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Mrs MILF Is A Hot Piece Of Ass
My friend's mom was drunk and ready to fuck. - By Drew

I'm lounging on the couch at Ella's dormitory, waiting for her to come downstairs. We're going to the bowling alley in town to grab a pizza and a few beers. She didn't know it yet, but I was going to break up with her tonight. I knew it was going to hurt her feelings, but I couldn't pretend any longer. I'd just plain lost interest in her and her brand of uninteresting sex.

But I'm an ordinary hot-blooded twenty-one year old American guy, and I haven't lost interest in sex in general - only in sex with Ella. The poor girl was just too shy and unexperienced to be a good lay. The whole subject of sex made her red-faced and left her stammering. Even just the idea my going down on her was enough to completely shut her down. So of course my getting a blow-job was totally out of the question. I mean, we've been dating almost two and a half years now, and she still wouldn't even get undressed in front of me.

Girls like her were pretty much all I'd ever had before my extra-special Christmas present from Mrs. Lowry last month. She was my bud Dave's mother. Dave had been my best friend all through high school. But then he'd met some totally hot babe, knocked her up, married her, and moved them off to Tulsa. That had all happened a little more than three years ago - and that had been the last time I'd seen Mrs. Lowry.

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Until Christmastime, that is. My mother had been riding my ass for the last several months - calling and writing and always nagging me to come home for the holidays ot the weekend or something. She never let up. But week after week, I found some excuse. Truth be told, I enjoyed being away from her watchful eye. But wow ! Time flies when you're having fun - I realized one day that I hadn't been home for more than two years, and I figured it was time. Besides, I was dead broke and knew I could count on a healthy cash Christmas present if I'd just show up to collect it in person.

But she and I had never got along too well. She could be a real nag. One night, she'd just started breathing a little too hard down my neck and I started remembering why I didn't come back home very often. I needed to get out for awhile and cool off. I remembered that the local country bar had a live band playing on weekend nights, so I called a couple of old pals and we headed on over there.

The band had been playing for about half an hour when we got there. They weren't bad. The lead singer chick was cute in a sort of low-class trashy way. The guys and I ordered a pitcher of beer from some local mini-brewery and grabbed a table and listened to the band as we watched the few people who were out on the dance floor. One woman in particular must have been incredibly drunk - or else she was some kind of exhibitionist; she was dancing all seductively like she was some kind of stripper or something. A couple of the guys I was with were laughing and clapping and cheering her on, but I had to admit it was making me kinda hot.

The band played three or four more songs and then they took a break. The drunk dancing woman staggered clumsily across the room to the bar. I decided to buy her a drink for entertaining me so well and was shocked to discover that it was Mrs. Lowry. I didn't recognize her at first because she'd always been a little on the "round, fat, frumpy mother" side - but she'd lost twenty-five or thirty pounds since I'd last seen her. Plus she'd worked out and got her body all fit and toned. And she'd got herself some great clothes and a cool haircut.

She recognized me almost immediately. She shot me a big smile and stumbled over to say hello. She fell right smack into me and planted a big wet one right on my lips. Freaked the shit out of me at first. I mean - she'd always been friendly - but she was my high school best friend's mother - and she was standing right there in the middle of the bar - grabbing my crotch, kissing me and shoving her tongue down my throat ! I got over that negative freaked-out thing fast enough,though - I found myself grabbing one of her tits with one hand and feeling her ass with the other as I let her suck on my tongue. Oh, man ! She was grinding her pussy into me; she really knew what she was doing. I'd never felt anything like it. We stayed glued to each other like that long enough for my dick to start getting hard. I figured I'd better stop this right now before I went and embarrassed myself. I could feel my penis growing and straining against my jeans.

With great difficulty, I pulled my mouth away from hers and ordered us a couple of gin and tonics. I remembered many drunken teen-aged nights Dave and I had spent, courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Lowry's liquor cabinet. The only things they ever had were scotch for him and gin for her. Mrs. Lowry kept pushing up her body up against mine and trying to kiss me. I caught sight of the guys I'd come there with; they were sitting there drinking beer and laughing their asses off. They didn't know what they were missing . . .

We tossed down our drinks and she asked for another one, but I suggested we leave soon. She said we could go back to their house if I felt like it because Mr. Lowry was out-of-town on a business trip. So I paid for the drinks and waved good-bye to my friends. Then I put my arm around her and helped her walk out the door, across the parking lot and to her car. She wanted to drive, but I insisted on doing the honors because she was so drunk.

I still remembered where they lived and how to get there. I also still remembered which rock they hid the spare key under, so I was able to get us in the house, which was good because Mrs. Lowry was limp as a rag because she'd almost passed out on the way home. I managed to get her inside, sat her down on the couch and turned on the light. She asked me to make us some drinks. The liquor cabinet and glasses were still here they'd always been. In fact, the house and everything in it was still pretty much the way it had been when I'd been hanging out there with Dave. I felt comfortable here.

I went to the kitchen and got a couple of glasses. Then I brought the gin over to the table with me and poured a couple of stiff drinks for us. Mrs. Lowry turned the tv on and found the porn channel. We sat there and sipped our drinks and stared at the screen as a tanned and busty bleached blonde and a long-legged, creamy-skinned redhead went at each other with vibrators.They had their heads buried between each other's legs and were enthusiastically licking and sucking their girlfriend's clits as they each fucked the other one's open cunts with the big vibrators.

Mrs. Lowry sort of slid off the couch into a kneeling position on the floor. She clumsily unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, then reached her hand inside the fly of my boxers and pulled my prick out. She giggled softly before she began slowly and wetly licking up and down the shaft and sucking on my balls. While she was busy with my cock in her mouth, she unbuttoned her blouse, reached around in back of her and unfastened her black lace bra. It sure was sexy. Ella wore mostly ugly white stretchy bras.

I reached out and grabbed her boobs. This position ended up being a little uncomfortable for both of us, though. She moved her mouth away long enough to tell me she thought we ought to go upstairs to the master bedroom.

Then she hopped up from the couch, grabbed me by the hand and pulled me up the stairs and down the hall after her. I barely had time to grab the bottle of gin. Half-way down the hall, she let go of my hand and began doing a wild and sexy dance, shaking her ass and waving her arms over her head. When we got to the bedroom, she danced through the door and over to the bed, laughing and drunkenly calling my name as she fell onto it and rolled over on her belly. She raised her fine ass up in the air and wiggled it at me invitingly. "Come and get it !" she looked over her shoulder at me and laughed. She didn't have to ask me twice. In a matter of seconds, I was all over her.

She turned to face me and before I knew it she'd rammed her tongue into my mouth and was sucking hard on my lower lip. I wanted her to suck on something else, so I moved her head to my crotch. She whipped my dick out and into her mouth almost in one movement. Man ! She really knew how to use that tongue ! But after a few minutes, she stopped sucking and repositioned herself. She just climbed right on and started riding my hard cock like it was some sort of rocking horse.

She brought her left tittie up to her mouth and started licking and sucking on the nipple. Then she reached down with her right hand and began playing with her hard little clit. I'd never seen anything like it. She began using the muscles of her hot wet cunt to squeeze and grab at my cock. I came almost immediately. She started rubbing her clit extra hard and made herself come right after I did.

She made a noise sort of like a little kitten and then collapsed onto my chest. We laid there like that for a long time, both of us doing nothing except sweating and breathing hard. After about fifteen minutes, she moved her head up to my neck and started kissing and sucking on it. I wanted to roll her off before she gave me a hickey. I was pushing her, but she didn't want to budge. While she sucked on my neck, she reached her hand down between my legs and started working my cock up and down. I couldn't believe how fast it started getting hard.

She maneuvered her body around until she was straddling me. Then she put my dick into her mouth and lowered her cunt over my mouth. The smell of her pussy juices was exotic and made my already hard prick even harder. As she sucked my cock, she raked her sharp fingernails up and down the inside of my thighs. I stuck my tongue out and licked the insides of her cuntlips, sometimes making my tongue hard and shoving it into her gaping cunt.

She was taking my whole penis into her mouth and letting it slide down her throat. None of the girls I'd been with before had been able to do this; they all gagged. Mrs. Lowry was amazing. I could tell by the way she was bouncing around on my face that it wouldn't be long before she was coming again. I could tell by the feeling in my gut that it I'd be coming again, too. The low animal groan that tore from my throat when I came surprized me. She mashed her sopping cunt into my face and made that little kitty noise again.

When I woke up the next morning, she had her head between my legs again and was sucking my cock like it had never been sucked before. In the light of day, she was even hotter than I'd remembered from the night before. Right before I came, she took my cock out of her mouth and squirted my cum all over her face and tits and smeared it all over herself. Unbelievable !

I drove home with my head spinning. I'd just had the absolute hottest sex of my entire life - and with my bud's mother, for chrissakes ! This was exactly the sort of thing I would have bragged to him about if he'd still been living in town. (and if she hadn't been his mother !)

Mrs. Lowry and I got together a couple more times before I had to go back to Colorado for school. We fucked each other brainless every time. And now the thought of having boring, uninspired sex with these silly little college girls no longer appeals to me. Older women know what they like and they know how to get it. I like that.

So I'm breaking up with Ella tonight. And I'm planning on making the trip home to Oklahoma City a little more often now.

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