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Lick My Pussy
A hot young flight attendent loves having her pussy eaten. - By Samantha

My boyfriend Nate and I moved in together when I finished training here in Fort Worth, Texas about 2 years ago. So far it has worked out really well for both of us.  We have one of those ‘open’ types of relationships.  Nate gets to fuck any hot girl he meets and I get to screw any guy that comes across my path.  This is fairly easy for me since I am a flight attendant. The one rule we have between us is we don’t tell each other the details of our extra curricular activities. I don’t ask him about the pussy he gets and Nate doesn’t ask me what I do, it’s pretty simple.

Nate is very sexy and has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.  He has the sexiest hazel eyes ever, with a body that was built for fucking all night long.  Nate definitely was blessed with a lovely cock; honest I swear to you, it is 10 and 3/4 inches long. I know because I took out the measuring tape and measured it. When Nate and I first started dating when I was 23 and started having sex, I was terrified he would rip me in half with that beast. It was very painful and I dreaded when we would get intimate. I’m only 5’4” with a slender frame and a small pussy compared to his 6’4” beautiful black muscular body with his huge penis.  But oddly after a while, my pussy stretched big enough to accommodate his full size. I got used to it and I began to crave being stuffed full of his cock and have him pound me hard. Nate gives me the most incredible and best orgasms I’ve ever had from intercourse.

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Now you probably are asking, if my boyfriend satisfies me so much with his manly tool, then why the hell would I look elsewhere and have sex with other guys. Well it’s simple. Nate doesn’t ever go down on me and eat my pussy. He hates it and I really miss that. So while I am flying all around the world, I am sure that Nate is taking the opportunity to stuff his cock into some other hungry young pussy, and I get to enjoy a new piece of hot ass.

Last week, during a recent layover in Paris, France, I met a nice looking man sitting at the hotel bar. I sat a few stools over from his and ordered my apple martini from the bartender. Several times I had noticed he was watching me, and I could feel the moistness between my thighs growing.  Since I am not one to beat around the bush, pardon the pun, I took my martini in hand and slid onto a stool next to him. I introduced myself as Samantha, and immediately he started flirting with me. His hand rested just above my knee and slowly inched further up as we spoke. John was in Paris on business, and was going to be leaving in the morning back to New York. He had a head of thick brown tousled hair, chocolaty brown eyes with long eye lashes and sensual lips.  I couldn’t help but stare at his tender lips and imagine how they would feel pressed against my wet pussy. He spoke French to the bartender and that made me cream my panties.

He leaned into me and kissed the nape of my neck, sending goose bumps down my spine directly into my pussy.  I almost orgasmed on that very spot! John whispered into my ear how attracted he was to beautiful erotic black women and couldn’t take his eyes off me.  I had to have this man now.  I looked at him and said, "Ok player if you want to get in my pants tonight you better be good at eating pussy".  A huge smile spread over his face and said that he loved to and that it was one of his specialties. I moaned as I felt my pussy twinge and the excitement spread through me.

I jumped off my stool and gulped down the rest of my martini, grabbed John by the hand and told him to come with me as I headed off to my room. As soon as we got inside my room we quickly undressed. When he turned around to face me, my heart sunk. John had the smallest penis I had ever seen in my entire life.  Seriously, it was maybe five inches erect. It took everything in me to hide the disappointment on my face! I thought to myself this guy BETTER be damn good at eating pussy.

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Well let me tell you, John certainly lived up to his words.  We crawled into bed and he wasted no time burying his face into my crotch, which by the way was just dripping like a leaky faucet. I laid back comfortably into the pillows and closed my eyes while I massaged my dark brown nipples, making them rock hard.  He knelt between my legs and ran his fingers down my slick slit.  His fingers gently opened me up like a beautiful blossom.  John commented on how beautifully pink and wet I was and how he couldn’t wait to bury his tongue deep inside me and savor my sweet honey.  

He slowly licked and kissed his way down each trembling inner thigh.  He certainly was good at torturing me.  I wanted to grab his face and bury it deep into my snatch.  “You must have patience my beautiful blossom.  Let the master do what he does best,” he whispered seductively as his tongue gently licked around my sensitive outer lips.  I moaned and groaned, gripping onto the bed sheets every time he came close to my clit or my dripping hole.  Each time he came close, he slowly moved away in another direction, only to fuel my desire even greater.  Before I knew it, my whole body was trembling in anticipation.  

John pulled my lips apart exposing my throbbing clit and slowly blew on it sending shivers all over my body.  It felt exquisite. Then he slowly lowered his head and lightly flicked my clit which sent jolts of electricity through me.  He pressed his tongue firm against my labia and began full licks up and down. My pussy was on fire!

Then he began to suck on my clit gently at first then increasing the pressure until my back was arched and I had a massive orgasm.  I hadn’t felt anything like this before.  As my pussy contracted he slowly twirled his tongue around my leaking hole.  I begged for him to tongue fuck my pussy.  He glanced up at me with a grin on his face; his face shiny with my pussy juice.  He lowered himself back down and paused. I could hear him inhale the scent of my sex.  “Mmmmm, baby, you smell so delicious,” he moaned and drove his tongue deep inside my hole.  His tongue danced inside me as I squirmed against his face, his nose pressed hard against my clit, I could feel the beginnings of another intense orgasm.  “Oh my god!” I gasped as he slid his finger up against my asshole.  The combination of his nose, his tongue and finger sent me over the edge and I climaxed once more.

 “Are you enjoying yourself my dear?” he asked.  I could barely answer him as I attempted to catch my breath from the last orgasm.  John didn’t allow me anytime to come back down as he began his next assault on my aching pussy.  He ran his tongue up and down my pussy and back down to my asshole. He teased my asshole with his tongue and made me squeal as he buried his tongue as far as he could up inside my ass. Then she slid his mouth back up to my pussy and he sucked each lip into his mouth and teased them with his tongue while he took my clit between his finger and thumb and rolled it around.  The feeling was intense.  He then sucked my clit back into his mouth as if it was a lollipop and applied the most delicious pressure to it, while he slid two fingers into my pussy and began to stroke my g-spot sending me into another wild orgasm. My juices squirted out like never before, flooding into his mouth, all over his face and the bed sheets beneath us.

John came back up for air, grinning like the Cheshire cat. “Honey I could suck that sweet chocolate pussy all night long if I knew you could handle it.” My head rolled from side to side, as I held my hand up to him, gasping for air and said, “Oh my god, I have never had my pussy sucked like that in my lifetime! I need a break; please, my pussy is on fire!”

Now it was my turn to do something for him, but I knew his penis was way too small to get any enjoyment out of my pussy.  I leaned over to him and whispered into his ear.  He pulled back with the biggest smile on his face, “Really?” he asked.  I nodded and climbed into the doggy position onto my hands and knees and wiggled my ass to him. “Babe, come fuck my brown tight ass, fill me up with that sweet man oil of yours!”

John wasted no time climbing up behind me and positioned his little hard penis at my tight hole. “Are you sure?” he asked. “I’m sure babe, give it to me,” I exclaimed.  With one hand resting on my ass, he gripped onto his penis and began to insert the tip of his penis into my asshole.  I moaned as I felt my ass open up to him.  He no sooner got the head of his penis in when he suddenly prematurely erupted and shot his load inside me.  Immediately I felt his penis grow limp. I felt terrible for him.

He pulled his soft penis out from my ass and apologized profusely. I could tell he was incredibly embarrassed and my heart went out to him. Before I could say anything to make him feel better, he had dressed faster than lightening and quickly left the room. I slid back down into the covers feeling very satisfied from the fantastic orgasms I had just experienced, feeling the slight trickle of his cum leaking my ass, and quickly drifted off to sleep.

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