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Gay Sex With My Brother In Law
My sister encouraged him to pursue his fantasies. - By Luke

They say that twins share just about everything.  So I guess it should have come as no surprise that my twin sister Sherrie thought it would be a good idea for us to share her husband.  What may surprise some people is that I am Sherrie’s twin brother, and my brother-in-law has always been a little curious about what it would be like to have sex with another man.

Sherrie knew I was gay before anybody else in the family.  We had always been pretty open with each other about sexual matters and ideas.  I can remember one summer vacation when we decided to examine each other.  Sherrie even had me rub the head of my dick against the warm folds of her dripping pussy.  But other than a little feeling around, it was pretty obvious that was as far as either of us wanted it to go.

By the time Sherrie had come home from college with Wayne in tow, the whole family knew I was gay.  My mom handled the news pretty well, although my dad was still working through the whole idea of his son wanting to have sex with men.  Dad tried to not let his anger show, and I tried not to go out of my way to fit his idea of a gay stereotype.  Into this happy family picture, Sherrie shows up one day with Wayne and announces they are getting married.

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One look at Wayne and I knew I was in trouble.  Easily over six feet tall and built like a Greek god with jet-black hair and deep blue eyes, Wayne was easily one of the best looking men I had ever met.  Muscles rippled up and down his arms.  Dark hair peeped over the top button of his denim shirt; it was easy to imagine a thick coat of fur covering his hot nipples and easing down his chiseled stomach all the way to what was obviously a thick dick, judging from the package in his jeans.  His voice was a deep resonant tone that made me shiver with pleasure.  For a minute, I felt all the blood drain from my face, all set to race down to my groin.

Of course, I covered and tried to act like a typical brother.  I fooled Mom and Dad pretty easily, although I could tell by the amused look that Sherrie shot my way, I had not fooled her for a minute.  Still, she seemed pleased rather than upset that her twin brother was turned on by the man she planned to marry.  She went out of her way to point out that we both liked baseball, rooted for the same teams, and even shared some of the same type of workout teams.  Wayne did not seem to think anything was out of the ordinary, and acted as if we were already relatives.  I decided that even if he was out of reach, I was going to like having him around.

Over the next few months, Wayne and I would end up in close proximity around the house or at family gatherings.  He seemed to be taking a special interest in me.  Although that made me hot, I figured he just wanted to become friends, and maybe also to make sure I knew that he was no threat to the sibling bond I shared with my twin.

That all changed a few months after Wayne and Sherrie married.  After sharing a few beers at a family gathering, Wayne and I got into deep conversations about life and sex.  He admitted to me that he had always wondered what it would be like to suck a man’s cock and have a man suck him off.  After hesitating, I described a little of what can go on between two men, and that seemed to be it.  That night, I couldn’t get Wayne off my mind, and worked out a huge load just thinking about what it would feel like to feel his powerful hands holding the back of my head while he rammed his thick rod down my throat.

Not long after that, Wayne told me that he had decided to tell Sherrie about his curiosity.  Instead of getting upset with him, Sherrie told him she suspected most people were curious gay sex, and not to worry about his feelings being a problem between them.  In fact, my sis told her husband to let her do some thinking and they would talk more later.

Within a few days, Sherrie gave me a call.  After making sure I was coming home the next weekend, she told me that she had a big favor to ask.  “I know Wayne told you he is curious about having sex with another man,” she said.  “I don’t want him ending up with some scum who doesn’t give a damn about how the whole thing will affect him or me.  So, brother, I want you to have sex with my husband.”

What do you say to that?  Sherrie took my silence as my being shocked and on the way to saying no.  Quickly, she started to list all the reasons it was an ideal solution.  First, it would keep things in the family, so nobody would have to know anything.  Second, she knew I was clean and Wayne wouldn’t be bring home any infections.  Last, she knew I loved her and Wayne and would never do anything to hurt either one of them.  Besides, she knew good and well I thought her husband was hot.  

“C’mon Luke, do it for me, okay?”  

How could I not say yes, after all that?  Especially since I was already hard and dripping at the idea of seeing Wayne naked.  “Okay, sis, I’ll do this for you.  I hope you appreciate the sacrifice!”

That weekend, I went over to Wayne and Sherrie’s house, supposedly to watch a baseball game with Wayne.  Sherrie had arranged to go shopping with some of her friends, and said she would be gone for a few hours.  “Have a good time, you two!” she smiled, giving me a wink on the way out of the door.

Not quite sure how to get things going, I sat down on the couch next to Wayne, my shoulder just inches away from his.  He was already pretty comfortable, wearing a loose T-shirt and jogging shorts.  Saving me any further question on what to do next, Wayne turned to me and said “Sherrie told me all about her talk with you.  I’m not sure what to do next.  Luke, how do we get started?”

Suddenly, I had an idea.  “If I were a woman, how would you start?”

Wayne thought a minute and said “Well, at this point, I would start to kiss you and get you out of your clothes.”

“Works for me.  Let’s start there and let things move along at their own pace.”  With that, I reached over and ran my hand across his chest.

We stood up and moved toward one another.  Putting one arm around my waist and another on my arm, Wayne moved his mouth toward mine.  As his tongue parted my lips, I felt my dick jerk, and I responded with some tongue action of my own.  As I pressed against him, I could feel Wayne’s cock beginning to grow hard.  

We parted just long enough to rip off each other’s shirts.  I immediately latched on to Wayne’s hairy ripe nipple, feeling it grow erect under my tongue.  Wayne moaned and moved my hungry mouth over to his other nipple.  After giving both nipples attention, I began to lick my way down his chest, following the treasure line down to his groin.  

Getting on my knees, I jerked down Wayne’s shorts.  His hard cock flew up and into my waiting mouth.  Letting out a loud groan, Wayne allowed me to take his mushroom head and thick shaft all the way to the back of my throat.  Slowly, I began to move his man meat back and forth in my mouth, earning a moan of pleasure from Wayne with each thrust.  Below, my own dick was trying its best to break out of my jeans and get some attention.

Suddenly, Wayne pushed me away.  Breathing hard, he gasped, “You almost had a mouthful of cream, bro.  This is too damn good to come this quick.  Let’s take this into the bedroom and let me calm down a little.”

As we entered the bedroom, Wayne turned and ordered me to take off my jeans.  In no time, I had dumped them to the side and given him a good look at my young bubble butt ass as I crawled into the bed.  Stretching out of my back, I started to work my dick.  Wayne moved into bed with me, his eyes on the head of my cock, which was now a shiny red.  Settling into an easy position, Wayne whispered “Let me” and took over beating my meat.  With my hands free, I reached over and began to play with Wayne’s still rock hard cock, being careful to go slow.  I wanted his hot come in my mouth, not all over the bed sheets.

After some hand play, I told Wayne to straddle my chest and let me at his dick again.  Eagerly, he moved into position and I took him down my throat again.  This time, Wayne was really into the fun and began to fuck my mouth with long thrusts.  My hands were having a party of their own, running across the thick fur on his chest and stopping to tweak his solid nipples from time to time.  Time lost all meaning as I enjoyed the feel of his hot flesh in my hungry mouth and the lush sensation of his chest hair under my palms.  In what seemed like heaven, I lost myself in the scent of Wayne’s sweat and the sound of his groans of sheer pleasure.  After a time, it was obvious that his balls were drawing in and he was getting closer.  As he picked up the pace, I started to use my lips and tongue to create stronger suction on his engorged shaft.  Soon, his ragged breath and the swelling in his cock told me that the moment of orgasm was just about upon us.  

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“I’m gonna shoot!  God, I am so close, I am gonna shoot a hole out the back of your throat!”

In response, I grabbed his sides and shoved his cock in my throat.  With his pubic hairs ticking my nose, his cock began to jerk as he sent reams of hot come into my mouth and down my gullet.  He was coming so much that it was all I could do to swallow and keep up with his load.  With a deep moan of satisfaction, Wayne removed his dick from my mouth, settled down by my side and took me in his arms.  “Thanks, bud” he said just before giving me a long languid kiss.

What he did next surprised me.  With a wicked smile, he looked at me and said, “Now it is my turn!”  In no time, he had flipped around and had my dick in his mouth.  He moved my hard cock in and out like a pro, using his lips and tongue to tease the head and the back of my shaft.  Before too long, he was working a load out of me.  Moving back as I started to shoot my wad, Wayne watched my come spurt all over our chests and onto the bedding.  With a smile, he settled back next to me, holding me close.

After we both got our breath back, I figured it was time to see what he thought about all this. “So, was your first time everything you thought it would be?”

Giving me another kiss, Wayne said, “It was a good start.  But I still have a few other ideas that I want to try out, especially after the way you waved your ass at me.  So when are we going to have my next lesson in man to man sex?”

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