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Call Me For A Good Time
Threesome fun with my red headed fuck buddy. - By Perry

I drive a forklift on the second shift at a big distribution center in Bloomington Minnesota.  I like my job and I like working second shift.  I hold the record for the most trucks loaded on a shift.

My wife Leann is sound asleep when I get home from work around midnight.  Leann is an administrator at the hospital.  She leaves for work before I get up and I’m gone before she gets home.  So we only talk to each other on the weekends.  That’s fine by me. We communicate through notes we leave on the kitchen counter.

Things are civil between Leann and I, but we have drifted apart.   With the exception of the kids we have nothing in common.  Leann is embarrassed of my blue collar job and my blue collar friends.  I expect her to divorce me when the kids finish high school.  Leann pretends not to care about sex but she has a collection of dildos in the top drawer of her nightstand that she uses on herself when I‘m at work.  Whatever.  She‘s always been a lousy piece of ass anyway.  

Hey, don’t feel sorry for me.  I’m getting more pussy than I can handle.  Just last week, I got a text message from my sex buddy Marcia while I was at work that simply said,  “WANNA PLAY?”

Marcia is this super hot red-headed MILF from St. Paul I met online last year.  She has beautiful blue eyes and creamy white skin.  Her devilish smile makes my cock throb.  Marcia and I hookup at least twice a month for some crazy sex.  She doesn’t ask me about my personal life and I don’t ask about hers.  There's no drama, no jealousy, and absolutely no strings attached.  Just the way I like it.

I have a half dozen other  fuck friends.  Mostly bored horny housewives in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area that I fuck in the afternoon before I go to work.  Marcia is by far the hottest and most imaginative.

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As soon as I got Marcia’s text message I got an adrenaline rush and my heart started beating rapidly.   I took my break and called her.  I wondered what she had in mind for me this time.

Marcia told me about a hot 33 year old female business traveler from Denver who was staying at hotel in downtown St. Paul.  The woman wanted to explore her bisexual fantasies with an experienced bi female while she was out of town.   I knew Marcia was bi and I knew she hooked up with women as well as men.  Marcia had spent the past two nights teaching her new friend the joys of lesbian sex.   They wanted to spice things up tonight by bringing a guy into the mix and that is where I came in.  No pun intended.  

I asked Marcia what her new friend looked like.  “Don’t worry you won’t be disappointed.  I’m sure she’s a lot hotter than some of those warehouse whores you fuck when you’re not with me.”  She teased.

Things were slow at work so I didn’t feel guilty about telling my boss I had a migraine and needed to leave work early.  It took me about 30 minutes to get to the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  I got there around 8PM to find the ladies sipping cocktails in the bar.

Marcia introduced me to her sexy friend Jackie, a hot Courtney Cox look-alike.  SCHWING!  Instant boner. I was really going to owe Marcia one for this little surprise.

The ladies had been drinking for awhile and feeling no pain. They looked like they wanted to start eating each other out right there in the bar.   Jackie seemed a little shy, she was leaning against Marcia.  I noticed she was rocking back and forth like she was humping something.   I looked down and saw that Marcia had her hand between her legs and Jackie wasn’t wearing panties.  I leaned in for a closer look and saw that Marcia was finger fucking her right there in the booth.  Nice.

My girl Marcia is bold and fearless.  She gets off on having sex in public places and shocking me.  After playing with Marcia for the last few months, I don’t shock so easily anymore.

As we chatted, I caught "Courtney Cox" checking out my cock.  Se smiled and said, “I heard you had a big dick“.  I took her hand and placed it on my lap and watched her eyes light up like she just found a $100 bill in the bottom of her purse.

Marcia said that Jackie had been married for 14 years and that her husband was the only man she had ever fucked.  Jackie squeezed my boner through my jeans.  “WOW, this is much bigger than my husbands.”

The sight and smell of Jackie being finger fucked by my insatiable girlfriend and Jackie’s infatuation with my hardon had me ready to go up to the room.  The girls were wearing nice dresses and I felt out of place wearing my grubby work clothes.   I suggested we order another round of drinks and take the party up to Jackie’s room.   As we waited for the waitress to bring the drinks, the girls teased me, asking if I was up for the challenge of taking care of TWO women.

“No problem, this ain’t my first rodeo, ladies.”  I said with a fake southern drawl.   We all laughed.

Threesomes weren’t a new game for me.  I had been having threesome’s with Barb, a submissive housewife from Eden Prairie and her fat friend Rosa for the last several months.  That’s a story for another day.

As soon as we got into the elevator Marcia unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out.  “See I told you he was hung like a horse”, she said to Jackie.  Jackie started fondling my cock while Marcia plunged her tongue into my mouth.  Marcia stuck her sticky fingers in my mouth and we shared Jackie’s dried secretions as our tongues probed each other’s mouths.  I slid my hand up Jackie’s skirt and fingered her soaked pussy.  The elevator stopped on the 8th floor and the girls led me to the room by my cock.

Marcia dropped to her knees right there in the hallway and started sucking my cock while Jackie fished the key card out of her purse and slid it in the key reader.  Jackie held the door open and watched impatiently as Marcia continued to blow me in the hallway.  Marcia didn’t even flinch when a young couple got off the elevator and started walking our way.  Jackie pulled us into the room by the back of my shirt.  Marcia crawled in on her knees still sucking my cock like it was a Willy Wonka bar or something.

Marcia showed off her deep throating skills by taking my cock all the way down her throat a couple of times then she stood up and pushed me into an upholstered chair.  “Watch me unwrap your present.”  She walked over to Jackie who was standing at the side of the bed being shy.  She slowly undressed her, kissing and sucking her big brown nipples.   I stroked my cock and enjoyed the show.  

Marcia guided Jackie onto the bed then quickly stripped off her own clothes and tossed them at me.  I caught her panties in midair and put them up to my face.  They were slightly damp and smelled heavenly.  I stroked my cock and watched as Marcia climbed between Jackie’s legs and spread her cunt lips with her thumbs.  I leaned forward in my chair to get a better look at Marcia eating Jackie out.  She licked slowly around the clit and then she darted her tongue into Jackie’s wet pussy hole as she spread her lips even wider.  Jackie moaned and ran her fingers through Marcia’s hair.

Marcia worked Jackie’s pussy vigorously with her mouth and fingers.  I was surprised at how hard and fast she was finger fucking her.  It didn’t take long for her to bring Jackie to the verge of  an orgasm.  Jackie was panting and moaning loudly, then she called out “OH YEAH, I‘M GONNA CUM” in a soft husky voice.  Marcia stopped and told her she couldn’t cum yet.  

Marcia crawled up to kiss Jackie, stopping to suck her tits again on the way up.   The girls kissed passionately for awhile then switched places with Marcia on her back and Jackie between her legs,  her fine ass facing me.  I undressed and kept on stroking my cock waiting for an opportunity to join the fun.  

For a woman who just learned how to eat pussy, you could have fooled me.  Jackie was going down on Marcia like an experienced dyke.  I watched as she slid a couple of fingers into Marcia’s pussy.  Then she used her tongue to lick along the edges of the coochie hole, then moved slowly to Marcia’s big swollen clit, she flicked it back and forth with the tip of her tongue.  Marcia pulled her legs up in the air, her hands under each knee and begged Jackie to fuck her pussy with her tongue.

Jackie’s head bobbed as she used her tongue like a little dick to fuck Marcia’s honey pot.  Jackie paused and smiled as she looked back over her shoulder at me, her face covered with Marcia’s pussy juices.  “Come over here and put that big cock in me.”  She said.

I hopped right out of the chair and lubed my dick up with spit as I climbed in the bed.  Jackie’s ass was high in the air giving me a good angle to fuck her from behind.  She continued to eat Marcia out as I slid the head of my cock through her wet slit.  I pressed the head against her pussy hole and pressed firmly and steadily just enough to get the tip of the head in.  “OH PLEASE FUCK ME” Jackie begged.

Marcia yelled, “Stop teasing the poor girl and give her some dick!”

I kicked Jackie’s legs out a little wider with my knees and grabbed her waist firmly and pushed the head of my cock in.  She sighed and wiggled her ass in approval.  I took a couple of slow short strokes before driving it as deep as it would go.  Jackie cried out as my cock rammed against her cervix.  “OH GODDAMN!….. THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD.”

Marcia spun around in a 69 position underneath Jackie while I continued to pump away.  Marcia alternated between licking my balls and licking Jackie’s clit while I hammered that pussy good.   Marcia started fingering my ass which is something she liked to do when she gave me a blowjob.  If there is an earthly pleasure greater than this, I can’t imagine what it is and I am unworthy of it.

Jackie slurped on Marcia’s pussy while I fucked her as hard as I could.  Marcia’s finger explored even deeper into my ass while sucking Jackie‘s clit.   I kept pounding Jackie’s pussy,  I knew she was about to cum.  She grunted and yelled out, “OH YEAH FUCK ME…DON’T STOP….  FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG COCK… CUM INSIDE ME BABY.”

Marcia’s finger pushed the magic button somewhere deep inside my culo just as Jackie started to cum.  I held on tight to keep her pussy from squeezing my dick out.   I felt like an epileptic as my whole body began to shake violently.  I grunted loudly and uncontrollably as I busted a big nut inside Jackie.

Our little sex party continued past midnight.  I fucked Marcia missionary style while Jackie sucked on her tits.  Then the girls took turns eating my cum out of each other’s pussies while I took pictures with my cell phone.  Jackie said she would get back to St. Paul again in a few months and we agreed that we would get together again when she did.

Marcia and Jackie were naked, cuddling and sleeping when I left the hotel.  I got home around 2 AM and quietly snuck into bed.  If my wife was aware I got home late she never said anything.  

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