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Fuck My Hairy Snatch
Guys love my hairy ass and pussy. - By Donna

Back in high school is when I found out my pussy was really fucking hairy. As the other girls sported shaved-smooth pussies, they made fun of my full hairy bush. Those bitches really got to me back then, so I shaved my pussy just to fit in. All through high school, I dressed (or actually undressed) my pussy just like all the other girls did. But after high school, I stopped shaving down there. I just said fuck it and let everything grow back the way it should have been. I’m 28 now. I live in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and I haven’t shaved my pussy in 10 years.

What surprised me the most about my hairy pussy is how many guys were into it. The first time I fucked a guy after I had let myself go au natural, I worried that he’d be grossed out when he saw my big hairy snatch. Instead, he went right for it, sucking me off better than any guy in high school ever had. After getting me off, he crawled back up to my face, pussy juice glistening on his cheeks. He fucked my brains out and came all over my pussy hair. As we laid there all sweaty and sticky, he told me he had missed the friction of an unshaved cunt. He admitted that all the magazines show shaved cunts, so that’s what guys think they want, but a hairy fucking bush is what feels good. He had cum harder that night than he had in along time, he said.

I knew I could find a rich married guy who just wanted to forget about his hairless wife for a night and dive into a hairy snatch for the evening

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Since then, it’s been one satisfied fuck after another, and that has made me love fucking guys and letting them pound my hairy snatch. I feel like I’m spreading a message all over Chattanooga: Hairy girls need love too! I like to hang out in hotel bars. I wear short skirts and bend over the bar when I order a drink. I let those old married fucks see everything I got. I wear a barely-there thong so they can see what I have to offer: a big sloppy, hairy hole, and a big sensitive clit. I hardly ever have to buy my own drinks after bending over to order the first two.

A few weeks ago, I left work and headed over to the Marriot Convention Center for a few drinks. There was a lawyer convention going on there and I knew I could find a rich married guy who just wanted to forget about his hairless wife for a night and dive into a hairy snatch for the evening. I bent over the bar in my trademark style and ordered a jack and coke from the hot bartender. He recognized me. The truth is that I had fucked him in the liquor room one night when the bar was slow. We came out of the back room to a room full of vacuum salesman waiting to be served. He comped me my drink and waited on some other customers as I scanned the room for a good fuck.

There were at least five guys in the room that I would have like to fuck, but this one older guy at the end of the bar could not take his eyes of me. He made me feel like the sexiest thing in Chattanooga. Every time I looked back at him, he looked away as if he was embarassed, so I gave up on him for a while. As I was finishing up my jack and coke, however, the bartender came over and let me know that the older gentleman had sent me a drink. He placed a Cape Cod martini in front of me and smiled. I looked down at the guy at the end of the bar. I could tell he was nervous. He was wringing his hands, but he kept his eyes on me as I sipped the drink he had sent me. He was overweight and short, wearing wire-rimmed oval glasses on his little round pink face.

I surveyed the room, all of those lawyers in their slick expensive suits were too busy watching the college basketball game on the big screen to notice me, so I decided to take a chance on the shortie. I walked over to him and he readjusted himself a thousand different ways in his seat. I came over and rested my hand on his knee. This made him quiver. I said hello and he introduced himself as Robert, an attorney from Knoxville. Instead of asking me up to his room, he asked me if I would like to have dinner with him. I accepted.

Robert treated me to dinner in the pricy hotel restaurant. After he ordered the filet, I ordered the lobster as I stroked my foot up his pant leg. All through dinner, I rested my foot on a chair and massaged Robert’s balls with the tips of my toes. He ordered a bottle of expensive champagne, and before we left the restaurant, I ordered one more bottle for us to take upstairs to his room. Robert blushed when I said this to the waiter.

We got into the elevator. As the doors closed, I leaned over and kissed Robert on the lips. As my hands rubbed down his chest and closer to his dick, he reached out and grabbed me hands.

“I have a tiny dick,” he said very quickly.

“I don’t care,” I said, and I really didn’t. I’d been with guys with five and six-inch dicks before. I was fine with it. When we got up to the room, however, I saw that he was not fucking kidding. Fully erect, his penis was less than four inches long, and the girth was nothing to write home about either. Between his flabby stomach, his tiny dick, and my big hairy pussy, I didn’t know if this would even work, but I did want to thank the little guy for dinner.

I climbed on the bed and bent over so that he could get a close-up look at my big hairy snatch. He climbed up on the bed and bent down to lick my hairy snatch. I was already wet from the champagne and the way he couldn’t take his eyes off of me, but he drooled all over my pussy so that it was sloppy wet. He slipped his chubby finger in and out of me. Then he got on his knees behind me and took me doggie style. I rubbed my clit and let him pound into me.

“You like fucking my hairy pussy, Robert?” I asked. “You like sticking your little tiny dick in my big hairy snatch?” He giggled and panted and even managed to smack my ass gently as he rode me.

“Fuck me harder, Robert,” I pleaded. Truthfully, I couldn’t feel a thing, but Robert was having the time of his life. He fucked me harder and faster every time I spoke, so I knew he liked to listen to me talk dirty.

“Ram my fucking twat, Robert,” I screamed. “Fuck me like I want to be fucked!” He panted harder and his belly flapped against my ass.

“Oh, honey,” he said. “Oh honey!”

He rammed into me in a perfect tempo. “Talk dirty to me, please.”

“Lick your finger and stick it in my hairy ass,” I said. I bucked hard against him as he did what I said. He slipped his chubby finger into my ass and wiggled it around. Finally, I began to feel something. I rubbed my big clit and tickled Robert’s balls with my long fingernails. He grabbed onto my hips and began to fuck me even harder. I had to give him credit. For a chubby little guy, he was fucking me like a champ.

I rubbed my clit until subtle waves of pleasure ran through my body and Robert began to moan loudly as he shot his hot jiz into my cunt.

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“Oh, Oh!” he called out, and I swear I heard cheering in the next room, but it could have been for the basketball. Just then, my cell phone rang. My ringtone is the hook, “Vous voulez couches avec moi” from Lady Marmalade. I slipped away from Robert’s dick, reached over to grab the phone, and answered it.

“It’s Brandy,” a chick friend of mine said. “I met a couple of guys and they want to fuck. I was going to have a threesome with them, ‘cause they’re hot, but they got huge fucking cocks, so you want to come over and help me get them off?”

I looked over to Robert. He was smiling and sweaty and patting the bed where he wanted me to come over and cuddle with him. I still needed some more cock, and cute as Robert was, he didn’t have any extra cock to spare.

“I’d fucking love to,” I told Brandy and hung up the phone.

“That was my mom,” I told Robert. “She’s not feeling well, so I’m going to go and hang out with her.”

“Oh, well, um,” Robert stuttered. I walked into the bathroom and scrubbed my pussy as good as I could with one of the fresh white washcloths stacked on the shelf. Then I dried myself down there with the hairdryer. I slipped my short skirt and halter top on and refreshed my makeup and hair. As I came out of the bathroom, I saw Robert’s funny fat body stretched across the king size bed. His tiny penis was flopped on his balls. He was rubbing his cock with one hand. With the other hand, he fiddled with the remote. His whole body was bathed in the blue glow of the basketball game. I said goodbye, retrieved the unopened bottle of champagne from the ice bucket, and went to meet Brandy at her house. She was right about the guys being well hung. The four of us had an awesome fucking time. My big hairy snatch was a big hit.

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