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High Class Pussy
I fucked a hot rich girl. - By Cooper

My name's Cooper. I'm a waiter in the main dining room of a fancy-dancy hotel in downtown Chicago. I've worked there since the day it opened. I'm young; just turned 23 last week. I'm healthy and I must not be too bad-looking because I get all the pussy I can handle.

She's young and she's hot. Incredibly hot. Soft silky caramel skin the color of coffee with cream. Long dark curly hair. Big sleepy olive green eyes. Sweet smile. Nice ass. Great boobs. What more can I say ? She's tasty and she's been coming in for dinner once a week or so for the past few months, almost always with a different man. Every once in awhile, she'd be there with someone she'd been there with before, but not often. They always sat in my station and lingered, staying several hours.

I have to tell you: this girl definitely has a style all her own. All eyes are on her when she enters a room. She dresses sort of classy, sort of trashy. Quality stuff, but always ultra short and super low-cut. I always enjoy staring down the front of her dresses. Like I said: she's got great boobs; high and firm. In fact, her whole damn body's excellent. And she knows it. Girls like her always know it. They work it. Well, whatever . . . I never minded waiting on her, no matter who she was with. She and her dates were ideal customers: they never any trouble at all - and her dates were always better than average tippers.

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The very first time they dined at the hotel, I started thinking she might have been flirting with me - but then again, I wasn't really sure. When girls blast me with those really blatant signals, it confuses me - I always think I must be imagining things . . . I mean, not a lot of girls do super-slutty stuff like flashing me in public with no panties on like she did when her date was gone to the bathroom. I was bringing a couple of after-dinner brandies over to their table and nearly dropped my tray. At first, I figured she must've done it by accident. But the shit-eating grin on her face told me different. Then her date returned, and everything quickly got back to normal.

She never wore a bra - and from what I was able to tell, she never wore panties, either. (maybe she wore thongs ?) Her dates were the usual boring stuffed shirt types; good-looking in a rich, pampered, well-manicured sort of way. Soft. I hated guys like that; hated their guts. They had better cars; got better girls; had tons of money - and it was all really nothing more than just the luck of the draw, wasn't it ? These guys had been born into their families - and I'd been born into mine. My pa was a school janitor and my ma was a cleaning woman for a couple of rich families - and they were both drunks. Mean ones. I got out of there as soon as I hit 16. I never finished school, so this job was probably about as good as it was ever going to get for a guy like me. But ok - it really wasn't so bad. The tips were great, the hours were convenient, and there were excellent benefits: full medical insurance (including dental), paid vacation, 401 K, free meals. My co-workers were cool, my bosses were more than decent. It could have been a whole lot worse.

The hotel was relatively a new one. It was a real upscale kind of place. Most of the women who came here had money. We called them "the snotty hotties". I could almost always tell the rich bitches right away. They were a breed apart in ways I couldn't put my finger on. But this girl; she was different. She was gorgeous. Not stuck-up. I liked her style - and I REALLY liked looking at her and watching her walk. She moved real slinky; like a cat.

I knew the girl could hold her liquor. I knew she drank vodka and cranberry juice and that she liked expensive champagne. I knew she never ate red meat and rarely ate bread or desserts. I knew she liked strong coffee. And that's about all I knew about her. I didn't even know her name. But that's ok - I didn't need to know anymore than I already knew.

Whenever she and her man of the evening entered the dining room, she'd always shoot this million-watt smile in my direction. I could literally feel the heat pouring off her in waves. She always made sure to position herself so I could get a good view of her magnificent boobs. She'd cross and uncross her legs several times while I was taking her dates' order - flashing me glimpses of her naked pussy. Every once in awhile, she'd very nearly brush up against me as she either sat down or got up. She always made it a point to ask me several questions about the fish or the soup; her eyes sending signals that made me uncomfortable with her date sitting right there. A few times I noticed her looking at me and licking her lips seductively. The girl was shameless.

Week in and week out, she and her dates would always turn up. It wasn't very long before she'd turned into my favorite fantasy. Many's the night I went to sleep pumping my rock hard dick with hardcore thoughts of fucking her at the very front of my thoughts. When I soaped up and shot my wad in the shower, it was always this girl I was thinking of.

And then one Wednesday night, she came in all by herself. I couldn't believe my luck. She was dressed to kill. I couldn't take my eyes off her - and neither could any other man in the room. When I approached the table to get her order, she gave me a sexy smile and flashed me her naked pussy. I couldn't help but notice she'd shaved her twat. Then she crossed her legs and ordered a vodka and cranberry juice and a small seafood salad. As usual, she took her time eating. When she was finished, she ordered another drink. She appeared lost in thought and nursed it awhile before ordering another. Then she asked for the check, leaving me a very healthy tip.

As she walked past me on her way out of the restaurant, she brushed up against me and grinned as she pressed a small folded piece of paper into my hand. I smiled back at her, shoved the paper into my pocket and watched her ass as she sashayed out the door.

By then it was almost time for the restaurant to close, so I finished all my shift work and tallied up my tips. When no one was looking, I pulled the piece of paper out of my pocket and unfolded it. There was an open-mouthed red lipstick print with "room 721" written inside the mouth. Hot damn ! My dick jumped to attention in my pants. I didn't waste a minute. I was on the elevator on my way upstairs in the blink of an eye.

She opened the door wrapped in a towel and pulled me into the room. Then she let the towel drop. I couldn't believe my luck. What a fine body she had ! I grabbed her hard, round ass and shoved my tongue down her throat. Her hands were busy working at my zipper, which was good because my cock was about to bust out of my pants. Before I knew it, she was on her knees in front of me with my fattie shoved in her mouth. I held her head hard and fucked her face furiously. This was one time when real life was definitely better than my fantasy.

I nearly blew my load on contact. Her mouth was hot and very wet. Her tongue actively circled my stiff rod over and over, with varying degrees of hardness and pressure as her mouth slid up and down the length of it. I'd never felt anything quite like what she was doing. It seemed like she kept it up forever. I couldn't stop myself from pumping a hot wad down her throat. She took the whole load like a pro, never gagging once.

Then we showered together and explored each other's bodies more thoroughly. When we got out, she ordered a couple bottles of champagne from room service. We lay on the huge luxurious bed next to each other and watched porn while we drank it. She also had a little piece of hash. We smoked that, too. In no time at all, my cock was starting to get hard again.

She rolled over and laughed as she shoved my face in between her unbelievably round breasts. They were really firm for ones so big. They had nice hard brown nipples, too. Just being this close to them and being able to inhale the smell of her skin like that was enough to give me a big fat boner. I pressed it up against her flat belly and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth, flicking it lightly with my tongue. As she spread her legs and arched her back slightly, I smelled the sweet aroma of her damp pussy. I slid a finger into her slippery cunt. She moaned and started fucking my finger, sliding up and down on it. The bitch was hot. She was really riding it.

I pulled my finger out and spread her legs further apart. I laid down on the bed with my head between her thighs and began licking her clit, first blowing my warm breath on it, then drawing it into my mouth. I loved the way my tongue slid around all over her shaved pussy. I pulled her smooth cunt lips apart and sloshed my tongue around inside her tight box a little. She moaned loudly and her slim hips began bucking wildly. She whimpered and tossed her head from side to side as I continued to lick her now fat and swollen clit and her orgasm ripped through her. I had to hold her thighs down to keep her from bouncing right off the bed.

After she caught her breath, she sat up and took my penis into her mouth again. I'm telling you - this girl could do things to my cock no one had ever done before. She slid her mouth all around my dick. She also let me shove it way down her throat. I was nearly ready to pop my cork when she pulled her mouth off and flopped down on the bed, asking me to squirt all over her. Which is exactly what I did. Immediately.

Then she said she didn't want to be rude, but I ought to leave. She said she'd let me know when she wanted to see me again.

I was driving home when I realized I never did learn her name.

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high class pussy

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