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A cheating BBW finds a brutal DOM online. - By Mr. Fister

What a week! It started about a month ago when my girlfriend of six months moved into my house in Stockton. No sooner had she moved in, she quit her job for some lame reason. Every night when I came home, there she sat on the computer, chatting and surfing. Not only was her lazy ass not out looking for job, she never cleaned house. I had to fix my own dinner and clean the place. She became less and less interested in sex to the point it had been more than a week since I had gotten any pussy from her. She was becoming more distant and spending more time on the computer, coming to bed long after me.

Last Wednesday, I decided to take the afternoon off and go home to find out what the hell was going on. When I walked into the house I could hear her screaming from the bedroom, “OH FUCK YES! HARDER! Fuck I’m cumming! Oh yes harder!”  I walked into the bedroom; there was some pathetic loser with his dick slamming into her pussy, her legs up in the air with her fingers tugging her perfect C cup tits. He looked up seeing me, pulled his dick out and grabbed his clothes running for the door. I swung at him, missing. I grabbed her by the arm and threw her out, naked onto the front lawn, kicking her fat ass with my work boot. Her ‘friend’ laid rubber to get out of there. I came back with several loads of her crap and tossed it into to the yard and locked the door telling her we were finished. It felt good, but I was pretty angry about the whole thing.

Her cunt clamped around my fist and she came screaming. Her ass clenched and her legs gave out. I was holding her up by my fist when the bottle slipped from her ass, hitting me in the chest. Damn Bitch! I slapped her ass and she fell
to the floor panting. I pulled her up by her cunt with my fist still buried in it. No one said you were done yet! I pulled my fist free and grabbed the belt off the floor and laid into her ass some more, You fucking cheating cunt! I yelled. OUCH, she cried, Yellow! Yellow!

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I continued on with life, only now I was surfing the net looking at nude women, jacking off instead of fucking my ex-girlfriend.  I happened onto a BDSM chat room and signed in as Mr_Fister2007. I began chatting and after a few days, I got an IM from a lady; part of her id was BBW (Big Beautiful Woman). I replied and soon she was asking if I was a Dom and if I was available. I replied that I was even though I was not experienced. Anything with a hole and a heartbeat would serve its purpose.

We exchanged a few pictures, her name was Wanda and she had big pierced udders, I told her she looked great. They were ugly but the idea of abusing her sounded like great therapy. We arranged to meet the following night while her husband was at work. In the meantime, I surfed the net trying to learn about being a Dom.  

The next evening I got home at 3:45 like I did every night; Wanda showed up about forty five minutes later. I had just climbed out of the shower and grabbed a beer when she arrived. She stood smiling in the doorway, “Hi are you Mr. Fister?”

Without a word, I slapped her face, grabbed her by her hair and pulled her down the hall and out into the garage. I pushed her face into the dirty workbench and tied her hands behind her back. I spun her around; she still had that stupid smile on her face! I unbuttoned her blouse; her sagging pierced tits hung low onto her fat belly. I grabbed and pinched them hard, pulling them low forcing her to drop to her knees. Her big brown eyes looked up at me; I slapped her tits so hard it made my fingers sting. Damn!

She cried out, “Safe word! Safe Word, Yellow that is the safe word! Please stop it. It hurts so badly.” I yelled back, “Yellow. Yeah ok, yellow!”

I looked around and saw a putty knife on the workbench and slapped her udders with it several times to keep from hurting my fingers. She screamed and moaned, “Yes Master, Thank you Master.” My dick grew real hard seeing her at my mercy.

I pulled the belt free from my pants and stepped out of them, my hard dick at her face. “Suck it bitch!” I demanded. She leaned forward and sucked it into her mouth. “You cow! You call that sucking a dick?” I slapped her tits with my belt. She responded, “Thank you Master.” I dropped the belt go over her shoulder and slapped the middle of her back several times, telling her to do it right. She buried her face on my dick, taking it balls deep. Her lips and throat worked on my entire shaft. Her tongue slipped out licking at my balls. God that felt good!

Wanda sucked it good; I slapped her back again causing her to jump around on my dick. This was great! I grabbed her ears and fucked her face. Her nose was buried in my pubic hairs, my balls slapped her chin. This was just too easy; this bitch would do anything I wanted. I wanted to fill her mouth but yet I fucking wanted to do so much more. Regrettably I pulled my dick out.

“Stand up cunt, let me see the rest of you.” I grabbed one of her tit studs and pulled her up. She followed painfully, saying nothing. I looked at her standing there, her blouse open, her red tits sagging. Her belly stuck out from her blue jeans but her ass didn’t look too bad. I reached forward and unzipped them, pushed them down as she wiggled her ass, making them slip off easier. She wore a pink thong; fat chicks should not wear thongs, it barely covered her fat cunt. I pushed them down also; she kicked off her shoes and clothes while I drank my beer.

“You like my belt?” I asked. “Yes Master,” she replied. “Where do you want it?” I asked. “On my ass, beat my ass Master,” she begged. I slapped her tits several more times real hard, they were bright red and welts began to appear. I turned her around and bent her over the workbench. The dimples in her fat ass reminded me of hail damage on my barbeque grill. I flipped the belt across her ass. “Ooowww,” she cried. I struck her eight or ten more times, each one harder than the last. Her pussy was swelling and got wetter with every strike.

I reached between her legs and grabbed her soaked cunt. “You like this don’t you Wanda?” “Yes Master,” she replied. I slipped several fingers into her cunt and finger fucked her hard while I beat her ass and back with the belt. My fingers dug deep into her squishy, wet cunt. She moaned and bucked against me. I laid my belt across her back and grabbed my beer, my fingers still deep in her cunt. I guzzled the last of it.

I was about to put it back on the bench when she wiggled her ass, trying to get my fingers deeper into her cunt. Her asshole opened slightly, it brought a smile to my face. I shoved the tip of the bottle into her ass. She screamed, “Ahhh Shit!” I pulled my hand from her cunt and slapped her ass and pushed the bottle neck all the way in. My hand went back to her cunt, pressing three fingers in, my thumb on her clit, I fingered her hard. She screamed, “Oh Fuck! Yes fuck yes! Please harder, fuck me harder, I’m Cumming!”

I snapped; just last week I heard my girlfriend saying those very words while she cheated on me. Now this cheating bitch cried out the same thing while her husband was out supporting her lazy ass. I grabbed the belt and laid into her ass and back. Angry red marks appeared with every wicked strike. In my head, I could see only that cheating bitch ex-girlfriend.

I used the palm of my hand and pushed the bottle deeper into her ass. My fingers in her cunt could feel the neck. My dick got bigger and harder. How dare that bitch cheat on me? I slapped her ass harder, she screamed, “YELLOW! YELLOW! Oh God Yellow!” I slipped in a forth finger and fucked her cunt with all four. Her ass stuck out, I bent down and bit that big ass hard, pulled in my thumb and shoved. “YELLOOOOOOW,” she howled. My fist sunk deep into her fat cheating cunt. I grabbed my wrist and probed her cunt further with my fist. “Ahhh Fuck!” she cried, her ass pushed back, “I’m Cumming”

Her cunt clamped around my fist and she came screaming. Her ass clenched and her legs gave out. I was holding her up by my fist when the bottle slipped from her ass, hitting me in the chest. Damn Bitch! I slapped her ass and she fell to the floor panting. I pulled her up by her cunt with my fist still buried in it. “No one said you were done yet!” I pulled my fist free and grabbed the belt off the floor and laid into her ass some more, “You fucking cheating cunt!” I yelled. “OUCH,” she cried, “Yellow! Yellow!”

My dick was throbbing I looked down and saw her gaping ass slowly closing. I pulled her hair hard and shoved my dick into her ass! It sank in all the way with no resistance. I began to fuck her hard. Her chin on my workbench, my dick drove her tits into the front edge of it with every thrust. My entire body slamming into her fat ass; it jiggled like a bowl of Jell-O with each thrust. I felt so powerful fucking this woman; her submission to me as her Master. I fucked her ass harder than I had ever fucked anything. Wanda screamed, “Yellow! Yellow! Oh fuck my ass! God, Yes my ass! Fuck I’m Cumming! Oh God Yellow!”

She collapsed onto the floor, my dick pulling free. I kicked her side, rolled her over; her tits were covered in welts from the belt, also scratched and bruised from the bench. Her cunt was covered in thick white cum. It looked like two or three men had cum in her but it was all hers.

I kicked her a couple times, making her move until she lay on an anti-fatigue mat in front of the workbench. I dropped to my knees and shoved my shit covered dick into her soppy cunt.  She screamed, “Yes! Fuck my pussy, please fuck my pussy!” Her ass rose off the mat to meet my thrusts. Her legs spread wide. hungry for more dick than any man had. I pounded into her pussy as hard as I could. Her big belly jiggled with every thrust, her saggy tits swung wild. I rammed her so hard if felt like my balls rammed up into her cunt.

I leaned forward and bit her tit. “Ahhh,” she cried, “Fuck yes, I’m Cumming!” Her pussy clamped on my dick as I began to fill her cunt with my cum. As her orgasm slowed, she continued to rock, milking the cum from my dick with her cunt. I lay there for a while with my dick inside her until it shrunk, I climbed off her.

I was disgusted by the cheating cunt, but proud of myself. Her tits were bloody and bruised, her hands still tied behind her back. The cold of the garage gave me the urge to piss. Seeing her laying there, naked and dirty, I grabbed my dick and pissed on her. I pissed on her cunt then her tits, then her face; aiming for her mouth. “Open your mouth cunt!” She did hesitantly and I finished pissing. I yanked her to her feet and untied the rope. I wondered how she would explain her bruises to her husband but hell I really didn’t care. I made her dress and escorted her to the door when she asked if she could come back next week. Yeah sure, see ya.

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