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My Big Cock Experience
A threesome with a coworker and her big dicked boyfriend. - by: Bonnie

  Last night I found out what it’s like to finally get filled up with cock.  I’ve been with my boyfriend Paul for about three years now.  He’s a nice enough guy but he acts like an asshole and I think now it’s because he’s got a tiny dick.

  I’m 25 and Paul was the first boyfriend I had sex with.  It’s never been “earth shattering” but I always figured it had something to do with me being overweight.  Not that I’m super grossly fat, just plump enough that I wondered if my stomach was getting in the way when we were making love.

  A few months ago I started working as a claims rep at a national medical insurance company.  I felt funny being the youngest one there, but my second week a few of the women invited me to lunch down in the cafeteria.  One of the ladies, Kathy, was telling this story about a guy she’s been dating.  She said his cock was 11 inches long!  I didn’t believe her at first, but she kept going on and on about how he would fuck her with her ass up on a pillow and she could feel the hard head of his thick pole slamming against her cervix.  She said that the first time they fucked she came so hard she squirted halfway across the room!

  Another woman, Ruby, complained about how she’s been married for 10 years and, even though she really loves her husband, she wished he had a bigger cock.  She said her husband only measures 5 inches when he’s hard.  Only 5 inches!  I think Paul can’t be much more than 4!  At least Ruby’s husband is nice enough that he will eat her out and make her cum by sucking on her clit.  Kathy then said that having a boyfriend with a big dick does have one drawback.  Whenever she gives him head she has to spray cough medicine on the back of her throat so she won’t gag while she’s sliding her lips up and down his shaft.  She said “at least I don’t have to worry about whether to spit or swallow – he shoves it down my throat so far, I don’t have a choice!”  I tried to laugh along with everyone but I was really kind of embarrassed by their discussions.  I was a little embarrassed by my reaction too.  As I slid out of the booth that day, I ran my hand along behind me to wipe up some of the juice I’d left on the plastic seat.

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  I started going down to lunch with the older women at least twice a week.  I wasn’t embarrassed by their stories anymore but they all talked about how great it was to have a man with a big cock and it really made me wish Paul was bigger than he is.  One of the ladies asked me how big my boyfriend was and I turned bright red.  They all made apologetic noises and she said “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you, honey – is he really that small?”  I lied and said “No, he’s not super tiny – just around 7 inches or so.” Kathy butted in and started telling us about how last week she went home early one afternoon from work and walked in on her boyfriend stroking himself in the bedroom.  He had just started and invited her to watch him.  Kathy said she was mesmerized by how long it took him to run his hand all the way from the base of his cock to its thick, pulsing head.  She sat down on the bed so she could watch from right close up.  She said he started to moan as little beads of cum started to squeeze out from under his hand.  Kathy leaned in and gently licked them away, making her boyfriend gasp.  All of a sudden, he pushed her backwards on the bed and yanked her panties off from under her work skirt.  He flipped her over roughly and pushed her up to her knees.  Kathy told us how glad she was that she was face down on the bed so her neighbors didn’t hear her scream out when he slid all 11 inches of his cock into her ass.  He left himself inside her for a second then pulled out slow and spit on her hole to lubricate it.  Then he pushed back up inside her and started pumping faster and faster while Kathy moaned and tried to stay still.  I’ve never been fucked in the ass before, but Kathy’s eyes started to shine as she remembered how quickly the pain turned into an excruciating pleasure.  She talked about how she wiggled three of her own fingers into her dripping pussy and came herself at the same time her boyfriend shot his hot juice all over her ass.

  That night I went home and hinted to Paul that I might like to try anal sex.  He was up for it so we got out some Vaseline so I wouldn’t get hurt.  I guess we might have used too much Vaseline because it didn’t really hurt at all – it didn’t feel like much of anything.  When Paul asked me whether or not I liked the anal, I told him it was OK.  He got pissy and muttered something about my ass being too big.  I was just too disappointed to even fight.

  Monday of this week was a crazy day.  There had been an outbreak of mumps and we were getting lots of calls with questions about coverage on their vaccination claims.  I wasn’t able to go down to lunch until almost two and I was so spaced out hungry I almost didn’t hear Kathy yelling at me to hold the elevator.  We went down to lunch and were so hungry we chowed in silence for the first ten minutes.  Then Kathy asked me how things were going with Paul.  I mumbled “ok” but she could tell I was lying.  “Come on,” she said, “you can tell me if something’s wrong.  I won’t laugh.”  And I knew she really wouldn’t so I told her about the whole anal sex fiasco.  Kathy was really sweet and didn’t even call me on the fact that I had lied earlier about Paul’s size.  “You know,” she said quietly, “I might be able to help you out some.”  I asked her what she was talking about.  “Well,” she said, “you have a boyfriend with a small penis and I have a feeling it’s the only one you’ve ever known.”  I nodded while looking at the floor.  “My boyfriend has a HUGE penis,” she said.  

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  “I know,” I told her and smiled. “I’ve heard.”  

  She smiled back and said, “My mom taught me it’s always nice to share when you have something others don’t.”  I looked up at Kathy and she giggled.  “Don’t look so shocked!” she exclaimed “we’re friends and I just want to help.”

  I couldn’t believe it!  Was Kathy really suggesting I ‘borrow’ her boyfriend?  Was I really considering taking her up on it?

  “Um, how exactly do you mean ‘share’?” I asked.

  “How about you come over tonight for drinks after work and we’ll just play it by ear?  I know we’ll both need a good stiff one when this day’s over anyway.”

  “Yeah,” I giggled.  “A good stiff one is right!”

  “That’s the spirit,” Kathy said.  

  Five o’clock rolled around and I grabbed my purse and headed to my car.  I had directions to Kathy’s house in my pants pocket but I wanted to stop home first and change.  I was really nervous about what to tell Paul but I didn’t have to worry after all.  He had left a note on the kitchen counter telling me he was out bowling with his friend Sam and wouldn’t be back until late.  I couldn’t figure out what to put on – what does someone wear to a…I didn’t even know what to call it.  I ended up just slipping on some jeans and a sexy top, one of the ones with the built in bra so my boobs don’t jiggle too much.

  Kathy opened the door when I got there.  “Bonnie!” she said and gave my cheek a quick kiss.  “I’m glad you decided to come.”

  “Me too,” said a voice from down the hall.  Kathy’s boyfriend, Jack, came out to the living room and offered me my choice of bottled beer or wine cooler.  I took the wine cooler and smiled my thanks.  I was way too nervous to say anything so I just sat next to Kathy on the couch and listened as she told Jack about our hellish day at work.  I tried to keep my eyes on Kathy as she talked, but I kept sneaking glances at Jack’s ripped arms and thick thighs.  Every so often I’d catch him glancing at me and he’d smile.  It was a nice smile, though, not creepy, just kind of like he knew what I was thinking and was flattered.  Kathy got up then to get us fresh bottles and Jack came over to sit next to me.

  “Kathy tells me you guys have lunch together a lot,” he said.

  “Sure,” I told him, “she’s been really nice ever since I started there.”

  “Does she ever talk about me at lunch?” he asked.

  My face got so hot I’m sure it was almost purple.  Jack just laughed and asked, “Does Kathy tell you about how I fuck her so hard she passes out?”  My mouth dropped open and Jack laughed again.

  “Actually, that only happened once,” he said.  “I had her on top of me riding on my thick cock.  I was bouncing her cute little pussy up and down so fast she couldn’t catch her breath.  Her eyes rolled back into her head and she blacked out just as I shot cum all over her belly.”

  Jack looked at me and I knew he could see how turned on I was.  “Kathy told me she wanted me to help you out.”

  I wasn’t sure how to answer.

  “She mentioned that you’d never been with a guy that could fill you up.”

  Jack slid over right next to me and took my hand.  “Is that true?” he asked.  “Have you really never had someone fill your whole pussy with a nice, thick cock?”

  I shook my head and looked down.  Jack put his hand under my chin and made me look at him.  “Would you like to?” he whispered.  I nodded.  Jack started kissing me on the mouth.  He was really gentle at first, then he leaned in and pushed me back on the couch.  I wanted to resist but his tongue started doing these crazy things in my mouth that made my nipples go rock hard.  He knew what he was doing, too, because he put his hand on my breast and squeezed and started rolling my nipple back and forth in his fingers.

  When we finally came up for air, Kathy was sitting in the chair watching us and smiling.  I wasn’t sure what to say so I just kind of sat there looking at the floor.  Then Kathy came over and kneeled down next to me.  She leaned in real close and whispered “Me too?”  I finally relaxed as she started kissing me as hard as Jack had.  

  I had my eyes closed while Kathy kissed me but I heard Jack’s zipper come down and got nervous all over again.  Kathy’s hand was on the crotch of my jeans and she felt me tense up.  “Relax, honey,” she breathed, “he’ll take it easy on you.  At first.”

  “In fact,” she continued, “why don’t you let me get you started.”

  I thought that I was pretty wet all ready just from all the excitement, but I had no idea what was coming next.  Kathy slid my jeans off and scooted me down a little on the couch.  She spread my legs wide and began to lick my labia with her warm, wet tongue.  She put two fingers up to my slit and spread it wide open.  The air was cool blowing on me until Kathy put her face back down and began to run her tongue in long, juicy strokes up and down my cunt.  I moaned out loud when she slid her tongue inside me and pushed her nose into my clit.  Kathy started to moan too.  At first I wondered how she could be enjoying this as much as me.  Then I realized that she was moaning to vibrate my clit and I felt myself getting wetter than I’d ever been.

  When Kathy stopped, I looked up and saw Jack sitting next to me on the couch with his massive erection in his hand.  “I need a little of that,” he said and reached down to my wet pussy to lubricate his hand.

  “No, wait,” I said.  “I want to try something.”

  I leaned over and put my lips to the head of his cock.  I knew this wasn’t going to be as easy as giving Paul head, but I wanted to see if I could do it.  I licked in circles around his head and up and down his shaft.  “Bonnie, you’ve got to wrap your lips around it.  Suck on it, Bonnie.  Please,” he moaned.  I did like he asked and gently started sucking up and down the first couple of inches of his dick.  All of a sudden, Jack cried out “fuck!” grabbed the back of my head and shoved all 11 inches of his cock down my throat.  I wasn’t ready for it and I started to gag but he wouldn’t let go and kept forcing his pulsing shaft farther and farther down my throat.

  “Stop, Jack, she’s not used to this,” Kathy said.  Jack let go of my head and pulled his cock out dripping with my spit.  “Looks like we’re both ready now,” he said grinning and pushed me back on the couch again.  Jack grabbed my ass and propped it on the arm of the couch as he started fucking my pussy hard.   I had no idea that 11 inches would feel that good!  I could feel his cock hitting every inch of my dripping wet cunt.  With every slam into me, my pussy opened up wider than it’s ever been.  I started making squealing noises and yelling “Oh fuck! Oh God! Oh my fucking God I’m cumming!”  

  There was so much juice pulsing out of me that I though Jack had cum too.  It turned out that he wasn’t done with me yet.  He flipped me over and spread my ass cheeks.  I knew I wasn’t ready for this, though, and I tried to crawl away but his hands were gripping me so tight.  Luckily, Kathy came to my rescue.  

  “Baby, do me instead,” she said.

  So Kathy crawled up on the couch and Jack slid his pole, slick with my cum, into her asshole.  I wanted to thank Kathy for giving me this chance to feel so good so I crawled underneath on the couch and put my face up to her cunt.  I licked her pussy the same way she licked mine and then I had an idea.  As Jack continued to slide himself in and out of Kathy’s ass, I pulled her clit in between my teeth and began to nibble very gently.

  “Oh my God!”  Kathy screamed.  I felt something warm dribble down into my mouth and I began to swallow Kathy’s cum.  Then I heard Jack’s breath start racing.

  “Take mine too,” he said and shoved his cock down into my open mouth.  I started to swallow convulsively as Jack’s hot cum poured down my throat.  When he finally finished cumming, I sat up and smiled at both of them.

  “How was that?” Kathy asked.

  I wasn’t sure exactly how to respond so I just smiled even wider.  They both laughed with me and we draped ourselves out on the couch to cool off.

  I figured things at work would be awkward the next day, but when I walked in and saw Kathy she just smiled and winked.  I winked back and sat down to answer the phones.  I spent most of that day and the next wondering how hard it would be to convince Paul to go bowling every night!

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