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Candice Is Bored And Ignored
I'm fucking my brother in law.  by: Candice

My Husband Lance and I live in Des Moines, Iowa.  We have been married for 7 years and we don't have kids.  Des Moines isn’t a bad place to live but a tad boring at times. That is until I started fucking my brother in law, Cody.  Now don't get me wrong I love my husband Lance but since his promotion last year, he travels too much.  I started feeling bored and ignored.  The flame that was there at the start has dwindled over the years.

Last April Lance had to go to Las Vegas for 5 days for a conference.  I wanted to tag along, but Lance wasn’t really interested in the idea.  He said we would only get to see each other for a few hours each evening.  Normally I have no interest in going with Lance, but I have never been to Las Vegas.  I didn’t press the issue, but it pissed me off.

At 31 I’m still fit and attractive and a party girl at heart so I decided that I needed a girls' night out.  I called up my friend Nicolette and we headed to the bar for a few drinks and maybe some action if we were lucky.  It was Friday and at 9:30 the bar was just starting to fill up. We settled on Rookies, a sports bar and grill with great food and even better eye candy.  A lot of the college boys like to hang out on the weekends to watch the various games. I shouldn't have been surprised to run into Cody.

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"Hey Candy I think you have an admirer," Nicolette spoke into my ear over the cheers of the two tables behind us.

"Oh, really? Where?" I sipped my Long Island Iced Tea slowly. We were both dressed like we weren't 30 something married women.  Nicolette had on a pair of Capri's and tight red blouse while I had gone for a nice short floral print sundress.

"2nd to last chair at the end of the bar." She grinned, "He's a hottie too. Looks like it's your lucky night."

I spun around I looked over to where Nicolette had said my admirer was. I nearly fell off my stool when I saw that it was Cody watching me like a hawk. He smiled and waved and I smiled back. He got up and headed our way.

"Yeah it is definitely your lucky night. Damn I wonder if he's got a brother," She sighed and took a sip of her beer.

Little did she know.   I fluffed my hair and put on a dazzling smile as Cody slid up next to us with a big grin. "I hope I don't scare you off, but I have been watching you since I walked in and one thing has been on my mind the entire time."

"And that would be?" I licked my bottom lip, might as well give Nicolette a good show. I couldn't believe my 25 year old brother in law was flirting with me

"What's a gorgeous woman like you doing in a bar like this?" Cody was laying it on thick. I was really surprised that Nicolette hadn't noticed the resemblance between Cody and Lance, but then Cody looked more like their mother while Lance took after their dad.

"Well my friend Nicolette and I decided to have a girls' night out.  Plus the food here is great and so is the scenery." I wrapped my lips around my straw and sipped.

"I take you it you wouldn't be willing to share this night out with a nice young man who's housebroken?" He shot Nicolette a sly smile and wink. She laughed and nudged me with her elbow.

"Go for it. I can always find a distraction of my own."

"Oh I bet you can. You should know I am a married woman." Cody nodded and sipped his beer.

"I have always said you should have run away with me when you had the chance." We both cracked up laughing while Nicolette sat there with a confused look on her face.

"Nic, this is Cody, Lance's little brother. Cody this is my partner in crime Nicolette."

"Nice to meet you," He shook her hand and pulled up a stool. We made with the small talk until Nicolette's luck struck while she was at the pool table with a bunch of hockey fans.

"Looks like it's just you and me Candy," Cody grinned and nursed his 2nd drink. "So how's everything with you?"

"Ok I guess kind of dull with Lance being gone all the time."

"That must be rough on the sex life." Cody watched me as I played with the ice in my glass. "So do you need a ride home?" The look on his face was one I used to see on Lance's face for the first two years of our relationship.

"Yes. I rode with Nicolette.  Riding with you will save me cab fare." We paid for our drinks and left. The ride back to my place was pretty quiet. Cody pulled into the driveway and shut the engine off and sat back.

"Here we are, Candice. I am glad I ran into you tonight." He leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"So am I." Instead of getting out of the car I turned my head and kissed Cody full on the lips. He held still a few seconds before leaning into the kiss and pulling me closer. His hands threaded into my hair and slid his tongue into my mouth. Moaning I slid as close as possible to him, nearly crawling into his lap.

Eventually we pulled apart and stared at each other, I wondered what Cody was thinking right now, because all I was thinking about was having more of him. "Cody I…"

"Just answer me this, are you sure?" Cody asked looking me dead in the eye.

"Very." Our lips met again only this time my hands went south for his zipper. I have always been an oral gal and sucking on Cody's cock was just what I needed for this night to end perfectly. It didn't take long for me to open his jeans and to work his cock free. He was half hard and the longer we tongue wrestled and the more I stroked the harder he got.

I couldn't take the waiting any more and just pull away and push Cody back into his seat and swallowed his cock hungrily. Cody just moaned and let one hand slide up the bottom of my dress while I worked my lips over his 8 inch cock slowly. He had that nice clean musky scent and taste that I loved so much. I let out a soft whine of pleasure when two of his thick fingers slid into my wet hole. You have to love a guy who won't leave you hanging.

I palmed his balls as I deep-throated his prick and swallowed around his head making him thrust more. As I worked his cock he worked my pussy and it wasn't long after he started to work my clit as well that I creamed all over his hand. My moaning seemed to be just what he needed, because he filled my mouth with his thick cum soon enough. I sat back up I fixed my panties and took a few calming breaths.

"I'll see you later Cody." Grabbing my purse I left the car and headed inside. Cody sat there and waited for me to get in the door before pulling away.  I went to bed feeling a little guilty and a little worried that Cody might spill the beans.  

Cody sent me a text message the next morning saying he had a good time and not to worry he was cool with what happened.  When Lance came home things seemed to be back to normal.  

The next time Lance out of town, instead of calling Nicolette I called Cody. We hung out like nothing had happened.  The third day in however the damn broke.  One moment we were talking and the next Cody had me bent over the kitchen counter and was plowing me good and hard.  It was wonderful and animalistic a far cry from the bland sex Lance and I had been having of late.  Our lunch had gotten extra burnt by the time we came down, but it was more than worth it.

That was nearly a year ago and we are still at it.  Lance doesn't suspect what his little brother and I are doing while he's gone. Yesterday we had decided to try some fun in the hot tub. This was obviously not Cody's first time because he had me positioned just so that I had to deal with the double stimulation of not just his cock filling me but of the jet spraying water against my clit. It was a good thing it was an indoor tub because I am sure the neighbors would have looked over the fence in curiosity.

Cody was like a man possessed because he didn't stop fucking me until I was nice and sore and my legs had turned to mush. Just thinking about it has me soaking not just my panties but also my shorts. To be honest I should feel bad about sleeping with Cody, but I don't. He's keeping me happy and by extension Lance happy. The sex is also too good to just give up.  I mean if Lance was fucking me like his brother was I might have to cut Cody loose for fear of exhaustion.

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