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Massage With A Happy Ending
Trevor got a hand job in an Asian spa. - By Trevor

My name is Trevor and live in Buffalo, New York or to be exact North Tonawanda, New York; a nice suburb just north of the city.  I have been married for many years and over the last few years my sex life has dwindled. It started off we would have hot sex several times a week. My wife loved sex and in most any fashion but after the kids and over the years our sex life had become less and less. A few years back she quit giving me the occasional blow job and now when we have sex, IF we have sex; she just lays there and complains the entire time.  

I had noticed, while on my way to and from work in East Amherst, about 20 miles to the east of my house, there was a small Asian spa.  Out in front of their spa there hangs a simple sign and all it says is ‘Massage’. When I drive by every morning, I would see the light on that says ‘open’ but I rarely saw any cars and the ones that I would see were always parked out in back. Being of curious nature that I am, my mind got to wondering about just what kind of massages they offered there.

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After approximately three weeks without any attention from my wife, I had had about all I could take. I was not getting any sex regularly, and after enduring no sex for three weeks, I finally gave in. I figured that I would stop in at the little Spa and see about maybe getting a hand job or something. Anything had to be better than sitting at the computer looking at porn every night after the wife and kids were in bed. Right? Wouldn’t you feel the same way guys?

One evening after work, my wife was out with the kids at some school function and I had not been invited to attend. I turned off the road I traveled every day to and from work towards the Spa. I was feeling a little nervous not knowing exactly what to expect since I had never been to one before, but a few of my buddies have told me not to worry and that they would take very good care of me. I parked my car around back, put on a baseball cap and sunglasses and walked around to the front door.

When I entered the Spa, there were five or six very pretty Oriental women. I think they were Taiwanese or from the Philippines or some other exotic place.  Sitting in chairs around the ‘waiting area’ they were all wearing see through nighties or baby dolls. Everyone was petite, but they each had wonderfully proportioned bodies. There was also the sweet aroma of fruity incense that wafted through the air.  The room was dimly lit with small colored lights.

I stood there looking at them somewhat dumbfounded and probably looking like such a dumbass, when one of the ladies who had bigger tits than the others, stepped forward and in her broken English asked if I would like a massage. She stood barely five foot tall and had maybe C cup tits; she was covered but barely by a sheer green baby doll nightie. I told her yes that is why I stopped here and that I had never been to one before. She proceeded to tell me that a massage was forty dollars for thirty minutes. I handed her two twenties and she placed them in the cash register.

She then motioned me to follow her and she led me back to a small room down the hall.  It was barely big enough to turn around in. Once we were inside, she closed the door and motioned me to a small padded bench with a simple white sheet on it. I undressed hurriedly and climbed onto the table onto my stomach and placed my pants with my wallet in it under my head. I had heard stories of people’s wallet being picked in places like this.  

She slowly removed her sheer nightie and pranced around in front of me with her tits pointed up into the air, her tummy flat, and her ass shapely. She grabbed a small bottle of oil from the warmer and began to squirt it onto my back and buttocks. She spread it all over my back and but then she wiped some of the excess onto her breasts making them shine in the dim light. Standing to my side just barely within my sight, she began to rub my back and arms. Her body swayed as she rubbed my body, her tits bouncing back and forth. Her pussy had long straight pubic hair brushed neatly down between her legs. Stopping my massage, she grabbed the warm oil again. Squirting it this time up and down my legs, she let the last squirt of oil hit my ball sack coating it in warm oil. My dick was already hard but now it was straining under my body. I could feel the oil running down my ball sack it was amazing.

Her hands started at my calves and worked higher on my body until she was rubbing my thighs. Her fingers swirled about making brief contact with my balls. She then worked up to my ass cheeks; her fingers firmly rubbed the large muscles. Her finger slipped into the crack, tickling my asshole every few strokes. She had about ten minutes of massage left when she asked if I would want to end with a ‘Happy Ending’. “Only forty dollars more me make it special and you very happy,” she told me. I agreed and quickly pulled my wallet from my pants from under my head. I handed her two twenties and she slipped them under the oil heater.

I turned over onto my back and she made a small moan of approval, “You look very strong.” She oiled her hands and fingers and began to rub the front of my thighs. Slowly she worked her fingers towards my stiff five inch fat dick. She wrapped her small hands around it and worked the oil up and down my shaft. She stopped for a moment and I watched her as she rubbed her tits smiling down at me, and then started stroking my dick. It swelled bigger and pulsed in her hands.

Up and down she rubbed five or six times then using only her fingers from the top with one hand, she let them sink down my shaft as far as they could reach spread evenly all the way around my dick.  Pulling her fingers up, she massaged the head with her fingertips while her other hand slowly jacked my shaft. This was a totally amazing feeling, like nothing my dick had ever felt.

Her fingers went back down my shaft and up, her fingers massaging around the rim of my dick. Her lower hand was slowly jacking my dick, she suddenly slipped it down and clamped around my shaft real hard. “Tisk, Tisk, Tisk, not yet,” she said while her other had reached down and cupped my balls, “they not heavy enough yet.”

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Her hand then went up and circled and played with my nipple while the other hand clamped around my dick, holding my cum off, allowing my dick to regain control. Once she had me back wanting more, she began to work my shaft with both hands. Slowly her fingers crossed over the top of the head, then back down the shaft, one hand rubbed the front and back of my dick, the other rubbed along the sides. One hand went back to stroking while the other used fingers to massage the top half of my shaft and the head of my dick.

Once again my dick swelled and my warm precum began to leak from my swollen tip, but her hand clamped on my dick holding off my orgasm once again. “Me make you happy ending, just relax not to fast Sir.” Her hand rubbed my other tit as she smeared the sensuous warm oil across my chest. Her fingers once again traveled to my ball sack holding them in the air. “Mmmm they pretty full now me make you happy soon,” she announced.

Her fingers went back to playing my skin flute with her fingers. She returned back to slow strokes with one hand and fingering the ridge of my head and shaft with the other. I looked up at her perfect yellow tan tits as she treated my dick like it was the only one in the world. I wished my wife would treat my dick as wonderfully as this woman was doing. Fingers swirled around my dickhead, her thumb and forefinger stroked the entire length. She slowly picked up speed and pressure. “See I make you happy ending,” she said smiling.  I smiled back at her comment.

Her fingertips worked my head and stroked my shaft; my dick pulsed and swelled as she jacked me faster. Slipping both hands around my dick she jerked my dick up and down past the head and back down to the base and back up again, gripping it tighter and faster. I moaned as my body tensed and I began to shake. My legs trembled as her fingers stroked, her tits bounced, her smile grew bigger.  

My dick suddenly exploded, shooting hot creamy cum high into the air. It shot a good several inches into the air and landed on my belly and my chest. She continued to pump my dick as more cum continued to flow only with less pressure but high volume. Her fingers slowed and my body stopped trembling.  My hips still bucked into the air as her fingers crossed over my dick head, pulling my cum down and making it pool on my belly in big globs.

When all of my cum had been squeezed so expertly from my balls and dick she stroked me several more times until I started to shrink, grabbing a paper towel she wiped me clean. “See happy ending you like?” she asked. “Oh my God yes, very much so! That was amazing.” I replied. “You come back be my regular? I do very special job for regulars,” she said. I assured her I would definitely come back and I have been true to my word stopping every two weeks or so. After three or four visits she began to give me head and now for an extra sixty she will climb onto the table with me and ride my cock, only to climb off to jerk me to a Happy Ending.

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