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My Mom Is A Lesbian
I got it all on video. - By Josh

Going back to when my folks split, I was a typical horny teenager, enjoying sports and video games, goofing with friends and trying to score girls. I didn’t have much of a relationship with my dad, even less when he split and shacked up with some cute bimbo. I was actually surprised when he married the bitch and moved away.  That’s probably why being the only kid and male, I’m protective of my mom, okay, and maybe a bit possessive and screwed up.

At least by fourteen I was a self-taught master masturbator. That’s right, beat my meat, spank the monkey, whatever. It felt great and damn if I'm gonna stop.  My favorite fantasy was my beautiful mom, yeah that's right, one hot mama. Hmmm, a real blond and blond down-under, heavy hand-full of tits, curvy, and oh so soft, smooth skin and squeezable. If only she knew how much I wanted to give her all my love and give it to her over and over again.

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It was always nice to see her walk around the house with little more than the night shirt she slept in, often without underwear. I tried to act innocent and sneak a peak of her neatly trimmed bush or her nipples popping through her shirt with her huge tits. At night, I had my best luck when she was asleep on her bed. With her XXL T-shirt hiked up, I could revel in her full, firm curvy ass and beaver. And sometimes her legs were split just right to see the pink, moist inner lips of her pussy. Nice!  I could cum and cum for what seemed like gallons. My nuts would turn themselves inside-out and the semen would burst out in hard spurts.

Sometimes my friends and I would talk about each others moms in dirty ways. Yeah, we talked smack and loved to top each others story. However, they seemed to agree that my mom was the hottest and sluttiest. I had a hard time not agreeing with them too and not appearing like a screwed up mother-fucker even though that's what I dreamt daily. I kinda just nodded as they fed off each others deviant fantasies, about seeing her naked, taking a shower or bath all lathered up, squeezing and sucking on her luscious full tits, and tweaking her large brownish-red nipples. It always got more graphic and rough.  They discussed Who could make her squeal the loudest after rimming her and stretching her ass with some long hard meaty strokes.

When I was a junior in high school, there was one occasion where my friends Nick, Scott and Dave were laughing over a Playboy spread one of them had smuggled into the school parking lot at the end of the day. As I walked up and said "Hey what's up," they all turned, pointed and laughed at me. "Your mom finally made it in Playboy," Dave said and showed me a page that had a spread of an older bunny. "Looks just like her. What a MILF, I'd sure like to fuck her, Josh!" The laughter of my friends got several others nearby classmates looking over and laughing too, even an old girlfriend of mine. I don't know why, but the joke wasn't funny and I jumped Dave. "Shut the hell up!" Unfortunately to keep this short and my pride from being too owned, they basically took me down with a swift kick to the nuts.

I'm still friends with Dave and crew. We have moved on and are back to talking smack. Now however, I add teaser lines as I know mom is the top lady among us guys. I take great pleasure in letting them know that I get to see her everyday, sometimes with a flash of beaver or open cleavage.  They have tried to make excuses to drop by, but mom is very good about covering up for visitors. Or maybe, she just likes to tease me instead.

Early during my senior year, we were talking about mom and the subject about her boyfriends finally arose. I didn't care, so I didn't notice that she hadn't been out on a date since dad left. Didn't think much of it, was happy the way it was, I just wanted more for me. She did go out with the girls on weekends and over the past few months, with her friend Kate from work in particular. No big deal, since I thought she was through with men, temporarily anyways. I didn't realize how permanent that would be.

When Kate started visiting mom after school when I went to work, it was still no big deal. However, after a few weeks, I started to get suspicious. Dad's fighting words came back with a bang. Lesbian! Lesbian! I couldn't believe it.  I had to find out for sure.

After a few days, I was all set. The web-enabled video camera was well hidden in the bottom of a tissue box on her dresser pointing to the center of the bed from the left side. The pin-hole camera was impossible to detect unless you knew it was there and thank god for wireless. I left my computer in my bedroom turned on, but in locked mode to capture any action while keeping prying eyes off the screen.

With mixed emotions, I was getting turned on too. That night, my damned boss kept me working over-time so when I finally got home about 1:30 am, I just dropped dead asleep in my bed, still in my clothes. I woke up groggy to the sound of my alarm, then mom shouting, "Get up sleepy! Time for school! I'm leaving for work now." As soon as I heard the front door close and her car start, I darted over to my desktop. Would I get lucky today? Did the camera catch anything? Anything n-a-s-t-y? Hurry and log in, damn it, frick'n slow machine!

The monitored flickered to the default opening screen. I immediately clicked the video capture program to open full-screen. Yes, hurry, next clicking to restart from the beginning of the video. Confirming a video start time of 3:00 pm, I clicked play. At 3:05 pm, still nothing, so I clicked on fast forward. At about 3:22 pm, movement of shadows and conversation could be heard. I slowed it down to regular play speed and heard my mom and Kate talking about hassles at work, plans for the weekend together, and ... and how much they LOVED each other. Shit! Close to heart broken, but I couldn't stop watching what would follow. Their clothes were being shed and I could hear them kissing just out of camera view. I was too excited, feeling my pulse throbbing in my morning hard-on, but wanting to piss real bad too. Screw school, I decided to stay home today.

Groaning to myself at having to stop, I quickly clicked pause, ran to the bathroom for a quick piss, then to the scene of the crime. Swiftly searching, I found mom's dirty panties in the hamper, still damp apparently from yesterday's arousal. Covering my face in her cotton briefs, I took a deep sniff. Mmmmmm, the smell of wet pussy. I love it. I raced back to my computer and clicked play again. As mom and Kate fell onto the bed embracing each other in a tangle of arms and legs, I hurriedly stripped naked and sat in my chair scooted up close and personal-like to the screen.

For the first half hour, they caressed, kissed, and nibbled their way all over each other and talked in hushed cuties way. Seeing all that T&A, I was getting impatient, fuck her all ready. I wanted to see some pussy getting licked and stretched. I was finally rewarded as Kate became the aggressor, putting mom on her back while she ducked her head between her legs. My stroking of ol' Henry became more sure as I continued to sniff the smelly panties. Yes, that's it babes. Make each other cum. I licked my palm as Kate licked mom, then used the saliva as lube on my stand up guy. Ahh, yeah, good stroking.

When not feasting on Kate's hot blond and juicy bod, who was very similar to mom's, I was fantasizing that I was the aggressor for mom. When Kate strove deep with her tongue into mom's gash, I strove deep into mom. When Kate flicked mom's clit area with the tip of her tongue, I flicked her clit area. Mom's increasing moans and twitches would be from my touches, not Kate's. "Tell me how you like it mom," I started to vocalize with the video action. Mom encouraged Kate to lick her here, nibble there, probe into this, rub that. Now we're getting somewhere. My stroking increased in pressure and intensity as mom neared her big O. Sniffing her panties again deeply, I could imagine myself between her wet pussy, coaxing her juices down to the crack of her ass and thighs.

I continued to stroke while watching Kate work mom over. A curled finger then two disappeared into mom's cunt. "Yeah that's it, deeper, harder," she grunted. I was getting close to cumming myself. Then I saw Kate slip her long slim middle finger of her other hand up mom's greased puckered ass. "Damn! I'm cumming mom!" I yelled to the monitor. Mom at the same time squealed in delight and spasmed, "Ahhhh, Ohhhh, Yeaaaah!" I dumped my load into her briefs, mixing our juices together, as if I had spurted heavily again and again into her spasmodic pussy. "That's it, take it all, mom! All for you. Uhhhhg. Ahhhh. Uhhg."

The two sexy lesbos, cuddled some then started a slow sixty-nine session, side by side, lifting their top leg over the head of the other. Mom eventually had Kate in orgasmic spasms of her own. Their love making went on for another hour.  I felt compelled to watch and stroke myself to oblivion several more times. I even replayed the best parts for added stimulation, losing count of how many times I came. Ahhhhh, my guts are going to be sore for the next few days and my nuts have turned inside out more than a few times.

My mom may be a lesbian, but I love her and she's all woman to me.

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