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A Mercy Fuck For Stuart
Heather's new friend has a little dick. - By Heather

What a crazy couple of months I’ve had. School has been really busy and my job was making me miserable. My cunt hole of a boss finally broke that last straw with me when she cussed me out in front of the other staff and customers. It felt so damn fucking good to yell at her, “I fucking QUIT!” and stormed out of the store. Who the fuck does she think she is? To top that all off, I finally got rid of that married asshole Kevin that I had been seeing for a few months. I got so damn tired of him sneaking out on his wife to see me for a quick wham bam and then he’d leave to sneak back home to her. She can have his sorry ass and his lame excuses. I just miss getting laid. A girl has her needs too ya know!

With everything that’s been going on in my life, my marks in school have been slipping a little. I found out yesterday that we have a really important test coming up. I can’t fuck this up; I really need to ace this accounting test so I can pull my marks up. Stuart, this guy in my accounting class saw that I was stressing about the upcoming test and came up to me after class and offered to give me a hand studying for it. I knew I couldn’t pass the help up and told him I’d really appreciate it if he could help me out.

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I went home and straightened up my apartment. In my haste of getting ready this morning, after I accidently slept in again, I had some dirty laundry thrown around that I needed to quickly get out of site. I grabbed a quick shower and threw on a cozy pair of shorts and a tank top. With my small B cup titties I rarely have the desire to wear a bra. An hour later Stuart knocked on my door. I opened the door and greeted him and noticed he brought a stack of accounting books. I was in for a long night!

Stuart is definitely not my type of guy that I’d ever date. He’s got kind of a baby face and his dark brown hair was in need of a good updated haircut. He was about twenty or thirty pounds overweight as well.  I’m more into the bad boy rocker look with tattoos and piercings. I asked Stuart if he was he had eaten dinner yet and he shook his head no. I suggested we order a pizza before we get started so I wouldn’t be distracted by my grumbling tummy.  I couldn’t help but notice that Stuart seemed somewhat shy and nervous around me.

Pizza arrived and I did my usual tip thing of flashing the delivery boy with my tits. I love watching him blush when I do that to him. Stuart was shocked when he saw me flash the delivery kid and I explained I never have to pay him his tip when he delivers. Stuart looked rather flustered himself and shifted uncomfortably in his seat. We ate our pizza and studied hard until midnight. By then I really needed a break, my brain hurt.

We started talking about school and what our plans were for our futures and eventually the talked turned towards sex. Stuart admitted to me that he didn’t have a whole lot of sexual experiences. I wasn’t overly surprised by that. He began to blush and shyly admitted to me that he had a very small penis.

I sat there not sure what to say.  I mean looking at him I never would have suspected that he had a small dick. He was a husky kind of guy. So I said, “How bad can it be?!” I was really curious and now wanted to see it. I started playing around tickling him and one thing led to another and we started fooling around. He had me pinned to the sofa with my tank top pulled up over my titties and he was mauling my tits as if he’d never seen a pair before. I got my hand away and began to rub his crotch through his pants and I felt a small bump. My mind was screaming OMG! What the fuck!? He really does have a small dick!

Stuart went nuts over my tits. He was awkward but he hungrily sucked and licked all around my rock hard nipples.  He tore my little shorts off and dove between my legs and sucked clumsily on my pussy. The whole time he did this, he kept his boxer briefs on. Well I wasn’t going to have none of that! If I’m naked, then he better be too!

This is when I decided I was going to take charge of Stuart. I could tell that he needed me to give him instructions on what to do. I noticed the more I took charge the more turned on he would get! I grabbed him by his head and forced his face hard into my wet cunt and ordered him to lick me until I came.  He went to town giving my cunt the attention it so needed. The harder and longer he licked and sucked the more aroused he seemed to get. A good fifteen minutes later, with his tongue against my cunt, I screamed when I finally had an intense cum. When he got up I reached over and yanked his boxers down and out popped his little chubby; I swear to god it was honestly two inches hard! It took everything in me not to laugh at him! I’d never seen a little dick before.

I told him to stand in the middle of the room completely naked and play with his little dick, which he did like he was my obedient little lap dog. He took hold of his little chubby and stroked it slowly for me while his other hand massaged his fuzzy balls. I got down in front of him and teased him when I slowly swirled my tongue around his cock head and moved down lower to suck his balls into my mouth. His knees buckled when I slowly slipped my finger into his ass while I sucked on his little chubby dick. His precum leaked freely and fluently into my mouth while I teased and fingered his asshole. I knew he would do anything I asked him to by this point. It felt incredibly good to be in control over him.

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I got up and walked away from him much to his disappointment. I’m sure he thought I’d let him face fuck me until he shot his load into my mouth. He was so horny and I could tell he needed to have his release and soon. I had different plans for his fuck seed. Teasing and taunting him, I walked over to my sofa and seductively leaned over the back of it with my hot little ass pointing up in the air. Immediately his little dick jumped at the site. I thought for sure he was going to explode that very moment. I wiggled my ass at him and crooked my finger telling him to come here and fuck me. He looked like he was going to faint! He was so damn fucking nervous he was visibly shaking when he slid his fat little dick into my cunt. I reached down and began to finger my throbbing hard clit while he began to fuck me.

His breathing got heavier when he gripped hold of my hips and plowed his hard little chubby into me. I began to scream, “Oh yeah Stuart, fuck my soaking wet cunt! Harder Stuart, make it hurt! Fuck me! Fuck me like a dirty little cum slut! Harder Stuart, yes! I want you to fuck the daylights out of my dirty cunt with that hard little chubby! Do it Stuart, c’mon you can do it!  Yes harder, yes! Ahhh, oohh fuck yeah!” Stuart began to moan and grunt and I knew he was getting close. I looked back and saw beads of sweat had begun to form on his face. I rubbed my clit furiously and pinched my nipple hard as I continued to talk like a dirty horny little slut. “Oh fuck yeah Stuart, use my cunt as your slutty cum dump! Fuck me harder; let me feel that naughty little dick of yours. Oh god yeah Stuart, give it to me now bitch!”

That was all it took when I felt Stuart slam once more brutally against my cunt and his dick began to pulse, squirting rope after sticky rope into my hungry wet cunt. Finally his dick stopped pulsating inside me and I felt him go limp and slide out of my sticky cum filled cunt with a loud plop. Stuart grabbed his clothes and tried to get dressed right after he came but I wasn’t going to have none of that shit! So I ordered my little chub boy to stay totally naked while we finished eating our pizza. He dropped his pants back to the floor and remained naked while we finished eating our pizza. I could see that he felt a little uncomfortable being totally exposed in front of me but that’s too bad, it was my rule.

I thought about our study session and figured I was killing two birds with one stone; I was getting the help I needed for my accounting class and at the same time relieving some much built up sexual tension. I looked over at Stuart who was still blushing at being naked around me and I told him that if he kept our little ‘study sessions’ a secret from our friends at school then I’d let him come over more often and we could ‘study’ again. With his help, I am sure I’m going to ace this accounting test on Friday!

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