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Fluffer Girl
A part time job with excellent benefits. - By Judy

I fuckin' love Craigslist. I was broke and horny and just buzzing through it the other night, looking for some way to earn a little extra cash. Everything I have to buy or pay for just keeps on costing more and more these days - but my income has gone down, down, down. My part-time job at the hardware store has been eliminated completely. And my hours at the factory have been cut - again. I couldn't cut corners anymore than I already was, so I had to find more money.

I'd used Craigslist before to buy and sell stuff. I've unloaded lots of things I didn't want anymore - especially baby and kid's things - and I've picked up some real bargains. I tried to use it to find a guy once, but that didn't work out too well for me. Trying to find a guy under any circumstances doesn't usually work out too well for me - at least not the kind of guys I lust after. I don't usually want the guys I can get. I have the world's flattest ass, and I'm only twenty-six, but man do my boobs ever sag. I have a little belly, too. Looking at my body is pretty depressing. Oh yeah - and did I mention the big-assed scar from my C-section ? My huge ski slope of a nose doesn't help matters any.

My saving grace is that I am totally awesome in the sack; I always have been. I learned way back in high school that girls who looked like I did never got dates with anyone without putting out. So I decided early on to get in lots of practice and be the best I could possibly be. I turned into a real cum slut. I was totally wild. I had sex with anyone and everyone. I was willing to experiment and do anything (really ANYthing) guys wanted me to do. I let myself be tied up. I allowed all my holes to be used anyway possible. I had sex with groups of guys at once. I had sex with their girlfriends while they watched and jerked off on me. I loved spankings, enemas and golden showers. I've even had sex with dogs on occasion. And I learned how to give a hell of a blowjob. I was able to completely relax all the muscles in my throat so that a cock - no matter how large - could ram itself as deep down my throat as it wanted to go. I'm proud to say that I've never once gagged. I've never met a cock that was too big for my mouth. Oh - and I never got tired. I could fuck and suck for hours (and hours).

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And then I found a posting offering an incredible $100.00 per hour to be a "fluffer girl" for a movie set. The job was listed in the "adult" section, so I figured it'd at least be fun. I had no idea what a "fluffer girl" did, though - I'd never even heard the term before. So I had to Google it. And by the time I'd read enough to knew what the job entailed, my panties were soaked clear through. Instinctively, my hand slipped inside them and found my hard clit. I rubbed it a few times and slid a finger or two into my sopping wet pussy - while I imagined all the good-looking porn movie actors I'd be servicing. I finger-fucked myself until I brought myself to a thundering orgasm. It didn't take long. I replied to the posting as soon as I'd recovered from cumming so hard - and I recieved a reply within the hour - no interview necessary - giving me directions and instructing me to show up at an address in North Malibu and to be there on Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. - and be ready to work at least four hours

I could barely wait until Saturday morning. And even though I am NOT a morning person by nature, I was up at 7:00 that day to make sure I'd have enough time to shower and shave everything. Even though I changed clothes three times before I left the house, I still managed to get there more than twenty minutes early - and I'm NEVER early for ANYthing. A tall thin blonde woman with a very short, very tight leopard-skin dress met me at the door and introduced herself as Lia. The house was considerably more modest than I'd expected it to be. It was already full of people and bustling with activity. Everyone seemed very business-like; they all appeared to know exactly where they were supposed to be and what they were supposed to be doing.

Lia handed me an expensive creme-filled pastry and a cup of coffee and introduced me to Mike, the film's director, who told me basically today's shoot was about the gangbang of a beautiful, big-busted redhead. There were six (ooh ! SIX ! count 'em ! SIX !) virile, gorgeous men whose penises needed to be kept rock hard on demand. My work was cut out for me. I couldn't believe my luck. Guys who looked like this had never even bothered to give me the time of day - never. AND I was getting paid for this ? Incredible ! Mike and Lia introduced me to Marla, the beautiful busty redhead. Marla was simply stunning . . . very tall and perfectly proportioned - except for her huge rack. Her wonderful breasts were big, round, full - and still they sat high and proud; firm. Her skin was perfect and creamy like fine alabaster with no blemishes at all. She had wide set gorgeous heavy-lidded emerald green eyes and long lashes. Her mouth was red and full-lipped and pouty. She had an incredibly sexy smile and was really hot . . . It had been years since I'd had sex with a woman, and I wanted a go at her myself. Then they introduced me to all those hot, hot, HOT men. My head was spinning.

We all went to the room where the action was to take place and it wasn't long before we'd started working. Everything was happening in a sort of slow-motion blur all around me. Penises were coming at me from every direction. Limp dicks were shoved into my mouth and then, once I'd sucked them until they were hard, were shoved into Marla's cunt. At one point, I looked up and out of the corner of my eye, I could see there were four or five amazing-looking guys standing there, just waiting for me to suck their dicks. Wow ! What a cool job I had !

All this action was making my poor neglected pussy was so wet it was positively dripping wet. I decided I was going to have to get myself off soon - or else I was going to explode. So I shoved my hand down the front of my jeans and started frantically working my clit. I made myself come almost immediately. The guy whose dick was in my mouth told me later that the little noises I made in my throat when I came made him come, which wasn't part of the deal - and that it was the most intense orgasm of his whole life.

Being so close to the action and being able to watch Marla being held down and spread-eagled; having all of her holes constantly filled was keeping my body sweaty and in a constant state of arousal. Seeing Marla naked was enough by itself to keep me right there on the edge. She had an absolutely amazing body and she knew how to work it. She was also having a really good time (even though she had to look like she wasn't enjoying it at all) and she definitely knew how to play to the camera. I could barely keep my hands out of my pants.

Everytime I stopped to take a breath, someone's dick was shoved in my mouth. There were a few times when I felt like some sort of demented goddess: I had a huge cock shoved down my throat - and I had a dick in each hand. Wow ! Two hand jobs and a blow job at the same time - I was really proud of myself; I'd just set a new "personal best" record. Memories of what I was participating in now would fuel my fantasies for many months to come.

We'd been working for a couple of hours when one of the guys asked me if I'd please give him a rim job. I must say that was a first for me. But it worked out just fine for him, so . . . what the hell? And oh my goodness!  The whole crew and a couple of the other "actors" saw this and wanted me to lick and suck their asses too.  I felt like such a dirty slut stroking these beautful cocks and licking and sucking ass.  How time flies when you're having fun!  It felt like we'd only been working minutes - not hours.

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One of the guys had what was probably the fattest cock I'd ever had the pleasure of sucking. I loved how it felt when I wrapped my lips around it. Thankfully, he didn't try to ram it very far down my throat. He'd probably never met the girl who'd be able to take it like that. And he probably never would.

And another of the guys had a really, REALLY long johnson. When it was this guy's turn with Marla, he deftly flipped the struggling, screaming girl over on her belly and shoved his long, thin dick right up her butt in one stroke. We all knew Marla's tight little asshole had been pre-lubed, but still she yelled and cried and thrashed around like he'd popped her cherry or something. By now, my poor, hungry cunt was sopping wet. I began rocking back and forth like a crazy woman and and clenching the muscles of my pussy. My nipples were as hard as little peas.

The rest of my time there went by in some sort of surreal fog. Before I knew it, everyone had all of their clothes on again and the producer was smiling and telling me my work was exceptional and I was entitled to a bonus - and he was handing me five crisp one hundred dollar bills. He told me he was really pleased with my work and he could keep me busy every weekend for at least the next couple of months if I could handle it. I was in heaven.

And then it got even better - the guy with the big fat cock and the guy with the long, thin one asked me if I'd like to go somewhere and grab a few beers with them and then go somewhere else and fuck each other silly. No one had ever asked me a more stupid question in my entire life.

The guy with the fat dick was named Dennis and the other guy's name was Mark. They shared an apartment on the other side of town. We all three piled into Mark's car and drove to a not-very-trendy sort of dive bar. This bar actually still had an old-fashioned jukebox, which was filled with great music. We shared few of pitchers of beer, and like I said, the music was great. Before long, I couldn't help myself - I hopped up and started dancing. Mark soon joined me, pulling me close and mashing his hard body up against mine. We finished the pitcher and decided to go to their house.

Mark was driving, and Dennis was all over me in the car on the way to their apartment. Even though we were only a few blocks away, by the time we made it to their apartment, I had to zip my jeans and put my shirt on again.

Once we got to the door, Dennis picked me up and carried me up the stairs and down the hall to his bedroom and threw me down on the bed. He fell on top of me and began pulling my clothes off again. Mark joined us a couple of minutes later. I rolled around on the bed and giggled in eager anticipation. This was definitely turning out to be one of the best days of my life. I still couldn't believe how hot these two guys were - and that they wanted to have sex with me.

Then Dennis started pulling my clothes off me, and then the party really started. I felt hands all over my body. I grabbed the closest cock I could find - turns out it was Dennis' big fat cock - and started sucking it like my life depended on it. My pussy was wet and hungry after a whole day of sucking cock and watching Marla get all her holes filled. I wanted to cum - and I wanted to cum right now. So I stopped sucking Dennis' cock and I hopped on and started riding it. His big thick cock completely filled my hungry cunt and felt soooooooooo good ! It didn't take long before I was riding high on the crest of a gut-busting orgasm. I felt like I was cumming forever. It completely knocked the wind out of me. I fell over, exhausted and breathing hard onto Dennis' chest.

I lay there, sweating and happy - and then I felt Mark moving around in back of me. I felt his hot breath on my neck and his hard dick sliding itself around in my cunt juices. Then I felt his cock moving up against my asshole - and with one solid push, he shoved it up my butt. I gasped, but it didn't hurt much because his cock was thin - in fact, his cock made my butthole feel wonderfully full and fantastic. I closed my eyes and began pushing back against him, meeting each of his thrusts. He reached around and put his hand between my legs. I moaned and spread my thighs further apart and he began rolling my clit between his thumb and his forefinger and squeezing - hard. Dennis was twisting one of my nipples and sucking on the other one. My orgasm crept up on me before I knew it. I screamed into the pillow and clenched my butt cheeks together, which made Mark cum. He groaned a few times and then blew his load. I felt his hot cum squirt into my asshole and dribble out a few minutes later.

They spent the rest of the night filling all of my holes. I was the perfect cum slut. They both fell asleep before I did. I laid there for awhile looking at the two hottest guys I'd ever had sex with - with five crisp $100.00 bills in my pocket - and the promise of loads more. I fuckin' love Craigslist.

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