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A Mature Woman Gets Gang Banged.
A recent divorcee finds new friends online. - by: Colleen

Angry!  That’s what I am.  I raised two grown boys—handsome, good boys—with my husband of 29 years.  I did everything for him.  I even held back my sexual desires and fantasies because he was “uncomfortable” with them.  

Nothing but the same, boring missionary position one week after the next.  But all it took was an empty-headed secretary with fake tits to make him “discover” sex!  And, you know, I’m not fat or ugly or anything like that. People tell me all the time: “Colleen, you look damned good!”  I like my strong build: large, satisfying hips.  I see guys look at my hips and ass all the time, and full, round, natural breasts.  My waist is still surprisingly small and my brassy brown hair falls in loose curls down my back. I look really good at 45 years old.

So, a friend told me to use an internet site to find “someone”.  I posted a simple ad and picture: “Sexy mature woman seeks energetic, experimental lover for casual sex.  Tell me about yourself and let’s see if we can hook up.”  Finally, an email catches my eye.  The title is, simply, “I’m 22.”   I pause, thinking that that’s the age of my youngest son.  That’s kind of weird…  But I open the email anyway.

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It reads: “The best combination is a sexy mature woman.  I don’t get why all my guy friends are into these stupid little girls who don’t know anything about fucking.  They all think I’m weird because I like older women, so I’ve started going to these swinger parties.  You should come with me.  Oh, I’m 6’2” with blonde hair and green eyes.  I am lean and strong because I run track and I have good stamina…in just about every department…lol. ”  The phone number burns itself into my brain.  I can’t forget it if I tried.  But I realize I don’t want to forget it.  I don’t want to fuck my son, I just want to fuck a hot 22-year old track runner.

He answers the phone, "Kyle speaking."  He sounds husky, maybe he’s already masturbating?  He says he will pick me up in three hours.  I hastily give him directions and hang up the phone.  My hands are shaking. I rush around, getting ready, picking through my old, pathetic lingerie.  But what’s the point in lingerie?  I’ll just take it off, anyway…  Then I shave.  I take a lot of care shaving around my pussy, something I haven’t done in some time now.  I leave an elegant, trimmed “landing strip. ”  The hair is brown with a hint of red, it’s really too pretty to shave all the way off.  Then I just choose a pretty green sundress from the closet and put on my sandals.  I leave my hair down and free.  I dust my cheeks with just a bit of blush and put on water-proof mascara... better to be prepared for anything!

When I open the door, I am absolutely floored by how gorgeous this boy is!  His big smile and kind eyes immediately put me at ease.  The moment he steps into my house, Kyle slams the door, grabs me around the waist and kisses me.  I kiss him back with everything I have and it feels wonderful.  I can already feel my vagina growing heavy.  The juice begins to leak out in thick spurts.  I can feel it flowing out of my vagina as Kyle presses me against the foyer wall and rubs his hard cock against me. Are we really going to start this fast?  Well, bring it on!I place my fingers on his cock through his black trousers.  Kyle is so hard and there’s at least eight inches in there!  He moans against my mouth and pushes the strap of my dress down.  Before I know it, my breast is out and in his mouth and he’s sucking and licking!  His right hand massages my tit as Kyle licks my hard nipple while his left hand keeps me firmly pinned to the wall.  I feel dominated and desired.  He continues to play with my breasts and nibbles around and underneath them.  When he drags his wide tongue across the bottom side of my tits, I release a huge groan. Kyle takes this as his sign and drives his right hand up my skirt and into my panties.  He’s pressing his fingers into my opening through the panties and I’m sure his fingers are soaking wet.  He groans against my ear, which he is now licking and sucking on, as well.  In the haze of my ecstasy, I fumble with his belt and manage to get his pants to drop to the floor.  I am about to grip his cock when his long fingers snake into my pussy.  Kyle immediately bends his fingers and finds my g-spot, which he tickles and pulses against.  How the hell did he find that so fast?!  A hotness rises in my chest and spreads throughout my body.  I feel my vagina open up to him.  I grasp his cock, it takes two hands and my fingers barely touch! I begin to pump it.

Kyle grunts loudly, withdraws his fingers and spins me around so that I face the wall. He presses my face against the wall, pulls down my soaking wet panties, and spreads my legs.  I am too overcome by passion to do anything except to let him do whatever he wants to me. I feel his cock head searching for my opening.  I tilt my hips away from him and in one strong thrust, he’s buried deep inside me.  Kyle thrusts into my three times before I can feel his hand sneaking around to the front of my body: over my hips, across my stomach, and down to my clit.  As he fucks me deep and viciously, he rubs my fat clit. Kyle leans over and whispers: “Go ahead and come, if you want.  I can shoot off any second but I can also wait.  You feel really good, by the way…”Maybe it’s those simple words that do it or the fact that he gave me permission, but I start to come painfully.  My body rocks, my ass and calf muscles are so tight I think they’re going to explode.  After the initial pain of the long-awaited orgasm, the pleasure begins.  This is when Kyle starts to cum inside me and his hardness is undeniable and he just keeps pressing all those spots and pouring his warmth into my already fiery vagina.  I feel so full and so relieved.  

When he’s finished, he leans against me. “Gosh.  That was really nice,” he says and kisses the back of my neck. I swallow hard and manage to squeak out, “it sure was…”  Kyle pulls out of me and stands up straight, while readjusting himself and his clothing.  I pull my dress down and feel dreamy and unreal. “It’s cool if you want to get freshened up or something,” he stammers awkwardly.  “I mean that I’m happy to wait for you, if there’s anything you need to do before we leave for the party…” “We’re still going to the party?” I ask. “Well, of course,” he smiles somewhat devilishly, “that was just the appetizer.” I pause, consider, and smile.  “I’ll be ready to go in five minutes. ”

......We pull up to the Holiday Inn near the Hampton Coliseum .  It’s not by any means dirty or trashy, but it’s not the Ritz.  I have a feeling they offer a free deluxe continental breakfast in the morning.  He escorts me into what appears to be a suite or a bunch of rooms with adjoining doors.  Low music plays inside and the lights are very dim.  He uses a card to open the door and the first thing I see is a woman on her knees giving a blow job to a guy sitting on a couch.  Sitting on the arm of the couch is a black-haired girl who plays with her clit while watching them.  Slightly beyond them, five people are on a bed.  It is hard to make out exactly what they’re doing in the low light, but it looks good.  

I start to feel myself become wet again. Kyle, introduces me to his naked “friend:” a tall Hispanic girl with long, dark hair and dark eyes.  She smiles at me and takes my hands.  When she starts to draw me away from Kyle, he just nods and winks, so I let her lead me away. We pass through two rooms in which people perform various acts on each other.  We move a little too quickly for me to make it all out.  She pulls me into a dark corner. “You’re beautiful.  Have you ever been with a woman?” she asks. “No…I…uh…” is all I can stutter out. “It’s so easy.  It’s just like being with yourself, only better.  Touch my breasts. ”  I touch them and am surprised by how soft and supple they are. “Aren’t tits the most amazing thing?  Lick the nipple and see how it gets hard…”I do as I am told and bend slightly to lick her nipple.  I massage her breast like Kyle did to me earlier.  She sighs deeply, “wow, you’re good at that!”  Of course I keep on holding, sucking and licking her breasts. “You should feel my clit, you’ve gotten it all full,” she says and guides my hand down to it.  Suddenly my fingers are covered in thick, syrupy woman juice.  

A sweet aroma drifts up from her pussy. Fascinated, I press my fingers into her hole and feel all the little ridges and bumps of her vaginal walls.  She coos in my ear and strokes my breasts while I kiss her neck. “You should lick it, just to try it,” she says.  Funny enough, I was just thinking this myself.  I promptly drop to my knees and hold her hairy lips apart.  I am entranced by the look and the smell of her and I stick my tongue out, ever so gingerly, and lick.  I hear soft footsteps behind me, and assume someone is watching.  The truth is, however, that I don’t fucking care.  All I want to do is lick this woman’s pussy.  She exhales sweetly and I give her clit a thick, solid lick from the bottom to the top.  When she moans, I circle her clit with my tongue and flick it, like I would do to a penis.  Her wetness dribbles onto my lips and into my mouth.  She braces herself and bends her knees.  

I feel a hand pulling up the back of my skirt and pulling down my panties.  Then this mysterious hand starts to stroke my pussy from behind.  The double-pleasure is incredible.  Then I feel another hand massaging my breast and yet another on my ass. I look up at the girl and she is playing with her tits and kissing a man.  Another man leans in and licks the parts of her breasts that show through her fingers.  Suddenly I am lifted up and away from her, while some other guy finishes the job I started. “Hey!” I struggle against the arms, but they hold me tight. I am placed on a bed with my ass in the air. “It’s okay…relax…” Kyle says to me and pets my back.  He presses me gently, face down, onto the bed.  He continues to stroke my hair as I feel another body climb onto me.  I am scared, all my senses are alive, but I am excited! I can feel the precum from a hard cock drip onto my buttocks as the stranger’s hands grip my hips and lift me slightly, as he presses his cock into me.  I inhale with surprise, but it feels wonderful.  

This angle fills me and stretches me in new ways.  He fucks me softly at first and I simply lie still and enjoy it.  Kyle leans over and kisses me.  Perhaps in response to seeing this, the man fucking me starts to pump faster and more carelessly into me.  In a moment, he pulls out and I feel warm, sticky jism drip onto my ass.  Before I can say or do anything, I am flipped over by another man. On my back, I look around the room.  I see four other men watching me, their cocks like ramrods, and a few couples fingering each other while watching the action.  

This new guy pulls my legs over his shoulders and buries his face in my pussy.  I feel myself skyrocket toward an orgasm but right before I start to come, he lowers my ass just enough to pop his cock into me.  The pleasure is so intense that I don’t know how to cum or what to do!  But before I can do anything, he shoots inside me and utters a guttural cry as he pumps me full of cum. As he releases me, the third man climbs on top of me.  He asks me if I’ve cum yet and I only have the energy to shake my head “no. ”  He tells me that’s all he wants is to make me come, so he presses his fingers inside me and I feel the other man’s cum dribble out.  Then he moves his fingers around inside me, pressing all my sensitive areas, until I’m moaning and thrashing about on the bed.  Then he adds his tongue to my clit, licking the hard, hungry nubbin for all he’s worth.

“I gotta get in on this,” I hear another guy say and he climbs on my face and shoves his cock down my throat.  I didn’t think it could get any better!   I suck on the cock and moan against it.  I can feel the reverberations of my moan in his heavy balls. Finally, I feel shifting on the bed, but am unable to see what’s going on.  I feel the fingers pull out of my vagina and I whimper, wanting so badly to cum.  But the tongue doesn’t stop licking. Then I feel a giant cock slowly force its way into my pussy.  The cock is so thick I’m not even sure that it will fit.  But before I can say anything—as if I could!—he pushes it full force into me.  His second huge powerful stroke sets my body on fire and I begin to cum like never before.  I can’t think, all I can do is feel.  I feel hot cum dribbling down my throat and a hot tongue on my fat clit and a hot cock shooting into my pussy.  I cum so hard that I black out. I wake up the next morning in my own bed, with a breakfast tray on my lap.  Kyle smiles at me from the side of the bed. “Eat up,” he says, “You’ll need the energy!”

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