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I Got Caught Fucking The Boss
We got caught in a storeroom having sex. - By Shelly

I stood in the dimly lit supply room and looked at the dwindling supply of staples while tapping my foot impatiently. Where was the son of a bitch? I wanted to get this over with and go home. I was starved after that pathetic excuse for a salad I had eaten for lunch. I "worked late" a couple of times a month and sometimes it took awhile for the last of the straggling dedicated workers to depart the building. Luckily, the window manufacturing company I worked for had pretty lousy benefits and didn't pay all that well, either, so dedicated employees were rare. I usually did not have to stay past seven on the nights I met with Herb.

The door opened behind me and I turned, pasting a happy smile on my face. Herb slithered in and locked the door behind him. Even though the building should be empty, the sneaky General Manager never took any chances. The smile froze on my face for a moment as I looked at Herb. God, but he was revolting.

Herb hurried forward to grab me in a hug. He tried to kiss me, but I quickly turned my face away, as usual. Herb usually had revolting breath, a combination of heavy garlic and the cheap booze he kept in a flask in his desk. He also had crooked teeth and kissed like a slavering boarhound. He pressed his thick lips to my neck instead and I made a mental note to disinfect my throat later.

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Luckily, Herb was always in a hurry. He put his hands under his overlapping belly and unbuckled his belt. He shoved his pants down and followed them with his silk boxers. His small penis was very erect.

Herb pressed the top of my head, urging me to my knees. I suppressed a sigh of resignation and knelt to take his dick into my mouth. Lately, it had gotten more difficult to perform. In the beginning, my extracurricular activities had paid off-I had steadily received better positions and pay raises until, finally, I was promoted to Office Manager. At twenty-three, the other employees considered me too young for the job. I knew they were bitterly jealous. I also knew they gossiped about how I had gotten the position. Let them gossip. I didn't care, as long as I had the power and the paycheck.

I rubbed my lips and tongue over Herb's hard cock, glad for the dozenth time that he was not large. It made giving him a blow job so much easier.

His grunting made me want to retch. I felt him start to come and quickly pulled away to catch his semen in a paper towel I had brought for the purpose. I wiped him down, grinning when he winced at my rough treatment.

"Sorry, sweetie," I said in a sugary tone and batted my lashes at him.

"That's okay. I'll be ready for round two in a minute. If you crack open that muffin, I'll have the butter." He chortled at his little joke and I forced a laugh. God, he was so stupid. I wondered how he had ever gotten the position of General Manager. Not by sleeping his way to the top, that was certain.

I unbuttoned my blouse slowly, wondering how long I needed to keep up this charade. Although I had the management position I wanted, I hadn't anticipated the continuing obligation to Herb. If I stopped screwing him, he would either demote or fire me. I had fucked my way into a lucrative trap.

I peeled my pants off and then pushed down my lace panties, trying to think of something-anything-that would turn me on, because just being in the same room with Herb had the opposite effect. Before he tried to kiss me again, I turned around and leaned over a stack of copy paper boxes. Herb liked to fuck me from behind, which was fine with me because then I did not have to hide my expression of disgust.

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Herb stepped up behind me and I felt his limp little cock probe at me, hoping to stiffen up, no doubt.

At that moment, the door lock clicked unexpectedly and then the door opened. My horrified gaze met that of the newcomer-Jack Robbins, the building maintenance manager.

Jack's eyes were wide as saucers for a moment, and then he muttered an apology and backed out, quickly shutting the door behind him.

"Fuck!" Herb said, yanking at his pants and struggling to fasten them. "The one sonofabitch in the company with a goddamn key!"

I put my clothes back on in a daze. If Jack talked, all the rumors about how I had gotten my job would be confirmed. I'd be a fucking laughingstock. And Herb-some busybody bitch would most likely tell his wife. Shit, or my husband.

I buttoned my shirt, still in shock. Herb patted me on the shoulder.

"Don't worry, Shelley. Jack is a reasonable guy. I'll have a talk with him."

He went out and I sat down on a paper box and put my head in my hands.

I drove home and cooked dinner in a trance. As luck would have it, my husband was in the mood for sex, which was a rare occurrence. He was a great guy and we always had a good time together. I could usually talk to him about anything, but when it came to physical contact, he was conservative to the point of absurdity. Holding hands in public was taboo and kissing was not to be considered. Our sex life consisted of a quick, missionary-position fuck about three times a month, when his testosterone level got too high, I assumed. I wasn't terribly concerned. When I needed sex, I went for a girls' night out and hooked up with some stranger in the parking lot.

He pumped away at me for fifteen minutes, sighed happily, and rolled over. I had stopped being disappointed a long time ago and it wasn't long before he had me laughing with one of his stories and I remembered why I had married him to begin with. It was just my bad luck he didn't like sex.

The next morning I drove in to work, preparing for the worst. Hell, if it all came out, I'd just get another job and start sleeping my way to the top again. The next boss couldn't possibly be worse than Herb. At least, I hoped not.

I did not notice any unusual looks when I walked in-no smirking or snickering behind my back, which was a relief. Herb called me into his office and when I shut the door, he said, "I talked with Jack last night. He promised not to say anything, because he wants to keep his job." Herb laughed in what he probably thought was a wicked fashion, but it just sounded relieved. If his fat wife found out about us, she would boot his ass out and take half of everything he owned, including the kids. "Can you stay tonight?"

The horny fucker. "I'm sorry, I have dinner plans with the hubby. Tomorrow?" I smiled sweetly and realized my smile would have to be surgically removed if I had to keep pasting it on like that. This whole routine was starting to get old.

Herb nodded and would have walked around the desk to grope me, but his secretary knocked on the door and I made my escape.

I sat at a table in the lunchroom, eating another bland salad-I had to keep my fabulous body in shape or my feminine wiles would come to an end-when Jack Robbins walked in. The color drained from my face. He grinned and sat across from me with a soft smile. My heart fluttered a bit. It was really too bad Herb did not look like Jack. They were the same age, but Jack was tall, muscular, and fit.

"Sorry about last night," he said quietly.

"It wasn't your fault," I said blandly. I pushed my salad away, quickly finding my appetite dissipating.

"I was checking the dates on the fire extinguishers," he said lamely. "I went in to grab a marker."

"Doesn't matter," I replied, wishing he would just drop it and leave.

"Herb threatened to fire me if I talked."

"I know."

"I wouldn't have said anything, anyway," Jack continued. I noticed his eyes were very pretty. They were pale blue and made him look like a surfer under his thatch of sandy hair that had not even begun to gray. "I'm not the gossiping type. What you do after hours is your own business." He laughed. "I'm not exactly a saint, myself."

I raised an eyebrow.

"Really? Are you telling me the noble Jack Robbins has done something wicked?" I laughed and batted my lashes just a bit, realizing I hadn't flirted with someone as handsome as Jack in a long time.

"More than once," he admitted.

"Ever banged a coworker in a supply room?" I asked boldly.

"No, but I won't cross it off my to do list quite yet." He grinned and I noticed his teeth were also straight and even. "In fact, the next time you need help moving copy paper boxes, be sure to give me a call."

With that, he winked, got up, and sauntered out. I watched his tight ass as he left the room and vowed to give Jack a call the minute Herb went out of town on business. I would never have guessed being busted in supply room with the boss would open up a world of new possibilities…  

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