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I fucked my friend's mom.


I Fucked My Friend's Mom
She's 44 and I'm 18. - by: Sean

I can’t believe it but I fucked my best friend Dylan's mom last week and it was the best sex I have ever had! Sydney Beck is one of the hottest women in Winter Haven if not the whole state of Florida. Dylan and I have been friends since middle school, I should feel guilty, but I feel no regrets about what happened. At the age of 18 I feel very lucky to have such a hot, sweet and sexy older woman to teach me the ropes. My cell phone goes off and a quick look tells me it’s another text from  Sydney.

Back and forth all week we've been texting, she'd made a reservation for us tomorrow night at the Road Way Motel. My cock is threatening to jump out of my jeans right now thinking about her gorgeous body spread out under mine again. I guess I should explain how this all happened.

Ever since I first saw Sydney, of course she was Mrs. Beck, back then I knew I wanted a girlfriend just like her when I got older. Most boys my age really weren't that interested in girls, but I sure was. There were plenty of high school girls to fawn over but none compared to Mrs. Beck.

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I fucked my friend's mom

About 5'6 with big firm breasts you could fall asleep on and golden blonde hair, she was the woman for me. So what if she was 39 and the mother of my best friend? Each and every summer she would wear a bathing suit that set my young body on fire with need. I think from the moment I sprouted my first pubes I truly wanted to have a taste of her.  Sydney has the same lips as Angelina Jolie or better yet Angelina has the same full lips as her.

Both of my parent's worked a lot, they still do so I spent most of my time at the Beck's. Mr. Beck is an awesome guy and always had something to show me or Dylan or was willing to go out and play football with us. And Mrs. Beck always had something for us to eat. Great body, soft voice and a great cook what more could a guy want?

The summer I turned 16 is when I began to notice that SHE was noticing me back. At first I thought I was imaging things but sure enough when she watched Dylan and I play basketball out in the driveway she was watching me. Her sunglasses made it hard to tell at first where her gaze was directed, but after awhile I started to see her head following me.  I put on a show for her making sure she could see every inch of my bare sweat covered chest. I couldn't be sure but I swear I saw her blush.

Once when Dylan and I were sitting on the grass after a game she came out with two tall glasses of iced tea and a smile on her face.  Sydney was wearing a short sundress and a pair of biker shorts. As she leaned down to give us our drinks I could see she wasn't wearing a bra. I got a peek at one of her nipples and got an instant erection.

Another time she asked me to come give her a hand in the kitchen.  “I need your long arms for something in the cupboard." Her smile was dazzling and I was more than willing to help.

At 16 I was a good 5 inches taller than her and 3 over Dylan so it made sense for her to ask for my help. Walking into the kitchen she opened the cabinet and pointed. I couldn’t take my eyes off her ass.

"I need the punch bowl up there. We don't use it often so of course it ended up out of my reach."

I moved up behind her and reached over her head to grab the bowl. The scent of wildflowers filled my nose, "That's a nice scent you have on Mrs. Beck."

"Really? Thank you Sean, what a sweet thing to say," She was almost purring and damn if she didn't wiggle her ass back into my crotch. The bowl trembled in my hands as I pulled it down.

"There you go. one punch bowl."  I turned around and handed it to her. A drop of sweat rolled off my forehead and onto her chest. It sat on the top of her breast for a second before running down into her cleavage. "Sorry about that." I grabbed a paper towel and wiped myself off.

"Oh that's ok. A big strong young man like you probably works up a lot of sweat." She didn't move to clean my sweat off her.

That's how things went between up for the next two years. I thought about Mrs. Beck almost every time I jacked off, which was almost every night.  Once when I spent the night at Dylan’s, I stole a pair Sydney’s dirty panties out of the laundry room hamper.  I kept those panties and smelled them when I jacked off for months.  I wanted her really bad but I was scared to make a move.  Dylan or Mr. Beck were usually close by so I rarely got a chance to be alone with Sydney.  

That is until last week when Dylan and his father went to Minnesota on a fishing trip and Sydney came by the shop.

I was bent over the hood of a Dodge Durango when a car horn sounded behind me. I turned and saw Sydney getting out of her car. Thank God I have my coveralls on because she was dressed to kill. She had on a pair of black Capri pants and a very low cut red shirt.  It wasn’t unusual for Dylan’s mom to show some cleavage, but I had never seen her in such a low cut top.  She looked awesome.

As she walked toward me, the jiggle of her chest shouted that she wasn't wearing a bra. "Hi Sean I'm not bothering you am I?" She smiled up at me sweetly.

Swallowing hard, I shook my head and wiped my hands on a shop towel, "of course not. So what brings you by here Mrs. Beck?"

"My car. The last two days I have been hearing a squeaking noise. It’s gotten more annoying and a bit louder, so I figured I should bring it by and have you take a look at it." Her eyes roamed over me a bit and I wondered if she could see the outline of my cock.

"Let me take a look," I grabbed my baseball cap and headed out into the bright sun. I walked around the car sat in the driver's seat and even popped the hood, but couldn't detect any out of the ordinary noises. "I can't find anything wrong with the car Mrs. Beck."

"Really? It was just doing it when I pulled up. It always happens you know. You point something out and then it stops happening. Ten to One it will start up once I'm on my way home." Her bottom lip was poked out giving her an even poutier look and all I wanted to do was taste it.

"Well I can stop by after work and take another look. Maybe I can figure out what's wrong there?" I leaned back against her car, this gave her a good view of what lay under the grease and oil covered fabric. I saw her pink tongue dart out and lick her lip.

"Thank you Dylan. I'll see you around 7:30?" She walked over and raised up on her toes to press a kiss to my cheek and her breasts against my arm. My cock got harder and began to ache.

"On the nose, Mrs. Beck." I turned to watch her slide into her car, her ass calling to me as she moved.

"Please call me Sydney." She winked, closed the door and the pulled away. I headed back into the shop to finish what I was doing. Looking up I saw a couple of the guys grinning and shaking their heads. Oh yeah I'd be hearing about this for awhile. The day seemed to drag on forever but eventually closing time rolled around.

I washed my hands and my face and then headed for my home away from home. I parked on the street and then jogged up the walkway. Before I could even knock or ring the bell the door opened and there was Sydney still dressed as before and twice as hot.

"Hi Sean, come on in," The way she was standing I had to brush against her.

“Shouldn’t I check the car while it’s still light out?”

She closed the door and then locked it. "The car can wait, but there’s something else that can't wait anymore."

"And what would that be?" Damn if I didn't now the answer already, hell my cock had known the answer before she ever said anything.

Sydney walked up and took a fist full of my shirt and yanked me down so that our lips met. The contact was electric and I put my arms around her, took two handfuls of her ass and yanked her against me as my tongue found hers. Oh she could kiss just like I thought she could, not too wet, not to reserved, just perfect. We both moaned loudly rubbing against each other until we came up for air.

"Yeah the car can wait," I picked her up and carried her up to her bedroom. Sydney giggled making her seem so much younger than her actual 44 years. the giggle turned into a squeak as I tossed her onto the bed and closed the door behind me.

"I just knew you'd be an animal. You have no idea what it’s been like all these years watching you become such a handsome young man," She told me as she palmed her breasts, the nipple poking through the fabric. I pulled my tank top off and popped the button on my jeans.

"Oh trust me I know. I've been hard for you since puberty. You have always been such a milf, walking around in tight jeans, those little tops of yours. Uhh I just wanted you so badly."

She licked her lips and pulled her own top off her breasts defying gravity, "Even though I'm dylan's mom?"

"Oh yeah baby," I kneeled on the bed and pushed her back slowly and wrapped my mouth around one cherry colored nipple while my hand played with the other. Sydney moaned and arched up under me, her firm legs wrapping around me and keeping me in place as she fed me her nipple.

I groaned, tongue flicking over the pert mound of flesh as I ground my body into hers. Letting her feel ever inch of what she was about to get deep and hard. My left hand slid down and into her pants. Not surprisingly she had nothing underneath. What was surprising what that she had only a nice landing strip of hair covering her pussy.

As my finger stroked over her clit she mewled like a hungry cat twisting and writhing under me in need. Her pussy was slippery hot and pulled at my fingers. When I bit down on her nipple playfully she tugged at my hair. "Sean, don't tease me."

This made me chuckle considering how long she had been teasing me, but I was willing to give in to her demands. Pulling away I stripped away the last of our clothes. She kneeled up, gave my hard 9 inches a few pumps and then got on to all fours, legs spread.

"Come on Sean, show me what you got," She wiggled her ass at me and I gave one cheek a friendly smack as I moved up behind her and buried myself to the hilt in one stroke. Damn she was like a hot glove. The few other girls I had managed to bag were nothing compared to her. Sucking in a deep breath I pulled back out of her cunt slowly and then thrust back in deep.

"FUCK ME!" She pushed back onto my cock hard grinding her ass against my abs and I was more than happy to oblige her. Bending over her I grabbed her breasts as I started to hump her deep and fast. I bit her ear and neck playfully as I panted in her ear and she moaned. When I twisted her nipples she got wetter and moved harder.

"A wild woman, that’s what you are." I leaned back up and grabbed her hips and began to pull her back onto me as I moved forward. Flesh on flesh, skin slapping sweat running. It was hotter than the 4th of July. My balls smacked against her clit making her tighten even more. I was gonna cum soon but I wanted her to cum first.

My fingers stroked, pinched and worked her clit until the dam finally broke and she trashed under me in her climax. I kept pounding into her spasming pussy though until my balls drew up tight.

"Gonna cum," I grunted out and she was quick to pull off my cock and replace her pussy with her open mouth. I let her suck and pump my cum straight from my balls into her hungry mouth. Once the tremors stopped I slid down and pulled her sweat body against mine for a bit of a rest. Later we would shower and then fuck til morning.

I can't really say who seduced who in the end but it doesn't matter. I've got my milf and I'm a happy man.

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I fucked my friend's mom.

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