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Fucking My Mother In Law
She shared me with her friends. - By Phil

Mom (mother in law) was a recovering alcoholic and she was struggling with it. Periodically she would fall off the wagon and get really drunk.

I was the one elected to go to her place, about 10 miles away, and drive her in her station wagon car to the recovery ranch about 75 miles north in Napa.

If her husband drove her there, she would rip into him, all the way up there, and he would want to kill her before they got there. This would happen to my wife or her four sisters also. I was elected because she didn't attack me.

She would sit on the other side of the car and sip her drink silently till we got past San Francisco; about an hour, then she would start asking me about my relationship with my wife or other women I had known. Not just known, but screwed.

We would arrive at about 2 am. I would carry her luggage into the receiving room, drop it in the hall and then they would shoo me out the door.

The fourth time I was driving her up there, She slid over to me and put my arm around her shoulder and my hand on her breast. I knew she wanted me to feel her up, so I pulled over and parked. I kissed her and slid her over so her behind was against the door and her head was in my lap.

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Then I started driving again and with my right hand I massaged both breasts and her body all over above the waist, until she had orgasms twice and we arrived. It took almost two hours for her to orgasm twice.  When we got out of the car, her bra was up over her breasts, her blouse was unbuttoned to her navel.

The Director told me that if I fucked her while she was drunk, in California, it was rape. I asked if it was rape in Reno, He said no. I was making a joke, He was serious.  He is a retired Hwy Patrol officer, and is running this 'clinic', making a killing.

The fifth time I took her to Napa, she asked me how my relationship was with my wife. I told her that it was strained.  She asked if I was getting any Pussy from my wife and I said no.  She said she hadn't had sex in over two years.  She asked if I thought she was attractive.  I said "Yes, Very much so". She asked if I would consider having sex with her!  I said "Yes, I Thought about it often". She was over 60 and still had the body of a 30 year old. I told her that and she got excited.

She asked me if I would take her to a Hotel and have sex with her! I said  "Yes, I’lll take you to the hotel and rape you."  Then I told her what the Director had said at the drunk-tank.  We joked and laughed about raping her and she got really turned on.

When we got to the hotel and she was acting pretty sober. We checked into a room. The clerk asked her how long we were staying; She said "Only long enough for Him to fuck Me three times”.

He jokingly said "Oh, a 1/2 hour!"  I said "No, four hours, the lady will be cumming 10 times."

The clerk, who was gay, went all queer". Mom looked shocked then laughed.

It turned out that we stayed only three hours because she was able to orgasm 10 times in 2.5 hours. The last one was a 5 peaker multi-orgasmic shocker. I was worried that she was having a heart attack.  We showered left and continued to the drunk-tank.

After her husband died I would go to her place and do gardening, or cleaning out old stuff or rearranging the garage.  My wife would bring the kids up to swim. We would have a late lunch and my wife would take the kids home.

I would stay to finish the arranging and come home.   

The work got done in about in about 10 minutes and I would make love to Mom, for usually two hours, then shower and go home. I don’t know if my wife knew I was fucking her Mom but She never said anything.

I loved getting into the shower with Mom  and washing her body, taking her out, drying her off, putting her into bed naked, kissing her all over and leaving.  She was so contented and she quit drinking.

She was the first woman to give me a blow job and the first woman to let me eat her pussy. My wife never let me eat her snatch because she thought it was dirty and she wanted to go to heaven after she died. Mother, on the other hand, wanted to go to heaven now.   She taught me the proper way to eat her snatch and I got pretty good at it, or at least she thought so and that’s what counts.

She had a bridge club and they would play on Saturday afternoons. They were all wives of retired Navy pilots who had all passed on. These women had all married older men. The men had died in their 70’s and the women were still late 40s.

One Saturday I was supposed to go there and clean up some more in the house. I was resetting door hinges and locks, fixing dents in wood work, filling holes in plaster, hanging light fixtures, etc. Mom was getting ready to sell her house.

One of the women, Sue, had to leave to go to the doctor’s office. Angie and Beth both said that if there’s no fourth they couldn’t play bridge, unless I wanted to play with them. Mom said I could ‘Play’ with them but not bridge; I was better suited to bedroom than parlor games.

I was shocked and embarrassed in front of these women and blushed really red. Angie said “oh, look you’ve embarrassed him”, and Beth said, “That’s OK, as long as he can still get a Hard-on”.

These women wanted to use me or rather my meat. I was shocked. I never dreamed that they thought that way. I have wised up some since then.  They gave me lessons on sex that I would never have thought possible. It was an incredible afternoon. These women were very careful and never gave it up to anyone because they said they didn’t want to get diseases or get pregnant.

Mom knew I was safe. She was the one who drove me to Planned Parenthood to get my vasectomy.  I ended up making love to two of them Angie and Mom.  The third one, Beth said she didn’t want to make love. She just wanted me to:”Fuck her last and fuck her brains out”.

I screwed Beth for 45 minutes before I could cum again. She had three orgasms in five positions and a good time.

The following weekend when I got there Sue was there and said I owed her some too.  They paused between hands and we went to the guest room for two hours. Sue was tall about 6’ 1” with a very nice body, really stacked. Sue was really Horny, really incredible, and so was I.

I never got to do that again, too bad! Mom was a Brunette and so was her “Bush”, Angie had Black hair and her Bush was Coal Black. Beth was Dish-water Blonde but her Bush was White as Snow and I loved it. I think they all dyed their hair.

Sue had Brown hair with Reddish highlights but her box was Fire-Engine Red.  She had a gay hair dresser and loved for him to dye her bush. I guess he liked to do it too because, he charged for her head but her bush he did for free.

After that I would be sitting in the room watching them play bridge while I took a break. They would be talking about their times fucking some guy or masturbating or giving a blowjob like I wasn’t there. They loved to embarrass me.

They never wore panties and would sit at the card table and show me their snatch. One day they had been teasing me for three hours, talking their shit, bending over letting me look down their blouses, fingering their snatches, rubbing their tits, etc.

I am a breast man and Sue had been going into the kitchen and rubbing her nipples with ice. They had their cards on the floor more than on the table. I was so Horny I could have bored holes in the wall with my dick.

Sue said,”Oh, look you’ve made him Horny”; she came over to me on the couch and got down on her knees in front of me.  She pulled out my dick and started sucking me off. Then Angie, Mom, and Beth took turns. They asked me which one should finish me off. I said Angie and she sucked my whole load and deep throated me without spilling any, then swallowed it all. I came so hard and long I almost passed out. Mom had always spit my cum in the waste basket,

Then Angie kissed me very long and hard with lots of tongue, and I could taste the jizz in her mouth. She said the way I kissed she would love for me to eat her box, but we never did that.

They all said they loved the fucking we had done but we never did it again.  I think Angie and Beth were lezzy, I’m not sure but I think they did me for fun. Sue Missed a period and got scared for a month and wouldn’t fuck me.

I was ok because Mom loved to fuck as much as I did and we did it often like Newly-weds.

It was funny that I always felt comfortable around Mom. We talked comfortably about sex. In public she was always a ‘Lady’ and proper. In private she would occasionally shock me, when she talked about her “Snatch, Pussy, Cunt or Box”,

I assume she was comfortable around me also.  We got the house finished and; she sold it for over a million dollars and moved away to a retirement community. Too bad; she is a really sexy woman I think about her often! 

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