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The Van Is Rocking
I shared my wife in the Walmart parking lot. - By Brad

My name is Brad. My wife Janine and I live near Salt Lake City.  The other night I pulled into the 24 hour Walmart Supercenter on Field road in Layton Utah. My wife and I were in our Ford conversion van.  It was a little past ten. We parked at the back of the lot near the big yellow collection bins.  By the way, my name is Brad.

Our van has a couple captain’s chairs behind the driver and passenger that swivel and in the very back the bench seat folds down into a bed.

 I sat in one of the chairs and watched Janine my wife made the seat into a bed. Her bare pussy hung out from under her short pink skirt, her braless tits swayed heavily in the red sweater she wore.

We had just come from a park where I had taken a bunch of pictures of her naked. I had also invited a couple men who were watching us to come here and fuck her.   I get nervous about getting busted by the security guards that often patrol the parking lot or by the Layton Police.  But Janine is a naughty daredevil and actually loves the excitement and danger of being seen or getting busted.

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For about six months, I have been posting nude pictures of Janine on the internet and inviting men to come fuck her. She is a total Nymph and cannot get enough cock.

That night we had arranged for five men to meet us at the Walmart each one was staggered to show up about twenty minutes apart. This would be the first time she fucked more than three different men in a night and was very excited.

She had just tossed a blanket across the seat / bed when the first person pulled up next to our van. Janine was all smiles as I opened the side door to let him enter.

Janine was setting on the edge playing with her tits through her sweater.  Her legs spread wide and her skirt pulled up allowing him a good view of her chubby bald pussy.  He looked at me hesitantly I motioned him over to my wife.

She let one hand slip between her legs, playing with her pussy for him, telling him to drop his pants and show her what he had.

As he dropped his pants, she pulled her sweater over her head and tossed it to me. I grabbed my handy cam turned it on and began filming as she sucked a tit into her mouth her legs spread. The man dropped to his knees looking at her pussy asking if she fucked yet.

When she said no her dove into her pussy face first licking on her clit. His hands grabbed her ass spreading her open. Janine lay back and played with her tits as he devoured her, it didn’t take long for her it have her first orgasm.

As she recovered there was another light tapping on the door it was the second man from the park he climbed in seeing my wife naked the other man on his knees pussy juice glistening on his face. Oh, my God she REALLY IS going to let us fuck her!

I replied hell yes. Janine told him to drop his pants as she slipped her skirt off. Come over here and let me suck your dick why he fucks me.  If you would have got here, sooner you could have fucked me first but now you have to wait.

She was setting at the edge of the seat as the first man rubbed his dick up and down her slit once before shoving it in hard. Gasping at the abrupt intrusion Janine settled down as the second man climbed up beside her.  

Grasping his dick, she pumped it, pulling it to her open mouth. Her big tits bounced as the pace of the fucking began to pick up.  Her straight blond hair spread out across her face, the man pushed it to a side to watch her suck.   I had to use both hand to steady the camera because the van was shaking so hard.

Janine pulled the fat cock out of her mouth for a moment and looked at me with a smile.  Brad would you tell him to fuck me hard I’m not his wife or girl friend!  With the camera still rolling, I looked over at his dick sliding in my wife’s pussy you heard her fuck her like the slut you only dream of.

Janine pushed her hips higher as anonymous cock #1 he slammed his dick in her.  His balls slapped her ass.  She gobbled anonymous cock #2 back in her throat.

I bent down with the camera and got a good picture of his balls slapping her ass and they tightened he began to moan.

Janine screamed Oh yah big boy give it to me.  Cum began to fill her pussy causing her to burst into orgasm.  He kept slamming her.  He juices and his cum coated his dick and a white froth leaked from her pussy down the crack of her ass onto the cum stained blanket.  Totally spent, he grunted and breathing heavily he let his limp cock slide out.

Janine rolled onto her knees as cock #2 took his place, ready for some sloppy seconds.  He dug into his pants pocket for a condom.  He rolled the ribbed condom on his hard cock.  Sorry lady but I don’t know where he has been and you have been everywhere.

 Dick #2 slid into my wife from behind, he arched his back driving it deep; his head hit the roof of the van with a crack.  Janine laughed, “Now it’s time to bang your other head in the back of my pussy and bang it hard.”

 I had to slide into the other seat to get a good view.  Janine wife was bracing herself as the man held her hips pounding her good her big tits swayed rocking back and forth.

The first man was getting dressed commenting on how insane this was fucking in the parking lot of Walmart.

As he opened the door to leave, I heard someone from across the parking lot asks is this Brad and Janine’s van?  “I don’t know but there is a fuck slut in there.” He replied.  Anonymous cock #3 climbed in before the door closed.  “Hey, I am Steve you Brad?”

 I nodded my head.  “Look at her, think you can handle that?”  Janine was bucking against the man fucking her moaning begging to be fucked harder.

Janine screamed, “You said there would be four men tonight I want them all brad get on your Blackberry and let people know I am here and ready! “

Ole’ boy was slapping Janine’s ass and pounding that sloppy pussy for as hard as he could.  It caused her pussy to tighten.   Dude #2 let out a guttural grunt and he started to fill the condom with his splooge.

Janine turned and slid the condom off.  She sucked the cum out, letting it drip from the corners of her lips.  It dribbled down on her tits.   Cock #2 grabbed his shit and thanked us for the hospitality and split.

Cock #3 asks if I had a condom.  I smiled and told him he didn’t need one to fuck my slut.  He sat on the bed’s edge, and pulled Janine on top.  She straddled his huge fat cock.  It easily slipped inside her well used hole. Holding her ass, he hammered his dick up in her hard. Without thinking, he sucked one of her sagging cum covered tits into his mouth.

 About that time there was another knock on the window.  Two men stood there with big grins.  “Brad? Yeah we thought so.  We saw the van a rockin as soon as we pulled into the parking lot.”

I invited them to climb in.   It was now a little crowded with my wife riding one man and two more trying to drop their pants.   Janine was smiling from ear to ear.  

One man just dropped his to his knees, climbed on the seat, and fed Janine his dick.

Janine told the man fucking her to clean her other tit and she would clean his dick when he was finished. He sucked the cum covered nipple in his mouth, the other men roared.

I got it all on video.  That’s when I realized I didn’t give the first two guys my card with my eBay address on it.  I will be putting copies of this video up for auction in a few days along with the others I have taken of her.  We’re using the money to pay for a swinger’s cruise in the spring.

Seeing Janine riding and sucking turned me on. I pulled my dick out and stroked as I watched.

I picked up the KY from the tray between the seats and handed it to the anonymous cock #5 who was patiently waiting for a turn.  “Take her ass let me get her first three way on video tonight.”

He squeezed a big glob on her ass and on the tip of his dick he climbed between the mangled mess of fucking bodies and pressed the tip against her puckered dirt hole.

Janine moaned like a porn star.  The cock in her ass was soon fully inserted and began to match rhythm the huge one in her pussy.  Janine’s screaming was muffled by the stiff dick in her mouth.

 It didn’t take long before super slut was having a massive juice squirting orgasm.  I kept shooting as her creamy juices started to flow.

The man she was sucking came filling her mouth, as he pulled free a squirt shot across Janine’s lips, and then another squirt covered the hair of the man in her pussy.

Janine gasped playfully, “Oh God! Tell me you didn’t just cum all over my friend.  His hair is coated!   She giggled as the man began to blush.

However, the man in her pussy never missed a beat.  If anything his pace picked up slamming deeper and harder in her pussy.  Janine clenched his shoulders while her ass and pussy were pounded and pounded.  With grunts and moans, they both started to cum and fill her holes at the same time.

I zoomed in for a close-up of cum oozing out around their dicks.  

After the men pulled free, she pulled the dick that had been in her pussy to her mouth. She sucked, and licked his cum covered dick.  I put down the camera and stood over her jerking off.  A few more jerks and her face was covered in my cum.

 We sat around for about another half hour waiting for the last man invited as Janine played with her cum filled holes.  He never showed and we finally pulled out of Walmart around midnight.

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