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I Am A Mother He Wanted To Fuck
I fucked my daughter's boyfriend. - By Teresa

When my daughters were still little, just six and three years old, my husband started cheating on me with a young girl just out of high school. I figured it was just some kind of mid-life crisis, but after two months of screwing his young “lady,” he up and left me and the girls. He and Tiffany (That was her name) talked about going to California, but only got as far as Ohio, and they’ve lived there ever since.

We don’t hear from him much and I sort of like it that way. I must. Heather and Shelby are 20 and 17 now, and I’ve had boyfriends and hook ups now and then, but nothing serious. Most people think it’s because I don’t want to expose my girls to anything like that, but my girls know what’s going down in the world. I make sure of that. I don’t want them to be stupid like me and fall in love with someone like their dad.

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My daughters are aware that I am dating my 57-year-old boss. I tell them all about it. He’s a nice-enough guy, and he’s falling all over himself to fuck me. His wife has been cheating on him for over a year. He’s so ecstatic to be having sex with someone who wants to fuck him. Sure, he’s eager enough. I blow on him and he cums, but that doesn’t leave me very satisfied. Since I’ve been fucking Stan I’ve been running the the show at work. I have it good, but I’m bored with my job and with Stan. Lately, I’ve been wanting to make a change.

I have been observing my daughter’s wild life and to be honest, I’ve been jealous. Shelby is 17 with a rocking body and a mom who gets it. I know she fucks her boyfriend Ross every day, probably multiple times a day. Not only does she tell me the details of her sex life, but she also asks my advice on how to give knobbers and toss his salad. And more than once, I have walked into her bedroom and caught Ross’s tight white ass humping her silly on top of her lavender bedspread.

I just make sure she’s on the pill and responsible. I don’t judge. I see Shelby and my other daughter Heather doing the fun things I never did, and I wonder why I don’t get out there and live it up.

 Ross is a year older than Shelby. She’s been dating this kid for a year and a half. He graduated from high school last year and now he lives at his parents’ house, works his part time job, lifts weights, and fucks my daughter. What a life!

More than once, I opened up Shelby’s door to see his “Mom, get out!” Shelby screamed this one time. Ross just turned around and shot me a kinky smile, He thrusted into my daughter, and I shut the door, amazed, and to be honest, thoroughly turned on by what I saw. I put down my basket of laundry and went right to my bedroom to rub my clit into a mind-numbing orgasm. The whole time I thought about the fact that he was two rooms away fucking my daughter.

Ross is a good kid. For a while I hoped that Ross would marry Shelby, but Shelby told me that they’ve decided to break up when Ross leaves. He’s enlisted in the marines, and in less than a month, he’ll be shipping out. Shelby is pretty excited to have some new guys in her life. Like I said, she’s kind of a wild one.

A few nights ago, Shelby and Heather and I were sitting around the living room drinking wine and chatting. Somehow Ross and fucking came up, and my daughters let me know that Ross calls me MILF behind my back. At first I fell over myself laughing, but interest tingled inside of me. So I turned Ross on just as much as he got me going?

For the rest of the night, as my daughters and I watched movies and laughed, I kept thinking of Ross and what he thought of me. When Shelby saw me staring off into space, she asked me what I was thinking about.

“Ross,” I admitted. My daughters laughed.

“Mom wants to fuck your boyfriend,” Heather said.

“She’s welcome to him,” Shelby said. My pussy quivered.

“You wouldn’t mind?” I asked. I was thinking those words, but I was surprised they slipped out. My daughters looked at each other surprised, and the truth continued to gush out of me. I told them how I often masturbated to the thought of Ross, and I really wanted to let him bonk me like only an eighteen-year-old man can.

“Not only do I not mind,” Shelby said, “but I’ll also help arrange a fuck session.”

While Heather and I listened and giggled in the background, Shelby called Ross and told him she had something special planned, a going-away fucking. I couldn’t tell what Ross’s response was, but the smile on Shelby’s face told me he was into the idea of some impromptu fucking. After a few more minutes, Shelby hung up the phone, and the three of us exploded into laughter.

“I told him to come over and up to my bedroom, where the best fuck of his life will be waiting for him,” Shelby said, and the three of us laughed even more hysterically.

I started getting a little nervous as Heather and Shelby got all slutted up for a night out—a good nervous. I felt as if I was back in the game. After my daughters left the house, I took a quick shower, toweled off, and got comfortable in Shelby’s bed. While waiting for Ross, I began to rub my clit. I came good and hard before I even heard his sports car pulling into our driveway. I listened to him leave his car, walk through the front door, and through the house. My heart started to beat faster as he came closer to the door. Then he opened it, and I saw his muscular young body silhouetted in the hall light.

“You ready to get fucked?” he asked, and I laughed slyly. He didn’t yet realize who was lying under the lavender cover as he ripped his clothes off and got into bed. He reached over and grabbed one of my big tits, and pulled away quickly. “Mrs., uh, oh, I’m, a sorry,” he said as he went to get out of the bed, but I stopped him by grabbing his dick and saying, “You ready to get fucked?”

No more questions. Once he knew he had permission, he took over control of my body. His hard biceps were a nice contrast to my boss’ flabby arms. I ran my manicured fingernails over his six-pack abs and his tight lower belly. His dick, just one more of his solid body parts, pushed inside me, stretching me around its massive size.

He rode me slow and deep for a good five minutes before leaning over to suck on my nipples. He made me feel soft and gorgeous and like putty as he ran his smooth hands down the curve of my side and then around back to play with my ass.

“Shelby likes me to fuck her doggie style,” he told me.

“I know,” I said. He pulled his cock out of my pussy and bumped it against my clit several times. Then he turned me over and pulled my ass up to get a good look. I reached between my legs and guided him toward my twat. As he invaded me, I reached through and played with his balls.

“So you think I’m a MILF?” I asked him as he thrust in and out of me.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck you,” he admitted as he rode me hard. “You’re always walking around here in tight jeans and no bra.”

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“That’s because I want you to throw me on the floor and fuck me,” I said, and he pumped harder and came all over my ass and back. I turned around to see his face.

“Don’t worry, Mrs. G,” he said, “I’m only getting started.” His voice was young and respectful as if he didn’t want to let me down. I turned over and let him see my body. My girls always told me I was still pretty hot, so I laid it out there for him. I showed him my full tits and my shaved pussy, and I looked down to his crotch to see his eighteen-year old dick ready to go. He saw me looking and asked, “What do you think of my cock, Mrs. G?”

“It’s beautiful,” I told him.

“I never knew you were so fucking cool,” he said, and then he shoved his cock into my pussy and got back to fucking me hard. My daughter’s bed squeaked under us as he steadily gave it to me for over an hour. The first time I told him I was cumming, he pulled his dick out of me and immediately put his mouth on my clit, doing some wild acrobatics with his tongue, making me cum all the more intensely. Then he quickly came back up to my face with an eager-to-please, “How was that, Mrs. G?”

“Good boy,” I told him, “now fuck me again.”

Boy, did he listen. My girls didn’t come back that night until after midnight. By then, Ross had gone home, and I was wandering around the house in my silk robe, thinking about fucking more of my daughters’ friends. Maybe I would start going to bars again, I thought. My sex drive was still alive. I had learned that I was a MILF and that I could definitely keep up with the new generation of cock.

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