My Naughty Story started out as a website for true erotic stories and sex confessions.  I have decided to add a section for erotic fiction.  All of the stories on my website are the property of and may not be used or posted anywhere else.  If you are a writer of erotic fiction and would like to contribute or have your work published on my site, email me at the email address on my homepage.  



Logan Gets Blackmailed - Submitted By Jessica Whitehorn.  "Her hand gripped the steering wheel so tightly the responsive Mercedes nearly drove off the road.  Of all the people to have blackmail material on her, it had to be her sister’s shitpile husband.  This would probably cost her a pretty penny.  Billy never seemed to be hurting for money, even though he was just an idiot auto mechanic.  Of course, he thought he was a rock star, and God’s gift to women. "

Jenna's Story - Submitted By Jessica Whitehorn.  "Jenna sighed and decided to drive back to the hotel.  There wasn’t really anyone in town she wanted to see.  Even the girls that had called her friend had secretly hated her.  And the guys knew too much about her.  She didn’t want Jason learning about her Marion history—she told him she’d been pretty wild, but he didn’t know she had screwed just about every guy in town. "

Pussy Soup - Submitted By Suzanne.  "Philippe stuck his fingers into her sopping pussy and smeared her pulsing cunt with the thick, creamy goo he found there. He smeared it on her clit for a few seconds, causing her to thrust her hips wildly and moan with lust. Then he stopped and laughed, making her humiliation and frustration grow. He shoved his fingers into her mouth, feeding her a generous taste of her pussy juices."

Gail's Obsession - Submitted By Suzanne.  "She proceded to tell him a story about one night when she'd been a teenager and had been baby-sitting for her younger siblings. She'd always been the inquisitive type, so she'd been snooping around in her parent's bureau, and had come across some magazines in her father's underwear drawer. Never in her life had she seen pictures like the ones she found inside these magazines !"

Boning Bonnie - Submitted By Jessica Whitehorn.  "I rolled over and she pressed her hand to my cock, gripping it tightly through the material.  Before I could speak, she leaned down and kissed me, using that lovely tongue to its fullest.  At the same time, she yanked my briefs down and snatched my dick again—the skin on skin contact was so intense I nearly came right then."

The Shelby Daimler Collection - Shelby is an imaginative and sexy forty-something year old lady who lives in the southeast United States.  Shelby wrote this collection of short fantasy stories at the request of men she met and chatted with on AOL.   

I am excited to be able to publish these ten sexy stories here for my readers.

Serving Cat - Submitted By Andy.  "My wife wasn't finished with me yet. She told me to take Chas' underwear off. I was a bit reluctant at first, having never done anything like that with a man before, but with a bit of forceful coaxing from Cathy, I grasped the waistband and pulled his shorts down as well."

Kentucky Derby Sex - Submitted By Suzanne.  "Sexually speaking, I'd never learned to hold myself back. I never been able to see any point in it. My pussy was slimy and gooey from all it had been through that day, and the warm juices from my cunt had worked their way to my ass and were allowing the magic cock to slide in and out like a dream. The man in my mouth was pumping faster and faster now. I knew it'd be just minutes before he pumped his load down my throat."