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I Fucked My Husband's Boss
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. - By Valerie

When I got home from work last Friday, my husband Keith greeted me with a big hug and kiss.  He lifted me off the ground in his big strong arms.  “Let’s have a baby,” he said as he carried me to our bedroom.  Keith had been moping around our apartment for weeks.  His sudden mood change wasn’t exactly unexpected though.

Keith practically ripped my clothes off and slung me onto the bed.  I spread my legs wide and he climbed between them.  He fucked me hard and came inside my pussy twice.  We never had sex without condoms.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him it wasn’t the right time in my cycle to get pregnant.   It felt good to have a pussy full of cum.  That was the best fucking Keith had given me in months.  “Who are you and what did you do with my husband?”, I joked.  

I met Keith two years ago at the soft drink distribution company where we both worked.  Me in accounting and Keith as a route driver.  Keith had taken an interest in me and would stop to talk to me everyday when he finished his route.   He’s a cute guy and stays in shape from lifting and carrying hundreds of cases of cola everyday.  I could tell he wanted to ask me out but he was just too shy.   I enjoyed the attention, but Keith really wasn’t my type.

I was living with Carlos at the time. He and I lived together for five years before I realized he was never going to marry me.   My grand plan was to be married and have 2 kids by the time I was 30.   Carlos was cool with having kids, but he always had some excuse for not wanting to get married.   

I fucked my husband's boss to save his job

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Call me old fashioned or whatever, but I wasn’t going to get pregnant without being married.  My mom raised my older sister and me all by herself while struggling as a waitress and working for tips.  My dad ran off to the west coast when I was 6 months old to chase his dreams and groupie pussy.  He played lead guitar in a shitty pickup band.  Mom never got any kind of support from him.  I wasn’t going to do the single mom thing.  So as hard as it was, I finally broke up with Carlos and started seeing Keith.

Keith is a country boy, raised by parents with old fashioned values and good manners.   He has that “Awe Shucks” laid back factor that usually results in people taking advantage of him.  Before I started dating Keith, I had always dated real outgoing guys with type A personalities like Carlos.  I’m still attracted to guys like that.  They make my pussy wet, but that’s about all they’re good for.

Keith and I got married last June.   I left the beverage company for a better position at one of the largest grocery store chains in Florida.  We’re saving money to buy a house and we were ready to start a family until things got real slow at Keith’s work.  The rumor was the company was going to permanently lay off a bunch of people after Christmas.  Keith was sure he was going to be one of the people getting a pink slip.

When the company Christmas party rolled around in mid December, I wasn’t in the mood to go.  I didn’t care much for any of those people, especially Keith’s boss Gene.  Gene is this fat creepy guy with bad teeth and body odor.  His wife's family owns the distributorship.  He mistakes the sucking-up of his employees and their laughing at his offensive jokes for being charming and funny.  In truth, he’s fucking gross.  Gene used to hit on me constantly when I worked there.  He just laughed when I threatened to call his wife’s uncle (the owner).

I agreed with Keith that skipping the company party would be a bad move considering the current situation.  Plus maybe I could do some reconnaissance with my old boss in accounting and find out the truth about the layoffs.

We arrived a little late the night of the party.   We walked in the banquet room and oh goodie, there was Gene, surrounded by his lackies and their wives.  He was telling an awful joke about a nun getting gang banged.  Things hadn’t changed.  I think he told the same disgusting joke at the last party.  I dragged Keith over to sit at a table with my old accounting coworkers.  They are a boring bunch, but at least they don’t slobber on themselves while telling bad jokes.

I managed to get my old boss Linda off to the side to ask about the layoffs.  She confirmed the rumors and said things were pretty awful at the office.   Everyone was on pins and needles.  She said things didn’t look good for Keith.  He was a hard and reliable worker, but his numbers were low compared to some of the other drivers.

I made my way over to the bar where I was ambushed by creepy Gene.  He managed to grope my left breast while giving me a hug.  “How’s my little Firecracker?”, he asked.  I threw up in my mouth while managing a polite hello.  “I’m doing fine Gene”, I said in my best deadpan voice.  “You can’t imagine how much I’ve missed you grabbing my tits since I left the company.”

“I wish that husband of yours had a little more of your spunk”, Gene chuckled as I wriggled free.

Later that night emboldened by a few shots of Patron, I cornered Gene while he was alone and asked him what the fucking deal was with the layoffs.  Gene said he had no choice but to cut 6 drivers and it was all about the numbers.   “Well…. Merry fucking Christmas, the reason that Keith has low numbers because he has the shittiest route in the company”,  I said.

“He does have a tough route, but I can’t do anything about it now”, Gene apologized.   As we continued to talk, Gene led me back toward the coat room where no one could see us.  He reached out and touched both of my breasts, I allowed his hands to linger there.   I knew what was coming next and I knew what I was going to have to do.  My mom had always told my sister and I that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.   

Gene whispered, “If you sleep with me, I can keep Keith safe from the layoff”.  I pushed Gene’s hands away and wrote my cell number on a napkin and gave it to him.  “Call me next week and we’ll talk”, I said.  Gene couldn’t take his eyes off me the rest of the night.

It wasn’t even 9AM Monday morning when my cell phone rang,  I let it go to voicemail.  As I suspected, it was Gene calling.

“Hey Val, it’s Gene….uhh… you know I have to turn in the names for the layoff by the end of the week… uhh….. I was hoping we could work something out like we talked about… uhh… call me if you’re up for having a drink Wednesday after work…. You looked great at the Christmas party….. It was sure nice to see you….. Bye.”

I waited a couple of hours before calling Gene back.  He answered on the first ring.  It was all I could do to speak nicely to him on the phone.  “Listen Gene”, I said.  “First of all no one can ever find out about this, we both have a lot to lose.  I can get away for a couple of hours after work on Wednesday.  Get a room at the Quality Inn by the mall and call me with the room number when you get there.  I can be there by 5:30.”  Gene wanted to chat but I told him I had to go.

I told Keith I was going out with the girls after work and left a little after 5 and drove around by the mall waiting for Gene to call.  I went through the drive up window at Wendy’s and got a large lemonade, then I drove past the motel a couple of times.  I saw Gene pull up and go into the front office.  My phone rang a minute later.   I let it go to voicemail again.

It was Gene, he sounded nervous and out of breath.  “Hey baby, it’s Gene.  It’s 5:20 and I’m already here at the Quality Inn…. room 144 in the back.  I can’t wait to see you.   I hope you’re not going to chicken out on me…. Call me.”

Gene watched from the window as I pulled into the open space next to his DeVille.  He tried to hug me as he opened the door to greet me, but I pushed him away.  “We need to talk first.  We need to be on the same page and we need a couple of rules.”  I said.

“You know I’m not attracted to you and I’m only doing this to save Keith’s job.  This is a one-time thing.” Gene nodded that he understood as I continued.  No kinky stuff, no anal, no kissing on the mouth, you have to wear a condom to fuck me, and you have to take a shower first.”

Christmas had come two weeks early for Gene.  He was smiling from ear to ear and eagerly agreed to my terms but said he didn’t bring any condoms.  I figured the selfish prick would try and fuck me without a condom.  “No problem“, I said.  I always carried a few in my purse.  “Now go take a shower”, I said as I pointed to the bathroom.

I quickly undressed and got in the bed hoping Gene could reach all of those hard to reach places while he showered.  I decided to get naked to spare myself from him undressing me.  

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Gene emerged from the shower a few minutes later trying unsuccessfully to cover himself with one of those tiny motel towels.  It wasn’t until he saw me waiting for him naked in the bed that I think he believed he was really going to get in my pants.  I moved to the side of the bed and tugged on the towel.

I was surprised to find a big hard dick.  I expected him to have a really small one.  I sat on the side of the bed and fondled Gene’s hairy balls with one hand and stroked his hard shaft with the other.  I teased the head with the tip of my tongue.   Gene’s legs were shaking as I slowly took the fat head into my mouth.  He sighed, “Oh Val, oh yes, suck my cock”.

I pulled Gene onto the bed and got between his legs where I continued sucking his dick.  Gene moaned with pleasure and complained that his wife never sucked his cock anymore.   I took his cock in my throat and worked his balls with my hand hoping I could make him cum quick and we could get this over with.   I fingered my clit and imagined I was sucking my black neighbor Lewis’s cock instead.

It was becoming clear that Gene wasn’t going to cum quickly.  After several minutes of deep throating his cock, my mouth was getting tired.  Gene begged me to get on top, so I stopped long enough to slide a rubber on his cock then straddled his huge belly and lowered myself until he was completely inside me.  I rubbed his nipples while ridding up and down and milking his cock with my pussy muscles.   Gene was sweating and panting so much I honestly worried that he might have a heart attack right there in the motel room.   

Gene seemed intent on making me cum.   He kept asking me if it felt good.  I realized he was holding back trying to be a good fuck so I started to moan and tell him how great he was.  “Oh yea baby it feels so good”, I lied.  This seemed to excite him, he bucked against me and finally got a nut as I faked my own orgasm.  I rolled off Gene, grabbed my clothes and headed to the bathroom before he could take me in his sweaty arms and cuddle.

I jumped in the shower and scrubbed myself with the scratchy wash cloth and motel soap.  Gene was talking but I couldn’t understand a word he was saying over the sound of the running water.  I finished showering and looked at myself in the mirror as I dressed, ashamed and disgusted by what I had just done but I realized it was something I had to do.  Gene was rambling about wanting to do this again sometime soon.

I forced a smile and stepped out of the bathroom to find Gene laying in the middle of the bed still naked as if he was expecting round 2.  I sat at the foot of the bed and retrieved several folded photo copied pages from my purse. “You’re kidding about doing this again, right?”, I asked.  “Well a guy can hope”, Gene replied.

I gave Gene a stern look.  “I told you this was a one time thing, and I meant it.  I know you were probably thinking that you have me over a barrel now and you can manipulate me to do it again.  But let me tell you why you are never going to tell a living soul about this, why we aren't going to do it again, and why  you're going to give my husband a new route assignment where he can be successful.”  I handed Gene the papers as I explained.

“These are copies of just a couple of pages from a journal I kept while I worked at the Company.  There are dates, times and the names of people who were present every time you told a vulgar joke.  Jokes about pussy, cock, cum, blowjobs, anal sex, gang bangs, girls who had big tits who got promotions, it’s all there.  It also has the date of each time you bumped into me and grabbed my tits or ass or asked me to meet you after work.  There are names and details from other women who told me about their similar experiences with you.”  Then I took out my cell phone and played him the two messages he had left me.  Gene’s cock had gone limp and he was as white as a ghost as I stood up and walked out.

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I fucked my husband's boss story

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