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"I'm gonna fuck my fucking cunt off." - By Cookies

When I was 30, I put it to my husband like this: “You either start fucking me every day, or I’m going to look elsewhere for cock.”

After staring me with a shocked face for a long time, he said he’d try to give me more sex. For our whole married life, he’d been giving it to me no more than twice a week, and that just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. At thirty, I had some kind of sexual awakening, and I wanted it twice a day, twice an hour if it was possible.

Even with my husband’s trying, soon, I was calling up an ex-boyfriend of mine who I remembered could never get enough. The last thing he said to me when we broke up was to give him a call if I needed a good fuck. It had been a few years, so when I called him, he answered the phone surprised.

“Cookies, is that you?” he asked.

“I need dick, Richard” I admitted.

He told me to come over, and as soon as I walked through his door, my snatch was soaked. Being in his old place brought me back to my younger, wilder years, only now I had the sex drive that I only dreamed of back then. My ex was taken by surprise by how I attacked him.

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“Any time you need to go crazy like that again, you fucking call me okay?” He wiped the sweat from his forehead. “Jesus girl, you are fucking crazy.”

After a while, Richard wasn’t enough either, so when me and my friend went to the local hotel bar for a drink one night, I looked around at all the business guys hanging in the bar, and the wheels in my brain started turning pretty quick.

It wasn’t long before I was going to the bar dressed like a total whore. I didn’t feel like being coy. And I swear those business men think getting random hotel pussy is part of their fucking job description. I finally thought I had found a way to make both my husband and me happy, but then he started giving me shit about it—said he didn’t like to see me out all the time, giving myself away.

When I came home about two weeks later with cum-soaked hair and a scratchy voice from having sucked cock all night, he flew off the handle.

“The deal is me or the hotel fuckfest!” he screamed, and it didn’t take me long to make my decision: his four-inch dick for two days a week for the rest of my life or every other dick in the world.

“Well then I guess we’re getting a divorce,” I told him.

That night I started hitting the chatrooms hard. I’d get in there and just lay it all on the line: “Looking for some cock. Can you fuck me ‘til I’m satisfied?” They’d start IMing me instantly.

“I’ll fuck you baby.”

“I got a 12-inch-cock.”

“I’ll eat your pussy ‘til you cum a thousand times.”

It was like I had gone from a vegan diet to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

I ended up meeting some nympho from Modesto who promised he could deliver, and he wasn’t kidding. The first time we met, I skipped work to go out and meet him before he had to go to work. We were both that fucking horny and I had an easier time getting off from work. This guy hadn’t been lying about his beer-can thick cock. As soon as he penetrated my pussy, his veiny lovestick rubbed against my pussy walls and sent chills through me like never before. .

He told me I should move to Modesto so we could fuck all the time, so I did. I sold the house I’d shared with my husband, packed up what I needed, and moved into his Modesto apartment. We fucked morning, noon, and night, and I began to realize that if I needed to fuck just as much as a nympho did, then I must be a nympho too.

After a while, as good as that cock was, I wanted something new, so I started looking into swinger websites. My Modesto man didn’t like that too much. On top of having a sex drive strong enough to rival mine, we was a fucking monogamy nazi. He didn’t want me to fuck anybody else. As he put it, he was a one-woman nympho. That explains why he’d been alone so long. Nobody but a nympho could have sex as much as he wanted, and most nymphos aren’t content with one dick, no matter how big it is.

I ended up finding my own apartment. Do I miss the companionship of a husband? Sure, but I can’t go back to not fucking everyday. I figure if my sex drive ever slows down, I'll find someone then. Until then, I’m going to stay in my own place and fuck my fucking cunt off.

Since I’ve been meeting other people like me around Modesto, I started my own group. Every weekend, I organize the Modesto swingers party at a local hotel. For a small fee, the guys and girls get to lubricate themselves with alcohol and they get their choice of fuckmates. It’s the greatest party in Northern California. Once everyone pays up, I make a nice little profit, but that’s not the best part. The best part is hosting the craziest swinging parties these people have ever seen.

Last weekend may have been my best party ever. I love finding new single females who want to get into swinging. They show up all demure and innocent and don’t know what they’re getting into, and then one of my regulars bends them over a chair and fucks them ‘til they scream.

Last weekend, I recruited five new single females for the festivities. You should have seen the looks on my regulars’ faces when five hot girls came through the doors. They thought the new pussy parade was never going to end.

One of ‘em was a perfect little blond, just the kind of girl that just about every guy wants to fuck. Her hips were tiny and her ass was round. She had a great pair of perky tits, and her nipples showed through her thin white t-shirt. She asked for a pina colada, which Ben, my bartender made extra strong (there are no weak drinks at my parties). She stood in the corner looking all innocent until Robert, an old regular, walked up and asked her if she wouldn’t mind letting him take her virginity.

“Oh, I’m not virgin,” I heard her say.

“I mean your swinger virginity,” he said sort of embarrassed.

She looked embarrassed too, and I wondered if she didn’t like Robert.

“Well, I thought,” she started. Robert and I waited impatiently for her to finish. “I thought swinging meant more than one person. I don’t mind letting you take my virginity, but could another girl be involved?”

I could practically see Robert’s cock growing even bigger and harder in his pants. I saddled right over to them and said, “So you’re looking for a third?”

We went over to one of the suite’s bedrooms and by the time I had closed the door, the pretty young thing had already taken off her thin t-shirt and tight jeans. She was standing there in nothing but a stringy thong.

“So what do I do?” she said, her eyes big and innocent.

“Well, you can start by sucking my cock,” Robert said. He was already rubbing his giant schlong through his pants.

“Hold up Robert,” I interrupted. “Maybe she could start by making out with me. Then we could both suck your cock.” As I said this, I pulled my tight tank top over my head and showed my tits and erect nipples. Blondie came right over and started touching my chest with her tiny manicured fingertips.

“Oh, I have always wanted to make out with a chick,” she said.

Robert groaned and took his dick out. He sat down at the desk chair, spit on his hand, and began to jerk off. Meanwhile, I pushed Blondie over to the bed and sat her on the end of it. I leaned down to kiss her and she began to pinch my nipples as she kissed me back. I put my fingers between her legs and felt her slippery wet pussy.

“Can I lick your kitty?” I said. She nodded yes, so I got down my knees, pulled her knees apart a little and began to delicately nibble and suck her soft pussy lips. She was so smooth she might as well have been a virgin. She couldn't hide her excitement. She panted and tightened every time I touched her.

“You are gonna make me cum,” she kept whispering in her hot little girl voice.

“Don’t cum yet,” Robert would call, so then I’d back off a little, kiss her nipples, French her mouth, ask her how she thought her pussy juice tasted.

“I like how it tastes on your lips,” she told me. Robert groaned.

“Should we stop making him wait?” I asked her. She nodded and looked over at Robert. Then, we both crawled over to him and kneeled at his feet.

“Can I go first?” Blondie asked. She started sucking on Robert’s cock and he groaned in pleasure. He collapsed into the chair while Blondie swallowed more of his immense cock with every stroke.  The sound of her gagging on his cock made my pussy twitch.

I rubbed my own clit for a while and then when Blondie started getting into it, I grabbed the back of her head and forced her to take his whole cock. She pushed back on my hand and came up for air.

“I never sucked such a huge cock,” she admitted.

“Need help?” I asked. Then I pounced on Robert’s dick, sucking the head and then taking the full member down my throat just like I knew he liked. We took turns like that, me and Blondie. There was no way Robert could tell whose hands, whose lips, whose mouth was on him. We stroked his cock lovingly and French kissed it, letting our tongues hit each other’s. Sometimes, we’d slip from kissing his dick and balls to a straight up girl-on-girl kiss and Robert would groan and squeeze our tits. Precum would ooze out of his huge cock, and one of us would jerk while the other sucked.

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modesto california swinger club

Cookie's Naughty Pictures

“You girls sure like each other. You girls gonna let me fuck you now?” he asked.

We went over to the bed, and Robert had us lie right next to each other. He wanted to stick his cock in Blondie first, so I laid there and watched her get the pounding of her life.

“Kiss her,” Robert kept saying, so I’d lean over and kiss her on the lips or her perky tits as she was getting fucked by Robert. Then after a while, he leaned down and said, “I’m going to fuck you now Cookies.” Before I knew what was happening, he was thrusting that giant cock into my sopping wet snatch.

Blondie kissed my tits now and I could see that like me she thirsted for more cunt action.

“Sit on my face,” I told her and she crawled on top of me immediately. While Robert fucked me, I stuck my hands in her pussy, spread those lips wide open and let my tongue explore her opening and then her clit. The whole time I let my fingers explore the inside of her box. I tasted Robert’s cum and swallowed.

Within moments, she was screaming “I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” and then I could feel Robert’s spunk shooting right up my cunt. I pumped them both for a while until they fell down on the bed out of breath.

When she could breathe, Blondie said, “But you didn’t cum.”

What a sweet little girl. I reassured her that I’d have plenty of chances over the course of the night. I was a very good host after all, and I wanted to make sure my guests all got good and fucked before me.

I’m having another party this weekend, and Blondie has promised to bring her two best friends. Maybe if you’re in Modesto, you could stop in!

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