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I fucked my naughty roommate. - By Summer

When I found out I was accepted at the University of Michigan in Ann-Arbor, I was so thrilled. Because I had grown up in a really conservative, religious home, I never really got to show my sexy, crazy side. I always did what my parents expected. In high school, I dated guys who never got crazy. Then I met Matt, a hot guy who liked to get crazy, who liked to do wild things, who once asked me of I’d fuck him in his parents’ driveway on the hood of his car as the sun rose. Of course, I said yes. I loved Matt, and I wanted to get him off constantly.

After high school, Matt joined the Army and he was deployed to Afghanistan. I didn’t like seeing him go. I knew I would probably get lonely, and I really didn’t want to cheat on him. He was a good guy, plus he was hot and his dick was as long as a healthy ear of corn.

After he left, we emailed each other pretty regularly. He’d ask me to tell him stories about my wet pussy, about how much I missed fucking him. One day I was feeling really horny, and when I checked my email, I saw that he had sent me a note. I had actually dreamed about fucking his best friend the night before, and I felt guilty when I saw his name in my inbox. I opened his letter and I couldn’t believe what I saw:


I want you to know that I am totally cool with you seeing other guys while I am here.

He was basically giving me permission to fuck other boys

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He wrote that he knew I was young and often horny and it was killing him that he couldn’t be by my side to keep me satisfied. He understood if I needed to pick up some guys to satisfy my urges. I got wet as I read his words. He was telling me to fuck my brains out, get off—no guilt—but there was even more than that. I loved that he was telling me that after I picked up random guys and let them cum all over me, he still wanted to come back and get back together with me. I was going to have my cock and eat it too.

Moving to college was eye-opening. All of my life, I had been trained to be shy and demure. I didn’t speak until I was spoken to. I didn’t cuss or talk back to my elders. I was a good girl—well, at least until I got alone in a room with a boy.

I had always had a secret dirty side that I knew my parents would not approve of. When I was alone with a guy, I let this side take over. Matt loved to bring it out of me. I will never forget the look in his eyes when on our second date, while sitting in the front of his car, I reached over into his lap, unzipped his pants, and proceeded to give him a hand job while looking him right in the eye. After rubbing him for a little while, I leaned over and let my warm wet mouth descend over his gorgeous shaft. I had heard about how large it was from some of my friends, but I was still surprised at how amazing it was. He groaned as I sucked. He put his big strong hand on the back of my neck and guided me as to the way he wanted his dick sucked. I have to say that his strong hand on the back of my neck made me fall for him. I loved the idea of a guy who could direct me as to how to please him best. There was nothing I loved more than making a man cum, and Matt was all about helping me do my best.

When his creamy cum shot out his dick, I always got this wave of euphoria. I couldn’t wait to make him cum again. And beside being hot and funny and an awesome lay, he was letting me enjoy other dicks while he was away—the problem was working up the courage to do it.

College was wild. Suddenly there were a million hot guys and they were all pumped to get laid. Seriously, I don’t know if it is this way at every university or if something in the water is making the students of University of Michigan especially horny, but all the freshman class wanted to do was fuck. Everywhere I looked, I saw guys slapping girls’ asses and girls rubbing their feet along the crotches of guys in class. I would wear tight pink tops that showed off my big tits. I‘d wear jeans that hugged my tight ass and put my thin waist on display. I was so horny I’d wear short skirts and no underwear and I’d put on shows all over campus. In the cafeteria, I’d show the guys behind the counter and they’d smile to themselves. In class, I’d show my teachers. One prof got so flustered, he had to cancel class because his dick had swelled to a solid thick rod and was pressing against his khakis for every student to see.

It didn’t help that my roommate was a hot redhead from Grand Rapids. On our first night as roommates she brought a guy back to our dorm. When he saw me at my desk doing homework, he asked if we could please please please have a threesome. Honestly, I totally wanted to say yes. I had read some naughty stories that morning, and I was still totally wet, but I turned red and said no. Even though Matt had given me permission to fuck other people, I still couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Even though I didn’t want to cheat on Matt with other guys, I still had a ton of fun with Hayley. No one could have guessed that shy Summer from Indiana and wild Hayley from Grand Rapids would have too much in common, but both of us liked to get drunk at parties and flirt with hot guys: frat guys, townies, nerds, whatever—we liked to get them all fired up and hard as a rock. We liked to touch each other and put on a little lesbian show for the benefit of these guys. Sometimes we’d even give each other a little kiss or hang on each other’s body. The boys ate it up.

Hayley once fucked two guys at one party. When we got back to the dorm, we each lay in our bed and she told me the story of how the second guy couldn’t believe how wet she was as he took off her pants and fucked her on some stranger’s bed.

“What’s your name?” he kept asking, and each time she’d tell him something different: Tara, then Janine, then Brenda. Drunk as he was, he came into someone’s lettermen jacket and wouldn’t stop saying she was the hottest chick he had ever fucked. After she told me that story, she asked me to come over to her bed and sleep with her. She said she hated sleeping without someone else’s skin against her skin.

“I’m naked,” I told her. I’d been rubbing my clit softly the whole time she told her story. I was planning to wait until she fell asleep and then finger myself into an orgasm—something I did regularly after listening to her stories.

“I don’t mind,” she said. I thought about it for a second or two. Then I realized: I had permission. There was no reason to not to go over there. I tossed off my comforter and ran across the chilly room. I felt my nipples instantly harden as my feet skipped across the freezing tile floor. I jumped into bed with her and curled up against her hot skin to get warm. She wrapped her arms around me and laughed.

“Let me warm you up,” she said. Then, she leaned over and kissed me on the lips. She slipped me the tongue and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me close to her chest. Our naked tits pressed together, and I kissed her back.

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After a kiss, she turned on her back and asked if I had ever been with a girl.

“No,” I admitted. She looked at me and put her hand on my bush.

“You should trim that,” she said. “Girls like to lick a smooth clean cunt. You can put some perfume on your lower belly. That’s a nice touch.”

I laughed, and I got her right back to the important stuff.

“You like chicks?” I asked her.

She told me how in high school, her friend’s mom had come on to her one day and they ended up making out in the kitchen. This older lady put her hand on Hayley’s tit and they frenched and felt each other up. She told me how that experience had changed her fucking life.

“We girl-fucked all through high school,” Hayley explained. “She’d listen to my stories about how I fucked guys on the baseball team in their locker room. As I spoke, she’d take off my clothes and rub her fingers down my body. Then we’d fuck.”

As Hayley spoke, I touched her nipple. She reached out and touched my bush again. I backed off knowing I was sloppy wet down there.

“Want me to shave you?” She asked.

I agreed. We went into our bathroom and slightly filled the tub, adding in scented bubbles. We both got in and Hayley lathered up my blond bush. She told me to spread my legs and then she put her face right at my crotch, treating my pussy to her utmost attention. I had never had someone give my cunt such a thorough grooming. She put her hand on my ass to get the best view. She put her thumb between my pussy lips so that she could get at my snatch from every angle.

When she was finished, I asked if I could shave her back. She smiled and leaned back in the tub. She only had a landing strip of her soft bright red hair, but I lathered it, and made sure to touch her clit softly a few times. At one point she reached down and put her soft hand on my neck, and I thought of Matt. I knew how he would love hearing the story about how I had fucked Hayley. He would cum before I got his dick in my mouth.

So after I shaved her pussy, I rinsed it with fresh cool water and I stuck my finger in her wet snatch. She smiled and laughed. She asked if I wanted her to eat me, and I said yes. We toweled off and went back to her bed. We crawled between the sheets and let our soft moist bodies get used to each other’s touch.

There I had the first girl fuck of my life. I realized how much I loved motorboating tits and rubbing my crotch against another pussy, cunt-rubbing my clit until I came. After I came once, she crawled down to my pussy and licked me perfectly, with the sort of eye for detail that a man just doesn’t have.

Hayley showed me how girls fuck, we did this almost every night, fucking, eating pussy until we fell asleep—sometimes we’d wake up together naked, rush to get dressed, and laugh through a morning class smelling like each other’s cunt juice.

I dream about Matt coming home.  We'll lie in bed and listen to my stories about Hayley as I stroke his cock and lick the tip. He’ll eat my pussy while I tell him about Hayley and how she shaved my snatch, and then he’ll thrust his giant cock into me and fuck me like a jack rabbit in heat.

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