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Caught In The Act
My girlfriend caught me fucking her sister. - By Dennis

My girlfriend April and I have been dating a few years now. At the moment I am totally in the dog house and she isn’t speaking to me. I really fucked up this time.

When April and I met we were in our last year in high school and I thought she was the hottest girl ever. It took some convincing on my part and after a few months she finally let me fuck her. Yes she was a virgin and even though it was her first time, it was pretty hot. Her older sister Penny had just started college and was out of town that weekend along with April’s parents. We had the entire house to ourselves. We sat and watched some movie on satellite and I brought over a bottle of rum that I had snuck out of my parents booze cabinet. I poured April a few Rum and Cokes to help with her nerves and before ya knew it, we were naked on her living room floor and she begged me to do her. You certainly didn’t need to ask me twice!

I made sure she was super wet and licked and sucked her pretty cunt until she had her first oral orgasm. She was totally blown away and was definitely ready for my dick. I climbed between her legs and slowly slide into the tightest pussy ever. At first I thought for sure my dick was going to break off, but after a little more perseverance, I broke through and slowly began fucking her. Since that night the two of us have been fucking any chance we can get. I can’t help myself around April; she just has the hottest ass I’ve ever laid eyes on.

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Penny is about 4 years older than her sister, and she always acted like I didn’t exist whenever she came home from college. One weekend April and I came home late from a concert and I didn’t realize that Penny had come home from college and I walked right in on her as she was stepping out of the closet. OMFG! I was able to catch quite an eyeful of the most incredible set of perfect tits and a shaven snatch. My dick immediately grew rock hard as I stood there stunned and in awe while Penny froze. It only took about five or ten seconds before she grabbed her towel and let out a blood curdling scream and I tore out of that bathroom so fucking fast into April’s bedroom, slamming the door shut behind me. April took one look at me and said, “Dennis what the fuck was that all about? Why was my sister screaming?” I turned several shades of red and blurted out, “I just saw your sister naked! I didn’t realize anyone was in the bathroom!”

Well ever since that night, I noticed Penny flirting with me any chance she got when she was home from college. At first I didn’t really notice it, but one Sunday afternoon, while their Dad was watching football, Penny purposely brushed her perfect tits against my chest as she attempted to squeeze past me in the kitchen, then winked at me and licked her lips. Instantly my dick reacted again. I was in shock! I mean this was April’s older sister! What the hell would she want with me?

A few weeks later it was Easter and Penny came home from college again. April’s parents were out with friends for dinner, so April and I decided since it was raining, we’d stay in and watch a couple of movies. Penny was home but had gone out with a few of her college friends drinking. A few hours had passed and Penny came home and headed up to her room, but not before stopping in to check on us ‘kids’. April told her to bugger off and leave us to watch our movies. Penny grinned an evil grin and as she walked out of the room, she turned and flashed her tits when she saw April was not watching her. She then fondled them while I watched and moved her hand down into her jeans and rocked her hips. OMG I thought I was going to bust a nut right there! It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen and it took every ounce of strength in me not to jump up and attack her right there in that doorway. She saw my level of frustration on my face and pulled her top back down, pulled her fingers from her pants and slowly licked them, seductively of course. As she walked away, she licked her lips and blew me a kiss.

Ok clearly not being an idiot, I was very certain that Penny wanted me. I was in shock. She was older than me, and to make it even worse, she was April’s sister! I couldn’t do that! Well that’s what I thought!

April and I went back to watching our movie but the whole time I found myself wondering what Penny was doing upstairs and found myself straining to hear any sounds coming from there. About twenty minutes later, April had fallen asleep on my lap, and I really honestly had to take a pee break. I slowly moved April from my lap making sure she didn’t wake up. I headed upstairs to the main bathroom which just happened to pass right by Penny’s room. I took care of business and was about to head back downstairs when I heard Penny call out, “Dennis? Could you give me a hand here?” I froze and gulped hard and turned back to her room. It was dimly lit and I almost couldn’t make her out. I headed towards her when she said again, “Dennis, I need your help.” I found her lying in her bed under the covers and thought what the hell does she need my help with? I stood next to her bed and said, “What’s up Pen?”

She then threw back the blankets and revealed her now totally naked body to me. My eyes were glued to her incredible perfect body. She watched me as I stared in awe and ground her hips slowly spreading her legs open and began to tease me with her fingers toying with her beautiful pussy. “Dennis will you fuck me now please?” she asked. It was like I was in a fantasy world, nothing but Penny existed and my throbbing aching hard on begging to get out of my pants and into that exquisite snatch. She then took my hand and placed it on her pussy and that’s when I lost all sense. I slid my fingers down into her soaked cunt and began to finger fuck her as she grabbed her perfect firm tits and began to rub them wildly and pinch her already tanned hard nipples.

Her scent filled the room, intoxicating me. I leaned down to kiss her while she reached over and unfastened my pants, dropping them to my ankles allowing my nine inch prick spring out. Penny moaned, licked her lips as she gripped my manhood and said, “Mmmm April told me you had a nice big dick. I just had to see for myself.” I climbed up between her legs and buried my face into the sweetest fuck hole I have ever had the pleasure of pleasing. Penny went crazy as I licked her to a mind blowing orgasm. I wasn’t done with her yet though. I grabbed hold of my dick and slid the thick head into her entrance. She gripped hold of my hips and growled, “Fuck me hard now dammit. Come on Dennis, gimme that fucking big dick of yours before I go mad!” I slid my dick deep into her cunt and began to fuck her, while my girlfriend, her little sister, slept on the sofa.

It was the hottest and quickest fuck I had ever had. I was super worried that April was going to wake up and find us, or that their parents would return home any moment. April’s cunt was not as deep as Penny’s cunt, and April’s cunt was definitely a lot tighter than her sister. A vision of Penny being fucked over and over again by several college guys flashed before me and my balls kicked in suddenly and before I could stop it, I blew a load deep inside Penny. I opened my eyes and could see Penny’s tits bouncing as she rocked on my dick. With my still rock hard dick I slammed into her, grinding against her clit. She clamped her legs tightly around my waist and came hard all over my dick and balls. Gasping I pulled out of her, realizing I had just lost all control and fucked my girlfriend’s older sister. “Oh fuck Penny, you are so fucking hot!” I exclaimed as I quickly yanked up my jeans and kissed her hard. She smiled another evil satisfied grin and thanked me as I tore out of her room back to April. She was still asleep on the sofa! Whew!

You would think that would have been the one and only time I banged her sister. Nope. It was like I had been put under a spell. Every time I got together with April, all I could think about was fucking Penny again. I had to have her again, only this time longer. Well the opportunity came over the July 4th weekend. The girl’s parents were throwing a big backyard bbq. The house was full of friends and family, enjoying the perfect weather, swimming, playing games, and doing lots of drinking and eating. April and I were in the pool when she suddenly told me she wasn’t feeling well and needed to go lie down in her room and have a nap, so she could come back and watch fireworks with all of us.  After she went to lie down, Penny grabbed my hand and told me to come with her. She led me to a very private hidden area of their basement and told me to fuck her again as she stripped out of her bikini. I didn’t waste another second and flipped her over onto her back on a pile of pillows and drove my tongue into that sweet nectar between her thighs. I stripped out of my trunks and Penny gave me the most amazing blow job ever. I had to clench my teeth and really concentrate on not cumming right that moment down her throat.

She then pulled out a bottle of baby oil from her bag and squirted it at her anal opening. I looked at her puzzled and she laughed and said, “Dennis, be a good boy and ram that nice big dick of yours up my asshole.” Oh fuck I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! April and I have never done this yet, she’s too nervous about the pain. I lined my throbbing dick up against her anal opening and began to gently push. I was very surprised how easy or how open she was. I watched in awe as my entire dick disappeared into her ass. Penny frantically rubbed her clit and began to growl, “C’mon Den, fuck it, fuck that dirty hole of mine, shoot your hot load deep into my ass! FUCK ME HARD! Make it fucking hurt baby!!” That was all it took as I savagely pounded into her hot ass. She fingered her cunt madly as I pummeled into her. Suddenly she cried out and began to squirt like mad.

That’s when I heard April. She had come into the basement looking for some more hamburger patties for the party from their freezer. She heard the noise coming from our corner and went to check it out. She froze as she saw me savagely fuck her sister’s asshole. At that very moment I blew my massive load into her sister as I watched April turn in horror and race up the stairs. Oh fuck!

Well there certainly were fireworks that night, just not the kind pretty sparkly kind. Penny admitted to her sister that it was all her fault and that she had seduced me and begged her not to be mad at me. April told me to go home and said she needed time to think. I haven’t heard from her since that night but Penny told me not to worry. She said she knows her little sis pretty good and soon she’d come around. I really hope so, because I do love April. Thing is, Penny and I have fucked a few more times since then. I can’t help myself!

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