experience with Mario.  After the standard salutations, here is pretty much how our conversation went:

Her: So, have you seen or done anything interesting since you've been in San Francisco?  

Me: Um...nope.  Not really.  

Her: "Not Really?"?  What's THAT mean?

Me: I dunno.  Last night was pretty much the first night we had a break from the training to let loose a bit.

Her: So, where did you go?

Me: Just the hotel bar.  Had a few beers.  Got drunk.

Her: I'll bet.  Better watch out.  You're in San Francisco, you know.  Lotta gay guys would like to tap that sweet ass of yours.  

Me: (Dead silence)

Her: Hello?

Me: I'm still here.

Her: I thought you hung up on me for a second there. C'mon, that was funny.

Me: Not really.  Um..there WAS this guy last night that I think might have been gay or something...I think he was hitting on me.

Her: Is it one of the guys from your group?

Me: No.  Some other Italian guy.  I think he's staying here in the hotel.  

Her: (Dead silence)

Me: Hello?

Her: I'm still here.  Just picturing some hot gay Italian guy hitting on you.  Is it wrong that that thought kinda turns me on?  

Me: You're sick.

Her: I mean, it's not like I'd wanna see you making out with the guy or anything.  But, you KNOW I have threesome fantasies to do it with you and another guy.  If you run into him again you should go for it.

Me: Are you fucking serious?  

Her: I'm dead serious. Hell, bring him home with you if you can so I can watch in.  The thought of you fucking another woman pisses me off to no end but, the thought of you fucking another guy?  THAT'S HOT!

Me: Oh my God!  You ARE serious.

Her: Totally.

Me: You would seriously want to see me fuck another guy?  

Her: Fuck him, blow him.  Whatever.  The thought alone makes me wet.

Me: You're totally serious.

Her: I'm dead serious. If that Italian guy hits on you again, take him to your room and bend over and take it like a man.

At this point she started laughing her ass off.  

Me: Yeah, I THOUGHT you were fucking with me.

Her: No..(still laughing) I just crack myself up.  Seriously, it would be SO fucking hot if you fucked another guy or if another guy fucked you.  Feel free to take pictures.  (starts laughing again)

Me: Whatever.  I'll talk to you tomorrow.

I looked for Mario for the next two weeks but never saw him again.  I'd hang out in the hotel bar every night hoping I'd run into him but no such luck.  When I returned home from my trip my wife was rather horny (a rarity for her) and told me that she wanted to "nookie" (her keyword for sex) that night.  I was more than happy to satisfy her needs.  During foreplay, as I was about to go down on her, she said, "Ever see that Italian guy again?"  I stopped what I was doing and said, "Um...maybe. Why?"  She said, "If you DID, just tell me.  I won't be mad."  I said, "Even if I did, there's no way I would fuck the guy."  She said, "Why not?"  I said, "Well, for starters, I prefer women."  She replied, "You 'prefer' women but you've gotta admit that it would be fun to try a guy at least once.  I hear guys give the best blowjobs because they've got dicks themselves so they know what feels good."  I said, "Well...ha ha...funny you should say that....cuz I DID run into him again and he gave me the most AMAZING blow job."  

She just looked at me.  

I thought, "Oh shit.  I can't believe I just said that.  Was she about to blow her top and flip out?"  I was about to find out.

She said, "He did not."

I said, "Oh yes.  He did."

She said, "That is..." I could tell she was looking for the right words "...soooo FUCKING HOT!  Are you SERIOUS?!?!?  Oh my God, if you're lying to me I'll fucking KILL you."  She was not only NOT mad at me, she was getting seriously turned on.  I said, "So, you won't be mad if I tell you that I sucked HIS cock too?"

She said, "NOW you're just fucking with me.  Did you really?  Tell me the truth.  I want to know EVERY SINGLE DETAIL if you're serious."

I spent the next half hour describing my first (and technically second since I swallowed his load twice) cock sucking experience to my wife of 10 years.  

When I finished my story we had the most AMAZING mind blowing sex of our marriage.  When I came inside her, my wife said, "I want you to lick your cum out of my cunt."  She had never used the word "cunt" in all the years I had known her.  It was like my story released some filthy, foul-mouthed part of my wife that I had never seen.  "Eww...I'd rather not."  "What?!  You'll swallow some other guys load but you won't lap your own out of my pussy?  C'mon, that would be SO fucking hot."  How could I argue with that kind of logic.  I went down on her and lapped up my own jism that was oozing out of her hole.  "OH GOD THAT'S SO HOT!  LICK THAT CUM OUTTA MY CUNT BABY!  LICK IT ALL OUT!" she screamed as I gave her what seemed like an endless orgasm.

We had mind blowing sex every night that week and every time she wanted me to lap my own load out of her pussy.  

The next week she told me that she wanted to WATCH me suck another guy off and swallow his load while she masturbated.  The thought alone made me hard as a rock.  I could definitely get into blowing another guy if my wife was watching and fucking herself with a dildo.  "But...who?" I asked.  She said, "I don't care.  We'll find SOMEONE.  I just want to see you do it like you did in San Francisco."  I replied, "You find a guy and I'll do it for you, baby."

The next night when I got home from work she announced that she had been chatting online all day with a guy from the next town over from ours and said that he was "hung like a horse" and claimed he was "bi and had done stuff with couples before."  I said, " does he want to meet?"  She said "In about an hour.  Go take a shower and get ready."

As I showered I had a huge erection and briefly considered jerking off in the shower but decided against it.  I wanted to have no trouble getting it up and keeping it up for what might turn out to be an interesting night.  

When the guy showed up he greeted us at the door and introduced himself as "Tim" and he looked a lot like me.  He was about 6'1" and had brown hair and eyes and looked like he worked out.  We had a few drinks as Tim told us about some of the other couples that he had "played with".  He kept staring at my wife and I couldn't blame him.  She had on a green top that brought out the green in her eyes and looked ravishing.  After about half an hour of Tim's stories with other couples, he turned to me and said, "So, Susan tells me she wants to watch you suck another guy off." I gulped and sheepishly said, "Well...I guess so."  Tim said, "You guys wanna play in here or go to the bedroom?"  Wow.  He didn't beat around the bush.  Susan practically jumped out of her seat and exclaimed, "In the bedroom!" as she grabbed Tim by the hand and led him upstairs to our room as I followed.  

We got to our bedroom and Tim immediately started removing his clothes and so did Susan.  Not to be one overdressed for the occasion, I got naked as well.  Tim had a cock that was EASILY 10" and quite thick and he was already hard as a rock.  He looked at me and my quickly stiffening package and said, " you want to...".  Susan interupted him and said, "Suck his cock, baby.  Give me a show." as she went to her top drawer and pulled out her favorite vibrator.  

I dropped to my knees and took Tim's fat cock head into my mouth and started sucking away at it.  I couldn't fit too much of his thick cock in my mouth but I was doing my best.  Susan was laying on the bed and she purred, "Suck that cock, baby.  Show me what a good cocksucker you are."  She had her first orgasm in about 5 minutes flat, a new record for her I think.  Then she pushed me aside and said, "Here, let me have a turn".  I sat in awe as my wife sucked this strangers cock like she had known him for years.  Good God, where did this woman come from and what had she done with my wife?  Her hunger for Tim's cock seemed insatiable and she was able to get a lot more of his cock into HER mouth than I was able to swallow.  "Damn, baby.  You're a little cocksucking pro."  She stopped and stood up and said, "Now finish him" as she pushed me to my knees and walked around behind Tim.  

Tim turned his head and kissed my wife passionately as she stood behind him as I started to suck his cock again.  She grabbed his cock and her little fist couldn't even wrap all the way around it.  I looked up while I was sucking Tim's cock to see my wife smiling back at me as she leaned around him and she said, "Yeah, baby.  Suck that cock good.  I want you to swallow his load and show me what a good little cock sucking, cum swallowing whore you can be."  She was jerking off a good 8" of his cock while I sucked on the thick head.  I could feel Tim's huge cock get even bigger and harder as he was about to blow his load in my mouth.  I'm sure my wife could feel it stiffen and grow as well because she started pumping it even faster and said, "Yeah, cum in his mouth...make him swallow your load."  Tim let out a low grunt as his cock twitched and started to spurt several large gobs of hot jism that hit the back of my throat.  "Swallow it baby!  Swallow every drop of his load and milk those balls of his! my wife said, almost in a whisper.  I almost gagged for a second as I gulped down what seemed like a gallon of his spunk.  When he finished cumming I was amazed I was able to swallow it all.  

Susan wasted no time and patted me on the head and said "Good boy" as she threw herself on the bed behind me and got into position doggy style with her ass pointed at Tim.  "You're not done yet. Climb on and fuck me hard, Tim."  He was more than happy to oblige.  I was impressed that he could keep his cock so hard after shooting such a huge load but found out later that he had a little help with some Viagra.  He mounted my wife from behind and started fucking her deeper than she had ever been fucked before and she was yelping like a bitch in heat.  "OH YEAH!  FUCK THAT TIGHT LITTLE CUNT!  SLAP MY ASS AND MAKE ME YOUR LITTLE BITCH!!" she screamed.  Good lord!  I couldn't believe how my wife was behaving.  I had never seen her like such a little foul mouthed slut and I was LOVING it.  

Tim proceeded to fuck my wife from behind, and with her on top, and then again in the missionary position for nearly 45 minutes while I sat on the edge of the bed and watched in awe.  I lost count after she had 5 orgasms and she seemed to want even more.  Finally, when I thought I was never going to get any action, Tim reached over to me and gave me a nudge and said, "I'm tagging out for a sec, fuck your wife while I get a drink of water."  She seemed pleased to be tag teamed like that and continue the non-stop pussy pounding and I sure as hell wasn't going to complain.  Tim climbed off of my wife and I climbed on and continued the fast pace pounding that he had been giving her.  She looked me in the eyes and whispered, "I want you to cum all over me, baby. Cover my tits with your load."  In ten years of marriage Susan had NEVER asked me to pull out and cum on her tits.  That sent me over the edge and I pulled out just in time to aim my cock at her tits.  The first two shots actually hit my wife in the face and she laughed and said "Yeah, baby, cum all over me" as I continued to pump my load onto her tits and belly.  My baby batter was all over her and she looked like she was on cloud nine.  

When Tim came back into the room he could tell that Susan was exhausted.  He made the understatement of the year when he simply said, "Well...THAT was fun."

We went back downstairs and had another round of drinks as we talked about the possibility of playing again sometime.  As Tim was getting ready to leave Susan looked at him and could see the bulge still in his pants and asked, "Good God!  Do you STILL have a hard on?"  He seemed almost embarassed and replied, "Um...yeah.  Viagra.  I don't 'need' it.  It just ensures that the fun lasts as long as possible."  To my amazement, Susan, staying in her new role as the "sluttiest wife in the world" asked him, "Can I suck it one more time?"  "Sure..." he replied, " my guest." as he unzipped his pants while standing in our front doorway.  

Susan got on her knees in front of him and gave him a good 10 minutes of head while he leaned against the door.  I ran upstairs and grabbed our camcorder (why I didn't think to do so earlier was beyond me) and caught the last few minutes of my wife sucking Tim's huge cock.  I almost think if I hadn't videotaped that last few minutes I might have woken up the next day and thought the whole thing was a dream.  I couldn't see how much he came because Susan had the last four or five inches of his cock in her mouth but Tim definitely pumped a decent sized load down my wife's throat.  She swallowed every drop like a pro and when she finished she just smiled at our new friend and said, "Thanks."  He replied, "Oh no, it was MY pleasure."

My wife and I watched that 3 minute home made cocksucking video about 6 times a week for the next three weeks until Tim came over again.  He's been over half a dozen times now and even a few times when I was at work.  We haven't done it yet, but Susan now wants to have a "mini-gang bang" with Tim and a few other well endowed guys.  When we do, I'll be sure to share the details.  Heck, I'll probably have it on video.

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