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I won the drunk slut in a poker game. - By Phil

I won the bitch in a poker game, what more can I say ? Won her for a week. Fair and square.

He'd told me there were just three rules as far as she was concerned: no extreme pain and no animals involved. Other than that, anything goes . . .  Oh, yeah . . . and keep her drunk. When she's drunk, you can do anything you want to her. "She's all yours, man", he'd told me. "Use her - use her a lot - she likes it." *

She's really easy on the eyes - and one fine piece of tail, that's for sure. My buddy Greg was a damned fool for not wanting to keep someone like her around. He really ought to stop drinking if he can't keep a tighter grip on himself. And did I mention that she's a class-A slut ? Her name's Melodie, and she's my wildest wet dream come true - a drop-dead gorgeous woman who's a real skank underneath it all. She'll do anything - and I do mean anything. And she'll do it willingly, too.

The first thing I told her when I got her home was, "OK, girlie . . . rule number one: everything - and I do mean everything - goes better with a slug of Jack Daniels. Don't ever be shy - drink up. Anytime you want. As much as you want. But the most important rule is: "You wear absolutely no clothes in the house - except once in awhile maybe a dog collar and/or a pair of stilettos or handcuffs." And what does the nasty little bitch do then ? She picks up the bottle and tips it to her lips and takes a huge gulp that'd make any sailor proud. Then she puts it down and starts singing some silly little song and doing a slow, sultry strip tease for me - dancing all around the room and pitching her clothes everywhere. She was playing with her boobs and licking her nipples and pulling her pussy lips apart and showing me her clit and her hole. My soldier was springing to action faster than he had for a long time. By the time she was completely naked and shaking her bare butt in my face, I was ready to shove my dick in her steamy slit and start ramming it home.

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Instead, I decided to fuck her pretty mouth. I smacked her hard on her big round ass. She squealed and laughed. Then I then spun her around and told her to drop to her knees, which she did. And she immediately opened her mouth so I could shove my rockhard cock into it. She also spread her legs and started playing with herself, rocking back and forth and smiling.

I told her to shove a few fingers into her hot box and then let me smell them. I was holding onto her ears and slamming my dick into her hot little mouth and down her throat. She gagged a little, but I kept right on going. I didn't want to break rythym because I knew in a few seconds I'd be shooting a big hot, creamy load down her throat. As soon as she shoved her wet, juicy fingers under my nose and I got a whiff of her pussy jizz, that did it for me. I popped my cork right then and there. I pumped and pumped and then pumped some more. She sucked every last drop of jism out of me. I was completely drained.

I sat down in a chair and smoked a cigarette and instructed her to lay down in the floor in front of me and continue to play with her clit til she came. She giggled and did a whole little show for me: laying on her back with her thighs wide apart and rocking back and forth rubbing her clit, then lifting her ass high off the floor and fucking herself with her finger. Then she rolled over and got on her knees and backed her nice butt over to me. Then she spread her thighs apart again and looked over her shoulder at me and started rubbing her big fat swollen pink clit again. A long finger started disappearing into her cunt and coming back out again. A second finger soon joined it. She was smearing her cunt juices everywhere and moaning. In no time at all, her perfect ass was shaking and she was breathing hard and cumming. Then she collapsed face-down on the floor in a heap.

Watching a beautiful woman like her masturbate like that right in front of me had me hard all over again. My johnson was more than ready for round two now.

I got out of the chair and knelt down in back of her. I spread her thighs a little more apart with my knees and lifted her butt off the floor a little bit. Then I shoved my dick in and started pounding her sweet pussy like there was no tomorrow.

The two of us came at exactly the same second and then collapsed on the floor together in a sweaty heap. We both passed out cold for awhile, then woke up and took a shower together. Then we just went to bed and went right to sleep because we both had to get up early and go to work the next morning. But the next day, every free minute I had was spent thinking of special things for my little sex slut to do to pleasure me. Before you read me the riot act for thinking like that - well, that was the whole point of having a sex slut, wasn't it ? By the time I was driving home that evening, I had a headfull of ideas.

She was already home when I got there - drinking Jack and cooking dinner - butt naked. I kissed her and told her to play with her titties like she had the night before. She rubbed her nipples, then licked them with the tip of her tongue. She made me really hot really fast. I grabbed a big carrot and smeared the fat end with butter and handed it to her with instructions to fuck herself with it. She laid down right in the middle of the kitchen floor and spread her legs as open as she could and shoved the big carrot right up her twat and started rubbing her fat clit with her other hand. It wasn't long before she was rocking and moaning and cumming. I stood there and jerked off as I watched her. In no time flat, I was squirting all over her belly and face.

She'd cooked, so we ate. Let's just say she's not much of a cook so dinner didn't take long.

After dinner, we had another drink and she told me she'd been a bad girl - she'd broken a glass and was pretty sure she needed to be disciplined. She got up and rummaged in the drawer and handed me a long-handled wooden spoon and leaned over a chair. But I wanted her over my lap, and I wanted to use my bare hand. We both sucked on the bottle of Jack for a few minutes while I rolled her nipples between my fingers.

Then I sat down in a straight-backed chair and told her to take one last drink and lay over my lap. She did. I couldn't keep my hands off her. I started fondling her big round beautiful bottom as soon as she got in the position. I was rubbing her butt and she was squirming around on my lap and my dick was getting harder by the second. I could tell from the smell wafting from her pussy that she was getting hot, too.

And then I started the spanking. I loved watching and feeling the firm flesh of her ass jiggle under my hand. I enjoyed hearing the sound of the slap and her little yelps. I admit that I wanted the spanking to hurt. She didn't really seem to mind at first. Five - ten - fifteen - twenty - twenty-five. . . I made her count them off and ask for another one. I kept it up til her ass was a real beauty; red and hot. My arm was tired and my hand was stinging. She'd been begging me to stop for the past five minutes or so, which of course only made me spank her longer and harder.

I didn't realize until she got up that she'd been crying real tears. So I leaned over and planted a wet kiss on her bright pink butt and sent her across the room to stand in the corner so I could inspect and appreciate my work. She was still crying softly and rubbing her butt and she was still squirming. Her butt was still glowing bright red. I took another swig from the bottle of Jack. I was really enjoying the sight before me. My penis was growing bigger and harder by the second.

I got up and walked over to her and ordered her to get down on her hands and knees. I liked that she immediately did as she was told. I undid my belt and stepped out of my pants and boxers and knelt down and shoved my raging dick into her sopping cunt a few times to get it all lubed up. Then I pulled out and grabbed some of the goo from her steamy pussy and smeared it all around her asshole. I grabbed her still-hot-and-pink ass and placed my hard dick up against her tight little asshole and pushed. With one sure thrust, I was in. I relished the moment. She screamed and arched her back as she clenched her muscles around my cock and squeezed it hard. Oh, man - was she tight ! I began slowly fucking her butt, picking up steam as we went along. I reached around and started playing with her clit. It wasn't long before her fine ass was answering my thrusts, one for one. She came a few seconds before I did, screaming and moaning and shoving her bottom up at me, which pushed me right over the brink. I dumped a big load of hot cum in her poopchute.

We stayed connected like that for a little while - I don't know how long because we passed out. When we woke up, the first thing she said was that she thought she was ready for another drink. I agreed it was high time for that. I went to get the bottle and took a healthy swig from it. I told her she was going to have to earn her drinks by diddling her clit and making me hard again - just as soon as I got through taking a piss.

She said she had a better idea. She told me to grab the bottle. Then she stood up and took me by the hand and led me down the hall to the bathroom. She laid down in the bathtub and invited me to piss all over her. I couldn't believe my ears. She was laying there in the tub with her lags apart, shaking her boobs at me. I told her to play with her clit and make herself come. So she did. The sight was mesmerizing. I held my dick in my hands and let loose. I drowned her in a river of hot yellow piss. I hit her square in the face, forcing her to open her mouth and then filling it with my urine. She was sputtering and choking and gasping for air. I laughed and kept right on peeing square in her face. I mean: the whole thing was her idea . . . right ?

Then I was finished - drained - totally empty. I sat down on the edge of the tub for a few minutes and then leaned over and helped her to her feet and out of the tub, then shoved her to her knees and told her to start licking and sucking. She started slowly licking up the inside of my thighs and gently nibbling on my balls. Then she went in back of me and pulled my buttcheeks apart and started licking my asshole and poking her tongue inside. I was buzzing and my cock was stiff as a board.

I turned around and grabbed the top of her piss-wet head and held it tight as I shoved my dick in her mouth and started fucking her face. Right before I came, I pulled out of her mouth and shot a big sticky wad all over her pissy face. I ordered her to clean my cum off her face with her finger and then eat it. She did as I told her without the slightest bit of hesitation.

Then I shoved her under the shower for a few minutes. I went to the bedroom and got four ties from my closet. When I hauled her out from under the shower, I told her to close her eyes and then yanked her behind me down the hall, where I lifted her onto the kitchen table and laid her down on her back. I gave her another long pull from the bottle of Jack and placed a towel under her ass. Then I pulled her arms over her head and yanked her legs apart and tied her wrists and ankles to the table legs.

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I got a brand-new disposable bic razor, a can of shaving cream, a washcloth and a bowl of warm water. I also grabbed the carrot. Before I started, I shoved a finger into her wide-open cunt and fucked her a few times. I shoved my finger way up inside and tickled her g-spot, which made her shudder uncontrollably. Then I suddenly pulled my finger out and spread a thin layer of shaving foam on her pussy and carefully began shaving. Every once in awhile, I'd stop and fuck her with my finger again. This was taking a little longer than I expected it to. I loved teasing her like this. She was panting and heaving. Finally I was almost finished - I had to untie her and flip her over so I could get to the little hairs in back. I told her to get on her knees and pull her buttcheeks apart. I had to work carefully so I didn't cut her. I couldn't believe it, but my dick was rock hard again.

At last, her pussy was totally shaven; she was completely bald. Her clit looked massive. I told her to lay on her back on the table and spread her legs again. She was suddenly very shy - trying to pull her legs together. So I held them apart and got right down there and started inspecting her naked cunt - pulling the lips apart and inserting my finger a little. She was squirming and uncomfortable. I loved her humiliation. I grabbed the carrot and shoved it in her cunt. I stood there looking at it - moving it in and out of her cunt - enjoying her embarrassment.

But I just couldn't wait to lick that bald cunt. I pulled the carrot out of her pussy and told her to lay on her back on the table again. I gave her another drink of Jack and took one myself. I re-tied her wrists and ankles. I pulled her slick pussy lips apart and started licking. But almost as soon as my tongue touched her newly-naked clit, she started spazzing and I knew she was about ready to come. So I gave her a couple more licks and then I stopped. I shoved a finger barely inside her soppy cunt and wiggled it around. She started moaning from way down deep in her belly. I'd lick her once or twice and then fuck her with my fingers once or twice. Then I'd lick her again. I was using two fingers to fuck her now. She was thrashing and sweating and moaning and going out of her head with pleasure.

I had my fingers in her cunt and I leaned down and flicked just the tip of her left nipple with my tongue a few times. Then I took it in my mouth and rolled it around. Suddenly I bit down hard. She screamed. I mashed on her clit with my thumb, then I picked up the carrot and shoved the little end in her ass. I moved my tongue to her clit and began sucking unmercifully as I fucked her ass with the carrot and used my other hand to squeeze her nipple.

Almost immediately, she had a thunderous orgasm, followed a few seconds later by a second one. She was screaming like a monkey and straining at her ties. Her ass was bouncing up and down on the table. I stopped playing with her boobs and started fucking her with my fingers again. She had another monster orgasm and begged me to stop. Of course I didn't. I was enjoying this w-a-y too much.

It was going to be a long, fun-filled week; I could tell . . .

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I won a sex slave in a poker game

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