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Jeff's Business Trip
I got some pussy in Ohio. - by Jeff

My name is Jeff. I am a supervisor at a chemical processing plant. I have been married for 6 years to Kate. We have a good marriage. We have two kids and we live in a nice neighborhood.

Before I got married, I played the field a little. I wasn't exactly a stud, but I had a half dozen girlfriends who I slept with before I met Kate and also a couple of one night stands. The one night stands happened when I was drunk and to be honest they were not very memorable.

Kate was previously married for about 18 months to a guy she met in college. She caught him cheating several times. She kept giving him second chances but he kept cheating. She caught him with one of her girlfriends one night and that was the last straw.

When I met her, she had been divorced for less than a year and she was starving for affection. As Kate and I got closer, I realized how badly she had been hurt by the adultery. She has always been very jealous and untrusting.

I never gave any thought to cheating for the first few years of our marriage. And to be honest I didn't really have the opportunity. I work with a bunch of guys and I rarely go anywhere without Kate. She keeps pretty close tabs on me when I am anywhere that she thinks I could get into trouble.

At first the extra attention was cute and flattering, but lately it has gotten a little old. I used to stop and have a few beers with the guys after work occasionally. I always tell Kate if I am stopping off and where I will be. If I am more than an hour late, she will come over to the pub and check up on me. It caused me to stop going out with the guys because it is embarrassing.

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I got word from my boss one Friday that he wanted me to go to the company's Toledo plant for a week of training at the end of the month.

I told Kate a few days before I got the official word that I might have to go to Toledo for a week. I knew she wouldn't like the idea. Kate suggested that she should take a week of vacation and go with me. I explained that if I had to go, there would be several of us from work and that just wasn't possible. I was lying about that.

The passion that Kate and I enjoyed during the first several months of our marriage had grown predictably less frequent. We used to have sex almost every night. We would have sex in every room in our apartment, outside, in the car, and even in Kate's office at work. I remember how I used to get an erection just thinking about having sex with her or kissing her. We used to make out for hours. We used to make love until three in the morning.

One of my buddies at work had been bragging and telling me stories about women he was meeting on the internet for a couple of years. His stories were so wild that at first I thought he was making it up or exaggerating. As he continued to tell these stories with details that he repeated without deviation, and the sparkle in his eye made me realize that he was telling the truth. Kevin has been married a bit longer than me. His wife works a different shift, so he has opportunities to get away. I look forward to hearing these stories when Kevin and I take breaks together. I was jealous of his experiences.

Kevin said that most of the women he was "hooking up with" were married and in the same boat as he was. Looking for passion, lust and sex but no real emotional involvement. Kevin said that some of these women actually were having sex on the side with the permission of their husbands. Kevin knows a lot about computers and the internet. I found the whole thing very fascinating. Kevin had developed a long list of what he called his "bootie call" girls from the internet.

Kevin had offered to hook me up with some of these women. He even offered to let me join him and one of his regular "friends" in a threesome. I was very tempted but didn't take him up on the offer.

The first weekend after I got word about the business trip, Kate took the kids over to visit her mom across town. I found myself alone for a few hours and the thought about being away on my own for a week in a strange town hundreds of miles away had me thinking about the possibility of a fling.

I got online and did a search for Toledo night clubs. I figured that I would do some research of good places to go when I got to town. I didn't have much luck. I saw my friend Kevin come online on my instant messenger. I sent him a message and told him I wanted to go to one of those personal ad places where I could search for people by state. He sent me a link to a couple of different sites he was a member of.

I went to the site he said he had the most luck with. I was surprised that many of the people who had ads on the site actually posted pictures. Some even nude. It was pretty wild. There weren't as many single women ads as I had hoped for, but there were a couple that appealed to me. Kevin told me that a lot of women are members and don't actually have ads listed, but search for suitable guys who list their own personal ad.

I read several examples of ads before attempting to create my own profile and ad. I stated that I was going to be in town for a short time and that I was looking for an adventure, preferably with a married woman. I posted a picture of myself sitting on my Harley. I thought about blacking out my face, but then I realized that I didn't know anyone in Ohio so I just went ahead and posted it as it was.

The next day I had one reply. It was a message from a woman who was an escort. She sent a link describing her services and a couple of pictures. At first I thought "no way" am I going to pay for sex, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it wasn't really a bad idea. I decided to hang onto that reply in case I didn't get any better offers. At least this way I knew that if I got horny while I was there that I could get laid.

A couple of days went by and no replies. I was feeling a little disappointed. Then I got a message from a slightly older woman named Angela. She described herself and her situation. Reasonably fit, blonde, busty, married and looking for something physical. I felt like I had hit the jackpot. She wanted to know the exact days and times I would be in town and also the general area I would be staying. We exchanged a few more messages over the next couple of days and agreed to meet when I came to town.

We continued to stay in contact by email as the date of my trip approached. The day before I left I gave her the name of the hotel I was staying at and full name with a plan that she would call me at the hotel on the second night I was in town. By this time I had actually gotten a couple of additional replies to my ad, but I felt most comfortable with Angela. I wouldn't have access to a computer or email during my trip so I just had to wait for her to call. I took the phone number of the escort just in case. I figured that if I didn't hear from Angela by Thursday, I was going to call the escort.

Tuesday by the time training was over and I got back to the hotel it was almost 6PM. When I got to the room, I saw the red message light on the phone flashing. It was a message from Angela. She said she would meet me in the bar at 6:30. She said that if I was unable to make it or if I changed my mind and didn't show up by 6:45 she would understand. I had confessed to Angela that I had never done anything like this before. She knew I was a bit nervous. Angela didn't volunteer much information about her own situation other than to say that she needed more attention that she could get from her husband. She had said up front that she would rather not share too many personal details. That was just fine with me.

I jumped into the shower and changed clothes, and then I called my wife real quick before going down to look for Angela. I told Kate that a group of us were going out to dinner so that I didn't have to worry that she would call my room if Angela and I decided to come back up.

The Wyndham hotel in Toledo is a very nice modern high rise hotel that overlooks the river. Everything about the place is elegant. By the time I made my way down to the bar it was about 6:20. I thought I would beat Angela there. I was wrong. I saw her sitting alone at the middle of the bar wearing the red blouse she had told me she would be wearing and sipping a martini. I walked up and put my hand on her shoulder and said hello. She turned and smiled and suggested that we go to one of the tables so we could have more privacy. I ordered a drink and Angela and I went to a nearby table.

Angela and I had only exchanged descriptions and not pictures. She was prettier than I had expected and the fact that she might be as much as 10 years older than me turned me on. Angela had large breasts. The neckline on her blouse was very low cut. I tried to act cool, but I couldn't help but admire her tits and cleavage. I have always been impressed with women who are comfortable to flaunt their sexuality. Angela was a classy woman. She had on a medium length lacy black skirt and when she crossed her legs I could see that she was wearing hose with garters. I told Angela that I thought she was very attractive. She seemed to be genuinely flattered.

I brought up the subject of internet dating and how interesting it was to be able to meet people this way. I had already told Angela that I had never strayed and never met anyone through a personal ad before. She wasn't saying much which led me to believe that she had probably had prior experience with all of this. I found that to be a bit intimidating. Angela slid her chair right up next to mine and smiled as we chatted.

Angela told me that she had to leave by 9:00. We were both on our second drink and it was approaching 7:00. I realized that time restrictions and the circumstances of our meeting meant that normal courtship traditions did not apply. I was rehearsing a few different lines in my head to suggest that we go up to my room. Then Angela placed her hand on my thigh and said, "Mr. Phillips, if you plan on fucking me tonight we better finish these drinks and go back to your room." I almost shit. I paid the bar tab and took Angela by the hand and headed for the elevators.

We ended up alone on the elevator headed to the upper floors. As soon as the door closed I turned to kiss Angela. She took my hand and placed it on her breast. We kissed passionately all the way to my floor. I could feel Angela's erect nipple through the sheer fabric of her blouse. Angela continued to demonstrate her talent for speaking openly when she whispered in my ear that she wanted me to "fuck her mouth". She groped my crotch and squeezed my cock and balls.

Angela started to unbuckle my belt before we even got off the elevator. As soon as we got inside the room she practically ripped my clothes off. She dead bolted the door and pushed me toward the bed. She dropped down to her knees. I was caught off guard by her aggressiveness. She was cock hungry and desperate to have my cock in her mouth. My pants and underwear were around my ankles. I was standing there backed up against the bed. Angela was licking the shaft of my cock. I was completely erect and she was teasing it. She took my hands and placed them on the back of her head. I wasn't quite sure what she expected. I wasn't used to this. My Kate didn't like me to touch her head when she went down on me. I held Angela's head lightly and waited for her to stop licking and take the head of my cock into her mouth. She kissed and licked but stopped short of taking it in her mouth. She pushed her head back against my hands and then let her head lower again toward my cock. I applied a little pressure to her head to encourage her to take it into her mouth. She moaned approvingly and we began to establish a rhythm and the understanding that she expected me to force her down on my cock. The rougher I handled her the more she seemed to enjoy it. My handling of her got progressively rougher until I was worried that I was going to hurt or gag her. She moaned with pleasure as the treatment got rougher and I took that as my cue to just keep going. Within a few minutes I had stopped worrying about Angela and was just concentrating on using her mouth and head as my personal fuck machine. I could feel the tension building and I warned Angela that I was going to cum. She grabbed the base of my cock firmly in her hand and backed away and looked up into my eyes for the first time since she dropped to her knees. She began to slap my cock against her lips and side of her cheek. She massaged my balls with her other hand. She said, "Jeff I want you to finish fucking my mouth now and I want to eat every drop of your cum". It only took a few more strokes to bring me to an amazing climax. I looked down to watch Angela milk the secretions of my cock onto her tongue. She rolled her tongue around and let me see that her mouth was full of my cum. She continued to milk me with her firm hand and swallowed the cum, making slurping noises for my benefit. She took the full length of my cock to the back of her throat and continued to pump it until I finally stopped squirting. She looked at me with approving and thankful eyes as if I had just fed her the best hot fudge sundae in Toledo.

I fell back onto the bed. My pants were still around my ankles. My eyes were rolled up into the top of my head and I was out of breath. I praised Angela over and over. I was not exaggerating when I told her that was the best fucking blowjob I had ever received. Angela knew that she was good. She told me to open my eyes as she stood up and walked around to the side of the bed. She began to perform a strip tease for me right there next to the bed. As she undressed and posed seductively she continued to surprise me with her frank and blatant language.

She unbuttoned her blouse and threw it across the room. She reached behind to unhook her bra and then slowly lowered it to reveal her full breasts and nipples. She was saying things like, "You really want to fuck my pussy don't you Jeff?" I just nodded. She threw her bra down on top of my face. The smell of her perfume and the smell of my own cum was filling the air. I imagined that Angela might have been a stripper or something in her younger days, judging by the way she moved. All I could think was that her husband was a lucky man.

Angela raised her skirt slowly to show me the sexy hose and garters she had on underneath. I had never seen a woman wearing real garters and hose except maybe when I was in college and I was slipping dollar bills into those. It was incredibly sexy. She continued the slow reveal and continued with her teasing verbal commentary. "Do you like to eat pussy Jeff? she asked. "Do you want to lick my pussy?" I think I said "OH YES!" As the skirt was raised to her crotch I could see that she had been wearing no panties. Her dark blonde pubic hair was trimmed to a narrow strip. She spread her pussy lips and raised one leg slightly to give me a better look. I could see that it was glistening with her juices. I couldn't wait to taste her.

Angela removed the skirt and her heels and was now wearing only the hose and garters. I had started to return to consciousness. I removed my shirt and freed my ankles and feet from the tangled pants and underwear. Angela climbed up and stood on the bed with a foot on each side of my head. She told me to lay still and she began to finger her pussy and massage her clit. She slowly lowered herself onto my willing and waiting face.

I struggled a bit to breath as Angela used my face like a dime store coin operated pony ride. Her juices flowed over my face and chin. I could hear her moaning. She was holding onto the headboard and we began to find a rhythm that allowed me to catch a breath every few seconds. I was relieved now that I wasn't going to smother and began to really enjoy my work. She seemed to like it when I alternated between licking her clit and sticking my tongue deeply inside her pussy. Each time my tongue entered her pussy she thrust down and it was like I was actually fucking her with my tongue.

By now my cock had returned to life and it was seeking her warm pussy the way a smart-bomb seeks an Al Qaeda hideout. Angela was very close to orgasm. I could feel her pussy muscles starting to tighten and her thigh muscles were quivering. Her moaning was getting louder and she kept up the graphic dialog, saying things like, "Don't stop licking my pussy Jeff." and "Eat me good Jeff and I will let you fuck me." I had now begun to focus my attention strictly on her hard clit, flicking it a fast as I could. She wasn't bashful about telling me exactly how she liked it. She came hard on my face and I knew to just lay still and stop licking. She leaned against the headboard and panted.

Up until this point I could have taken the Bill Clinton position that oral sex isn't sex. Of course Kate would never have seen it that way. But now I realized that I was about to do something that was undeniable adultery. I slid out from under Angela. She anticipated my intentions and assumed a submissive position on her hands and knees. I stopped to put on a condom which was something we both agreed to prior to meeting. The next thing she said really took me by surprise. She said that I could fuck her in the ass if I wanted. Holy shit. I thought I must be having a fucking dream.

I crawled back behind Angela and placed one hand on her ass and the other hand guided my cock to her wet slit. I dragged my cock through the wet trench until it was covered with her slippery juices. A little push was all that was needed and I was inside her pussy. Somehow my cock just seemed harder and longer than usual. I thrust it as deep as I could and she rocked against me at the same hard relentless pace. I considered Angela's offer to fuck her ass, but it felt too good to stop fucking her pussy. Angela encouraged me to slam my cock into her harder and faster. My balls were slapping against her and our bodies were in complete sync. I could tell she was close to cumming again and I struggled to hold back to allow her to cum first. Angela's relentless verbal dialog had stopped and now she was just moaning. She moaned so loudly that I was sure that anyone walking down the hall and the people in the next room were getting a free show. I didn't care. I was totally in the moment. I was an animal. A stud. A rebel. It was all good.

Angela didn't stick around to cuddle after we were done. I couldn't believe that we had fucked non-stop for over 90 minutes. Angela cleaned up in the bathroom and dressed. I walked her down to the lobby and to the door. I kissed her goodbye. I knew that we would not speak or communicate again. It was a little odd, but it was the best thing for me. I couldn't help but wonder about her situation. I couldn't wait to get back home and tell my friend Kevin about my trip to Toledo.

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