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All In A Day's Work
A couple of Kansas farm boys and a stranded MILF. - By Ernie

It was a hot June afternoon, 95 degrees and high humidity.  I'm Earnie and my friend Steve was helping me put up the season's first cutting of hay.  It's brutally hard work.  After you mow the hay and let it dry it gets baled stacked onto a trailer.  Then you barn it.  That means throwing the bales into a hot airless barn to be used in the winter.  That is the worst part.  Steve offered to help me that day when he got off work.  

I was driving the tractor pulling the hay trailer headed to a field 4 miles down the road; three on a paved county road, and one on a gravel road.  Just before we got to the gravel road we saw a car on the side with a flat tire.  As we get close, we see this 40-something year old MILF waving for us to stop.  I pulled onto the shoulder and we walked back to offer help.

Carol was standing there all upset.  She was running on her spare tire; and now it had gone flat.  She worked at the bank a couple towns over and was out here doing an appraisal on a farm.  It was after bank hours as she had no one there to call and her husband was out of town on business.  She wanted to know if we could give her a ride into town to call her high school aged son to come pick her up.  She was standing on the side of the road hot and sweaty from the Kansas sun.  She was wearing a nice red business suit that had a jacket and a knee length skirt with a lighter colored blouse she looked very nice with C cup tits.  We told her we could but we would need to go on up the road to load the trailer with hay and take it back first as we had several loads to get in before dark.  She agreed that would be fine and she was grateful for the help as we were the first people she had seen since she had the flat.  

I reached in and tugged at her panties

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It was so hot we suggested that she leave her jacket in the car.  Steve went to lift Carol up on the trailer when she said "Wait a minute please, if it sit in that rough wood, it will ruin my hose.  Can you turn away while I sit in the car and take them off?" Being gentlemen we did as requested; lifted her on the trailer, her legs hanging over the edge.  I sat beside her and Steve drove the rest of the way to the field.  

We made small talk as the tractor pulled the trailer down the road bouncing all the way.  Carol's tits were bouncing along heavily up and down like shock absorbers.  When we got to the field, we hooked the loader to the trailer.  Steve suggested that Carol ride on the fender of the tractor while I stacked the hay as it came up the loader.  That way she would be out of the way.  He showed her where to sit and placed her feet to keep them out of the way of any moving parts.  One leg on the transmission by the shifter and the other behind the driver’s seat on the three point hitch.  It was really a pretty comfortable place to sit but with a short business skirt on, it wasn’t the most modest place to be; but she didn't complain.

Our shirts were soaked with sweat and it wasn't long before Carol was sweating and soaking her blouse.  I stacked bale after bale as they came up the chute.  The trailer gets loaded back to front, that way the driver can see if the stacker has any problems.  Everything was going fine.  We bounced through the field loading hay.  Our MILF was talking to Steve, tits bouncing with each uneven spot in the field, legs spread with her ass bouncing on the fender.  Her skirt rode up higher.  When we got to the end of the field and turned to pick up another row, Steve hit a rut and bounced real hard.  Carol's skirt rose up so high we got a good view of her white lace panties.  She was sweating so much that her blouse had become transparent.  

Steve talked to Carol about her job and the farm that she was appraising.  He told her we both knew it and it was a nice farm; 80 acres with a great bass lake that everyone fished.  Steve kept sneaking glances at her panties and tits and he began to notice that her panties were getting wet.  We were on the forth row when she looked down and saw Steve starring at her pussy.  She blushed and tugged on her skirt trying unsuccessfully to cover herself while not falling off.  "Sorry," she said, "It's just there is this bolt or something right in the middle of my ass and the finder is vibrating.  I'm riding on the world's biggest vibrator.  Now I know why farm women always look so happy."

Steve just smiled and looked ahead.  We had four more rows to go.  Steve pulled the trailer under a shade tree.  Time for a short break and change of drivers.  He pulled a large jug that was in a wet gunny sack that was behind his foot and climbed from the tractor to the trailer.  "Here give me your hand.  There is a little more breeze up here and the hay is softer to sit on." He handed me the sack, I pulled out a large jug of water and took a big gulp clearing the dirt and hay from my throat.  I passed it back to him and he took a large drink also passing it to Carol.  She wiped the top with her hand and took a several drinks.  "Oh that feels good! I have been thirsty for a long time." Passing it back to me, I took several more swigs and sat on a bale of hay leaning against the stack.  "Oh yes, that does taste good," handing it to Steve as he took another drink I patted the hay, "Might as well take a seat, beats standing." She sat on the bale beside me.  Steve handed her the jug and sat down on the other side leaning back with a sigh.  

Carol spoke up, "Man, its hot! How do you guys do this? I'm sweating and I'm not even working." She took another drink and snorted because some went down the wrong pipe, spilling some down her top.  "Ahh that's cold!!" jumping up grabbing her blouse, pulling it out from her chest but now it was clear like glass.  Steve joked, "Here just do this," and he flapped his shirt open and closed.  "Because it was not buttoned, it will dry in no time, we just wear them to keep some of the sun off." "Really? That will work?" "Sure does every time." She looked quizzically, then unbuttoned her top and pulled it from her skirt flapping it in the breeze.  She leaned back and let out a sigh.  "I think I'm in heaven here with two strong men on a bed made by god riding the world's biggest vibrator." she squeezed her tits, "What's a woman to do?"

Carol's bra had a front clasp.  With a quick one-handed flick she let loose exposing her tight round C cup tits.  My mouth went forward taking her right breast into my mouth.  I rolled my tongue around the nipple.  Her erect nipples were a full 3/4's of an inch long sitting on top of dark pink quarter sized areolas.  Steve immediately went to work on the other.  "Oh boys! What are you doing? I'm a married mom! Don't! Stop." She feigned her protest.  My hand reached under her skirt for her pussy, rubbing the soaked panties.  "Oh yes.  Don't stop!" she parted her legs allowing me more room to get at her.  

She had her hands around our heads pulling us to her breasts pushing them up to us.  "Jeez you are strong, I have been watching your muscles flex as you loaded the hay and I couldn't stop thinking about them." My finger had found its way past her panties, slipping up into her wetness.  Her hands left our heads and went down looking for our crotches.  Finding mine, she worked at the buttons on my Levis.  They proved to be too much for her, my dick was already stiff and it left little room for unbuttoning them.  My free hand reached down and deftly unbuttoned them; her other hand had found Steve’s zipper and it was no problem for her.  Her left hand was reaching in trying to free his dick.  Pulling mine free, I placed it in her hand.  I was working two fingers in her pussy, still sucking her tit.  She was now stroking me and was finally pulling Steve’s cock free.  He stood up dropping his pants, allowing her complete access to it.  Letting go of mine, she grabbed it with both hands and drew it to her mouth, "Mmmm," as she sucked it in.  Taking it well past the head swirling her tong rubbing her lips across it.  I let her tit slip from my mouth and slid to the trailer floor between her legs.  

Pushing her skirt up I reached in and tugged at her panties; they came forward some, reaching around further, I pulled some more.  She lifted her ass off the hay and they came off.  I pulled them past her shoes; one fell off to the floor.  Spreading her knees, I slipped my head under her skirt, running my tongue up her pussy savoring the musky taste.  "Ahh yes!" she spread her legs further, bringing her heels up to the bale of hay she was sitting on.  The foot with the heel still on it wasn't cooperating; she flung the heel off her foot out into the field allowing me complete access to her pussy.  It was swollen and dripping juices.  Her head was bobbing on Steve’s dick, making her clit bump into my nose.  My tongue went into her sweet box as far as it could.  I gently slipped a finger into her spread asshole and my thumb into her pussy as I continued to suck.  She had Steve’s dick in her throat to the base.  He was thrusting lightly and had both tits in his hands, pinching her nipples hard, rolling them between his finger and thumb.  She let out a low cry and shivered as my thumb went deeper into her ass and pussy.  She shook and her juices flooded my mouth.  She was cumming deep from within her body; shaking and moaning, sucking Steve in deep her throat.  

Not being able to hold out any longer he came straight down her throat.  His dick was so far in, she had no chance of tasting it; squirt after squirt filled her throat and belly.  She was rocking against my tongue and fingers, cumming harder and harder with each thrust.  Collapsing in an exhausted heap on the hay.  She had a smile as big as the Kansas sky as she looked up.  

I pushed the skirt up onto her stomach, grabbed my dick and ran it up her pussy once or twice to wet it and shoved it in; burying it as deep as I could.  Grabbing her ankles I pushed her open and put them above her head and started to slam my dick into her.  My dick was coated in her juices; it sparkled in the evening light.  My balls slapped her ass with a SMACK! with every downward thrust.  She had her tits in her hands, playing with her nipples; grunting with every plunge of my dick.  All six inches of my fat dick was pounding in and sliding out just past the rim of the head before slamming back in with force, spreading her wide and pounding her hard.  She was smiling big, lining her pussy up for the next thrust, wanting all she could get.  

Moaning loud, she was starting to cum again.  She was tugging on her tits; my dick slammed at her unmercifully.  Her juices were flowing like a river down the crack of her ass.  "Ahh Yess Ohh!" as she came harder and harder.  My balls slapped her ass and let flow with my cum.  I was deep in her pussy when it started to fill her wide open cunt.  "Oh God! Yes harder!" she cried.  I slammed in again and again, filling her more with every thrust.  

Finished cumming, I pulled out; our juices flowed free.  Placing one knee on the bale beside her, I stuck my dick in her mouth to clean.  Steve was back hard again from watching my dick sliding in our MILF's willing pussy.  Carol pushed me over on the bale so she could suck me as Steve entered her from behind.  After a couple long hard strokes, he pulled out, lined his dick up with her ass and drove it home.  "Ahhh Shit! Ouch!" she cried.  He pulled back and rammed in again.  "Ahh!!" Steve was determined, he continued to ram it up her ass, her juices were making her slick and the initial pain subsided.  "Ah! Ahh, Ahh, Yes Ahh, Ahh Ohhhhh!" she cried with every thrust.  

I got up to watch.  Steve rolled onto his back taking Carol with him.  His dick still buried deep, sitting on his ass while Carol reclined onto his chest.  He was still fucking her hard.  Her legs were spread; pussy wide open, her ass full of Steve’s dick thrusting in and out.  He was holding her by her thighs as he thrust; her pussy wide open calling to my rapidly hardening dick.  Taking position between their legs, I pushed my dick back into her pussy deep.  "OHH God! What are you doing?" she squealed.  Together Steve and I thrusted, me in, him out, him in, me out.  She had her tits back into her hands holding them squeezing, playing, yelling, pleading.  "Yes oh yes oh god yes!" She was cumming again; almost continually purring, smiling, crying, moaning, begging for more.  I could feel the head of Steve’s cock as I pushed into her pussy deep and hard.  Her pussy felt like it was on fire, gripping my dick tight with each thrust.  Steve’s dick rubbed against mine through the wall of her pussy and my dick let lose for a second time.  As I was pulling back, I slipped free; pumping my cum all across her neatly trimmed pussy.  Three or four squirts splattered her, leaving a jagged trail across her pussy.  She was still convulsing and her ass was gripping Steve's dick like a round vice.  He too shot his second load of the day; this time deep in her bowels.  The warmth of his cum deep in her made her continue to shake and orgasm; another squirt of juices shot from her pussy as she screamed in ecstasy.  Steve quit thrusting but was still holding himself deep inside her but she kept rocking and squeezing his dick, moving her ass against him.  Slowly she came down from her orgasm, allowing his dick to slip free, covering the hay below them with a pool of his thick white cum.  

I pulled up my pants and grabbed the jug taking another big drink.  When I finished I handed it to our double penetrated MILF who was still on Steve’s lap panting hard; her skirt around her waist covered in our juices and cum.  She drank hungrily.  Getting up she handed it to Steve and started to look for her panties that were on the ground full of hay.  "I don't think you want to put them back on.  you will get a nasty case of the itches if you do." She threw them down and shook her blouse and bra clean before putting them back on.  Steve picked up her panties and sniffed them before putting them in the pocket of his jeans.  She looked at him, "A souvenir?" Steve  just smiled.  

I drove the tractor and Carol resumed her place on the fender.  It was Steve’s turn to stack hay.  Carol made no attempt to hide her pussy as we continued to load the rest of the trailer.  I couldn't take my eyes off her swollen pussy, covered in my cum.  I watched it leak and dribble down the fender as we finished our work.  

When we got to the barn we headed back to Carol's car with a spare tire that was from an old beater that was parked out in the back.  Steve put it on her car and we watched her disappear down the road.

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All six inches of my fat dick was pounding in and sliding out just past the rim of the head before slamming back in with force, spreading her wide and pounding her hard.

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