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Sex In The Fitting Room
I got special attention at the Big Man's Store. - By Randy

The past six weeks have been wonderful. My wife has been out of town taking care of her sick mother. When she left, I was worried. See, I’m a big guy. I have to shop at the Casual Male Big and Tall store. I’m a little sensitive about my appearance being that I’m so large. My wife knows how to dress me.  I’m 48 years old, and I haven’t made a clothing decision in a long time. I was in no mood to start. But all that worrying was for nothing, because since she left, I’ve been having nothing but fun: watching sports and porn whenever I feel like it.

However, my wife called this morning with terrible news. Her mother passed away, and she wanted me to get my luggage together and come out. After six weeks without laundry getting done, nothing was clean, and I wasn’t about to learn the finer points of washing clothes. I decided I’d head down to Casual Male Big and Tall the next day and buy something new. Maybe one of the attractive cashiers could let me know what looked good since I didn’t have a wife to tell me what to buy.

I put off shopping all day. I finally got to the shopping center about an hour before the store was going to close. When I walked in, I noticed a big flirty brunette named Carol was working the counter.

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“Hello, sexy,” she said as soon as I entered. Even though she was big, she knew how to look gorgeous. As usual, she had her cleavage lifted up and hanging out for the world to see. Her tits were the size of cantaloupes and she was putting her fruit on display. She’s a young girl—in her early 30s. Carol has a goth style. She wears dark makeup and has tattoos sticking out from her slutty clothes. Usually, I’m not into tattoos. They make a woman look whorish, and I have refined tastes. Instead of paying attention to the suits, however, I kept wondering how many tattoos she had that I couldn’t see.

I started to get a huge boner. My wife had always told me that she loved that my wang was proportionate to my gigantic body. In other words, my dick was big and tall. Usually, this was something I was proud of, but I worried I might offend Carol. I tried to stay on the other side of the racks so she couldn’t see my dick through the loose sweatpants I wearing. I looked over at her and caught her smiling.

“You need my help, sexy?” she asked.

“No. Thank you,” I said. She smiled.

With my dick at attention, I thought about the next time I might be having sex. Realizing that my wife wouldn’t be into it because of her mom dying, I guessed it would be a long time. I looked at Carol, and she was looking down at my pants. I had let myself stumble out into the open where she could clearly see my giant chub.

“You sure you don’t need my, um, assistance,” she purred. The whole time she was checking out my swollen cock.

“I’m looking for suits—jackets and pants.”

She directed me to the other side of the store, and I had to walk past her. I was not used to being checked out by a woman, but Carol kept her eyes on me as I walked to the suits. Carol came out from behind the counter and revealed that she was wearing a barely-there black skirt. I could see the outline of her thong through the material. She came over and pulled out a nice-looking black jacket.

“How’d you know my size?” I asked.

“I know a 54 Long when I see one. I’ve been staring at guys like you for some time now.”

She indicated that I should turn around and then she helped me put on the jacket. Her shirt adjusted from her movement. I could see a little bit of her turquoise bra. I also saw another tattoo I hadn’t noticed before—a spider crawling across a web on her left tit.

“Nice tattoo,” I lied. She looked down at her tit.

You’d be surprised how far down it goes,” she said. “It’s a reminder of all the guys I’ve drawn in and devoured.” She pulled the suit jacket taught against my front and buttoned the buttons. “Looks good on you, sexy,” she said.

I took a couple jackets and matching pants to the dressing room to pick something out. I thought a few minutes alone might help my penis shrink back to a non-embarrassing state, but truthfully, Carol had me so horny, I was afraid I’d have to rub one off.

I made my way to the fitting room. The Big and Tall store had these large dressing rooms where a guy could relax and not bump into the walls. But as I entered that fitting room, for the first time I realized how it was as a big as a tiny bedroom. A padded bench stretched across one whole side like a bed. Like a bed, I thought again. I could hear Carol shuffling about in the dressing room, and I don’t know what possessed me, but I said, “This fitting room is big enough for an orgy.”

My worst fear: silence. After a few seconds, she started moving around again.

“You coming on to me?” she asked.

“My wife wouldn’t like that too much,” I said, trying to cover any inappropriateness. I laughed nervously and quickly took a few jackets and pants from the wall. I went to the counter and got my credit card ready as she silently rung up my clothes.

I was buying three suits, much more than I had come in for. I watched her tits as she folded the clothes. I checked the clock on the register.

“I didn’t realize I took so long,” I said.

“Yeah, we closed about ten minutes ago,” she explained.

“Well, I was uh wondering,” I stammered. Once again, I didn’t know where the forwardness was coming from. It just came. “Could I get your number?” Carol smiled and looked at me seductively.

“I thought you’d never ask.” She wrote her number on a business card and handed it to me. I couldn’t believe it, and I promised to call in a few days.

“Or we could fuck right now,” she said. I didn’t know if I heard correctly. I couldn’t believe it if I had. “Well, you said the fitting room is big enough for an orgy. We could test your theory.”

She let the bags on the counter and handed me the credit card.

“Doors are already locked,” she said. She led me back to the dressing rooms and we entered the one where I had tried on my clothes. She pulled off her revealing shirt so that I could see the whole turquoise bra. I stared at her giant erect nipples. I saw that her spider web tattoo stretched over part of her belly and dipped into her dark pants. She started taking off her pants. Once she was down to her bra and panties, she started taking my clothes off. She grabbed my dick through my pants.

“My my my,” she said. One thing I always had going for me was my giant cock. She got down on her knees, pulled my pants down, and began to suck it. I held onto the dressing room wall. Carol could suck a cock. I watched her dark red lips move smoothly up and down my shaft. She made eye contact as she Hoovered me. I hadn’t gotten any head in at least a year. My wife wasn’t into it. After she got my crotch all sloppy wet with her saliva, she stood up, took off her bra and stepped out of her panties. I took my shirt off as Carol sat back on the padded bench showing me her full nakedness. She leaned back and showed off her physical map of dark tattoos. Her snatch glistened in the florescent lights.

“You ready for me?” I asked.

She nodded yes, and that’s when I leaned in and stuffed my cock into her snatch. I felt an immediate jolt of pleasure as I listened to her gasp at the size of my joystick. I fucked her slow at first as the tight walls of her pussy grasped my cock like a strong fist. As her juices started flowing out of her snatch, I pounded her harder, listening to her gasp when I full-throttled my cock deep into her folds. I fucked her so damn hard I though the padded bench might fall off the wall.

Her whole body rippled when I thrust into her. She licked my nipples and pressed her tits together. “Fuck me harder,” she kept saying, and I obliged. Her eyes were wide open when I pulled my cock out of her snatch and came all over her pale rolls. I could tell was enjoying my cum shower as she put her chubby hands in her vagina and rubbed her clit frantically. As my jiz dripped off her tits, she began to squirt all over the clothes I had decided not to buy.

“Gee Carol,” I said. “I didn’t see that coming.”

“I knew you’d be cumming as soon as I saw you,” she said. ‘You’re just my size.”

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