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The Bachelorette Party
My slutty friend fucked the Male Stripper - by: Erin

Beth, my name is Erin.  My Liz friend recently shared her naughty story with me about fucking a male stripper at her Bachelorette Party.  I found her confession very interesting and I think your readers will too.

lizzy1631:  I am freaking out!  I need to tell someone this story because I’m not sure what to do and it’s been bugging me for weeks.  Are you there,  Erin?

erinrocks:  I’m here.  What’s your story?  You can tell me, you know.  I’ve got your back.  Even though I only know you from the Internet, lol!

lizzy1631:  I’ll spazz if anyone finds out about this.

erinrocks:  I live in Norway, who can I tell?  Besides, I don’t even know your real name.

lizzy1631:  You know my real name, I told you.  It’s Liz.

erinrocks:  That explains your ID, right?  What’s the story?

lizzy1631:  Okay, you know I got married six weeks ago, right?

erinrocks:  I remember.  To what’s his name.  Steve?

lizzy1631:  Scott.

erinrocks:  Oh yeah.  I have a great memory, huh?

lizzy1631:  Definitely  Anyway, my story is about my bachlorette party.  You know what that is, right?

erinrocks:  I was born in Virginia, remember?  I only live in Norway for my job.

lizzy1631:  I forgot.  Anyway, my friends and I got together for my bachlorette party.  We got a limo, went to a few clubs, and I got totally wasted drinking tequila shots.

erinrocks:  You?  I thought you were Miss Geek Computer Nerd.

lizzy1631:  I am, normally!  But when I was at the club, I kept noticing all these hot guys, especially when they were dancing with me, and I started having second thoughts.

erinrocks:  About getting married?

lizzy1631:  Yeah.  Scott’s a great guy, but he’s the only guy I ever slept with.  Makes me wonder what I’m missing.

erinrocks:  The only one???  Are you serious?  You really are Miss Geek Computer Nerd!

lizzy1631:  Thanks a lot, that makes me feel so much better.  And it’s Mrs. Geek Computer Nerd now!

erinrocks:  So, what happened?  Hot guys.  Dancing.  Tequila.

lizzy1631:  Yeah, I was dancing and drinking most of the night and some of them were so incredibly hot—I swear I was massively turned on.  Well, before I got to the falling down, passing out stage, we all went back to my sister’s place—it was my place too, then, remember?

erinrocks:  Your crazy, wild, fuck-everything-that-walks sister?

lizzy1631:  LOL!  That’s the one.  Yes, well my friends decided to get me a male stripper as a surprise.  He showed up at the door and he was amazing.  SO HAWT!

erinrocks:  And???

lizzy1631:  Well, he was dressed as a gladiator, lol!  With the leather skirt thing and lace up boots, and even a sword and shield.  So cute!  He took off his armor.

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erinrocks:  And everything else?

lizzy1631:  Mostly.  He left the skirt on—at first!  Here is where it gets crazy.

erinrocks:  Spill it!  I won’t judge!

lizzy1631:  That’s cuz you’re a wild woman!

erinrocks:  Not here in Norway, I’m not, so give me some smut to get me by, lol!

lizzy1631:  Okay, well I ask the stripper what he’s wearing under the skirt and he says why don’t you get under there and find out!!!

erinrocks:  LOL!  Did you??

lizzy1631:  I must have been TOTALLY wasted, because I never would have done it, but the girls were all laughing and chanting at me to do it do it do it!

erinrocks:  I would be, too!

lizzy1631:  You’re just as bad.  Want to know something really crazy?  One of them was my sister in law!!!

erinrocks:  What?  Telling you to…?

lizzy1631:  Yes, basically urging me to give the stripper a blow job!  The wife of my husband’s brother!!!

erinrocks:  Does she remember this?

lizzy1631:  She was drunk, but not that drunk.  I’m sure she remembers, if I do.

erinrocks:  SO WHAT HAPPENED?

lizzy1631:  Okay, so I get on my knees and climb under the guy’s skirt, which was poking out in front because he was really hard… and HUGE!

erinrocks:  Bigger than Scott?

lizzy1631:  Like WAY.  It was a shock, even to my drunken brain.  Anyway, I was laughing my ass off and nearly falling down drunk, but I started to give the guy a blow job, which is a shock because Scott has to fricking beg for them, lol!

erinrocks:  Maybe he should dress like a gladiator?

lizzy1631:  You’re funny!

erinrocks:  Go on!

lizzy1631:  Well, the guy is enjoying the attention, obviously, and my friends are laughing their butts off and cheering.  I got really into it at that point and the guy completely strips to give them a better view.  Oh god, I still can’t believe I did that.  Gave a complete stranger a blow job before an audience!!!

erinrocks:  I can’t believe it, either!  You’re so…

lizzy1631:  Non-adventurous?

erinrocks:  I was going to say prudish.

lizzy1631:  Thanks a lot!

erinrocks:  No problem.  Then what???

lizzy1631:  Man, this was the weekend before my wedding.  I’m still in shock.

erinrocks:  Don’t worry about it.  A BJ is no big deal.

lizzy1631:  That’s not it.  It’s what happened after the BJ.

erinrocks:  OMG, what?

lizzy1631:  Well, I suck the guy off and SWALLOW, for fuck’s sake, and then I’m on the floor laughing hysterically.  My sister says (all serious) you have to go fuck him, Liz.  I couldn’t believe it.  Even though I shouldn’t be surprised because my sister is such a horn dog.  My sister in law says No Way, but she’s laughing too—pretty drunk.  My sis says it’s my only chance to live a little before shackling myself to Vanilla Scott for all eternity.

erinrocks:  Vanilla Scott, I like that, lol!

lizzy1631:  Yeah, too bad it’s true.

erinrocks:  What did you do?

lizzy1631:  I took the guy in the bedroom and fucked his brains out—or he fucked mine out, or both.  Either way, brains were missing.

erinrocks:  You did not!!!

lizzy1631:  I DID!!!

erinrocks:  How was it?

lizzy1631:  Fan-fucking-tastic!  I wish I could say it sucked, but the guy knew what he was doing.  OMG, I don’t even know his name.  I just kept calling him Spartacus.

erinrocks:  Oh, you’re bad!

lizzy1631:  Very bad, apparently.  I swear, I think I had six orgasms.  Spartacus told me he wanted me to have a really hot memory to carry me through.  He sucked me off like a fucking pro and screwed me, like, four times!!!  Like a pro, I say!

erinrocks:  He sort of WAS, wasn’t he?

lizzy1631:  LOL, yeah.  I guess he was.  He was definitely worth whatever sis paid for him.  Double, even.

erinrocks:  I should buy one of those.

lizzy1631:  You could get a Viking.

erinrocks:  Ew, no, you know I hate blonds!

lizzy1631:  You’re in fucking Norway.  Brilliant choice for a blond-hater!

erinrocks:  I know, that’s why your story is totally turning me on.  I’m picturing your Spartacus with dark hair.  He was brunet, right?

lizzy1631:  Yeah!  And hot!  So hot!!!!

erinrocks:  And talented, apparently.  Did you do anything kinky?

lizzy1631:  Kinkier than fucking a stripper a week before my wedding???

erinrocks:  Yeah.

lizzy1631:  Besides the amazing oral—guh, I’m getting turned on again just thinking about that tongue!  And that huge cock!  He liked to switch up positions.  We did it doggy style and I swear I still had his fingerprints on my hips on my wedding night.  I kept the light off so Scott wouldn’t notice the bruises.

erinrocks:  LOL!  That would have been funny.

lizzy1631:  Hilarious.  I kept trying to think of a plausible explanation for fingerprint-shaped bruises on my hips and ass!

erinrocks:  Did you think of anything?

lizzy1631: NO!  Hence, lights off!

erinrocks:  I’m totally jealous.

lizzy1631:  It was so great.  I was thinking about it the whole time Scott was fucking me on our WEDDING NIGHT.  He was being so sweet and loving and I just wanted him to slam me into the headboard and drill me through the mattress.

erinrocks:  Uh oh, someone created a monster!

lizzy1631:  I know!  Now I keep looking at hot guys now and wondering what they’d be like in the sack.

erinrocks:  You should have experimented more.

lizzy1631:  I know that now.  I was so school-obsessed, I didn’t want to think about anything else until I got my damn degree.

erinrocks:  Until now.

lizzy1631:  Yeah, the worst part is that I keep getting these looks from my friends.  I swear one of them is going to tell Scott!

erinrocks:  So?  It happened before you were married.

lizzy1631:  I know, but I was monogamous before that!  I’ve never been with anyone but him.  I was a virgin, you know!  He would fucking freak.

erinrocks:  What will you do if someone squeals?

lizzy1631:  I don’t know.  I can’t deny it.  There were too many witnesses.  I’ll probably plead the tequila defense.

erinrocks:  Oh that’s good!  Just claim you drank too much.  You don’t remember anything.

lizzy1631:  There you go!  I’ll say I was too drunk to have done anything with the guy and don’t remember, anyway.  I almost wish I didn’t remember!  How can I forget those hot lips, and amazing hands, and that large, beautiful cock and… oh no, I’m getting hot again.

erinrocks:  What time does Scott get home?  Maybe you can talk him into tying you up or fucking you over the kitchen sink.

lizzy1631:  Vanilla boy?  I’ll be lucky if I can get him to let me on top.  *sigh*  I’m screwed.

erinrocks:  Or NOT, lol!

lizzy1631:  Yeah.  I better go.  I gotta start dinner.  And wipe this file from the computer memory.  Scott is a techie, too, remember?

erinrocks: Yeah, two Geek Computer Nerds.  I’d say you were made for each other, but after that story, I’m thinking maybe not.

lizzy1631:  You and me both.  *headdesk*  TTYL

erinrocks:  Bye!  *hugs* 

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