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Rough play with my fuck pig. - By Dominant Dirk

I stood there and smoked a cigarette and looked down at her all tied up like that. I enjoyed the look of apprehension in her eyes. She really had no idea what I was going to do to her next. And neither did I, not really. With her, I always sort of played it by ear.

This one's one of my favorites. She ain't much in the looks department, but she's a real slut. I can do whatever I want to her. I been playing with her for a little more than a year now. I got others that are a little more to my linking, looks-wize, but this one's more fun because I can push her further than I've ever been able to push anyone else. Her name's Char, but I never call her that. "Pig" is my favorite name for her. Or maybe "Piggie" if I feel like being nice to her. I see her cringe when she hears the word. So what ? There sure is a lot of her. She's big and soft. Flabby. But she can take whatever I dish out. She lets me do stuff to her that no one else will let me do.

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Like I said, I got other broads. I meet 'em all online. Craigslist is a good source of entertainment. You wouldn't believe how many bored, lonely women there are out there. Unattractive women. Neglected women. Older women - especially older women. And they all want to try hard to please Dominant Dirk. That's what I call myself online. My God-given name is Randall. But when I'm Randall, I don't have much of a personality. I don't like him. Women don't seem to care for him, either. But man Oh man ! I love these women that don't think much of themselves. They really let Dominant Dirk put them through their paces. They'll do just about anything to please him.

There's the skinny little bitch who works down at the bakery who likes to be spanked til her bony little butt's on fire. And the banker's lonesome wife who loves it when I pull her hair and fuck her nice round ass. And the chubby little twenty-year old cashier from the gas station; I handcuff her with her hands in back of her and tie her up and make her suck my cock and then beg to lick and suck my asshole before I squirt my wad all over her sweet little face. I don't usually mess with the young ones, but she gives me free gas and cigarettes sometimes.

This little Piggie, though, I enjoy her the most. I really do. She's about forty years old. Her wrinkly husband's even older than she is. He's gone for business almost all the time. He's hardly ever home; probably has a slice on the side somewhere. They've been married forever. I think she married him all those years ago just so she could get out of her parents' house. She's a damned good cook and decent house cleaner. She also works at a lumberyard as the accountant. I make her do my taxes.

But right now I'm looking down at her laying there on that dirty, stained sheet on that cheap, crappy motel bed - sweaty and spread-eagled and tied by her wrists and ankles to the bed - and my dirty shorts shoved in her mouth (I wore 'em three days straight without taking a shower) - with a look of apprehension in her eyes that borders on fear. She has big sloppy, floppy titties. They're fun to play with, though. They sure can take a lot of abuse. She also has a fat jiggly belly and a big ole fleshy butt. I sure do like her big bottom, though. Another thing I like a lot about her is that her skin is really pale, and she bruises and bleeds easily. I like looking at all the marks I've made on her body. I've started taking photos of all her cuts and welts and stuff and posting them on the internet. I've got my own webpage now - it's mostly only photographs of her so far. There are a lot of them, though. I even show her face in some of them. She's not happy about that, but I don't care.

I hauled off and smacked her across the face just because I felt like it. It made her nose bleed. When she whimpered, I smacked her again and reminded I'd not given her permission to make any noise. So now she needed to be punished. I twisted her left nipple HARD and dug my thumbnail into her soft flesh until I drew blood. Good girl - she didn't make a single sound this time.

I'd kept her tied up a long time today - almost ever since we got there. I'd had myself a couple beers and a pizza and watched some tv. I also took a shower and a little nap - all while she just laid there tied up. I'd made her drink a pot of coffee when she got there and I hadn't let her pee in all that time, so she was probably fixing to burst.

So I untied her and let her up. She knew she had to stand perfectly still next to the bed until I fastened a dog collar around her neck. Then she dropped to her hands and knees and crawled to the bathroom. She was never allowed to use the toilet. I made her climb into the bathtub and do her business there. So far today it was clean. She squatted in the tub and pulled her pussy lips apart like I'd always told her to do and shot a monstrous stream of piss from her cunt. Her feet and meaty thighs were getting piss all over them. I yanked on the leash and she got out of the tub and got down on her hands and knees. She knelt there waiting for me to tell her what to do. I patted her on the head and told her to wag her tail like a good doggie. I laughed as she shook her butt from side to side.

My big girl crawled down the hall on her leash after me. I dropped my drawers and sat down on the edge of the bed and yanked on the leash to pull her over to me. I instructed her to sit on her haunches and open her mouth and then I started fucking her face with my fat cock. I leaned back, closed my eyes and pumped my dick in and out of her warm, wet mouth until I felt myself getting ready to cum. Then I pulled out and splashed my creamy wad in her face. I took a photo of her with my cum dripping from her nose and chin. She knew she was supposed to clean all my cum off her face and eat it; that was a rule. So she did.

I decided I needed to watch a little pay-per-view and maybe I'd get hard again. I leaned back on the bed and relaxed. On the screen, there was some sizzling hot girl-on-girl action. I instructed Piggie to lay down in the floor on her back and spread her legs and start diddling her clit. I always brought a bag of things for us to play with when I met with these broads.

The other day, I'd been cleaning out my closet and I found an old baseball bat. I handed it to her along with a condom and a tube of lube and told her to get herself off with it. I told her I was thinking about making a video of her for my website while she did it. Her face flamed bright red. Because of her size, she hated to be filmed. I loved to embarrass her.

I told her to play with her titties first. She rolled them between her fingers for awhile, then pulled the right one into her mouth and started sucking on it. The girls on the screen were way hotter - so I had to concentrate hard on the action in the room to get the photos right. Then I told her to start fucking herself with the bat. For most of the time, I just shot her laying in the floor doing it, but then I decided to get down close and film her pussy with the big baseball bat going in and out of it. She was having a pretty good time and her cunt was getting all wet and slimy. She started screaming and moaning when she was cumming, so I had to stuff my shorts in her mouth again. When she was finished, I made her keep laying there with her legs apart and the big bat sticking out of her cunt while I took some photographs.

After a few minutes I went over to her and yanked the bat out of her gaping hole. I told her to pull the condom off and roll over and get on her knees and stick her big fat ass up in the air. Then I put a condom on the smaller end of the bat.

The first plan was to fuck her in the ass with it but then I decided to make her take a big soapsuds enema first - two or three quarts of warm soapy water filling up her rectum ought to do it - and then . . . oh, I don't know . . . about ten minutes after I've started the enema - when her butt's feeling really full - when she's starting to feel really uncomfortable and starting to squirm around a lot - maybe I'll treat her to a nice hard butt-reddening spanking. No - better yet - an enema and then a whipping ! Yeah ! And then a more severe punishment will follow if she dares shit even a single tiny little drop, which of course she will. I don't know what the punishment will be yet, though . . . But whatever . . . after her pooper is all flushed out, I'll make her go clean herself off, and then . . . yeah ! I know ! I'll ram my big dick right up her butt and fill it full of my hot creamy, sticky cum . . .

I twisted her nipples and attached an old-fashioned wooden clothespin to the end of each of them. She sniffled, so I squished the end of the clothespin down hard on her nipples. Tears started streaming down my pig's face, but I didn't care. I instructed her to lay down in the floor on her right side. I inserted the nozzle of the enema bag deep into her asshole and let the warm water begin to fill her rectum. Right then, I was wishing I had two video cameras: one so I could film her ass and the other to capture the embarrassment and humiliation that was written all over her face. I told her to roll over on her back and start playing with herself and to make sure she'd given herself an orgasm by the time the bag was empty. So she rolled over and moved her legs apart and started diddling herself. Wasn't long before she was bucking and shaking and cumming everywhere. I told her to roll over on her belly and to just lay there and be quiet. Before long, her big butt cheeks started clenching and unclenching. I was glad to see it because it meant the enema was starting to work and she was getting uncomfortable.

Then I told her to kneel in the floor. I took the clothespins off her nipples, which caused her to gasp with pain. So I backhanded her and bloodied her nose again. I could tell both from the panicked look on her face and from the smell in the room that some watery shit was dribbling from her butt.

"Bad Pig. Bad Pig."

I told her to lay down on her stomach. I set the video camera on the seat of the chair and aimed it towards her. Then I walked across the room and took my belt off. I held the buckle in my hand and wrapped part of the belt around it. I gave her no warning; just hauled off and landed a resounding "slap" firmly across her ass. Her ass jiggled and she cried out in pain and her bowels loosened, letting a big explosion of watery shit leak from her butt. There was already a bright pink stripe across both creamy white butt cheeks. By tomorrow, it would be blue and purple.

I stopped and went to get my digital camera. I was glad to have a video of all this, but I wanted some still photographs as well. Yeah, she was shitting herself and would have to be punished. I brought her a towel from the bathroom and instructed her to lift herself up and then lay on the towel. I noticed she was crying, but who cared ? I moved her in the floor til I could pull her legs wide apart and tie one ankle to the bed and the other ankle to the leg of a heavy chair. I checked with the video camera to make sure I could still catch all the action. (No problem)

I popped a thin plastic glove on my right hand and then wrapped the belt around it again. Once more, my Piggie got no warning. Once more, when the thin strip of leather landed across her bottom, she let out a loud squeal accompanied by a stream of brown-y, water-y poop coming out of her ass. I leaned down and used a gloved finger to rub her swollen clit a few times. This was followed by another sharp "whap !" across the butt. Every time I gave her a little taste of the belt, I followed it with up a few seconds of clitty rubbing - and once in awhile I shoved a finger or two up her nasty old hole. I kept this up for four or five minutes.

My poor Piggie was having a hard time trying to keep her big butt cheeks clenched tight enough to keep all the shit in. I could tell by her breathing that she'd be having a massive, quaking orgasm pretty soon. She was breathing hard and her big white butt was covered with many bright pink stripes laid out in a criss-crossed pattern. I took a lot of pictures of it.

Then I really laid into her ass - smacking it over and over with the belt without paying any attention at all to her clitty. But what I did really didn't seem to matter that much to her; she started howling and screaming like a banshee - slamming and grinding her big hairy pussy into the towel as she came. When she came, she lost control of her bowels and lots of brown, watery poop came shooting and dribbling out of her ass in rivers. I was really glad I was getting all this on video - I couldn't wait to post it online and watch it later.

Watery shit kept on dribbling out of her ass for the next few minutes as she laid there cryiing with shame and whimpering with embarrassment. I walked over to my bag of tricks and pulled a long dinner candle out. I crossed the room to her. I lit the candle and crammed it in her poopchute. I paused to take a few photos. These were going to look awesome on my website.

Then I got the big vibrator out of my bag and placed it right up on her fat and sqooshy clit. She shuddered and begged me to let her rest a few more minutes. She said her clitty was still too sensitive and needed a little more recovery time. I laughed and turned the vibrator on. With my plastic-gloved fingers, I held her pussy lips apart and rubbed the vibrator all over them. She moaned from way down deep in her throat and rolled from side to side as much as her restraints would allow her to. She started begging me to stop. I was loving this. Her big butt was bouncing up and down, which caused hot candle wax to dribble onto her ass, which caused her to scream, which caused me to laugh.

I decided not to let her cum just yet. I turned the vibrator off and shoved it up her cunt. I worked it in and out a few times. I turned the candle sideways until the hot wax was dripping all over her bottom. She was crying softly. I patted my big girl on the head.

Then I unfastened her ankles and told her to roll over on her back. Looking at all that poop had been nasty and I was glad her belly was more or less clean. I fastened her ankles again. I shoved her panties in her mouth (I'd instructed her to wear her dirty panties from yesterday)  I also used an old tie to blindfold her. She didn't like that too much.

Then I turned the vibrator on and got ready to drip hot wax on those big titties. . That's when I took this photo. I hope you like it.

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