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Amber's First Apartment
My little head was thinking for the big head. - By Michael

My ex wife's snatch went into retirement about the same time I retired from the Navy.  Just as soon as she learned about Delores, Linda walked out taking half of my Navy pension as an E-8 with her.  Before that, for a while I had the world by the short hairs.  Linda, a Realtor knew how to make our property investments grow and my horny girlfriend knew how to make my cock do the same thing. With her firm titties and hot pussy always ready for a piece of my Navy brass shoved deep inside her.

The ink wasn't even dry on the divorce papers when Delores became the second Mrs. Fleming.  Linda got two of our apartment buildings in the settlement, but there still were 12 units on the other side of Richmond that would provide a comfortable income and occasionally need my attention.

When I hooked up with 33 year old Delores, I was in my mid-50s.  With a Latin mother and Jamacian father, Delores was exotic looking.  Her body was slender with soft curves.  Her wide hips would move seductively when she walked and since she never wore underwear her nipples showed through everything she wore.  Delores was impressed with my talented tongue and my stamina which she said was better than guys she had dated that were 20 years younger.  

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We would spend hours in bed. My first wife always hated going down on me.  Delores on the other hand loved giving head and would work my schlong like a ripe banana devouring it whole.  She could actually make herself cum just by sucking on my dick.  Her slit would be gooey and her cunt scorching hot and soon my thick tool would be buried in her pulsing hole shooting a stream of  jizz  that seemed endless.

After about six months of marriage, Delores became real frigid and crazy jealous. We stopped having sex and whenever I looked at another woman, she was convinced I had fucked her or planned to. Delores admitted she expected me to cheat on her just like I had cheated on Linda.  It was only a matter of time.  Marrying Delores was a big mistake.  She may have been a bitchin' mistress but now, she was just a bitch.

Luckily Delores has never met Amber, a 19 year old, curvy redhead who waitresses at the diner down the street from the property on Cary St.  I stop at the diner occasionally and when Amber heard I had a unit for rent nearby she talked me into looking at it even though she said she didn't have money for a security deposit.  Delores would have definitely put the fucking kibosh on that decision.

When I showed Amber the tiny basement apartment it was tough not to stare at her gorgeous round butt cheeks through the soft fabric of her skirt, her moist pouty mouth, and most of all her firm breasts.  My cock was wide awake.  I agreed to rent Amber the unit before I even took her application.  I told her she could pay an extra $50 a month until she had covered the $500 security deposit.  The kitchen faucet was leaking steadily, I told Amber I would come by the next day to fix it.

Later when Delores reviewed the application she sneered, "Doesn't look like she earns enough money", she sniffed.  "You better make sure she has a solid credit Michael".  I didn't have the guts to tell her that I had given Amber the keys the night before and she had already moved in.  I realized I was thinking with my dick.  No matter how much she made, my sights were set on the petite waitress, "Don't freak out Delores, she's just a kid.  That musty basement unit has been vacant for three months.  If she gets behind on the rent she's out."

When I arrived to take care of my new tenant’s leaky facuet she greeted me with a cheerful smile and excused herself to get ready for work.  She left the bedroom door open enough for me to get a good view of her changing her clothes.  She pulled her sweatshirt off over her head she exposing a magnificent set of supple breasts with young puffy nipples.  Amber casually looked in my direction and slid her arms into a sexy lace bra that fastened in the front.  She stepped out of her shorts revealing black t-back panties.  After she slipped into her uniform she thanked me for taking care of the faucet and asked me to be sure to lock the door when I left.  I heard her go down the stairs and out the front door of the building.  

I stepped into her small bedroom.  There on the small nightstand was a large, pink vibrator and a tube of KY jelly.  I picked up the dildo and held the shaft under my nostrils discovering the undeniable odor of young cunt.  I licked and sucked the tip and tasted the residue of her pleasure with my tongue. I picked up her dirty panties off the floor and slowly unzipped my jeans and fell back on her mattress.  I wrapped the cotton crotch around my prick.  The friction created by my intense rapid movements caused my balls to fill with the anticipation of a major explosion.  I could see Amber's wide creamy hips and puffy nipples in my mind's eye.  I stroked my dick harder and faster, my powerful thrusts caused me to spill semen over my stomach and onto the sheets beneath me. I carefully put everything back the way I found it and wiped up my cum and pulled the bedspread over the stain.  On the way out I ditched my pipe wrench under the sink, a perfect excuse to come back.

When I knocked on the door of unit 1A the next afternoon Amber answered the door in a bath towel and nothing else. Her long auburn hair was dripping wet and her creamy skin glistened.  "Hi there, Mr. Fleming" she motioned for me to come in, "I've been expecting you".  She pointed to the counter. "Looks like you left an important tool behind".  "Please call me Mike", I said as I reached for the wrench.  Amber stopped me, drawing my arm around her waist. "I was wondering Mr. Fleming... um I mean Mike", she whispered seductively, ”can we work out that $500 security deposit some other way?"  She let the towel drop to the floor and she pressed herself against me.

My fingers found the opening of her bald pussy.  I slid my fingers between her slippery folds dipping into the wetness.  She drew my hand to her mouth and licked my fingertips.   Soon we were on her bed, my naked body draped over hers as we exchanged spit-filled kisses, tongues darting feverishly in and out.  Amber stretched her legs wide open showing off a twitching marble-sized clit surrounded by her engorged labia.  The sweet trail of honey trickled from her vaginal opening.  I went down between her legs and began fucking her quivering pussy with my tongue, my nose fit nicely against the hood of her clit.  Her moans sent shivers through me.  I nibbled her clit, slowly increasing the force until I knew that pleasure was crossing the threshold to pain.   Her body tensed as a fierce orgasm coursed through her body.  Her thighs shook uncontrollably.  She panted like she had just ran a marathon.

I moved up and guided the head of my throbbing cock toward her amazingly tight pussy.  I applied firm steady pressure until her wet lips relaxed and her vagina swallowed me to maximum penetration.  I began to thurst.  Stready deep and slow at first, then building to a faster pounding pace.  Amber touched my nipples exactly the way I liked.  She smiled at me and told me she wanted me to cum in her mouth.  A few more hard strokes and I was ready.  I grabbed my cock firmly at the base and in one quick motion I was on my knees at her right side, my cock moving toward her open eager mouth, one hand gripping my cock and the other on the back of her head.  The pressure of my climax was like an eruption of molten lava.  My cock sprayed a forcefull stream of semen into her mouth and over her tongue.  A second wave shot all over her chin and tits.  I collapsed on top of her for a moment before rolling over on my back, Amber sat up.  

My limp dick took on new life when she began to gently stroke it.  Amber expertly manipulated my half century year old love muscle between her delicate fingers as she leaned over to retrieve the very dildo I had stuffed in my mouth a day earlier.  Holding it between her knees she continued to massage my schlong as she liberally waxed up her toy and my cock with KY.  By now my penis was rock hard and ready.  

"What do you have in mind little girl?" I quizzed.  Amber positioned herself on all fours with her ass in the air.  "I want you to fuck me in the ass Daddy." she replied in her most coquettish voice.  She planted "Big Pink" all the way up her slippery snatch and then spread her ass cheeks with both hands inviting me, "fill me up Daddy".  The vibration of the dildo against the wall of her cervix intensified the sensations.  Nothing could prepare me for what was truly the most violent and ball draining orgasm of my life.  Amber tightened around me grinding her hips, moving the dildo in and out of her juicy beaver while my belly slapped against the cheeks of her ass.  A torrent of thick, sticky cum shot into her. She collapsed on her stomach, the hum of the dildo muffled beneath her.  My limp spent dick slipped out and I fell over sideways like a big tree that had just been cut down and I threatened to have a heart attack.  Amber just giggled and slithered off the bed and onto the floor.  She needed to shower and get ready for her shift at the diner.  I needed to collect all my tools and head back across town.  "We're even on the security deposit" I said as I searched the floor for my underwear.  We kissed one more time as I wrote my personal cell phone number down and told Amber to call or text me if she found anything else that needed repair.  I hurried home and prayed that I could wipe the shit eating grin off my face before Delores saw me.

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