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I Caught My Husband Sucking A Cock
Getting even with my husband the cock sucker. - By Cassidy

My name is Cassidy and I live in a small town near Indianapolis. It’s really late and I just got home. I have to be up in 5 hours for work.  I fucked a guy tonight that’s staying at the Omni hotel downtown. His name is Alan and he's from Houston.  I called him Tex all night.

Tex wasn’t the best fuck I’ve had this month, but he's  in the top 10.

I’m getting my revenge against my husband Jack. I recently caught Jack giving another man a blow job. I've had my suspicions about Jack for years and I finally caught him red handed sucking a guy off in his truck.  

I've begged Jack to just be honest with me and put all his cards on the table so we can decide where our relationship is at.  But Jack can't seem to tell the truth. He is still in denial, telling me it was the first time he ever had sex with a man.  

"Yeah Right!"

I caught my husband sucking cock.

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I don't know whether he’s ashamed of his behavior or maybe he's totally gay and our whole marriage is a sham. I could deal with almost anything. Hell, I have my own bisexual curiosity and freaky fantasies.  I just can't handle his sneaking and the lies.

The first time I suspected that something was up was when we got AOL a few years ago. Jack would stay up late in the den chatting with people online. Whenever I would go near him, he would click out of the chat program and pretend to be looking at sports.

One night I darted in there when he was taking a bathroom break and saw he had left the chat window open. He was in a male for male chat room and he was talking with a guy about the best places for gay guys to hookup.  I stood there with my mouth open and waited for him to come back.  Jack ran to the computer and shut it down.

I asked him what the fuck was going on. "Why are you in a gay chat room?"  Jack denied he was doing anything wrong.  I closed our AOL account the next day.

I warned Jack if he was having gay sex I would tell everyone I knew, including his mom and divorce him.  I told him if he gave me AIDS I would cut his throat in his sleep.  I wasn't kidding either.  Things were strained for awhile after that.

During our 8 year marriage  I had never cheated on Jack.  I get plenty of chances too. I’m the only woman in the Service Department at the Ford dealership.  I get hit on at least 20 times a day.  I love the attention but I never cheated.

Eventually we got Internet  back in the house.  Jack doesn't get on the computer at home anymore.  He has Internet at the office so I assume that’s where he plays his dick sucking games.

The day I busted Jack I had to run some parts over to another Ford dealer across town.  I passed a community park that's a well known hangout for gay men.  I recognized Jack's truck sitting in a shaded parking spot out of the corner of my eye.  Jack should have been at work at the time.

I made a quick U turn and drove into the park.  Jack’s truck was parked next to a rusty old sedan. An older man I didn't recognize was sitting in the passenger side of Jack's truck with his head leaned back against the headrest. Jack was no where to be seen.

I pulled up slowly on the driver's side of the truck. I sat there for a minute until the man noticed me watching.  I scared the shit out of him.  He looked like I had just caught him jacking off.  A second later Jack's head popped up and he’s wiping cum off his chin.  Jack turned 10 shades of red when he realized it was me.

I gave him the finger and pulled away and drove home.  Jack squealed into the driveway 5 minutes later.  He came rushing into the house panicked, asking me what was wrong.

"Are you mother fucking kidding me?" "What's wrong is that you would rather sneak around and suck cock and God knows what else instead of fucking your wife."  "That's whats fucking wrong!"  "Do you know when the last time you touched my pussy?”

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I told Jack we were through. I told him he was sleeping in the spare bedroom until I filed for divorce.  I told Jack he was free to suck and butt fuck every queer in Indianapolis.  I was going to start having my own fun.

Jack begged me to forgive him and let him back into our bedroom.  He swore it was the first time he ever sucked a dick.  I put up my hand and said, “STOP!!!”. “It’s over Jack, I don’t waste your breath.”  

My first thought was to fuck a couple of cute guys from work who were constantly trying to get in my pants.  But I know that I would regret getting involved with guys from work.

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