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The Ex-Wife
Sex, divorce and video tapes - by: Matt

A certain homemade video has been number one on my favorite adult video site for more than two weeks now.  My ex-wife stars in that video.  We made those tapes during happier times a few years ago.  Back then Ellen was insatiable and carefree and let me tape her with the camcorder we bought when our first child was born.  

Ellen loved to deep throat my dick and fondle my balls.  My mouth always found her willing twat.  Ellen’s pussy was always soaking wet and she would wiggle and flop around gasping for air like a fish out of water. Her sounds inspired my tongue to go as far as it could go.  I would get hotter than hell chewing on her rosy red clit and lick her asshole while the little she-devil quenched her thirst drinking every ounce of my flaming load.

When I was away on a hunting or fishing trip with my buddies our sex tapes would be Ellen’s late night entertainment.   She would always fuck herself with something she kept in a velvet case tucked in her night stand.  Some of our most awesome sessions were because of the toy she fondly called, “Big Willie”.

Ellen liked talking real dirty during sex.  She would grip my head, “Eat my pussy good, cram me full with that cock of yours, God damn it make me cum all over your face, bite my tits harder, harder!!!!” Seeing a sexy hot chick on a pay for view porn flick would make me want to suck Ellen’s clit.  My wife seeing some well-hung black stud on the screen made her want to be used like a cum dumpster, and it turned her wild and primitive.  I thought I would enhance her fantasy so one night I brought home “Big Willie” from a local adult bookstore.  It was weird to have him in our bed every night, but I soon discovered when Willie was in the room great sex was guaranteed.

Nicholas was five and Sadie just turned two.  The apartment got smaller and smaller.  It was time to look for a house which also meant Ellen would have to work.  Sadie started pre-school and Ellen landed a job as receptionist at a prestigious Austin law firm.  Ellen became more bitchy than usual.  She would start shit in front of the kids telling me if I wasn’t such a laid back loser we could be living in a real nice neighborhood and she wouldn’t have to work so hard and how embarrassed she was about driving a six year old Ford Taurus.  Then the Samsons moved in next door.

The new neighbors Ted and Liz invited us over for drinks one night.  Ted was a real jock.  Liz was curvy with an awesome rack.  The fact that Ellen liked the Samsons seemed to improve her attitude for awhile.  

Our apartments were on the first floor with a common patio.  Ellen set up a kiddy pool and the Samsons had great lawn furniture and a propane grill.  One Saturday morning Ted brought home a pickup truck full of potted shrubs left over from work, wanting to make the patio more private. I helped Ted plant them and we celebrated with a cookout.  Our kids enjoyed the little pool and after they went to bed we slipped out on the patio to relax.  Liz was in the kiddy pool.  Ted came out buck naked.  He handed me a beer.  I followed Ellen’s eyes to Ted’s rock hard prick.  Liz had managed to lay down on her belly, her breasts floating on the water’s surface, her ass cheeks in the air.  Ted kneeled down, pulled her bikini bottom off and shoved his engorged member into her ass.  He looked over to make sure we were watching.   Ellen dropped her sundress around her ankles demanding, “Fuck me right now”.  There I was stretched out in my neighbor’s lounge chair with Ellen bouncing up and down on my thick, pulsing dick.  Feeling the creamy wad shooting into Ellen’s twat tightened my ass cheeks.  I found and twisted her clit.  She buried her nails into my thigh and shrieked ”Shit Matt I’m cumming NOW!!”

All the while we could hear shallow splashes from the pool.  Ted kept pounding his wife up her bung hole.  He released his grip on her huge hooters, she collapsed and the cloudy load from Ted’s erupting cock bathed her ass.  Ellen was fussing, “more, more, harder, harder” as she kept moving up and down on my slippery cock.  The sound of Ellen’s climax filled the air.   

Liz ran into their living room and spread herself wide on the carpet.  Ted planted his face between her legs.  She grabbed his ears grinding her snatch into his chin.  Ellen held her dress motioning she would check the kids.  I charged past her into the house returning with our clunky camcorder.  Ellen pulled a six pack from the refrigerator and we made our way back to the Samsons.

Ted and Liz were still going at it.   His fingers moved in and out of her slippery crack.   As he guided her luscious lips around his member my camera focused on the action.  Ellen took a place on the carpet next to Liz still busy with a mouthful of Ted.  Ellen cracked open a Coors Light and slowly poured the brew into Liz’s steaming cunt.  Handing the camera to Ellen I began to lap at Liz’s box.  Tasting her juices mixed with beer made my balls sting, it was that good.  My tongue was buried in my neighbor’s wife.  Ted began to finger Ellen’s pussy.  She struggled to keep the camera rolling as he pulled his sticky fingers from her crack and began stroking his cock.   Ellen dropped the camera and repositioned herself.  Ted drove his Johnson into her sopping wet snatch.  Liz got on all fours so I fucked her doggy style hanging on and squeezing the shit out of her nipples.  We were humping like a pack of wild animals.  

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The next night, Ellen was lying across our bed on her back.  Her legs were open wide as she lazily stroked them with lotion.  The blonde curls of her public hair were still damp from her bath and clung to the thick lips of her gorgeous pussy.  Reaching for her nightstand she pulled out the velvet case and Big Willie! I recorded Ellen as she crammed one end of the giant phallus in her pussy and the other in her asshole.  Having her sloppy cavities stuffed with the black prick made Ellen blue hot.  Leaning on the bed I recorded Ellen’s fantasy fuck until the battery light on the camera began to flash.  Finding the tripod and AC adapter the camera was set at the foot of the bed.  Ellen had packed the rubber cock deeper in her beaver and anus.  Kneeling over her head my aching cock landed across her lips.  I coaxed her to talk to the camera.  “What is it you want more than anything baby?” I asked. She shoved the dildo in and out of her swollen pussy furiously. “I want a real black cock inside me” she cried.  “I want you to find a black mother fucker with a big cock to tear my pussy up!”  Ellen’s teeth narrowed around my pecker, she sucked really hard.  My balls felt heavy.  Ellen pulled Big Willie out.  Coated with strings of cum she slid the dildo around her mouth and over her lips.  Devouring her own pussy juices.  Damn, those were the days.

We eventually found a three bedroom ranch we could afford in a working class neighborhood that Ellen hated.  We got together with the Samsons a few more times but Ellen and I argued all the time and Ellen was miserable.  She chided me for not bucking for a management position at work.  The kids were in the middle of all the crap and Ellen made sure to make them believe everything was my fault.  Nothing I did for my family was ever good enough, expensive enough or important enough.  I spent as much time away from home as possible.  I figured I would lay low and wait it out certain Ellen would eventually realize she needed to lighten up for the sake of the kids and the marriage.  Boy was I wrong.  I discovered Ellen was having an affair with Stuart K. a hotshot partner at the law firm where she worked. I followed her and caught them red handed coming out of the Omni Hotel one evening when she said she was working late.  Ellen was unapologetic and promptly served me with divorce papers.  Ellen and Stuart married just two months after our divorce was final.  Ellen now lives in a million dollar home in the affluent Cimarron Hills neighborhood in Georgetown and drives a new Lexus. She quit working, put the kids in private school and started playing tennis.  

Ellen hauled me into court five times over custody and child support.  The judge, a very close friend of Stuart no doubt, really fucked me over when he ordered limited visitation and maximum child support.  

Before I learned that Ellen was having an affair, she demanded our amateur videos wanting them destroyed.  Having no clue where they were I lied to shut her up saying I threw them out.  I didn’t think about them again until a few weeks ago when I cleaned out the crawl space. I found a cardboard box duct taped and marked “XXX”.  “Bingo!”

“Cha-Ching” I chuckled as the tape ejected from the VCR and the screen went fuzzy.  All the footage was great including some taken of Liz and Ellen sharing Big Willie and eating each other out while Ted spilled gobs of cum all over them.  There was the tape of Ellen begging me to find a well hung black “mother fucker” to pound her pussy.  After editing Ellen’s nastiest moments and converting everything to DVDs I began to plot my revenge.  I wondered if Stuart knew his sweet bride craved big black cock or that she used to swing with the neighbors.  I wondered if Ellen’s ex colleagues ever heard her nasty filthy mouth before.

The next afternoon Hotshot and Ellen dropped Nicholas and Sadie off for a daddy’s weekend.  Ellen looked great in her tennis outfit.  I wanted to puke when I thought of Stuart’s little Yuppie dick in her pussy. For the rest of the weekend I tried to stop thinking about what I was going to do with those DVDs.  The kids spent the weekend whining about being bored.

Sunday night after Ellen picked the kids up, I stayed up late and uploaded the best clips from the collection to a number of adult video sites and burned a dozen copies of the DVD.  There was a good 30 minutes of nasty action.  As bitter and angry as I am, the sight of Ellen fucking the Samsons and putting on solo dildo shows and talking like a two dollar whore made my cock throb.  

Monday, I called in sick and went to the post office and mailed copies to everyone I could remember the name of at Stuart’s law firm including his partners. I also mailed a copy to the president of the Cimarron Hills homeowner association and the manager of the country club.  I should feel guilty, but I can’t stop smiling. 

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