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I Won The Pussy Lottery

She was plump with very big tits and a nice hairy pussy. Cindy had no photos to share, but we talked on the instant messenger and on the phone

Fuck My Hairy Snatch

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A mature woman gets gang banged

I promptly drop to my knees and hold her hairy lips apart. I am entranced by the look and the smell of her and I stick my tongue out, ever so gingerly,

Can I call you daddy?

They were loose so my hand slipped easily underneath her silky panties and over her surprisingly hairy mound. My middle finger found its way into her

First time swingers in Florida.

The model—she couldn’t have been more than 19—was lying back on a couch, her shapely young legs spread open, her fingers pulling her hairy cunt lips apart ...

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Looking at her nice hairy bush made me hard. “Come let mommy show you what that pinky is for,” as she pulled me between her legs.

Goodbye Wife, Hello Fuckbuddy.

... in the cab and told the driver to take us to NY/NY to check in - my hands immediately slid up Cindy's skirt to find a very hairy, and very wet pussy.

Julia, a horny and hot married BBW.

Her snatch was a big, hairy, pink-and-brown mass of flesh. ... I was a little distracted now, even though I was mesmerized by Julia’s hot hairy BBW hole.

Edward's Affair Continues

Like Angela, Andrea has large tits and a very hairy pussy. Andrea is not married, and explained how she had been engaged to be married to a guy who did not ...

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