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Confessions Of A Glory Hole Girl
I Got A Part Time Job At The Adult Book Store. - By Janessa

Hmmm. So you want to hear a true sex confession?  This is Janessa from Denver Colorado and this is MY naughty story.  My boyfriend of 3 years recently moved out. Greg was satisfied with 15 minute missionary sex twice a month while I was bored and looking to try some new things like swinging and bondage.

Greg could care less if I got off and he refused to lick my pussy.  He said it was gross. I was miserable. My girlfriend Amanda and I had fooled around a few times. Now that girl knows how to lick pussy. 

Anyway Amanda was willing to have a threesome with us. Greg totally freaked out when I suggested it. What fucking guy turns down a threesome with two girls?

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Anyway the uptight fag took off with a divorced lady he met at work. I don’t know how Greg expected me to reacht when he told me he was leaving.  I was so fucking happy I almost started jumping up and down. I told him I would help him move his shit out right now.

I ran into Greg and his Chick and her 3 little rug rats recently at the grocery store. She seems like a Little House On The Prairie kind of girl. She probably irons his clothes every morning. A match made in heaven.  I hope they have a long boring life together.

Right now I’m not rushing into anything serious.  I’ve been enjoying my freedom and doing the fuck buddy thing with guys I meet online.  

After Greg moved out I had to get a second job to make up for the lost income. Amanda and I had stopped at the Adult Book Store near the highway to look for a strapon. They had a help wanted sign posted by the register. The owner hired me on the spot.

So I’ve been working at the Adult Book Store 4 nights a week. What a fucking freak show this place is. I could tell you so many stories.

Have you ever heard of Glory Holes? There are these private video booths in the back where people watch pornos and masturbate and have sex. Most of the booths have little holes cut in the walls between them just big enough to put a hard cock through.  They call them glory holes.

Its mostly bi guys going back there to fondle and suck each other off.  I was shocked to learn how many happily married guys like to secretly suck cock. We also have couples that  come in here and suck cock together or the guy gets off watching his woman sucking one cock after another.

There are even a few single women who come in and suck cocks back there. The thought of people giving anonymous blowjobs through holes gets me wet.  

OK, I admit I have become something of a glory hole girl myself.  I go back there a couple times a week and deep throat a few cocks.  I come in a little early and spend a half hour back there before my shift.  The boss and his wife dared me to do it the first time. Now I’m kinda hooked on it.  I take off my jeans and panties and finger my clit while sucking. I love the taste and feel of cum in my mouth. It is an experience that makes me dizzy with lust. I can’t even explain it.

I have become good friends with Pat and Angela who own the place. They are great to work for.  Angela is a beautiful woman in her late 40’s.  She used to be a stripper and escort before she met Pat.  They are into alternative lifestyles and have big swinger parties on Friday nights at their big house out in Littleton .

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Janessa's Naughty Gallery

They have been trying to get me to attend one of their parties for weeks.  It's not that I wasn’t interested. I was very interested. I wasn’t having any luck finding a guy to go with me.

Sure a lot of guys I meet online talk a good game. But when it comes time to actually do it, they always have an excuse.

I knew I could go to the party without a date but that seemed a little awkward.  Well last Friday I was especially horny and Angela had been telling me how several single women come to the parties without dates.  She didn’t have to twist my arm much.

She told me about an initiation routine they have for single females.

Can you say gang bang?  Oh yeah! My ultimate fantasy come true.

Well I will have to share the details of that night with you later.

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