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Fishing Buddies
Cold beer, bass and strange pussy... we must be in heaven. - By Adam

I’m Adam from Grapevine Texas. I want to tell you about my friend Lyle’s and my “fishing” trips. They involve bass, cold beer, and pussy.

Lyle and I hardly get to go out anymore. We’ve been friends since we were kids, and we used to love trolling for pussy together, but since we’ve gotten married, we’re hardly allowed to do anything. Once a month we’ll both take the same night out and hit the local bar, but usually one or both of our wives will give us shit about how they never get to go out. They are such a pain in the ass, we hardly even try to go out anymore.

A few times a year, Lyle and I go on a fishing trip. We head up a place in Breckenridge near the Hubbard Creek Reservoir. This is the one sacred event our wives don’t give us shit about. I’m sure if they knew what went on during these fishing trips, they wouldn’t be so encouraging.

This year, we made a reservation at the same cheap hotel where we stayed last time. We loaded our fishing gear and hitched Lyle’s bass boat to the truck. Then, we took off on the highway toward the old place.

When we got close to the hotel, the sun was still shining, so we stopped at the lake and launched the boat. We fished in silence for a while until Lyle came out of the blue with a shocking confession.

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“Elena has not sucked my dick in over a year,” he said.

“Why you telling me this?” I said even though I knew exactly why he was telling me.

“A man needs blow jobs,” he said.

“I’m straight as an arrow,” I said.

“Not you asshole,” he said and slapped me on the back of the head. “I was thinking we could hit one of these redneck bars tonight and fish for pussy.” He pretended to jerk off his fishing pole.

“I’m up for it,” I told him. I got blow jobs pretty regularly actually, but my wife wasn’t as into it as she used to be. I could definitely use some kinky whore who didn’t say no to anything—someone who’d let me spray my jiz all over her face and tits. I was getting hard just thinking about it.

Truth be told, we had strayed from our wives once before on these fishing trips, and on the whole ride I had been wondering if Lyle would be up for it again. We’d swore it would only be a once-in-a-lifetime event, but I hadn’t been able to get the scenario out of my mind. I’d been wondering how I would introduce the idea of picking up chicks, but Lyle had taken care of that for me.

After not catching a damn thing, we secured the boat and headed back to the hotel. We each took a shower. Lyle was out in a second, but I stayed in there for a while, and jerked off to the memory of Angel, the chick we’d banged last time we were in Breckenridge. She was nothing special to look at, this mousy older bitch who wore too-tight shirts and tight jeans. Despite the fact that she was in her forties, her body was tight. She was one of those alcoholic whores who spends every night in a bar, getting sloshed. We bought her a few shots and invited her back to our room for drinks. Once there, we asked her to do a strip show for us.

“What with lapdances and everything?” she asked. She acted coy, but I could tell she was into it.

“I’d take a lapdance,” I said.

“Shit yeah,” Lyle agreed.

We each got on our own bed and she began to dance in front of us. She looked kind of shy and embarrassed. Then, she put on some TV station that played music. She turned around to face us. She was rubbing her nipples through her shirt and I could see them getting harder and bigger.

Lyle handed me a cold beer and I got comfortable on the edge of the bed as I watched Angel dance out of her top and reveal a tight middle and big tits held up by a red satin bra. She unzipped her pants and showed us a tattoo of a cherry right below her belly button.

She was really getting into the dancing, spreading her legs and bending over to show us her ass under a skimpy black thong. She kept making eye contact with me and I loved that shit. She was this cross between shy innocent lady and skanky whore.

She began to give me the lap dance I’d requested, and unlike the skanks who work at strip clubs, she didn’t mind when I cupped her ass, squeezed her breast, and stuck two fingers into her cunt. She wiggled a little, but she liked that shit. She turned around and sucked her sticky juice from my fingers.

I looked over at Lyle and saw that he had taken his dick out of his pants and was rubbing one off right there in front of me and Angel. Shit, if he was gonna get off in front of this whore then so was I.

I put my beer down and started rubbing my dick through my jeans. Angel loved that she was getting us this worked up. She took off her bra and started shaking her tits in our faces. I took my dick out and began to stroke it.

“You guys want to watch me get myself off?” She sat on the edge of the low dresser and left her legs open so we could see her snatch. “You guys got me all horny and shit.”

“I want you to suck our cocks,” Lyle said. He was such an asshole. Here, we had this drunk whore ready to put on a show for us, and he had to ask for something more.

“Okay,” she said. I was shocked at first, but then I made a mental note to thank Lyle for being an asshole. Sure, she could have stormed off without us getting off, but she didn’t. She liked being treated like the dirty fucking whore she was. She danced a little more and pulled her thong off.

Lyle and I stood up in the middle of our beds, and Angel got her knees between us and started to rub our cocks. She sucked on the head of my penis for about a minute and then she pulled away. She spit a bunch of saliva and pre-cum on the head and then started stroking the shaft. Meanwhile, she leaned over to Lyle’s cock and got him lubed in the same way. I wondered if one bitch was going to be able to get us both off, but my fears quickly vanished. Angel seemed to have eight hands and two mouths. She jacked us both off. Despite her bony arms and thin body, her grip was tight as a virgin asshole, and she had endurance.

It took us a while since we’d been drinking all day and night, but Angel didn’t mind putting in a double shift. Lyle was the first of us to cum.

Angel pulled her face away from his cock and started sucking on mine exclusively as he sprayed her face with his jizz. Spunk ran down her cock-sucking face, and I started to cum. As my load exploded into her mouth, she looked in my eyes and I watched them grow bigger as my huge load shot into her. Before I was finished, she backed her head away and let me see all jizz on her face dripping into my puddle of cum on her tongue.

Between me and Lyle spraying her down, the little whore was covered in man juice. She was sitting in a puddle of it. She wiped her eyes and asked a question that made Lyle laugh.

“Will one of you fucks get me off now?”

Lyle laughed and lay back in his bed.

“I’m too fucking tired,” he said. He lay back on his bed and started snoring in no time. I told her to wash her disgusting face, and I’d let her ride my dick. Even with cumming, I still had a bad case of whiskey dick. She rode me for a good half hour more, talking dirty the whole time.

“I love your fucking cock,” she kept saying. “I want you to cover my pussy walls with your delicious cum. I want you to fuck every hole I got.”

After she said that, I flipped her over and told her to spread her ass cheeks. She obliged happily and didn’t even flinch as I entered her tight ass. She rubbed her clit as I pounded her. The whole time I was fucking her, Lyle was snoring loudly on the bed next to us.

She made herself cum by rubbing her twat and then she asked me if there was anything she could do to finish me off.

“You want to suck me again?”

I was using Lyle’s technique of asking for more that I thought I could get, and that whore took the bait. She got on her knees and re-sucked my cock even though a couple of minutes ago, it had been deep in her fucking rectum.

The next day, Lyle and I laughed at the once-in-a-lifetime incident. But here we were, a few months later, getting ready to hit the Breckenridge honkey tonks for pussy.

We headed over to the first bar and grill we saw, a place called Peacock’s. Inside, a bunch of chicks were gathered by the jukebox. If they were 21, they hadn’t been for long. They kept making eyes at us and then giggling into each other’s ears.

Lyle had his eye on some little redhead. I knew he’d always wanted to fuck a redhead. I didn’t care which bitch came back to the room with us. As long as she could deep-throat my cock, hair color wasn’t really an issue.

We ended up talking to this group of young girls, buying them drinks all night and making them laugh. One of them whispered in my ear that she wished I would take her home.

“Would your friend mind?” she asked. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Maybe you could bring a friend for him,” I said. “I know he has a thing for the redhead.”

“Oh, she’s a total slut,” she said. “She’ll definitely come.”

The girls came back to our room sometime after midnight. Lyle and I high-fived about our upgrade from last fishing trip. Not only did we have two chicks this year, but they were younger and hotter than Angel.

Red was just as much of a whore as my girl promised. She stripped down to nothing and got into doggie style position, grabbing the headboard for support.

“Fuck me Lyle,” she said and he grabbed her hips and went to town. He surprised her with his first massive thrust and knocked her head against the headboard. She laughed.

My chick had taken off her clothes, but she was still wearing a bra and panties. I slowly took off the panties to reveal a young shaved twat. I’d been asking my wife to shave since we got married, and she hadn’t done it, so I thanked my little lady my eating out that bare pussy for a good half hour. She moaned for a while, then screamed, “I’m cumming!” Red shouted “Way to go Adam!” from Lyle’s bed.

All four of us laughed, then I crept up and gave my little lady the pounding of her young life. On the bed next to us, I noticed Lyle had moved his cock to Red’s ass. She screamed so loudly that the people in the room banged on the wall, but that crazy bitch just banged back and screamed, “I’m trying to get ass fucked here!” The banging on both sides of the wall stopped after that, and Lyle sprayed his load all over Red’s freckled back.

Lyle passed out after that, and I could tell Red was pissed.

“You could join us,” my girl said, and Red crawled into my bed, taking my cock in her pale hands and jerking it toward her snatch.

“You got enough here for both of us?” she wondered aloud.

I didn’t answer. I just shoved my cock into her twat while my girl sucked on her titties. Before the sun came up, I’d entered every hole on the pair of them. I woke up in the middle of these two sluts. The whole room smelled like jizz, and pussy.

When we came home from fishing, I wondered if my guilty conscience would give me away. I wondered what my wife would do if she found out what went on our fishing trips. But when I came in, my wife didn’t even come over to me. Instead, she made a face from across the room and said, “You smell like fish. Take a shower.”

I couldn’t argue with that! I jumped into the shower, washed for a long time, and then jerked off while I thought about “fishing” with my buddy in Breckenridge.

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