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I Was A Male Escort
Stationed in Hawaii and escorting on the side. - By GI Escort Guy

While I was stationed in Hawaii a couple of years ago, a friend of mine told me about and escort service that would be glad to pay any of us young service men to take the female tourists out and wine and dine them for an evening. So, needless to say, I signed up.  

The interview included a question and answer period and posing in the nude, which I didn't have a problem with, being in my early twenties and faily well endowed (actually 9" of nice thick meat when aroused).  The interview went well enough that I got a call the next evening, I was to meet with a 30 ish Japanese woman and take her to dinner and a stage show, I had to wear a suit, just part of her arrangement.  

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I met Kiama at her hotel in the bar, and we went to dine at a really nice restaurant then on to the theater.  While the musical was going full swing we talked a bit, but she found it more enjoyable to slide her hand up and down my thigh in the dimly lit confines of the theater seats.  She was quite the tease and had my dick throbbing for more, even before intermission, during which we opted to stay in our seats.  As everyone else around us left to enjoy their stretch, she leaned to me and asked if I was going to come back to the hotel with her afterwards.  

I said that I would be glad to.  She teased me all the way through the show until the last few minutes, she stopped, I'm guessing so that my thickness wouldn't show as we walked out.  We arrived back at the hotel about 11, and went straight to her room.  She sat on the edge of the bed and asked me to undress.  Not being a stripper, I went a bit too fast at first and she told me to slow down, she had all night to get what she wanted, she said "after all, I'm paying you, right?"  

I nodded and slowed my strip tease act.  As I got down to just my pants and briefs she got up and walked up to me, then knelt down for me to continue, with her having a closer view of my goodies.  I unbuttoned and unzipped my slacks, and pushed them down to the top of my thighs, she wanted to go slow, so I ws going to oblige her wishes.  Leaving my pants on my thighs I pushed my briefs down to the pubic hairs just above my almost erect penis.  I guess she was hot enough by then because she reached up and yanked them out of my hands and pushed them and my pants to the ankle.  

I looked down as she giggled, her face only inches from my erect manhood.  She took my dick with her hand and began stroking it slowly before taking the head of it into her mouth to wet it.  She leaned back, looked up at me and said "go slow, it's too big for me to take all"  I stood as she began to suck the head of my throbbing tool and stroke it with both hands.  I didn't want to blow this oportunity, so I leaned over and lifted her slight frame to her feet.  We never kissed, but I got to remove her clothes as we stood there, and she seemed to enjoy the tender hesitations of my touch.  

We moved to the bed and she laid down on her back, parted her slender legs and beconned me to have her fully.  I knelt between her legs and fingered her moist petals until she was wet enough to lubricate my entry.  As I was going to she stopped me, and said "kissy kissy my pussy first", so I moved back to where I could taste her wet canal as she wanted me to.  I licked around her lips, then probed her canal with the tip of my tongue and teased her small clit with the tip of it.  As she got wetter I gently pushed my index finger into the confines of her tight canal, it needed more wetness, or my cock wouldn't be able to enter this one's slit, I thought to myself.  So, I gave her more oral, added more spittle to the endevour until she was ready to go, laying there panting and having abdomenal spasms of pleasure.  I moved up to kneel between her legs again, this time she did not stop me, she was ready for what I had to offer.  

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I slid the head in easily and gently, started stroking in and out about four inches, and then going deeper, until I found her tight cervix in the way, she backed up on the bed when my cock pushed on it, so I used only what I could withhout going there.  I picked up my pace as I got more ready to unload my own juices, and she was rockin hard and started to cum.  We met each others thrusts head to head, it was great, she started to have twitching spasms in her abs, her legs were shaking like leaves in a wind storm, and she spurted out more juice than I had ever seen a woman do before.  Much as I tried, I couldn't hold off any longer, jerked my dick out and blew my wad all over her mound and abdomen.  She patted the bed covers and wanted me to lay beside her, so I complied.  

She rolled over and stuffed my still reasonably hard dick into her canal again and began to ride it slowly as her orgasm ebbed.  The she laid on top of me with my tool still in her snatch and worked those wonderful asian pussy muscles of hers on it.  She did that for about ten minutes and got me really hard again before raising up to her knees and sliding her canal all the way down onto my shaft, penetrating her very tight cervix wasn't a problem this time, she wanted to have it deep in her.  She rose up and dropped onto my thickness like a mad woman, yelling things in Japanese that I couldn't understand, but what the hell did I care, this was one hell of a fuck, and I'd get paid too, yee ha.  

After she had finished, two more fairly good orgasms from what I could tell, she got up off of me, walked to the dresser and got a robe to put on.  She turned to me and told me I could get dressed, she had gotten what she wanted, I just wasn't sure about the rest, how do I get paid? I thought to myself.   My answer was forthcoming in short order, she handed me $300 and said, "This is above the escort fee, just between us, is it enough?"  I nodded that it was and thought as I left, my god in heaven, a great piece of ass and getting paid too,  Yee Ha.  I was ready to go the next time I got a call from the service, which was at least three times a week until I got transferred out a year later.

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