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I Got Some Tight White Pussy
Big Dick meets Super Pussy. - By Marcus

There is nothing like pounding a nice tight pussy you when you got a big dick like me. Even better when you’re banging a white girl that is into black guys. My name is Marcus and I’m 29 years old.  Most people think I’m younger because I do have a bit of a baby face going on. I work for an advertising firm as a graphic artist. I’m married to one of the finest black women on the face of this earth. What more could a man want?  A piece on the side of course.

I got a lot of pussy before I got married but to be honest I had never really had the urge to step out on Cheryl until I started browsing personal ads on an adult dating site. It’s overflowing with housewives and hot to trot milfs looking for some excitement. Some of the ads have photos attached. Reading those ads at work and looking at those pictures puts ideas in my head and makes my cock hard as a rock.  After about two weeks of reading ads from women on the list I finally put up my own ad. ‘Big Dick Professional Looking For Pussy’ I grinned at the title and then filled in the body. “I am a professional black male looking for a white female who enjoys giving head as much as I enjoy eating pussy.  I would like to find someone that I could play with on a regular basis." I took a picture of my cock with my cell phone and attached it to the ad and then posted it.

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Over the next 3 days I got a steady stream of email replies.  Some of it was from girls that weren’t my type but many of them were beautiful good looking girls and women with pictures. The one that really caught my attention was from a chick with the handle “naughtygirl” The subject line just read; I have a tight white pussy for you. We started playing email tag sending pics back and forth and damn if she didn’t have the sweetest looking body and one of the prettiest cunts I had ever seen. Naomi’s email got hotter with each one, it was obvious she had a thing for big dicks, especially black ones. It had been a week since our first exchange when she sent me a lil motivator for my lunch break.

I closed my door and pulled my headphones on when I saw that it was a video clip. My cock was harder than steel when the video opened with her sweet shaved cunt already wet and puffy. Pulling my 11 inch thick meat free of my slacks I slowly started to stroke off in time with her finger strokes over her pussy, her moans filled me ears and had me leaking cum with each stroke.

“Uhhhh Marcussss”, Naomi hissed as she worked her fingers into herself, I could see just how tight she was and I wanted it badly. As her fingers moved faster so did my fist as I got off to her video. It was then I got an even bigger surprise as she worked her clit in time with the fingers rubbing against her G-spot. Naomi was a squirter and a big one at that. I felt my cock grow even harder just before I jetted a big load of white cum all over my desk. Each gush soaked the towel under her and the camera as well.

As I worked the last load from my cock I wrote her a quick email. “That was so hot baby. I have to have you on my dick. Meet me at the Howard Johnson on Atlantic” Clicking send I sank back into my chair and surveyed the mess and eventually cleaned it up. When I got home that night Cheryl got the fucking of her life and afterwards as we lay there, her pussy juice covering every inch of my dick and thigh she licked my ear.

“Mmm what got you all worked up, Baby?” Her fingertips were sliding back and forth over the dark purple head of my semi hard cock. It jerked and twitched in response as started to revive.

“I’ve got to work late tomorrow on that Restaurant deal and I wanted to give you something to hold you over for tomorrow.” Even though we’d been married for about 5 years we still had the sex life of teenagers dating.

Cheryl grinned and licked my ear again as she whispered, “Well in that case I think you’d better get down there and make sure I don’t forget what you feel like.” I was more than happy to slide between and down her chocolate thighs and wrap my lips around her clit. As hard as she had just cum, I knew she’d be sensitive and my wife confirmed that by rocking up against my mouth hard. Cheryl always tasted so good after a nice hard fuck. My tongue flicked back and forth over the nub of her clit, alternating between hard and soft, making her twist and quiver.

“Marcus,” her thighs tightened around my head and I knew she was close. Taking hold of her thighs I bit down ever so slightly on her clit and watched and listened to my wife as she went spiraling over the edge once more. My thumb replaced my teeth and tongue stroking hard, prolonging her spasms. Cheryl moaned out loudly, her hands twisting her own nipples as I pushed my fat head just past her lips into her. I groaned, enjoying the sensation of her spasming around me.

That is one thing I love about her, once she got going it isn’t hard to keep her that way. I pushed her left hand away from her breast and bit down on the nipple at the same time and filled her with one stroke. She exploded even harder around me and clawed at my back as my hips jack-hammered my cock in and out of her hard and fast. We went at it hard and fast until once more my balls drew up tight and I filled her to the brim with more cum.

The next day the time seemed to drag at a snail’s pace. Luckily I had the usual mountain of work to keep me somewhat occupied. Eventually quitting time came and I was one of the first ones out of the door. I recogmized Naomi waiting for me in her Blue KIA when I pulled into the parking lot. She was even prettier than her pictures.

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I parked in an open space near her and she hopped out and came over and waited for me to get out of my car. She was slim and about 5’5.  Hell if she could take all of me, the girl needed a medal. “I got the room”, nodding I got out and locked the door. She didn’t have a bra on and her nipples were poking through the material of her tank top. Without any fear of being seen, I pulled her into my arms and kissed her hard and deep. She moaned and fisted my shirt in her hands and ground herself against the bulge in my slacks. Oh yeah, Naomi was hot for me.

Inside we made a beeline for the elevator and enjoyed the fact that we were alone. We kissed and groped each other on the ride up to the 3rd floor.  I don’t remember the walk to our room, but once we were inside and the door was locked we were ripping the clothes off each other. Her 30 yr old body was that of a 20 yr old and the little patch of dark blonde curls on the top of her hungry white pussy was calling to me.

“Goddamn I have been so hot for that cock of yours Marcus.” Her hands stroked down my sides and met at the button and zipper of my slacks and she was soon pushing them down along with my jockey shorts. She was the only woman I have known who tackled my cock without the use of her hands. Her hot little tongue circled around the head before she sucked the rest in. My hands found their way into her hair and guided her lips along the dark flesh that grew even harder with each pass. Naomi held my thigh with one hand and the other worked over her wet snatch.

Despite her petite size my cock seemed to pose no issue for her throat because she deep throated me several times. Naomi pulled off my cock and bent over the bed with her legs spread. “Come and get me Marcus. I want that big black cock to tear my lil white pussy wide open.”

“Well I always believe a woman should always get what she wants.”  I walked up behind her and rubbed the head of my cock up and down over her slit.  She moaned and pushed back and the head slipped inside. Now see I always thought my wife was the champion of getting wet, but Naomi was like a river, nothing but wet all around. And she wasn’t lying about being tight.  If I didn’t know better I would swear she was a virgin.

“Ugghh give it to me. Claim this pussy baby.” Naomi was pushing herself back on onto my cock and I obliged her request.” I started to work my cock back and forth feeling her pussy slide farther down the shaft of my cock until she had taken the whole thing.  She was built for fucking and I was loving it. She met each thrust with a throaty grunt then moaned out again, “Stop teasing and FUCK ME!”

“Ohh yeah you are a nasty girl…so you want to be fucked huh?” I pulled halfway out and them slammed forward, that made her gasp and grip the bed covers. “This what you want?” I did it again and again and her answer was a long drawn out high pitched ‘uh-huh’ With each hard thrust she grew wetter and even tighter. I reached down down and grabbed her firm little titties and I imagined that I was going to spilt her in half with my dick.  The room filled with the sounds of flesh slapping flesh. Her ass was growing steadily redder with each smack.  I had never been with a girl who could take my whole cock without crying and this little girl just couldn’t seem to get enough.  I felt the head of my cock punishing her cervix.

Naomi reached back and began to finger her clit while I tugged hard on her perky pink nipples. She bucked up hard under me squeezing my dick hard, “Ohhhh fuck baby you are gonna make my pussy cum so good.”

Naomi squirmed and clenched her thighs closed making things even tighter around me. I could feel her legs begin to shake so I just fucked her as hard as possible. Just as her tight cunt started to squeeze and ripple on my dick I could feel her squirting and gushing hot slippery fluid all over my balls and the bed. The girl didn't break stride, she just continued to work on her clit and slam back on my dick and moan.  I grabbed her hips again and pulled her back hard on my cock and pumped a load of cum deep inside her. I fucked it into her as she kept squirting, her thighs and mine covered in cum and pussy juice.

We collapsed on the bed for a breather before Naomi sucked me hard again and then stood over me and squatted down taking all 11 inches up inside her amazing pussy.  She rode me to another hard squirting orgasm.  The motel room smelled like pussy and I had a hard time walking to my car.  Naomi on the other hand didn't seem to be the least bit affected by the best cock abuse I could dish out.  The girl was a fine fuck, but the fact that she could take so much cock without any lingering affect scared the shit out of me.  I figured this girl was a goddamn nympho and now I was a little worried I had fucked her without a condom.  I gave "Super Pussy" a goodbye kiss after walking her to her car.  She was talking about getting together again in a couple of days but I knew this was going to be the last time I saw her.

I've been emailing a couple in their 40s.  The wife is a fine looking readheaded MILF with big tits and huge nipples.  Her husband wants to watch her fuck another man.  We are supposed to meet after work for drinks next week, I will give an update if I end up hooking up with these freaks.

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