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Forced To Be A Voyeur
Sex Party In Pensacola. - By Raquel

Carlos told me to meet him at Fantasy Factory, and I was looking for him everywhere. Not in the anal room where there are about 7 people fucking in the ass and women moaning and screaming in pleasure and pain. Not in the kitchen where there is a woman laid across the island, surrounded by people 'dressing her'. They are placing maraschino cherries in every hole of her body at this point, after making her up as a giant banana split. People are beginning to eat from her and she is writhing in pleasure. I stop to watch her orgasm, watch the cum squirt from her on to the table, fuck that's hot. He's not in the romance room where there were big pillows and candles burning everywhere, Slow and sensual sex, I'm sure they had a little pharmaceutical help with this is highly erotic and very intense. They don't even realize I am in the doorway. I move on because it's my turn to get fucked after watching all this and I need to find him to get permission.

I am more than a little intoxicated, and have watched long enough. I want to get fucked. I am getting frustrated, and flop myself sideways in an overstuffed chair in the living room with my legs spread wide open, one leg on the floor, skirt riding up as far as it could.. There are about 15 people in here, and I want everyone to see my dripping wet pussy juice when they walk by. I want some hot meat in it, like now! I drink my wine with one hand, and slowly reach down to my cunt with the other.

Now I start talking to them while I finger fuck my own cunt. 'You want to taste it don't you', I say to one guy. He of course says yes, and kneels down in front of me to start fucking me with his tongue. Slowly he flits my clit, slides his long tongue in and out of my pussy...which has cunt juice running out of it like a small stream. I grab his head and shove, wanting to make him get ferocious with it. I take his hand that was on the chair and push it towards my ass, until his fingers are in my asshole, fucking it while he licks my pussy with a vengeance.  Now this is fucking I say, knowing I am getting close. I grab his head again and slide my ass up and down on his fingers, fucking his face, fucking his fingers with my ass, and have a huge gushing orgasm. My explosion gets his shirt soaked with my squirting pussy flow, and I shove him away when the shudders stop.

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That was great, but I want big dick in me, and so I go look for it. Like I said, I'm pretty drunk, so I start calling for the big cock....'I want a huge dick in my ass! Who's got one?' 'No little dicks here,,,,Gimme a painful fucking'

I was walking through the house saying these things when he came out of a room, and boy was he pissed. 'You little bitch' he said, 'you want to get fucked?'

I said yes, feeling a bit meek at this point, and begged him to let me have some dick. He said okay and grabbed my arm to take me into a room.

He took me to the tease me room, and instead of using me, he set me in a chair and told me to stay put.

There were people in there fucking already, and he yelled down the hall for more to come in. He said 'torture session begins now!!' and laughed. Then I got scared.

I knew that I wouldn't get fucked, but have to watch instead. I started to get up and he shoved me back down. He told me to strip my clothes off, and when I hesitated, he helped me by pulling my shirt up over my head, and then yanking my skirt down around my knees. I stepped out of my skirt and took the shirt off my arms. Then he grabbed the leather ropes and started to tie me to the chair.

First, he yanked my arms behind me, and tied one to each leg of the chair. Tight. It burned my wrists and I tried to loosen them, but it didn't work. He just laughed at me. Then he grabbed an ankle and twisted my leg around the side of the chair so my pussy was exposed and I had to sit on the edge of the chair. He tied it to the back leg of th chair with my hand, and then did the same with the other.

I was hog-tied to the chair, and wasn't going anywhere.

He left the room, and came back in carrying an armload of things, and I was nervous as he started setting them down on the little table next to me.

So many things....he picked up a black piece of fabric about 2 ft long, with a pink plastic ball in the middle of the material. He shoved the ball in my mouth, and tied the fabric around tjhe back of my head to hold it in place.

I looked over at the table and saw a dildo about 10 inches long,( longer than I ever took from any man) and really thick, and a bottle of lube. I wanted this in me regardless of the pain, , and he saw me looking at it, but shook his head when I looked up at him. He said, 'you don't get that yet'. And I sank a little in the chair...this was going to be horrible.

He continued to lay things out on the table, and each thing made my skin tingle with anticipation. Next was a small pink plastic stick with a gorgeous plume of feathers at the end of it. Just right for running over my body.

Then a small leather handle with thick strings of leather hanging from the end. I really got excited when I thought of that leather flicking my ass cheeks and thighs.

Finally, and very slowly, he spread out a piece of vinyl. I had no idea what this was for until he lifted it in the air to show me how big it was. It was about 3ft by 5ft, and a flat black. Then it dawned on me. He was going to make me sit on this so they could watch my juices run down it. He walked around behind me and told me to lift my ass as much as I could, which wasn't much. He slid it under me, and then adjusted it on the floor. The vinyl was now under my pussy and ass, and ran down the front of my chair and onto the floor about 2 feet out in front of the chair.

I was now naked, hog tied to the chair forced to sit at the edge of it, with vinyl under me.

I watched him walk to the doorway and grab the arm of a woman in her early twenties. She smiled at him when he asked her if she wanted to help him torment me a while. She came in the room and over to me with that smile on her face. I had thought the others in there would be enough, but obviously, he had something special in mind. I knew this chick liked it in her ass...and I knew she was really verbal because I had heard her before.

The others in the room had been using a twin bed and chairs for their fucking and teasing..but when I looked over at him, he was dragging a massage table in the door. It was 6 ft long, 2 1/2 ft wide, and stood about waist height. He drug it over close to me...kind of cock-eyed, so I could see really good what was going to happen up there - and also so the person on the table could reach me while it was happening.

They both took off their clothes and he told her to lean across the table, face down, ass up. She did it with anticipation, her ass in my face,and that damn smile all over her face, and I was writhing already. I wanted to tell him no, that I was sorry, that I didn't want to see this, but I couldn't talk with that gag in my mouth. All I could do was grunt, and everytime i did...he just laughed.

He reached over and picked up the feather stick, and handed it to her. He told her that I would need attention while he fucked her. I wish this bitch would speak, but all she does is smile. I haven't ever heard her talk when she wasn't getting fucked, ever, and those teeth were starting to piss me off.

He poured some lube on his dick, spread her cheeks so I could see, and slammed it in her ass with enough force to move the table. She gasped with pain,slamming his average size dick into her ass and immediately she started moaning and telling him to fuck her harder.

Another guy moved in and wedged himself under the end of the table to play with her pussy while it was hanging off the edge of the table.

New guy licked his fingers and pushed one and then two deep inside her while her ass was being assaulted repeatedly, and then looked over at me.

I was watching all of this, wanting to be untied, wanting to be a part of it, and wanting to get the hell out...all at the same time. I'm sure the look in my eyes was one of terror and excitement all at once. He asked me if I wanted him to finger fuck me, and I nodded. I wanted to do something, anything to get some pleasure out of this. He reached over and touched my clit with his fingertip. So lightly, just brushed it really and started to explore my pussy more..but my man stopped him. He said, 'just a fingertip'...and told the chick to grab the feather tickler. She reached back to me and ran the feather across my tits. I closed my eyes as a shiver a pure thrill ran through my whole body, and all of a sudden, I was alive. I  could feel that one fingertip playing with my clit and lips, finding their way into me, feeling around inside me...the feather running over my skin, making me crave so much more.

I opened my eyes to watch him fuck her just as his still hard cock shoved  into her pussy. Watching him spread her lips, slide in, and then move his hands to her hips made my skin tingle and my juices flow down the plastic to pool on the floor. The other guy moved towards me to continue fingering me, and then he reached over and picked up the dildo. He handed it to the guy and told him, 'no lube, do it nice and slow'. The guy took the dildo in his hands and started to put it in me. He slid it in about an inch, and that's all it took to set me on fire. I came, and squirted all over that damn vinyl....they laughed as I soaked the guy and the vinyl all in one explosion. That's when the guy started stroking his above average size  dick, wanting to fuck me as much as I wanted him to, but not being able to was too much for him. Then he shoved it so slowly all the way into me, I was moaning and trying to move to get more. I needed it faster, deeper, but he was so slow it was almost painful.

While he was slow fucking me with that huge dildo, my man handed the chick the little whip. She reached back while he was fucking her still, and ran it down my thigh.

I moaned again, wanting to beg her to whip me, beg him to fuck me harder, and my pussy was letting loose a steady stream now. Running down the vinyl, all over the floor. The guys started talking about my pussy. How shiny it was, and my swollen lips and clit. How pretty it was, that they wanted to lick it, but couldn't because I was being punished for being a whore. Laughing at the way I was trying to writhe out of the hog-tie, at the red marks i was getting on my arms and legs.

And all I wanted was more of that dildo, more of that whip.

All of a sudden she slammed that whip into my thigh, and I screamed under the gag. She slammed it again, and the pleasure came...the pleasure that only pain can bring. The way it makes me feel alive, and totally there in the moment.

She kept slamming it into my thigh, in practically the same spot, and then the guy shoved that dildo hard and fast into my throbbing pussy.

My man started fucking the chick hard and fast now, watching me get fucked with a dildo, watching my painful pleasure while the chick kept whipping me. I wanted a real dick, skin on skin, but all I could have was plastic and leather. I came hard and fast then, one orgasm right after the other.

We all started fucking fast and furious, my man was slamming it deep in her pussy, her screaming at him the whole time to fuck her getting fucked hard with that huge 10 inch dildo and being whipped without mercy while all I could do was scream and moan through the gag, my cum squirting all over and running down the vinyl....and the other guy snapping his cock while he stroked it like it wasn't attached.

My man came hard, the guy on the floor grunted like an animal and squirted all over my stomach and pussy, and the chick stopped screaming to enjoy her shudders.

I wasn't done yet, I needed more. More fucking, with whatever..I didn't even care what it was, more whipping, more watching....but they stopped. My man came over to me, and untied my hands and feet, and then took out the gag. I asked him to please finish me, please get me fucked with a real dick, and he told me no. He made me leave then. Leave with all that throbbing still happening between my legs. And said, "that's what you get for being a whore...let it be your only lesson".

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