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I Won The Pussy Lottery
My online sex adventures. - By Richard

Last year, I was working in a suburb of Atlanta. I had a basement apartment in a new house that was right at Lake Lanier. I had bought a new computer, and my landlady, who already had her own Internet connection, arranged to have a separate connection established for the apartment.

Two days later I was laid off from my job. So far I had not yet used the Internet for anything except for finding weather information for my area. Since this was my first exposure to the Internet, I was in the process of learning what to do with it. After losing my job, I started using the Internet to facilitate my job search.

While doing this, I started seeing ads for online dating services. I started investigating some of these sites, hoping to meet a female or two for desperately needed sex. With my work schedules and location, it had been hard to meet someone. After placing ads on a few of these online sites, I received many responses. Many of these women just curious, while others were too far away to consider a meeting with them.

There were three responses that appealed to me and seemed to offer the best chance on getting laid. Each was on a different site than the others, and each was no more than a few hours drive away. This was acceptable to me, since, despite my efforts, no one locally was responding to my ads, or to my responses to their ads.

Shirley was 35 and lived near Chattanooga, in a town called Ducktown. She had recently been divorced, living with a roommate, and was having trouble meeting someone as I was. Cindy was 38, married, and lived in Asheville. She said her husband had been an invalid for three years, and she had not had sex in all that time, as she wanted to be faithful. But she couldn’t stand it anymore and started looking around. Judy was 40, married, and lived in Augusta. She was separated from her husband, although they continued to live in the same house as a matter of convenience until they could make other living arrangements.

A few minutes later I was ready and when I told her, she pulled her pussy off my cock and went down taking it in her mouth again. I flooded her mouth with sperm again, and she swallowed every drop.

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Shirley emailed nude photos of herself to me, and we spent time on the instant messenger and phone getting acquainted and discussing our sexual desires. I was naked when we talked, and she said she was, too. She was plump with very big tits and a nice hairy pussy. Cindy had no photos to share, but we talked on the instant messenger and on the phone. She told me of past sexual experiences she had before she was married. Cindy would sometimes disappear suddenly because, although her husband could not see what she was doing on the computer, he could see it from the side and would sometimes get suspicious about her being on it so much. I was naked when we were instant messaging, but of course she could not be.

Judy’s husband reported for work at 9 pm. She had a web cam, so after he left she would turn it on and undress to let me see her naked while instant messaging. I did not have a web cam, but I would still be naked and tell her what she was doing to me. We also talked on the phone a lot, and she expressed much displeasure with him.

All three eventually decided they wanted to meet whenever I could travel to them. I went to see Shirley first, since she was the closest, just an hour’s drive away. When she invited me, she said she would pay for the motel room. In one of her emails, she expressed concern that I might change my mind about meeting her because she cannot handle cum in her mouth. She said that she loved sucking a cock, but just could not handle the taste of cum. Then she said she could suck me to the brink, then finish me off in her pussy or with her hand. I assured her that I understood her position, and would not try to make her do anything she didn’t want to do. The thought of her finishing me off in that beautiful pussy was exciting. I also told her I still wanted to eat her pussy, and that she did not have to let me cum in her mouth to get me to do that.

I arrived at the motel, to find Shirley standing outside of the office waiting for me. She had already obtained the room, and as soon as we entered, she asked me to take a shower with her. We quickly undressed, and got into the shower. I started sucking on her giant tits and fingered her pussy, while she stroked my cock. She told me to eat her pussy, so I went down and buried my face between her legs. Her pussy was one of the hairiest I had ever seen, and one of the tastiest I had ever eaten. I don’t know how many times she came, but she wanted as much head as I could give her. We finally went to bed, and I continued to eat her pussy for a while longer. After I stopped to let my tongue rest, she did what she said she would do. Shirley took my cock in her mouth, telling me to let her know when I was ready to cum. It wasn’t too long before my orgasm began to build, and when I warned her, she quickly climbed on top of me, taking my cock deep inside her pussy and shoving her tongue into my mouth. I came and sent a massive load of sperm into her. The way she was humping, she was trying to squeeze every last drop she could out of me. From then on, we would see each other up to three or four times a week, spending the entire time together naked. Sometimes I would drive up to Ducktown (which we renamed Fucktown), and sometimes she would come down to see me. It didn’t matter as long as we were meeting for sex.

A couple of weeks later, I went to Ashville to see Cindy. In one of her instant messages she told me that before she was married she had sucked off twelve cocks in one day, and tried to suck at least three a day. She also told me her husband had been a truck driver, and she would occasionally join him on a trip and suck him while he was driving. The week before we met, she had been with some guy she met online and made arrangements to meet him when he was in town on business. She told me the details on everything they did in his motel room, including how she sucked him off.

So, we planned to meet, and she gave me the location of a motel that was outside of Asheville. She said to wait for her outside the office at 4 pm, and she would tell her husband she was going to visit a friend for a while. I arrived at 3 pm and got the room. A few minutes before four, a car pulled up to me. The driver was an attractive, plump female with very large tits. It was Cindy. She recognized me from the photo I had emailed to her, and introduced herself.

Cindy parked her car, and we went into the room. We sat down at the table in the room and talked for a few minutes. She said she could stay for two hours, then had to leave to prepare dinner for her husband. She got up from her chair, and knelt between my legs, unzipping me and taking out my cock. She started stroking it, and when it was half hard, she put it in her mouth and sucked it until it was fully hard. Then she stood up and began undressing, and I started undressing. When we were naked we lay on the bed and she started sucking me again. She would bring me to the edge, then stop and move up to kiss me, then she would go back down to suck more. She did this several times, and I was more than ready to unload. She finally brought me off in her mouth as she slowly stroked my cock. I couldn’t wait to repay the favor, and had her lay on her back and spread her legs. I started eating her beautiful pussy, and alternated between that and sucking her fantastic tits. She was grinding her pussy into my face, and then I kept my tongue in it nonstop for 15 minutes, giving her many orgasms.

My tongue needed a rest, so Cindy started fondling my cock and made it hard again. She pushed my on my back, and mounted me, taking my cock up her hot pussy. That pussy was very tight and wet, and as she started to hump me, she said to let her know when I was ready to cum. A few minutes later I was ready and when I told her, she pulled her pussy off my cock and went down taking it in her mouth again. I flooded her mouth with sperm again, and she swallowed every drop. She said she missed the taste and wanted to suck cock as much as possible to make up for lost time. We rested and cuddled until she had to leave, but she promised to return the next morning before I checked out so we could fuck again, adding that this time she would let me cum in her pussy.

Cindy came back at 8 am the following morning, and we continued where we left off. I had remained naked when she had left the night before, and so I was still naked waiting for her to return. She was pleased to see me still naked. She was wearing a raincoat, although it was not raining, and when she took it off she was naked. She then lay on the bed and spread her legs. I climbed on top of her and slid my cock into her pussy which was still wet and hot. After she came a few times she wanted to get on top of me, so we changed positions. She gave me a good fucking, and I pumped a load of sperm deep into her as she had still another climax. Cindy and I rested for a while, then she wanted to give me one more blowjob before she had to leave again. She sucked like mad I pumped another load of sperm into her mouth, then we talked for a few minutes on when we could meet again. I think she could live on sperm.

A month later I was able to meet Judy in Augusta. She had been fucking some married man she found online in Atlanta who would go out to see her two times a month, but she wanted to meet other men to fuck as well. She knew many men in Augusta, but felt that would be too risky, as men will talk. So she was limiting herself to men who did not live there.

Watching her naked on her web cam was making me extremely horny. I really had to taste this woman and told her many times during our im sessions. We made plans to meet on a weekend when her husband was going out of town, supposedly to visit relatives but she suspected he was screwing someone else. That was fine with her as she said she did not want him to ever touch her again.

Judy gave me directions to a motel that was just over the state line in South Carolina. I gave her an estimated time of arrival, and about an hour before I was due there, she called me on my cell phone and said she already had the room and gave me the room number.

I was in great anticipation of what was going to happen, and when I arrived the door was slightly ajar with a note taped to it for me. The note said I was in the right place, and said to come in, undress, and come into the bathroom where I would find her taking a bubble bath.

I did as instructed and found Judy naked in the bath. I got into the tub with her, and she reached over and fondled my hard cock as I started feeling her pussy. After a while, she told me to open the drain and then turn on the shower to wash the bubbles off our bodies. I did, and we stood up to rinse off. She then turned around and bent over, and I slid my cock into her and fucked her doggie style, making her cum a few times. She later said that her husband, when they were still having sex, never wanted to fuck her that way although that is a favorite position for her.

Judy wanted to 69, so I pulled out and we washed her pussy and my cock. I was glad as I was ready to eat her pussy. Then we dried ourselves and went to bed. She went into the 69 position, shoving her pussy into my face and taking my cock into her mouth. It wasn’t long before I erupted in her mouth, and she continued to suck my cock until it went limp. I kept eating her pussy until my tongue was worn out. When I got hard again, she lay on her back and I slid my cock up her pussy. She was really grinding away as I fucked her, and she had a few more orgasms before I emptied my load of sperm deep inside her.

Since her husband would be gone all weekend, she spent the entire weekend with me. We stayed naked the entire time, except when we were hungry and went out to eat. Upon returning to the room, we would undress again and she would suck me off for dessert.

I saw Cindy and Judy just a few times more, but with the gasoline prices going up, I finally had to limit myself to seeing Shirley exclusively. Which was fine with me as she was always available to fuck.

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