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I got a big hot cock up my ass. - By Caramel Kitten

I enjoy my job, who becomes an escort because they hate men?  No one and those that do obviously are going to have a hard time showing it and not make much money at it.  I always enjoy my job unless the guy comes to me a little smelly (i.e. hasn't shaved or showered in years) or is an outright asshole.  But of course there are some visitors that are wayyyyy more memorable than others.

The other day I was visiting New York.  I was staying in a classy little establishment in Midtown Manhattan.  One never knows what type of client they are going to get in Manhattan.  You can have your police officer, taxi cab driver, Wall Street worker, or you can even have your local rough neck.  I personally try never to discriminate while I do screen for my own safety I am not going to turn someone down just because they may sound like they are from the wrong side of the tracks.  After all money is money and dick is dick as I always say.

I got a call at about 2a.m.  I was sounding a little groggy but none the less the caller still wanted to see me.  He requested an incall for an hour after he called and he wanted "all roads open access".  I usually when in a coherent state of mind ask a client do they have a canoe or an ocean liner because as you all know some roads are a little narrower than others.  But it the process of wiping sleep from my tired eyes I must have forgotten.

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So I crawled out of bed, brushed the choppers, freshened up my girl, sprayed on some Country Apple perfume, applied a little lip gloss, and donned my new Victoria Secret Pink collection night gown.  By the time I was done freshening up I heard my phone ringing.  My date was downstairs in front of the hotel.  I gave him the room number slipped on my slipper heels and awaited him at the door.

When I opened the door I was greeted by a 6'3 dark chocolate, 200 pound warrior or a man.  I licked my lips in anticipation I could only imagine what his dick was going to look, feel, and fuck like.  I couldn't wait to get him undressed.  I stepped aside and let him walk into my room.  Umph! He even smelled like heaven.  When he said "Hello, Shorty how are you". I almost passed out into the floor.  His voice was deep, rich, and smooth.

After answering "Horny" and giving him my come fuck me smile I proceeded to help him take his jacket off.  His jacket was from the new Sean John collection I had seen at Macy's the week before for $150+.  He may not have been a Wall Street worker but this man had some money.  I laid his jacked across the chase lounge and proceeded to unsnap his pants.  He tried to slow me down saying "Hey, how much is it" Guys, guys, guys, that's why it's important to read my website I DO NOT TALK ABOUT MONEY.  I ignored his question and slipped his pants down.  Then his boxes.  I was right his meat was thick, long, smooth, and juicy.  On semi-erect it was already ten inches or so, and my hand couldn't even fit around it.

I took his manhood into my mouth.  First just sucking on the dark chocolate treat that was his dick head.  Oh…he tasted so good, I looked up at his face as his eyes started rolling back into his head.  I am "the head monster".  I then proceeded to lick his balls slowly making sure I didn't miss one stop.  Even his balls smelled good.  After I had giving his balls a good mouth bathing I took his stick back in my mouth.  I deep throated as much as I could.  I pride myself on taking dick especially in my mouth.  I got about 8 inches down.  He was moaning and rubbing his hands through my curly brown hair by this time.  I could feel his dick pulsing he was about to nut, I was not ready for that.  I pulled my mouth up off his fuck meat.  I looked at his face he looked so disappointed.  I laughed. Men!  By this time I obviously knew he was trying to lock me up, so I looked at him and asked did he bring me a present.  He read in his pocket and pulled out a wad of money, onto the desk it went.  I trust most of my clients I didn't even count it, I'm a good judge of character and I'm not going to disrespect anyone.

My pussy was oozing girl goo by this time.  I peeled off my lingerie top and laid on my back on the King size plush bed.  He walked over to me, rolled a rubber down his shaft and slid it in.  I didn't have to open her up for me him, or guide him this was a man that knew his way around the female anatomy.  Yes! It filled my pussy all the way up to the brim, with three inches or so still sticking out.  He didn't even give my pussy time to get comfortable before he started pounding it. My titties were bouncing, my mouth was moaning, my pussy was cumming I was so into it.  I had girl nut sliding down his balls my thighs, his dick, everywhere.  I have some good pussy, and I know it.  After I had gotten my first cum out the way I flipped by big soft wide pillowy ass over so he could hit it from the back.

He gave my hips and good squeeze before sticking it back it my warm hot honey pot.  Awwwwwwww it felt so fucking good. I'm such a nypho.  I can't get enough of a good fucking.  Small, medium, long, thick I love all dick.  He pounded me out from the back like a pro.  To slow him down I started squeezing my pussy muscles tighter and tighter around his cock.  He pulled out saying "no baby don't make daddy cum yet".  He put a had on each side of my ass cheeks I thought he was going to put his dick back in my pussy.  I guess he had other things in mind.  He proceeded to spread my cheeks like the parting of the Red Sea.  He took his long middle finger stuck it into my sopping wet pussy and then dragged it back up to my asshole.  

I tenses up.  He told me to calm down.  I knew where this was heading and I was excited.  He then knelt down and started giving my dark rosebud the attention it needed. He was pushing his snakelike tongue in and out till I was nice and moist.  Then he pushed one finger in.  I take ass fucking like a champ.  Then a second finger, I started to get my second orgasm.  After I had calmed down he new I was ready.

He placed the head of his dick at my sphincter.  I remained calm knowing otherwise I would end up in extreme pain.  It pushed the head in. !!!!!!!!!!! That's always the worse.  He stayed still while I relaxed again.  Once the pain was gone I started pushing that ass back inch by inch.  I was going to give him the anal fucking of his life.  Once all the dick was in I started bouncing that ass back like a natural born philly.  He was slapping my ass like there was no tomorrow.  I was going to wring the jizz out of this date.  After two minutes of hard core fucking I started feeling his dick swell.  I know when a man is about to cum.  I spun around whipped that condom off and beat that dick over my luscious tits.  Then smiled…and he smiled back. See told you I'ma beast.

Ps- he left a two hundred tip in that wad I told you about earlier

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