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My Wife Is Fucking Our Dog
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I caught my wife fucking our Rottweiler. - By Rusty

I'd been reluctant to tie the knot again, but when Veronica offered to leave my life and move on to greener pastures, I realized I didn't want to lose her. She was built like the proverbial brick shithouse - and the girl knew how to use every inch of that magnificent body. OK - so what if the perfect D-cup boobs were fake - the rest of it was real and she kept it in prime condition by going to the gym every afternoon after work. She's proud of her body - we even have a tanning bed in the basement which she uses religiously. So last year, we went and did it - we got married. It was the second time for both of us. I don't know about her, but I was determined to make it work this time. I was even willing to forego all my other girlfriends to keep Veronica happy.

It was all good. We were just one big happy family: Rusty (me), Veronica (her) and Buster (her handsome five-year old Rottweiler) She'd raised Buster since she'd personally picked him out from several at the shelter when he was just a tiny puppy, and sometimes I thought the two of them were a little too close. He was fiercely protective of her; sometimes he wouldn't let anyone else (including me) get near her. Buster was a beautiful animal - sleek and shiny and powerful - with a massive penis and balls to match. He often became aroused when he was around my wife, which amused me greatly. She had that effect on a lot of males.

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Veronica and I have an extremely active and varied sex life. She's very agile and extremely adventurous, to say the least. Spankings, role play, latex, bondage and enemas and were all part of our regular agenda. I'd never done any of these things before I met her.

So what happened last month really did my head in . . . There'd been a flood at the office one day, and we all got sent home early. I figured I'd get in a little nap before Veronica got home from work, so I was surprised when I saw her car in the garage. My first thought was that she was sick or something.

I went in the house and called out for her, but she didn't answer. I noticed that our bedroom door was closed, so I was still thinking maybe she wasn't feeling well and was sleeping. I tiptoed down the hall and opened the door quietly (I didn't want to disturb her) but no one was there. The door to the master bathroom was slightly ajar, so I pushed it open and walked in to find my lovely wife sitting on the toilet with a startled "please don't interrupt me right now - I'm in the middle of being tremendously aroused" look on her face, It didn't escape me that she was busy trying to keep Buster from putting his nose under the towel and between her legs. His big ole doggie dick was stiff as a board; he was fully engorged - and whining and trying like hell to get at her.   

She red-facedly told me she'd just been sitting there on the john, taking a pee when Buster had come strolling in - and he'd gone for her snatch in a flash. I didn't believe a single word of it - especially judging by the way the poor dog was jumping around - he was literally going crazy. He really wanted me out of there - make no mistake about it. The poor dog was jumping and barking so much I had to put him outside in the yard, which made him incredibly unhappy.

I yanked her off the toilet and pulled her through the bedroom, where I angrily shoved her down on the bed and spread her legs apart. Her shaved cunt was red and swollen and sopping wet. A thick stream of cum was running out of her pussy and trickling down the inside of her thigh. She blushed and tried in vain to close her legs, but I kept them spread apart. I couldn't stop staring at her exposed cunt. The humiliation in her eyes was appealing.

I'd never seen her so embarrassed. I have to admit it made me incredibly hot; watching her squirm like that. I moved her hand downwards to her still-throbbing clit and pressed hard. Her fingers began slowly rubbing her clit as she tearfully told me she'd first started fucking Buster during her divorce about three years ago. She'd just been so lonely and horny, she said . . . And they'd both enjoyed it so much, she could see no reason to stop it. After all, it wasn't like she was being unfaithful or anything . . She quickly brought herself to a screaming, shuddering climax as she told me about how much she enjoyed having sex with her dog. As soon as she was finished with her own pleasure, I pulled my rock-hard dick out of my pants and shoved it into her mouth. I held her by her ears and forced her to suck me off. I was so hot, I exploded in her hot, wet hole in a matter of seconds - my thick, sticky cum completely filling her mouth and dribbling out the sides, dripping down onto her ample, creamy breasts.

Everytime I looked at my wife for the rest of the evening, I imagined her naked and on all fours, her legs spread wide apart and her juicy pussy stuffed full of big, hard doggie dick - and every time I thought of it, I grew a boner the size of Texas. I'm sure I jerked off more that night since when I was an acne-faced teen-aged twerp. That night, I fucked my wife's pussy, her face and her ass - and still, everytime I noticed, I had a huge hard-on. I begged her to let me watch them the next time she fucked Buster, but she refused. Like I said: I'd never seen her so embarrassed as when she talked about it.

By the next night, however, for some reason she'd changed her mind. It didn't seem to bother her at all that someone would be watching her have sex with her dog. In fact, I could tell that just telling me it'd be OK if I watched made her all flushed and excited.

She brought Buster into the bedroom and patted the bed so he'd hop up next to her. He obviously knew the drill - he laid down next to her and rolled over on his back and waited for her to start touching his big penis. Veronica rubbed it up and down a few times until it started to get hard, then she leaned over and took it into her mouth and began licking and sucking on it.  Buster started making funny little noises.

I positioned myself between her legs and started licking her clit while she was giving her dog a blowjob. I was jerking off like a maniac at the same time I was licking her and she was sucking Buster's dick - I couldn't remember when my dick had been harder. I shot my wad long before either of them did.

When Buster's doggie dick was nice and ramrod hard, Veronica leaned back and stared at it in amazement. It was a long, thick, black, hairy pillar. The lust in my wife's eyes was absolutely phenomenal. Then she pulled herself up, leaned over with her head against the headboard and parted her legs. She raised her ass high up in the air and whistled for Buster. He rolled over, hopped up and went to her, placing his paws on the small of her back and jabbing his monstrous dick into her gaping cunt.

Watching a dog fuck my wife was insane - and I was loving it. It wasn't long before she'd had several powerful orgasms and was a limp, spent rag - and Buster the Rottweiler was still going strong. Finally, he howled and pumped his hot, sticky load deep into her hole - and Veronica had one last screaming climax before she collapsed into a sweaty heap on the bed. A little while later, Buster pulled out of her. He hopped off the bed and laid down on the floor and went to sleep.

Again, my own penis was incredibly stiff and needed to be taken care of. I rolled Veronica over on her belly and used some of Buster's cum to slick up her asshole. I popped the head of my dick in her asshole and then shoved the rest in. I pumped her butt like a madman for a few minutes before filling her poop chute with another thick load of cum. Veronica passed out at that point - her pussy pumped full of doggie jism and her asshole full of mine. Just thinking about it made me hard all over again. I jerked off on Veronica's back as she slept.

And that's how Buster the dog fucking my wife became a regular part of our sex life. After the first few times, she let me take photographs. And not long after that, she allowed a video camera in the room.

After that first night when she let me watch her have sex with Buster, we got online and started looking around on the internet. I think we were both really surprised to see there were so many other women like her - seemingly ordinary women who get a special thrill out of having a non-human penis pumping in and out of their eager cunts. A lot of these women were like Veronica in that they seemed to especially enjoy having an audience watching them fuck animals. We've been in contact with a good number of couples and have traded pictures and videos. At Veronica's suggestion, we're planning on meeting up with a few of them. I can't wait . . .

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