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Breaking In The New Doctor
Two horny middle aged nurses and their sex bet. - By Diane

My name is Diane and I’ve been working as a nurse in our Doctor’s office for the last six years. I had finished my studies and received my nursing certificate shortly after I got married to Ron and worked in community nursing for a few years. I took some time off to have my two boys and found I missed being a nurse. I decided to go back to work and was hired at the doctor’s office. Since I’ve started there have been a lot of staff turnover including a few doctors and over the years I gained seniority and basically I manage the office; there are four doctors and several nurses. About three years ago I hired Mary and the two of us have become the best of friends. Mary and I have both recently celebrated our thirty seventh birthdays together and had a great night out with our hubbies and danced the night away.

Mary and I both work for Dr. Joe and he informed us three months ago much to our disappointment that he was taking time off work for the next year to travel and that he was going to hire a new doctor to take his place. Mary and I just looked at each other and groaned and giggled, “Shit, now we gotta train another one!” He said for us not to worry, he’d make sure that he was well trainable and we told him he also had to be hot. He laughed and said we were pushing our luck.

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Over the next three months, many candidates had come through the office to be interviewed by Dr. Joe. Some of them looked like they were old enough to retire and some of them looked fresh out of high school! Mary and I were getting worried until HE came in. He walked up to the counter and introduced himself and asked to see Dr. Joe. Mary and I froze in our seats! I couldn’t even find my voice until Mary kicked my ankle and I was able to snap out of it. I politely instructed him to take a seat in the waiting room and I would let the doctor know he was there for his interview. He smiled the most amazing smile, thanked us and turned to take a seat in the waiting room.  As he turned both Mary and I peered over the counter and caught a great glimpse of his great ass…as well as his long blonde ponytail! Two nurses working behind us were so mesmerized by this guy, they bumped into each other and their patient files flew everywhere. All the nurses in the office were swooning over this guy!

After his interview, Mary and I ran into Dr. Joe’s office and we both said, “WELL??? Did you hire him?” Seeing the expression on our faces, he burst out in a fit of laughter and told us to get a grip on our raging estrogen. He did indeed hire him and Mary and I gave each other the high five. We then grilled him for information on this incredibly gorgeous young looking doctor. Dr. Joe informed us that his name was Steve; he’s thirty years old and has been working in Africa for the last two years. He had great references and a personality that would fit in well with our office. Dr. Joe informed us he would be back the next day to start training. My pussy gushed with wetness and it soaked my panties.

Dr. Steve and his long blonde ponytail and perfect body started with us the next day. It was crazy! All the nurses were in a total daze that day; no one could take their eyes off this Adonis working in our presence. Soon we were all working well together and Dr. Joe was ready for his year off. We threw an office party after work at one of the bars a few blocks away.

Mary had one too many because that’s when she came to me with ‘the bet’. The bet was which one of us would be able to get the hot new doctor into bed and fuck him. My chin dropped in shock, yet my pussy throbbed and ached at the visual in my head. I gulped down the rest of my margarita and took her challenge. I knew I had the advantage since my husband Ron and I had somewhat of a swinger type marriage, where Mary’s husband was more closed minded. Mary and I sat, sipping our margaritas deep in thought, plotting our next move.

Mary made a bee line for Dr. Steve on the dance floor and cut in between him and our young office receptionist and began to dirty dance with him. He looked surprised but once she grabbed his hands and placed them on her ass, he started getting into her seductive dance. I gotta admit I was pretty turned on watching the two of them gyrate against one another and I ached to rub my horny pussy.  

After a few songs, she led him by the hand back to our table and we ordered another round of drinks. I quickly noted Mary had her hand on his thigh while we enjoyed our drinks. I quickly scooted closer to him, giving Mary a wink and I placed my hand higher up on his thigh, almost causing him choke on his beer. He looked at the both of us and smiled. I think he knew what we were up to, but went along with it anyway. I leaned over and asked if he wanted to dance, much to the disappointment of Mary, he accepted. Taking my hand he led me out onto the dance floor.

I turned up the heat and grabbed his ass and pulled him hard against me. His arms wrapped around me tight, I could feel his hot breath on my neck which made me swoon. He pulled back slightly and looked down at my D cup tits and smiled. “Someone’s excited?” he asked. I looked down and saw that my nipples were rock hard and was pointing out from my low cut blouse and were rubbing against him. I blushed and nodded, and told him I couldn’t help myself, he was just so incredibly sexy. He thanked me and pulled me back against him, except this time, I could feel the unmistakable hard bulge pressing against me. Stunned, I pulled back slightly and asked, “Excited?” We both burst out laughing and continued to grind out bodies on the dance floor.

I glanced over to see Mary sulking at our table when she saw the chemistry between us. I blew her a kiss and a wink to let her know it was going well. It was last call and we sat down for one last round. Both Mary’s and my hands were busy working closer and closer to his crotch which he completely enjoyed. I whispered into his ear and he looked at me with a pleased grin and nodded. He grabbed Mary’s wrist and my hand and we headed out and grabbed a taxi. Mary wasn’t sure what we were up to but went along.

The three of us hopped into the back of the cab and I told the driver to take us to the Holiday Inn. Steve leaned over to Mary and kissed her deep and hard, taking her breath away while I reached into his jeans and gripped hold of his hard throbbing dick. God it felt so good in my hand. I couldn’t wait to feel it pounding my cunt! Dr. Steve then slid his hand between Mary’s thighs and began to tease her inner thighs making Mary shudder all over while he shoved his tongue in my mouth. My eye caught the taxi driver watching us intently in the rearview mirror. I was pretty sure his hand was rubbing his crotch.

We arrived at the hotel and we headed up to our room in the elevator. Dr. Steve had Mary pinned against the wall with her leg wrapped around his waist while he kissed her and fondled her perfect full C cup tits. I pressed myself against his ass and fondled his ass and massaged his back as we rode to our floor. Once we got into our room, I whispered into his ear and told him to take Mary while I watched. Since fucking him was her idea, I wanted him to do her first. He nodded and said gladly.

He led Mary to the queen size bed and took her into his arms and began fondling her tits once again as I began to undress her. Once I had her stripped I moved to Dr. Steve and stripped him down, making sure I had a quick sample of his fat cock in my mouth before giving him over to Mary. He then laid her on the bed and spread her legs open and devoured her smooth waxed cunt while I stripped down and sat in the chair and began to masturbate. He licked and slurped on her soaked cunt for a good fifteen minutes bringing her to multiple orgasms. He then kneeled between her thighs and gripped his huge cock and drove it into Mary. Mary gasped and shuddered as his cock filled her pussy full. I worked my clit furiously as he slammed into her giving her a fuck of a lifetime. He sucked and nibbled her nipples and she cried out, “OH FUCK YES!” and came hard as her juices squirted all over his cock and balls. Spent, she rolled out from under him and gasped, “Your turn, your turn.”

I gladly jumped out of the chair and onto the bed on all fours and begged him to fuck my like his naughty bitch. He grabbed my hips and pulled me to the edge of the bed and rubbed his cum coated cock up and down my wet slit. “Is this what you want bitch?” he asked. I screamed, “YES! Give it to me NOW dammit!” Without warning he rammed his huge fat cock hard into my hungry cunt and began slamming over and over. My tits swayed back and forth over the sheets, rubbing my nipples. I looked up and watched Mary slowly finger her swollen cunt and that was enough to push me over the edge. “Fuck me Steve! Fuck me fucking harder, make that fucking cunt hurt good for the next week!” I ordered. Grunt after grunt, he thrust brutally into my cunt giving me the most incredible cum ever. He groaned he was going to cum and I pulled off him and Mary and I got down on our knees and opened our mouths as he fed us his massive hot cum load.

After a half hour rest, we went for another round before we headed home. I gave Ron all the juicy details before I climbed into bed. He could still taste Dr. Steve when he kissed me, which turned him on incredibly. Ron and I had an intense fuck session before I finally fell asleep exhausted and well satisfied. Even though I lost the bet, it was the best bet I had ever made!

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