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Truck Stop Hookers
Easy money at the Flying J. - By Dee

When Candy told me how she was able to buy her new car, I was absolutely disgusted. I couldn't believe that she was sleeping with RANDOM truck drivers from all walks of the U.S. They go for days, even weeks, at a time without sex, and I couldn't bear to imagine what kind of things they were doing to her. The only way they had to get off was either themselves, or other truck drivers, and I hated to think how Candy could take what they were giving her. But you know what they say..."Don't knock it until you've tried it."

I had been working at Old Navy in for about five months, and getting by on 7 bucks an hour. Going to community college was all I could afford.  In about a year I hoped to have enough to start full time at Iowa State. My job at Old Navy was good, especially since I had made one of my co-workers a full time fuck buddy. Richard was the assistant manager, 32, and married, and to be fucking a 19 year old girl was probably making all of his fantasies come true. I felt kind of bad, because his wife would bring him lunch everyday, but looking at her, I could tell he was unhappy. She was flat chested and bean pole skinny. She didn't wear makeup and wore frumpy clothes, while I always wore makeup and hot clothes and my 34C boobs were alway being shown off in a tight low cut blouse. It was clear who he truly wanted. I wasn't looking for anything solid though, just a good fucking from time to time. Richard was a good fuck, mainly because of his availability. Sometimes I'd be working the floor, and I would get really horny and go to his office, and he'd fuck me on his desk. Sometimes, after hours, we'd fuck in the fitting rooms...I don't know why he liked doing this, but I just went along with it. He had a 7 inch dick, and it was good enough for me, and fucking a man 13 years older than me kind of made it interesting.

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One night, right after Richard ate me out in the back seat of his car, my best friend Candy texted me to meet her at Murphy's Bar and Grill, a resturant in Urbandale.  Candy was fucking one of the bartenders there and he would serve us.  

I got there before Candy, and decided to wait outside.  When she pulled up, I noticed she was driving a brand new red mustang. I got a little upset, because that was MY dream car, and she knew it. "What's up, Bitch," she yelled...her usual greeting. Candy was the loudest person I knew. "I hate you" I said with a smirk. "Aw...what's the matter?" she said in a lame baby voice. "Baby upset because I got her favowite car?" Obviously, she knew what was she was doing. How could you afford that anyway? I asked her. She said she'd tell me over dinner,

We always ordered the same thing, supreme nachos and Coronas, and while we were waiting for the nachos, I asked her who she fucked to get that car, and I wasn't expecting the answer I got. "Truck drivers," she said in a whisper. I laughed at her, and reliped, "seriously, Candy, how'd you get the money for that car." She looked me dead in the face. "I'm serious Dee...have you ever heard of Lot Lizards?" I couldn't believe my ears. "Candy...what the fuck?! You're whoring?! Candy are you insane?! What the fuck you're gonna catch something!!!!" I was so enfuriated at her, and then she pulled out the biggest wad of money I had ever seen. "Holy shit Candy, how much is that?" Instantly, I forgot how mad I was. "800 bucks, cold cash Dee. If you wanna see how I made it, come with me on Friday night." I was skeptical, but I was so enticed, I couldn't not give it a try.

The Flying J truck stop was the busiest place on I-80 for miles in our town. Candy told me that over 500 truckers stopped here each day travelling across the country, making deliveries for warehouses and such. She picked me up in her dad's 4x4, because she told me she needed the CB radio so that she could get us business. I was nervous while we were riding there, because I had never done ANYTHING like this before. I mean...fucking my boss was one thing, but having sex with truckers from all over America, for money at that, felt a little wierd. When the lights began to get brighter, I knew we were close. "Are you ready?" Candy asked me. I smiled and said..."I better get my mustang...SOON!"

We pulled in and parked in the back of the truck stop, where it was the darkest. I wore the shortest skirt I owned, and a top with no bra, just because I knew that my tits were going to be easier to pop out without one. Candy got on the CB, but I wasn't really paying attention to what she was saying. She turned the truck off and told me to get out, and we walked until we were next to the propane tanks. "Ok," she said, "Just get in, ask em what they want, and get's that simple." "How do I know they want me?" I asked, watching Candy put lip gloss on. "Look over there...see the flashing lights?" One truck was flipping it's headlights on and off. "Go get em sexy," Candy said to me with an inviting slap on my ass.

I walked around to the passenger side of the truck and got in, watching the driver's eyes staring a hole in me. "Hey  big boy, how are y doin' tonite?" I asked him in the most country voice I could. "I'm doin' just fine sugar. How about you show me them big ol' titties an play with yourself a lil' bit." I rolled my top down and began to rub my clit. After a few seconds, he pulled his dick out and began to masturbate. It didn't take me long to realize that all he wanted to do was watch me. This was easy. I got really into it, shoving two, then three fingers in my dripping wet pussy. I could tell he really liked it, and I offered to let him cum on my tits. His face lit up as he stood up and blew a huge load all over my chest. "Been savin' that one 'specially for you, hun!" he said with a crooked smile. He gave me 80 dollars because I let him blow on my chest. I was so amazed. All I did was get in the truck and play with myself, and I made more money than I would in 2 days at Old Navy. I couldn't believe it. This was great! I ran back to the propane tanks looking for Candy, but she wasn't there. She must have been in one of those trucks, so I stood there and looked around for another signal.

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The next truck I walked into was driven by a man that was well over 300 pounds. 'You must be the most good lookin' woman I've seen in a LONG time," he said, his stomach stuck under his steering wheel. I didn't want to think of what he wanted. " How 'bout chu suck my dick...a good BJ for the road. I'm goin' to New Jersey, and I want somethin' to remember." This...was what Candy warned me about. I got down on my knees, and lifted his belly to get to his dick, which couldn't have been more than 2 inches. The moment I put it in my mouth, I felt him get really hard. He yelled out, and came right in my mouth!  "You fat disgusting fuck!" I thought to myself as I looked for a place to spit the cum out.  I spit it onto the floorboard of the passenger side and wiped the rest from my lips and chin with my shirt. "Thanks baby doll," he said with heavy breath, and threw me 50 dollars. "That's for letting me drop my load in your gums." He laughed and started his truck up. As disgusting as it was, I made 50 bucks in 2 minutes. Better than any job I've ever had.

Candy and I met up and grabbed something to eat from the diner. We were both discussing all the customers we had that night, and Candy said she even had a woman flash her over. "Yea! I got in, and the Dyke gave me the up and down and said, 'I wanna stick my tongue right in your snatch. So...I let her. Made 125, AND came twice!" We both laughed quietly with twisted faces, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Excuse me miss, but I believe you missed my truck." I turned around to this STUD of a truck driver. He had to be 6'5, and had a chest as wide as the trucks outside. "I didn't see you" I said. "Well, why don't you come find out what I wanted?" Candy winked at me, and I followed him back to his truck.

When I got in, he began kissing my neck, and told me to take off my top. He took both tits in his hands, sucked them better, and harder, than Richard ever could. I was getting really wet, and excited because this guy knew exactly where to touch me. I started moaning, and he told me to take off my skirt. He picked me up and laid me on the bunk, suprising me with how strong he was. He started kissing my stomach, licking down to the inside of my thighs, and then started flicking his tongue on my clit, which drove me WILD. He started fingering me, and his fingers were so thick, they felt like a small dick. Instantly, I figured this guy to be HUGE. I picked his head up and sat him down, unbuckling his belt. I unzipped his jeans, and reached in. My eyes got so wide, because I couldn't feel the end of his dick. I rubbed and rubbed, and couldn't feel the end. I thought, "There's no way I can take this guy." I was wrong.

I pulled it out, and it just fell into his lap. It had to be 8 inches FLACCID, which was a clear sign that this guy was a behemoth hard. I couldn't even put my hand around it, and could barely fit it in my mouth, but I started sucking the head, licking it in a circle and then taking as much as I could in my mouth. I heard him grunting, and jerked it faster. It felt like I was holding the big end of a baseball bat. He grabbed the back of my head, and slowly buried his cock in my throat, getting satisfaction from me choking. After deepthroating him a little longer, he picked me up and threw me on his bunk. He was as big around as a coke can, and when I tried to guide him inside my pussy, it stretched wider than it ever had, or probably even could. I screamed, because it hurt so good. His dick was MASSIVE, at least 10 inches, and I could feel every inch inside me. He started slow, shoving it all in my pussy. By now I was gushing, feeling his huge stick sliding in and out of me. "Turn over" he commanded, and without hesitation, I was on my hands and knees. He put it in slow again, and began pounding me from behind. My ass was beginning to get sore from the smack of him fucking me so hard. I could feel his dick in my stomach, bigger than ANYONE I'd ever imagined. He stuck a finger in my ass, and I started thinking there was no way he was getting a cock that big in a hole as tight as my ass. He pulled his dick out of me, and my pussy was throbbing. What he didn't know was that I had come 4 times, and him not stopping only made it that much more intense. He tapped my ass with the tip of his dick, and I said, "Baby, I don't think its gonna fit." He disregarded my comment, and eased in, stretching my ass like a rubber band. I was so surprised that it fit, I gasped loud, looking back at him. He slowly eased in and out of my ass, telling me how much of a tight little slut I was. I was yelping now, he started fucking me harder, and I actually came from him fucking my ass. "I'm gonna cum," he said in a deep voice, and I told him to stop, and got on my knees, taking his throbbing member in my mouth. I sucked and jerked hard, feeling him get harder and harder. He yelled, and I felt a huge shot of cum hit the back of my throat. I clamped on, and took his entire load in my mouth, looking up at him as he came. I sucked it all out, and swallowed the entire load, even though it took 2 gulps. "Thank you" he said, handing me a huge wad of cash.

I went back to the diner, and told Candy that I had never had sex like that in my life. I forgot that I hadn't counted the cash he gave me. "How much did you make?" Candy asked. I took the rubber band off, and began counting...20, 40, 60...I was giddy with excitement. He had given me 200 dollars. 200 dollars cash. I almost fainted.  

Needless to say I gave notice at Old Navy Saturday morning.  Richard got so upset that he offered to divorce his wife and marry me.  His sadness turned to anger when he realized that my feelings for him were not the same.

Now, every Friday, Candy and I drive our red mustangs to the Flying J, and a couple other truck stops near Des Moines.  Even on a bad week, I make over $1000 in cold hard cash.  I have already saved enough money for my first year tuition at Iowa State.  

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The Flying J truck stop was the busiest place on I-80 for miles in our town.

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