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Use Me Like Fuck-Meat
I'm fucking the Schwantz Man. - By Katy

It's Wednesday evening and I'm exhausted.  I was still napping when my girls got home from school a couple of hours ago.  I heard the school bus drop them off and hopped in the shower.   My stomach and pubic hair were covered with dried cum.  

As I adjusted the water temperature, I could smell the unmistakable scent of cum rising up between my legs.  I touched my swollen pussy lips and my fingers became coated with the combination of slippery cum and my cunt juices dripping out.  I rolled the goo between my thumb and fingers, then lifted to my face to smell, and then taste it.  I was still dizzy with lust.   

I lathered my body generously with the cheap Walmart melon scented body wash.  I lifted one leg and used the hand-held attachment on the shower to direct the hot water into my vagina.  I spread my cunt lips, with one hand and used the shower head to douche myself.  I squirted more body wash into my palm and lathered my pussy and ass real good.  I used my fingers to work the soap deep inside my dirty snatch.  Any guilt I had about fucking Randy washed down the drain with the soap and his DNA.

This has become my Wednesday ritual.  I'm pretty good at covering my tracks.  I've had a lot of practice.  I toweled off and I threw on my favorite robe and went downstairs to greet the girls and make sure they were doing their homework.  

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Then I called my husband Jerry at work and told him to pickup pizza on the way home.  Jerry gets to take care of the kids on Wednesday nights while I relax and get on the computer.

Jerry is downstairs right now washing dishes and folding laundry.  I haven't been very nice to him lately.  He's still walking on eggshells after dragging me here to bum-fuck Kentucky this summer to start a business with his idiot brother.   We bought a nice house with a big yard, but we are in the middle of nowhere and miles from anything.  I miss Dallas.

We met the previous owners of the house, the Perry's when the Realtor showed it to us.  I remember asking how far the nearest grocery store was.  Mrs. Perry (Karen) said Piggly Wiggly was the nearest grocery store about 12 miles toward town.  But she said that a local company made home deliveries of frozen food once a week.  Mr. Perry chimed in from across the kitchen, "Oh yeah, you're gonna love Randy".  Karen shot her husband a look to kill.  

Then Mr. Perry said Karen was going to really miss the "Schwantz Man".  Jerry laughed out loud.  It was an awkward moment.

Karen blushed and told her husband to "shut up".  Then she gave me a knowing look that left me wondering what the deal was with the "Schwantz Man".  I would find out soon enough.

We ended up buying the house and moved here in early June.   I had actually forgotten about Schwantz Man when the doorbell rang one morning around 10 o'clock.  I was dressed in my unflattering mom jeans and an old t-shirt. I was still busy unpacking and getting the house in order.  I looked like a big frump, I hadn't taken a shower or put on makeup or anything.  There standing at my front door was the most delicious looking young man I had seen since we left Dallas.  He looked like a cross between a hot UPS guy and an Abercrombie model.  I don't even remember what I said when I answered the door.  

Randy introduced himself and told me about his company and their products.  He handed me some pamphlets and a couple of samples.  He said he stopped here every Wednesday morning and to call in my order by next Tuesday if I decided I wanted anything.  I noticed Randy had a big bulge in the front of his spiffy cargo pants.   "Oh yeah, I see something I want", I thought to myself.  I ordered over $200 worth of food that first week.

I made sure I looked fuckable the following week when Randy made his delivery.  He was very sweet and appreciative of the big order.   It was worth every bit of $200 just to get to watch him carry the boxes into the house.  Over the next several weeks I flirted with Randy every week when he delivered my order.  Sometimes I would still be in my nightgown.  I'm good at seducing men.  I know when I guy wants to fuck me.  Randy wanted to fuck me, there was no doubt, but we weren't going to get away with anything with my two girls in the house.

My girls started school the first week in September.  I had dropped hints to Randy about being home alone soon.  Randy had gotten into the routine of staying long enough to have a cup of coffee and making small talk with me when he made his weekly visit.   I knew Randy was on a tight schedule.  He normally worked 10 hours or more a day.  He worked on commission so I knew he didn't have a lot of time to spare.

I realized that if I was going to get some cock,  I would have to make the first move.  Even though I was being suggestive and flirtatious, Mr. Schwantz was risking his job to make a move that might backfire and result in a complaint to his company.  

I had been masturbating and thinking about Randy since I laid eyes on him.  I had rehearsed a dozen different ways to get his cock.  I decided that I would just be blunt and ask him if he wanted to fuck.  I had grown impatient playing this weekly flirting game.  The blunt approach has never failed.  I have never had a guy say no when I asked him if he wanted to fuck.

So when Randy delivered my order the first week the girls were at school, he carried the packages into the kitchen and placed them on the counter as usual.  Normally, I had a cup of coffee waiting for him.  

Randy looked at the empty coffee pot.  "No coffee?" he asked.  

I was sitting at the kitchen counter in my nightgown.  My tits and erect nipples were clearly visible through the sheer fabric.  I had been rubbing them since his truck pulled into the driveway.  

"How much time do you have?"  

"About 15 minutes", he replied.  

"Well, I can make a pot of coffee, or I can take you in the living room and give you a blow job.......  What will it be?"

"Hmmm........" he smiled. "Let me think about this" he teased while rubbing his chin.

I jumped up and walked around the counter and slapped his arm.  "You're an ass."  I said.

Randy grabbed me and kissed me.  He pulled me close and I melted in his strong arms.  His shirt was damp with sweat and he smelled like musk.  My pussy was already moist in anticipation, but now it was gushing.  Randy moved his left hand between my legs,  His work-hardened fingers gently glided across my wet panties and my pussy lips.  He bit my lip while he pulled me so tightly I could hardly breathe.  I fondled his cock through his pants.  It was massive and hard as a rock.  

"I want to fuck you" he said.  "You can give me a blow job another time."  

He picked me up and carried me into the living room and put me down in front of Jerry's favorite recliner.  He spun me around and bent me over, his hand between my shoulders.  He was taking me dog fashion.  This is my favorite way to be fucked.   He unbuttoned his pants and kicked his shoes off, then he yanked my panties down.  I quickly stepped out of them.   Randy kicked my legs apart with his foot.  I was now in an uncomfortably wide stance, my ass high in the air giving Randy the perfect angle to enter me.

Randy slapped my ass cheeks playfully as he rubbed the meaty head of his giant cock against my wet pussy lips.  He slid it back and forth a few times, going a little deeper with each stroke.  I couldn't see his cock but I could tell it was big and thick.  The lubricated head of his cock now pressed hard into the tight opening of my vagina.

I have always been praised for having a tight pussy.  Both my girls were delivered by cesarean.  Now with the giant head of Randy's schwantz straining to enter my vagina, I was a little worried that he might be too big.  Randy grabbed my hips and pulled me toward him.  Finally my pussy stretched enough for his cock to enter.  He pushed it so deep inside me that it hurt.  He bottomed out inside my pussy.  I felt his balls pressing against my clit.  It hurt in a good way.  It had been months since I had been fucked by a big cock.

After a couple more slow and deliberately deep strokes, Randy grabbed my hair with one hand and pressed the other on the small of my back.  He pushed me forward with one hand then pulled me back by my hair, setting the rhythm.  He was in total control of me.  I was his fuck slut.  I was in heaven.

"Oh yeah!... Fuck my pussy hard baby!"  The dirty slut talk originated from a primal part of my brain uncontrollably.  Randy loved it.

Our pace built steadily.  Every bone and muscle in my body was getting a workout.  Jerry's chair rocked and squeaked.  Randy fucked me so hard that the Precious Moment figurines in my curio cabinet in the corner were rattling.  Sweat beads rolled down my back.  the cool air felt good against my moist flesh.  I panted and screamed obscenities.  I was sure he was going to loosen the fillings out of my teeth.

"Goddamn baby.... FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG COCK.... you're fucking me so good!"  "Oh, please don't stop." I begged.

For once, I was grateful that my nearest neighbor was a half mile away, but the way I was screaming right now, they could probably hear me.

The fucking continued relentlessly.  Randy was now slapping my ass hard and I was begging him to cum inside me.   I wanted to prolong this but I knew Randy had a schedule to keep.   A powerful body crushing orgasm rolled over me like a giant wave.  My pussy tightened so hard on Randy's cock that I could feel it throbbing.  I struggled to hold myself up.  Randy held onto me using my limp body like fuck-meat.  He continued to assault my pussy with his wonderful cock.  I could hear the rhythmic sloshing of his cock going in and out of me.  

He had been quiet up until now, but he began to moan.  "I'm gonna cum Katy, I'm gonna cum."

"Inside me baby, cum in my pussy... I want your cum."  I begged.

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cum in my mouth

I imagined that Randy was up on his tip-toes while his jackhammer cock destroyed my cervix and he pumped a quart of hot sperm into me.  It was no doubt the best 15 minutes of slam-bam sex I had ever had.  Randy's cock slid out of me and dripped cum onto the carpet at the foot of Jerry's chair.  

I turned to face him and sat in the recliner.  Cum dripped out of me and onto the seat of the chair.   Randy's cock was a couple of inches from my mouth.  I finally got a a chance to admire this beautiful big cock.  He was still hard.  Randy sighed as I took it in my hands and guided it toward my mouth.  He stroked my head affectionately while I gently sucked it clean.

I glanced at the kitchen clock.  OMG it was 10:30.  Randy had been there for 25 minutes.  "You have to go baby" I said.  "We'll do it again next week."

Randy pulled me up and kissed me again.  I was so turned-on that he was tasting our sex.  He quickly dressed and left.  I stood naked at the front door and waved at him as he pulled away.

And so it has been every week since.   I leave the garage door open and Randy puts my order in the deep freeze and enters the house to find me naked and waiting.   I surrender to him and he surprises me with his imagination and stamina.  He wants to take a day off from work and spend it fucking me in a motel.  I think he wants to tie me up and share me with a friend.  I told him I'll do anything he wants.  And I do mean ANYTHING.

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