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My Husband Fucked The Maid
She cleans my house and he cleans her pussy. - By Dana

In just a few short weeks, I will be a new mommy! I am very excited about the new arrival in our home since I am unable to have any children. So how am I going to be a new mommy? Well it all began last year when we hired our wonderful house maid, Isabella.

I’ve been married to Louis for about ten years. We met while I was working as a professor at the college here in San Diego. Louise is a maintenance electrician at the same college. When we met thirteen years ago, we were both married to other people. We were both very unhappy and unsatisfied in those marriages. I knew my husband was sleeping with a few young tarts at his work and Louis’ wife was basically frigid. The poor guy was lucky if he got sex twice a year. Needless to say, Louis and I began a red hot passionate affair. Our affair lasted about two years until his wife found out about us and gave him an ultimatum. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that he chose me. A year later we were married and it’s been blissful. Louis and I have a fantastic marriage and an incredible hot sex life together.

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Unfortunately during my early twenties I had learned that I had pelvic inflammatory disease and the terrible scarring left me unable to conceive. For several years Louis and I tried to get pregnant but the scarring was just too great. It was very hard on me knowing that I would never experience the joys of childbirth but Louis reassured me over and over that it was ok if we never had children. I had so wanted to give Louis a child of his own, but came to terms that it would never be. We had vowed to each other to keep our sex life exciting and alive when we left our first marriages and married each other. We included role playing and watching pornos together and eventually we began going to the local swing clubs and places like Hedonism II. Over the years we have shared our bed with other women and men that we met online. We have had a few experiences where it didn’t work out but most of the time Louis and I have a great time.

With our work schedules and play schedules being so busy, many times the housework fell by the wayside. I decided we really needed to hire a live in maid.  We could afford it.  I told Louis I wanted to find a live-in maid and of course he was all for it but insisted that she be young and fuckable. That’s my Louis! I went to an agency and there I found Isabella. She was a young pretty twenty two year old from Guatemala. She had beautiful rich dark brown eyes and hair that made me melt and my pussy tingle. She also had the most perfect 34C breasts that she loved to flaunt with her low cut tops. My pussy was on fire for this beauty and I hired her on the spot even though there was a language barrier between us and we could barely communicate. I knew when I brought her home that Louis would find her just as delicious as I did.

I brought Isabella home and showed her to her new room where she settled in. When Louis came home I introduced him to our new maid. Louis began flirting with Isabella from the start and she seemed to welcome it. Within a few weeks she was allowing him to feel her up and kiss her when I wasn’t around. She wouldn’t allow him to go any further until one afternoon I pulled her aside and told her in my lousy Spanish, “Isabella, usted puede tenor sexo con mi mardo,” which translated in English is, “Isabella, you can have sex with my husband.” She looked a little uncertain at first but I reassured her it was ok.

From then on, Louis fucked Isabella three or four times a week.  We gave Isabella a big raise and told her that she had the option of cleaning house in the nude. It was very erotic to watch her dust or vacuum in the nude, imagining Louis taking her and bending her over the sofa and fucking her as I watched. It made me extremely horny to fantasize about it. At night after he would fuck her, he’d come back to our bed and tell me all the details of their encounters. It got me so damn wet to imagine her sucking his big cock or his cock entering her tight young pussy at night after I’d fall asleep. He would wake me and let me suck his cock and taste her juices on him while he’d tell me the details. Louis told me that she was quite an eager little cock sucker and that he didn’t have to teach her much. She loved to get her lips completely wrapped around his swollen head and slowly glide down on his shaft until her nose would touch his groin. Then she would extend out her tongue and lap up his balls while his cock pressed against her throat. She would do this several times to him until he couldn’t hold back any longer and he’d explode in her mouth. Proud as a little peacock she would then show him his creamy jism in her mouth and slowly swallow it as if it was whipped cream.

Louis introduced her to getting her pussy licked. Apparently the few boyfriends she had back in Guatemala never went down on her. Louis would have none of that! He showed her how to keep her pussy nicely trimmed for him and he would spent at least forty five minutes or more each night he was with her bringing her to multiple orgasms with his tongue. My Louis has a very talented gift! I could hear her moans and squeals of pleasure as he manipulated her clit with his tongue and finger fucked her tight pussy. She was very vocal during her orgasms. Her pussy was so tight the first few times; he didn’t think he’d be able to fuck her. But with lots of foreplay and lubrication, she was able to take his thick cock.

After a few weeks, he suggested to her to join us in our bedroom. At first she refused and said that she wasn’t bi, but soon enough she joined us. At first she only let me suck on her tits while Louis fucked her. It was pretty hot and sexy watching Louis fuck her. I loved watching him part her slender thighs open and spread her sweet pussy lips open exposing her hardened clit. I’d massage her erect nipples in the same direction Louis worked his tongue on her. Within moments her sweet body would thrash about as she rode her orgasm to its heights. I could see her sweet juices flowing down her ass cheeks. She allowed Louis to lick her juices up and tease her asshole with his tongue but she never allowed him to fuck her there. That was the one and only thing she was adamant about. On a few rare occasions while she was deep in the throes of her lust, she allowed him to slide a finger into her ass but that was as far as she would allow.

She was crazy about being fucked doggy style. She would get on the edge of the bed and wiggle her perfect sweet ass in the air and taunt him to fuck her. She’d then reach between her thighs and rub her pussy juices up and down her puffy slit and beg him, “Fuck me,” while I watched and masturbated on the bed next to them. I would then hold Louis’ hard cock while he entered into her and then slid in and out of Isabella’s pussy slowly. My fingers would become coated with her slick pussy juice and I’d slowly suck my fingers clean while Louis watched me as he fucked her. The moment his cock sank into the depths of her pussy, Isabella would gasp and franticly rub her clit while Louis began a steady rhythm in and out of her pussy. I would mimic his cock with my dildo and pretend it was his cock fucking me while he fucked her wildly. Soon both Isabella and I would cry out as an orgasm would rock both of us.

A little while later I noticed that Isabella hadn’t had her monthly and saw that she was somewhat tired all the time. I bought one of those home pregnancy tests and had her pee on the stick. She sat on the edge of her bed fretting while I waited in her bathroom with the stick. Five minutes later the floor dropped from under my feet and the room spun. The stick announced that indeed Isabella was pregnant, with Louis’ baby. She burst into tears and spoke in frantic Spanish. I told her everything was going to be ok. As much as this was an unplanned surprise it was a welcome surprise.

Isabella and I sat Louis down when he arrived home from work and told him the news. He sat stunned at first, but then a smile crept across his face. She was going to have his baby! We sat for the next hour and discussed what the best plan would be. Isabella was totally on board with our idea of us adopting the baby when she comes. Louis and I are giving her ten thousand dollars so she can start her new life here in the United States. After she has the baby she is planning to move to Chicago to live with her older sister and go back to school.

Isabella is now eight months pregnant and sex together has been hotter than ever! Isabella is horny for Louis’ cock all the time. Her breasts are swollen and full which makes my pussy so wet when I massage them. It’s a little harder for her to move around with her big belly and we have had to change a few positions so Louis could fuck her comfortably. Louis still loves to go down on her and lick her into several orgasms. Her favorite is still doggy, only now her big belly hangs down and she needs me to rub her clit for her while Louis thrusts deep into her hungry pussy. The other position is where she lies on her side and Louis fucks her from behind. He just loves to grab onto her full milky titties and grind his big hard cock against her swollen clit while I masturbate watching them. Since she’s been pregnant, her clit is much more sensitive and she is super orgasmic. I’ve come home several times also to find Isabella riding Louis’ cock on the living room sofa. His hands reach up and grip hold of her tits as she bounces up and down on his cock. When I entered the room, Isabella waved me over and I’d get naked and join them. We’d spend the rest of the evening together licking, kissing, sucking and best of all fucking.

We just got back from Isabella’s prenatal check up and he gave her a glowing report. Isabella and the baby are doing great. The best news is of course that we won’t have to refrain from sex in the next four weeks, In fact, he encouraged it. Apparently, intercourse can bring on labor! I hope Louis is up to having lots more sex over the next few weeks. He’s going to need all the strength he can get!

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